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BUDGET THRIFT HAUL / TURNING $200 INTO $1200 / MENS AND WOMENS THRIFT FINDS Hello friends and welcome back again to a haul with a fantastic twist! So having done some online hauls I thought I might see what it’s like to venture into a store again but I didn’t want to spend too much…In comes the thrift shop! Armed with only $200 I was challenged to find three outfits for myself AND for Alex and I wasn’t all that convinced that I could!Turns out that finding three outfits can be done and not only that but compared to buying direct retail, the savings are phenomenal!! Through some miracle and picking just the right items I somehow managed to turn my $200 into about $1200 worth of clothing… If of course we look past the fact that they took the long way into my hands by diverting through someone else’s wardrobe first!Hope you enjoy this one and find your own inspiration to go digging through those clothing racks because you never know what you’re gonna find…
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Vanna Vaper (3 days ago)
That dress was absolutely gorgeous and you did a wonderful job picking out clothes Sam but a little tip for Alex in that dress she needs to get a white chemise slip to go under it so it's not see through
Edgyedgelord (9 days ago)
Thanks for promoting slowfashion on your channel, you did a really good job!!!!
Curly J (11 days ago)
Imagine paying more than $50 at MOST for a pair of pants. Couldn't be me, lmao
kelly Martin (11 days ago)
Sam, you can take that shirt in to make it fit you. Coolirpa has some tutorials that should help!
starbtle (12 days ago)
I love that people are getting more into thrifting, it's a great way to support the communities. My mom helps run a small thrift shop at her church, and they do alright for a place that's 100% donation and 100% volunteer based. They even have a little fashion show every spring. It's a lot of fun and they try to keep the prices low to help people in the area who don't have a lot to spend on new things. Like they also run a Career Club for people out of work looking for jobs, and the thrift shop will often give an outfit or jacket to members who are going for an interview. There are also a few colleges in the area, so having a place to get inexpensive things for the dorm is helpful as well.
Sammie - Lou Ellis (13 days ago)
U need to come to the uk so I can send u shopping for me Sam 🤣🤣 xxx
Kate does stuff. (14 days ago)
"you are no longer better than archie" - flies off, archie laughing in the background. Holy heck I lost it
Curly J (11 days ago)
Thay was actually was holly laughing
Amber (14 days ago)
As you discussed on thrifting and not always finding the right size and style,, When you basically thrift your entire wardrobe like me, you tend to have an idea of what sizes you wear and go for it. Sometimes you’ll find a top that’s way too big to wear casually or pay full price for but when thrifted you can find a way to fix it up to where it. When thrifting don’t always stick to the specific size or style that fits you. Another great thing about thrifting is finding crazy statement pieces that you know no one else can find ! If you ever do another thrifting haul video I’d love to see you maybe go a little bit out of your style comfort zone and give other pieces a try ❤️
MonieLue78 (14 days ago)
Sam, you did an awesome job! I need your skills for real. ;-)
Amber Garnett (14 days ago)
Sam is literally a national treasure. ❤
desi pues (18 days ago)
I feel like Sam should collab with Annika Victoria, she loves her Australian thrift shops, and up-cycling
ET Alien (12 days ago)
desi pues yessss
Karatheya Roxan (18 days ago)
I love the boot cut jeans!
Kaitlyn Meyer (21 days ago)
I love you so much you are hilarious and a inspiration
LittleHoot Crafts (22 days ago)
Oh Sam... I love you
MissXX94 (24 days ago)
Video idea: Wear mismatched shoes that are coordinated in public. Or DIY said shoes to customize them to your liking.
Baby Girl (24 days ago)
The “bellbottom” jeans r what we call cowboy jeans in the Midwest cuz ur suppose to wear cowboy boots
Caitekat 101 (25 days ago)
Awe Sam, you should have found a savers! I'm Australian, and in Footscray and Greensborough there is a savers and its massive ! It always has clothes that are great and you'd find anything you wanted in your size too!
Pretty Lies (27 days ago)
Loving 🥰 a thrift store Daddy.
•-• (1 month ago)
Where I live we don't really have "thrift stores" we have charity shops and only old people tend to donate clothes so I never find anything I like
princessruthh (1 month ago)
That dress makes Alex look so freakin snatched 🤩
Tasha Jackson (1 month ago)
Sam is so handsome I love these outfits on him and it's so sweet that him and holly get along alex may make him a bird guy yet
Ashleigh Keown (1 month ago)
Alex's waist in that dress!!!!! 😲😲😲🚨🚨
Riley Jean (1 month ago)
Only saw one comment mentioning (I didn't look long) but Salvation Army supports homophobia and kicks trans women out of their women's shelters. They're not a great organization at all. I don't know anything about the other one you mentioned though 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
piper moore (1 month ago)
Me: squinting at that gray and pink jacket. Is that... Is that a woman's jacket... Alex later on in the video: confirms it
DarthRevan (1 month ago)
When sams driving he sounds like he’s on helium
Honestly Nope (1 month ago)
Now I realize why I like watching your videos. You give off serious Eleventh Doctor vibes. Very fun to watch😊
samiid94 (1 month ago)
Vinnies are better than salvos, like better prices, items & (not 100% if that's true, but it's what I've been told by a few people) more charitable, try OP (or opportunity) shops there's always at least a few in the major cities, most suburbs will have one of some sort (other than salvos/vinnies) and the prices & items are better (or at least that's true from my experience in Vic) also awesome places for 2nd hand still (not really fashion, but more furniture, home ware & some electronics) are the green sheds/tip shops, SUPER low prices (my partner got an awesome like-new electric recliner in working order with nothing missing or broken for $2!!!) edit: unless you'd go to any of the shops I mentioned in more high-end areas, you are very unlikely to find any expensive clothing, nice clothes - as much as in vinnies/salvos, expensive brands- nup
Dawn Depictions (1 month ago)
The birb stays 💙❤💋
Dawn Depictions (1 month ago)
Abdulaziz Sheref (1 month ago)
Love you so much hun.. from Libya
Neko_Mew Kawaii (1 month ago)
You did an amazing job Sam
Neko_Mew Kawaii (1 month ago)
You should travel to the US to try and find clothes and accessories at the thrift stores here's there great.
Tina Clayton (1 month ago)
Stop. You're getting more fan girls than a boy band
Yo Lo (1 month ago)
Wow I actually love Sam so much
Katy S. (1 month ago)
you should make DnD videos
Sarah Anne (1 month ago)
I'm from Sydney too and you guys need to visit Newtown for thrift stores. They're more vintage/quirky/hipster/cool than the typical old person thrift stores. I get most of my dresses from thrift stores and you wouldn't believe the things you can find that people give away. Also Sam, with the shoes, they do have pairs, but they usually keep one shoe behind the counter so people don't steal them 😂
weelass sarah (7 days ago)
Do u know what part? Am in the dogs head bit in the East near St Andrews.
Sarah Anne (7 days ago)
+weelass sarah I'm in Sydney, Australia but I have Scottish background 😊
weelass sarah (7 days ago)
Hey u got the same name as me Sarah Anne xxxx ♥ ♥ am in Scotland
Shawnie Lynn (1 month ago)
OH yeah! And when i go thrifting on a thrift shopping spree... My budget is anywhere between 25-100$...depending on a day. Last time i went...just this tuesday... I hadnt gone in a couple months, so cause the weather will be getting warmer soon i decided to go all out! I spent 225$...at ValueVillage... And this is what i got for that, FOR ME: .5 light jackets .2 pairs of shoes .1 pair of jeans .3 pairs of pants .4 pairs lounge type pants .1 pair of shorts .1 dress .3 light sweaters .1 cardigan .4 long sleeve tops .4 tank tops .3 tees .2 leggings .1 pair of tights .2 skirts .1 one piece shorts and tanktop thing .1 pajama set FOR MY SON: .2 pairs of elastic waist lounge/workout pants .2 tees .1 light jacket OTHER STUFF NOT CLOTHES: .a tiny white shelf thing .a lovely 8.5x11 pic frame .1 photo album(for my mum) .a cat water bowl .a cute pink kawaii basket .a small handmade japanese container .My stuff was 280$ Worth about 1,300$ .My sons stuff was 43$ Worth about 105$ .Other stuff was 23$ Worth about 100$ ALL TOGETHER i spent 224.90$ ALL TOGETHER is worth about 1,533$ THATS A HELL OF A GOOD DEAL IF U ASK ME!!! Thats roughly 85% off everything! And its all like new, or some was new! I had a 35% off coupon... And saved 125$... It would have been 346$ if i didnt have the coupon...but still a good deal. Thrift stores are great for ANY style u have, i had many style in my past like, emo, scene, goth, punk, sporty, girlie, vintage, kawaii, pastel... CURRENTLY....and my final style ive had for a while is Kawaii/Pastel/Vintage/Korean. I just mixed all my faves, and it came out great lol. Its good for odd body shapes... I am 5'8, and 115lbs...ive ALWAYS been tall and skinny...and new clothes i would spend 50$ on would shrink too small and be wasted...so i learned to LOVE thrifting cause most the time their prewashed...or if it did shrink...it was like 8$ only! You can get 5x the amount of clothes! Lets say u spend 180$ on a brand new outfit with top, pants, shoes, socks, jacket. You could get easily 8 or more full oufits for that much money. The brands they have are also amazing...they have SUPER expensive, semi expensive, regular priced brands, and cheap brands...they have everything...i also frequently find Korean, Chinese, Japanese brand and also vintage clothing from 1920s, 1940s, 1890s, 1970s, 1990s. LOTS of great brands are there! I got a brand new with the original tags on it, snowboarding coat at ValueVillage 3 years ago. I looked it up, and on the website the same jacket is selling for 680$!!! And i paid only 23.99$ for it. Yes thats expensive for the thrift store...but well worth it! I still use that coat every winter! I also have a blouse i found at Goodwill, its a authentic 1880s-1890s top, in almost perfect condition... Online similar things are selling for 140-250$. I got mine for 9$!!! I was blown away! I have so many stories of great finds from thrifting. People really need to realize its not grose... As long as u find items that arent stained, and u wash it b4 u wear it all day, its like new! (Yes i do have a few grose experiences too...but the good outweighs the bad by far!) Thanks for this video sam! Thanks for showing others that thrifting is awesome! Keep up the good work hun!!!
Brandi Kidd (1 month ago)
The reason why she is cooing at her reflection is because she thinks that it's another bird. They coo like that when trying to gain favor from another bird or a person they consider part of their flock. Birds like Archie can get very jealous too, when we had a macaw he was jealous of the cats and dogs. Anything or anyone taking the attention and/or affection away from them from the leader of the flock.
Absinthiiii (1 month ago)
This was interesting, i love thrifting, but clothes at thrift stores are a lot cheaper in Latvia, i'm actually going to one tomorrow with my mother in law. So cute that the dove likes you.
desertrose88 (1 month ago)
Wait a minute... Why would the cashier ask if you want to take the tags off?? That is pretty suspicious...
Yamazaki Megumi (1 month ago)
Dollarydoos! John Oliver, anyone? But seriously Sam, this video is pretty fun and I like it!
Purdygirl (1 month ago)
Vinnies and salvos 😂 I volunteered for a vinnies for a while. I loved it there haha
Pear Lin (1 month ago)
I thought you literally spent $1200 at a thrift store. I was like.. did you clean out the store? XD
RosieMoonshine (1 month ago)
I wanna see Alex go thrift shopping herself and see what she finds!
RosieMoonshine (1 month ago)
I love shopping at thrift stores! Salvos are my favourite. I once found an absolutely gorgeous Oxford coat (retail about $500!!) for $12 😂Plus so many more bargains. And it's great to know that you're helping recycle clothing as well as giving some money to charity. What's not to love?!
Lucy K (1 month ago)
OMG THAT CHERRY BLOSSOM DRESS LOOKS BEAUTIFUL 😍 (Alex just needs a slip underneath)
Michelle Browne (1 month ago)
Sam is a snack, not going to lie.
Lucy K (1 month ago)
EXPOSED as fake Australians! It’s Vinnies and Salvos 😂 Also do you guys not have Red Cross op shops, RSPCA op shops, and Savers in NSW?
Lucy K (1 month ago)
I get too excited on these videos and comment prematurely. Sam said Salvos at the end and Vinnies several times throughout. I’m a disgrace 🤦‍♀️
Zoe.S (1 month ago)
If you have a sewing machine you could take that purple shirt in a little to make it fit better
Lalaani Wonderland (1 month ago)
YOU FORGOT SAVERS!!! unless they dont have it in your state. We have a huge one here in Melbourne
Abihail G. López (1 month ago)
“You look like you’re going to throw a bible at me.” “I DO?! Thank you Holly!” 😂❤️
Amanda Sinclair (1 month ago)
Had no idea SVDP wasn't just a local thing to my area.
Jess Liverod (1 month ago)
I know it’s to cater to the algorithm and American audience but it will never not be weird to hear the term “thrift store” from an Aussie. (We usually calm them “Op Shops”)
yo2tvo (1 month ago)
Goodwill is overpriced to be honest. I prefer the Salvation Army.
Cee Kay (1 month ago)
You did pretty well, especially since the fancier second hand shops are pretty expensive. I have gotten brand new clothing on clearance for similar discounts. I remember once I bought a top I didn't need because it was something ridiculous like 10c in a Target clear-out. Sadly, I'm too plus sized to find anything decent in second hand shops. I once found an Incredible Hulk costume that mostly fit me for like $3, it was awesome so I bought it anyway and dealt with feeling mildly uncomfortable when wearing it.
paula mcclelland (1 month ago)
You did rediculously well Sam 🤣 I wore a thrifted top and pants today: $7 total 😎 The thrifting Mecca of Australia is Maroochydore on the sunshine coast of Queensland just FYI... There's legit 7 charity shops in a 1km radius and they've got the good 💩 ❤️
Zo Ric (1 month ago)
On the subject of single shoes, opp shops and thrift stores tend to hide the second shoe in a pair out the back of the shop so nobody can steal them. Next time try asking the volunteers/employees and they'll usually be happy to bring the other one out for you to try them on properly :)
Jessica Oesterling (1 month ago)
Yes! Love thrifting. You did great Sam and Alex looked amazing in those jeans! I personally really like the apple frittle (haha) jeans on you! You could always get them hemmed? Anyways loved this video
KalypsoWolf (1 month ago)
Our local salvation army i got 2 shirts for 3 dollars. Both fit me perfectly and are my style
sartorius (1 month ago)
Subscribe to the Sam!
Ami Hayashi (1 month ago)
I wish you could come to our Goodwill. The place is HUGE! And you'd never spend more than fifteen dollars on an outfit (as in shirt, skirt, jewerly, and a purse). I suppose that would defeat the challenge, however. Love you, Sam!
KaylaSki Shawa (1 month ago)
The St Vincent near me is so lovely! I buy everything there!
Stephanie Glover (1 month ago)
Also that is VERY obvious a women’s fit Hurley hoodie and the arms are WAAAAAAY too small. Please rock it if you like it but I am giggling.
Stephanie Glover (1 month ago)
Also those hoodies are way cheaper at some stores so I’d say more like 25-30 USD
Stephanie Glover (1 month ago)
We legit have both those thrift store in the US and we also have goodwill and other privately owned stores.
heather hutto (1 month ago)
The jeans look great on you just get it hemmed
amsayyy (1 month ago)
Did you guys bring Holly home so Sam can have a bird that loves him. 😂
Katrina Nichole (1 month ago)
Maybe they have a customer that frequently shops their store that is an amputee and only needs one shoe? I know theres a program that is world wide called sole mates that matches amputees of the same shoe size with someone who needs just the other shoe. So everytime they buy a pair of shoes they send the other to their sole mate <3 practical and sweet
Jones (1 month ago)
America's also got St. Vinny's and Salvation Army. Both are a crucial part of the American thrifting experience, alongside Goodwill. Nothing beats a locally owned thrift store though.
Suzanne Steven (1 month ago)
You should come up to Brisbane... we have so many op shops up here!!!!!!!
OregonSakura (1 month ago)
Great job Sam! And Alex... that dress looks amazing on you (your waist looks tiny). Love you both!
Frying Pan (1 month ago)
I thought we called them op shops in Australia and also there quite popular with the old ladies.
Lana M (1 month ago)
The dark blue paisley shirt looks so good on you
Eliza Hams (1 month ago)
Holly is such a savage to poop on Sam in his intro.
Angela K (1 month ago)
*giggles at "Apple Crumble and Finch" reference* XD XD I'm going to call it that from now on
Abby Mayy (1 month ago)
Love this video! Should do more with Alex too :)
Brittany Tonkins (1 month ago)
The Bratz edit hahah love it
Briitany Herr (1 month ago)
We have both of those shops in my town in the states
Roxanne Forsdick (1 month ago)
The way the (girls) top comes down at the front allows for the filling of boobs and for it to be straight at the bottom thereafterwards 😊 the more you know 💫
BlkButterfly (1 month ago)
Watching this with closed captions on is actually hilarious. According to the closed captions the Halo top you got Alex is from ISIS lol
DrKatya117 (1 month ago)
No Good Samaritans locally? Good Sammys is the best in WA.
maria gonzales (1 month ago)
By the way you looked gorgeous in those jeans.... just saying 😉
Melissa Joy (1 month ago)
Im america we actually have TONS of thrift stores, like privately owned ones with all different names, good will, hospice resell stores etc etc
Polina Sabina (1 month ago)
Thrift stores are super popular in my city and you can find every sort of clothing in different price ranges, and I really love going there to find clothes Buuuut my closet is full 😭
Crazy Aussie Pagan (1 month ago)
I am so glad that you decided to do an op-shop haul. I would love to see Alex do an op-shop crawl for kawaii outfits and accessories. Getting bloody sick of her disposable fashion hauls. Check around for other op-shops. Especially the smaller independent ones and vintage clothing stores. Don't give up on op-shops. It just takes time to find things you like. I set myself a budget, shopping list and shop list to go on an op-shop crawl. Usually visiting 3-5 shops in one day. Often finding brand new items with tags. So find other op-shops and just check them out even if you need to drive more than 15 minutes to get to a good one. Also look up reviews on yelp or similar to find the better op-shops. You could even do videos about the best rated and worst rated and compare them yourself.
Kimberly Smith (1 month ago)
i challenge you to go to an op-shop not in a "rich" location. good luck finding as nice clothes. I'm from Victoria and the difference between going to chapel st and somewhere like Hastings or frankston... it's crazy.
Petra Thorsty (1 month ago)
With shoes they only have 1 out to try and dissuade people from stealing them 😂 you ask for the second one
LifeInThePlusMommaLane (1 month ago)
I love the jeans on you!
Chocibunny (1 month ago)
Holly gave 1 shit at least
HashtagLiszt0maniaa (1 month ago)
Funny in canada we have the salvation army thrift stores but i dont go to those because they normally sell old ugly stuff for high prices :/ we also have a store called Value village (i think us might have them not sure!) but i normally get 5 out of 10 clothing pieces in there. i really love thrift shopping idky LOL
Theresa Blue (1 month ago)
I've seen value village in the states
Keesha Fleming (1 month ago)
I think the Hurley hoodie has more fabric in the front to accommodate a woman's chest. Looks good on you though!
katertot17 (1 month ago)
Cut the halo top tee into a crop top! 😍
Acroshna (1 month ago)
You're a better thrifter than most people I know! Dayum sun!
Amber Calderon (1 month ago)
Love the cherry blossom dress 🌸.
Roz Harris (1 month ago)
Do you not have Lifeline in NSW? When I was at home we always went opshopping there. I got brand new shoes with the tag on them before.
Samie Scream (1 month ago)
I didn't know they had Salvation Armys in Australia.
Dessa Leigh (1 month ago)
I am actually in love with shopping at thrift shops. Especially where I live. There's a thrift shop here that has seasonal sales near the end of each season. They punch a diamond shape into the tags on the Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter clothes and then anything with that punch starts off at half price. After a few days or so the sale will go down to 50¢ for diamond punched tags and then it'll even drop down to 25¢ after that until everything is gone.
Gypsy Welter (1 month ago)
The boot cut jeans are meant to accommodate cowboy boots that’s why they’re so wide
funkidiva (1 month ago)
Halo Top tastes like wet sand and broken dreams. Cute shirt though. You found some good pieces. Good menswear finds are the unicorns of the op-shop, especially shoes.
funkidiva (10 days ago)
+starbtle dairy-free. Maybe it was the flavour I tried... Caramel macchiato or something. There just wasn't any real flavour and the texture was gross. I'm not going to bother spending money to find out if other flavours are OK. I like Over the Moo or Pana, or B&J if I'm really indulging.
starbtle (12 days ago)
Really? The regular ice-cream ones or the dairy free? Because their coconut milk ice-creams are amazing, one of the best ones out there that I've found.
pandagog (1 month ago)
We have salvation army too
TakeMeowt2Disney (1 month ago)
Apple crumble and finch!!! Dying... But those are some great finds!

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