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Finding Dory - Memorable Moments [HD-Bluray]

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Text Comments (28)
Angleica Salinas (1 month ago)
Ha (v h
Nandhini V (1 month ago)
Please upload full movie in Tamil
Swetha Santhosh (1 month ago)
Thats Ellen's voice !!!!!!! Omg.Dory's voice cover was donne by Ellen. (I am her biggest fan). Love u Ellen.
Danielle Luz (1 month ago)
Equestria Girls magia do espelho
Danielle Luz (1 month ago)
Equestria Girls magia do cinema
Danielle Luz (1 month ago)
Equestria Girls magia dança
Lucas Mckenzie (1 month ago)
10:59 Six years and they haven't fixed the pipe that is an obvious danger to the fish? This is the worst animal rescue in the world.
aZato 4 (1 month ago)
Ang pogi ko ako nag isip ng kwento
Freelance Partner (1 month ago)
Ellen is the voice actor of dory
Bay Tech (2 months ago)
so cool !!
GA (2 months ago)
Baby dory has the cutest voice ever!!!!!
Sherry Preussner (2 months ago)
Ninna I
Kristen Prentice (2 months ago)
Idea Boy (2 months ago)
dory is a blue tang in case you wonder
Idea Boy (2 months ago)
destiny is a whale shark
It’s consuming her it’s eating her alive😂😂😂!!!
simon justsen (4 months ago)
OMG i love dory shes sooooo FREAKING CUTE!!
Night Wolf (4 months ago)
xboxfan360 (4 months ago)
Evan Boudreaux (4 months ago)
0:07 Anakin: I don't like sand
tom Bucks (4 months ago)
FireAceDragon (4 months ago)
11:45 I love that part!
James Falcon (2 months ago)
FireAceDragon hggp...
SlushieSquirt TheGamer (4 months ago)
If I was dory :(
love food (4 months ago)
D only reason y I hate eating fish 😘😍 cartoon
living meme (4 months ago)
damn it , now i cry when they make fish. I swear these films will turn me vegan
All 8 Is 1 One (1 month ago)
Its worth it yes.. Hmmm. ahahaha. Mh hm mhmmm.. Yes yes

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