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STREET SCENTS Special Edition Featuring ANDY TAUER -Tauer Perfumes

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STREET SCENTS Special Edition Featuring ANDY TAUER -The man behind Tauer Perfumes. Check out Min New York www.Minnewyork.com a great store/website they carry many Niche Fragrances Andy Tauer will launch his line there in March. Check out Andy Tauer's website Tauerperfumes.com. RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (77)
HAS71 Xxxhasolo (3 years ago)
Absolutely amazing and I love this review well done just got one today in London the box is square and I love that he signed it absolutely brilliant personality and inspirational soul thank Andy 10/10
Bornchamp77 (3 years ago)
Have you gotten your nose on PHI? Thinking of a blind buy.
ductrung3993 (5 years ago)
what's Andy's personal best? Tiberium sth???
Daniel Musgrave (5 years ago)
what a friendly guy
Malcolm Lang (6 years ago)
That's something you would never ever forget!!! What an HONOUR!!! Lucky you Al.
DanStarbuck1 (6 years ago)
Street Scents is taking off! well done Al!
Nick K (6 years ago)
No way...Awesome!!!!!!!
Kamon0hashi (6 years ago)
Legendary. Nothing more to add to that.
david z (6 years ago)
Man! You are just raising the bar with your videos, great job!
lepidolite2009 (6 years ago)
These interviews are getting hotter an hotter. Good stuff
Tucansam08 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the interview great info
tweedledee67 (6 years ago)
true exclusive.
Fernando Garcia (6 years ago)
Your Chanel is set apart by videos like this my brother. Exclusively brilliant. Just simply awesome. Proud of you.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
As cool as this is, it is bested by Marc's appearance on SS. Marc is one of our own and so very vital to the YouTube frag comm. Besides I don't think Andy owns 700 bottles of perfumes.
xcross20 (6 years ago)
Guinea54 (6 years ago)
Al brought it to another level
MultiMaximizer (6 years ago)
tombarber21 (6 years ago)
Phenominal job Al
razscott (6 years ago)
Durr, i thought he was american lol, Phenominal Al, just Phenominal.
Husse Lisboa (6 years ago)
Nice Al
leozito2004 (6 years ago)
You're the man Al, what an achievement, congrats ;)
Delvis29 (6 years ago)
Classic stuff right here...
albasheq143 (6 years ago)
Great Video ... We'll be waiting for more interviews with fragrance masters :)
dracdoc (6 years ago)
Vishnu KS (6 years ago)
great video Big Al!
superped2 (6 years ago)
Thats pretty sick son you gotta get Erwin Creed and Killian on now son keep the celebrates coming lol
CannonLars (6 years ago)
Fantastic Video.
murf69 (6 years ago)
Andy Tauer, pretty impressive...
soned1969 (6 years ago)
A++, and I am being modest.
Fernando J.S (6 years ago)
Very nice interview!...Great guy really...Congratulations Al..!
warriordiscus7 (6 years ago)
This is just great, thank you for this, Al. I definitely need to check out more of his fragrances.
VetiverBoy (6 years ago)
Al's Street Scents, coming this Fall to syndication, check your local FOX network! lol! Great interview Al and the best segment so far !
Fábio Condé (6 years ago)
The best streetscents video! Congrats Al!
Zepyhp (6 years ago)
CHANEL 22 (Les Exclusif) and ANTAEUS!!! First thing that comes to Andy's mind is a designer frag. :)
biggerm82 (6 years ago)
What a great guy! It's good to see the people behind these fragrances. Great video, Al. Andy's the man!
Frunk inator (6 years ago)
Al, is there any way to write all the fragrances he mentioned in the comments section above. Awesome video, and Andy is such a gentleman.
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
Al do you ever sleep?
Craig Karoses (6 years ago)
I think I'll wear L' Air du Desert Marocain today to honor this video and Andy. Good work you guys.
wickedhick (6 years ago)
Very cool man.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
Thank you Andy Tauer for taking the time to appear on Street Scents
wagsbass (6 years ago)
@itmllc just noticed it after you mentioned it
wagsbass (6 years ago)
@amnesteem lol
Jourdan Gonzalez (6 years ago)
amazing video Al !! a job well done!
Michael Seternus (6 years ago)
You should've done a first impressions video of axe kilo
Michael Seternus (6 years ago)
Keep up the good work, great video Al.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
All other members of the YouTube frag comm should post their Andy Tauer videos as video responses, since he said he's going to check out your channel.
itmllc (6 years ago)
I loved Andy, what a genuine, and all around great guy! I will be there in march. Did you guys see that girl doing circles in the background?
wagsbass (6 years ago)
Holy Cow Al, Andy Tauer on SS. Hey Al any chance you could get Jean Claude Ellena on SS?
Patrikduke (6 years ago)
Al, many thanks! Dude, you do rock!!!
Juf Connie (6 years ago)
I have two tauer perfumes and all of his samples. They are all interesting and most of them are great scents.
YourFragranceGuru (6 years ago)
One of the best SS videos!
DeepHouseification (6 years ago)
AL I respect you for all your work and reviews! keep it up brother
Heverton Dutra (6 years ago)
Tuberose?! Awesome! I love this note :) Awesome video, Al!
Anthony Green (6 years ago)
Your doing it big Al! Great vid
Jorge Mc (6 years ago)
I´m from Spain and here we call "Kiki" what everyone does with his girlfriend on the bed (or where each one wants). You know what I mean?. Great video Al and congratulations for the oportunity to meet Andy Tauer.
Derek B (6 years ago)
Last comment - my wife LOVES tuberose; fruity floral and you have her. I will be checking out Loretta ASAP.
Derek B (6 years ago)
Oh, and funny that he mentioned Chanel No 22. Deathscythe77 just did a review of it like two days ago - it's from their exclusifs.
Derek B (6 years ago)
Wow Al, great video! I've known ever since I bought my bottle of LDDM that Andy was so down to earth; I emailed him asking where I could get samples and he responded the next day. What a great episode, I'm sure the new York frag community will be at Min if full force in March.
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
SmellingPimp80 (6 years ago)
Wow this was epic having some one on street sense like Andy Tauer. Andy Tauer if you do read this comment that was very humble of you to take 5 min. to talk to someone. That really shows what a wonderful person you are. I really appreciate your house and now what to buy everything for you just being awesome like that. Al great job.... I am shocked and speechless.
StrangeDays (6 years ago)
Very cool video!
billy ray (6 years ago)
This is a classic video, Al. You took it to another level within the fragrance community with this video. I found it very interesting to hear what other brands he was interested in. I would've loved to hear what other scents he hasn't smelled that he is interested in trying out. You definitely, somehow, have to ad this to your series - interviews with perfumers.
blahmfingblah (6 years ago)
It's interesting, He may be one of the few that are just of pure rock star status, and we love him just like a rock star! Who knew?
blahmfingblah (6 years ago)
Wow! Al what a huge episode. Congratulaitons on a job very well done! Amazing! Stellar!
tdadswell (6 years ago)
No joke Al, I came on to YouTube just now to check out a few reviews on L`Air du Desert Marocain, then I see Andy Tauer and you at the top of my subscriptions..... its a sign...
YoungStz (6 years ago)
awesome stuff, andy really seems like a good person!
MyMickers (6 years ago)
Speechless, that was truly awesome....Andy is def loved around these parts. Do me a favor though Al, next time you see him give him a big smooch and say it's from Mickers :)
WildDoveX (6 years ago)
Awesome - coup interview
rhaybans (6 years ago)
Unbelievable! Thanks so much for doing this Al. One of the best fragrance community videos ever.
mrjoestrikesagain (6 years ago)
Wow! Just wow!
ChilledPint (6 years ago)
I am at a loss for words. W0W. You really raised the bar now Al.
Trevor W (6 years ago)
Great video man, and can't thank Andy enough for doing that! That's amazing...can't wait to see the rest of the vids from you and the other guys of the fragcomm I'll be having a new video out in a couple of days if anyone was wondering
Jack (6 years ago)
L'air Du Desert Marocain is a masterpiece. It will always be in my top 5
L8bro (6 years ago)
Yeah!!! Thanks for this one Al! Andy Tauer is so down to earth. What a nice guy. I'll definitely have to check out that one he mentioned. I just have to rewind and listen to it again :)
alexpink7 (6 years ago)
wow!so kool that you get to interview mr tauer...have a great day!alexanna7.
ProspectNY11211 (6 years ago)
Wow.I have no other words.
Bankai (6 years ago)
woah thats soo kool!

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