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Man appears in court to face judge who taped his mouth

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bill Johnson (5 days ago)
B...S. " competence" being questioned is total bull. .. never met one that was competent.
bill Johnson (5 days ago)
Why waste taxpayer money on human garbage like this...gallon of gas and a match. done deal.
Samantha Burton (10 days ago)
Wow... This Judge is Badass. Such displays of humility are not typical among the power elite. His actions require character as much as equinimity. And l love that his the whole thing did not diminish authority. that this did nothing to diminish his authority..it's great that the judge'd actually enhance his authority enhanced it. And he's quite handsome. Wait-- did I actually type that?) .
Katie R (13 days ago)
Shouldn't haveto apologize to a guy that kidnapped and robbed people! Also giving him only 24 yrs... people go to jail for having pot in there house for 25 yrs!! This criminal is getting off EASY!! He'll get put and respect his crimes!! I would put. $$ on that shit!!
Myster Ser (28 days ago)
#freedomofspeech #noducttape
Bryan Halstead (15 days ago)
Myster Ser Ya, that’s not how freedom of speech works. There are rules in a court room, he doesn’t get to run the show.
Chris Justa (1 month ago)
this judge is a evil retard...m
Ernest Garrison (1 month ago)
Free to go home with no gun pointed in your face. His ass should have gotten one hundred years.
Griffin Kristal (1 month ago)
He apologized, he does not have bias!
White man keepin down, me victim din do nutin y’all ppl is Races!
Jewels65 (1 month ago)
Learn how to spell.... Racist whites like to know what they're reading.
Federico Collado (1 month ago)
Freedom of speech? no, duct tape!
How To Bug (1 month ago)
¡¿Es porque soy negro?!
Ernest Garrison (1 month ago)
Because you're a idiot. Stfu
ICURA HOMO (1 month ago)
The Criminal has a disease called diarrhea of the mouth.
Clem Cornpone (1 month ago)
Every single American with his full First Amendment right of free speech is subject to being gagged if he is preventing the orderly processes of the courts.
Let him talk stop being so uptight. Give him an extra day for every second he talks or something lol don't duct tape a guy. Remove him something
Kyle Butler (1 month ago)
silence is golden duct tape is silver or in his case its red lol
Reema Brown (2 months ago)
You do the crime its only fair to serve your time of the severity of the matter however the racist comment need not be necessary. But yet all u non black humans r probably the same ones out for show dancing using alang vocabulary and wishing y'all had soul as blacks. Haters, envious and jealous is what ur monkeys have thin lips with soft sleek hair just like the coat of dogs cats bears ect... Now who haa more traits of an animal???? Just saying
gio solis (2 months ago)
Rick and morty
Come on you idiot. Start babbling that ghetto gangsta bullshit. We want you to try for the gun so we can blow your brains out you piece of shit.
D Wadee3 (2 months ago)
Look how quite he is! unfortunately this is the only way this animal understand things
cops hate me (2 months ago)
Just shows that cops and judge's....etc can break the law and there are no consequences . above the law gangsters .
cops hate me (14 days ago)
+Bryan Halstead taping a man's mouth shut isn't breaking the law? How the f*** is that? Because if I take someone's mouth shut I'm pretty sure I would have some pretty serious charges brought against me. Being a judge or a police officer does not make you above the law. In my opinion cops are cowards nothing but thugs gangsters in uniform the police badge nothing but a gang sign The thin blue line nothing but a gang logo f*** blue isis . What do you call a cop in a body bag? Piggy in a blanket LMFAO that has got to be my favorite joke
Bryan Halstead (15 days ago)
cops hate me They didn’t break the law here.
K1N6 DAVID (2 months ago)
Im sure he was feigning.
Taz (2 months ago)
We live in the age of entitlement. People think that even if they are criminals that they are entitled to do what they want. No one is entitled to disobey the law or disrespect it. No one is entitled to break the laws of this country. The judge should give him an additional three years to his sentence for his behavior.
JR (2 months ago)
Whatever he did to get there was wrong. But silencing someone's right to speak in their defense is also wrong. I can't believe the savages who comment that he deserved to have his mouth tapped or that he should be executed.
Scooba (2 months ago)
Last night I had a dream about this and I’m just now seeing this
Clip'N Go Hairbands (2 months ago)
He made it personal. Now he was to justify his over reach. He was removed. These comments are trifling. Are you ppl, raising the next School Terrorist/Assassinator. Because you sound like your capable..
Joe Z (2 months ago)
Judges are pussies these days.
Jo O'Sullivan (2 months ago)
If you don't want to do the time don't do the crime simple as. Got no remorse for anyone who breaks the law..
Lawrence Nguyen (1 month ago)
Jo O'Sullivan even for people who get framed
Just A Girl (2 months ago)
He was as quiet as a mouse this morning as he received his 33-year prison sentence.
blackLEAHbombshell (2 months ago)
blackLEAHbombshell (2 months ago)
7:52 nigga, 8:10 you betta stfu before you get the red tape too!!! 😂
blackLEAHbombshell (2 months ago)
6:16 Nahhhhhh, all’s I know is That niggaaaaa ain’t competent!!!! He didn’t even finish twisting his hair before appearing before the judge!! How disrespectful! LOCK THAT NIGGA UP!!! Fuck a neurological deficit!! 230 years, that’s appropriate! SlamsDaGavel/Mallet/Hammer (whatever y’all wanna call it) 😂
Lilo Calderon (2 months ago)
lakersyupyupable (2 months ago)
White people on here are so brave. I bet none of yall would say that to his face if given that opportunity. Whites are the most destructive creature on this earth.
Smoonteza (2 months ago)
He's quiet now lol
Olivia Goodman (2 months ago)
It dont matter what he did he still a human being
Olivia Goodman (2 months ago)
Qs awiis (2 months ago)
Freedom of speech works only when are not criminal But now anything you say will be used against you
DB (2 months ago)
Looks like the dindu finally learned to keep his mouth shut LOL
Anita Diaz AnitaD (2 months ago)
This judge is trying to prevent this bag o' shit from having a "legal loophole" or excuse to appeal or get his sentenced overturned for alleged judicial misconduct.
asap xdnvsty (2 months ago)
People without knowing the background story: 😂 he kept talking, fuck the system Same people knowing background story: Yea! Good job judge keep that idiot quiet.
Decimator11 (2 months ago)
He's a piece of fucking shit!!!! Hang that cock sucker!
Richard (2 months ago)
Now that morons going to get away with it because of everybody's hurt feelings
Richard (2 months ago)
What has the world come to when you have to apologize to someone who is acting so ignorant
Caemgen420 (3 months ago)
Haha ya baldy cunt 👊🏻
Multi tiered Investor (3 months ago)
The trial is to provide justice for all concerned. The defendant may feel he is the victim. The people think not.
Ryan Lewis (3 months ago)
I wonder how his dumbass hashtag bullshit worked out...guarantee that dumbass is just waiting for his check to roll in. Moron.
cool breeze (3 months ago)
Lol he's thinking! Yea sa massa!
Wilfred Willy (3 months ago)
How many nuffins could a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin???
Wilfred Willy (3 months ago)
Even people that have been to jail think this guy is a fucking retard. Most criminals know that when you're in court, respect goes a long way
Gaspar Ramirez (3 months ago)
Quiet as an innocent churchmouse now is he?
Lance Rexington (3 months ago)
Should have batted his face with a folding chair usually will do the trick. Just a little advice next time he doesn't sit still judge.
Kyle Clemente (3 months ago)
He should just own it. Yeah I taped his mouth shut. Not sorry. Bitch judge.
Kyle Clemente (3 months ago)
Capital fuck this judge.
Mat Sky (3 months ago)
No sorry! Fuck that scum bag!
AFTERBURNER (3 months ago)
Apologizing? What for? That cigar got what he deserved. F that cigar.
Craig Dwyer (3 months ago)
He's such a poor victim. Boo hoo
girlnextdoor0703 (3 months ago)
Judge knows he was going light on the sentencing in part bc of his own actions, recuses himself knowing dude is going to get at least double that from a new judge. Well played Sir!
girlnextdoor0703 (3 months ago)
You don’t answer poor impulse control with an impulsive action. Sequester the defendant in a room with a live feed from the court with audio but no audio from the defendant. He can shout his heart out but he’s technically present without being able to interrupt the process.
wood chopper (3 months ago)
Instead of using tape to shut him up they should have stuck a gun down the bastards throat!!!!!!
N S (3 months ago)
xKingSage (17 days ago)
Brian Foster (3 months ago)
If this was a white boy, and a black judge, nothing would be said, but because it is a black person, and a white judge, people are defending this thug, and trying to portray this judge as a racist. This is the group think that is part of the black culture, that excuses criminal behavior and justifies arrogance and disrespect to any white person in any position of power. The real racist here, are the blacks who defend this thug, and try to portray this judge as being unfair and racist. Blacks need to stop thinking that being a thug is cool. This black crook will now get over 20 years in prison. That's not something to be proud of.
bre dono (3 months ago)
Now the taxpayer is going to have to pay thousands of dollars for this POS
andy8nagy (3 months ago)
fuck this judge
Christopher Barksdale (3 months ago)
What a self serving apologie. Judges in cuyahoga county are bias moreover the Ohio Supreme Court ordered his recusal this cout took my house without a defendant. The house belong to my late parents dead people cannot be sued when I complained they taped my mouth. By vexatious litigator ORDER
m (3 months ago)
Typical entitled black beggars bastards burglars boozers butchers bitches
m (3 months ago)
+janet sers 👍🏼
janet sers (3 months ago)
you forgot boogers
Craig Lynch (3 months ago)
ALWAYS a black male defendant in these videos....
generic username (3 months ago)
Sounded like the judge was giving a retirement speech.
Nate Moisan (3 months ago)
Put a bullet in him. He don't deserve rights he's another peice of shit that plays tre victim after getting caught kidnapping his own victims. Peice of shit!
James Ashford (3 months ago)
He say, “Freedom of speech” #noductape. Ha ha ha 🤭
William Baker (3 months ago)
a cowardly punk.......put him away for good....
Joey E (3 months ago)
The stupidity in the comment section is astonishing. Taping someone's mouth is never alright. In this case it was a violation of the defendants 8th amendment right which protects him against cruel and unusual punishment. Don't tell me you bleed red, white, and blue, then turn around and condone this activity. You obviously don't believe in the Constitution (Bill of Rights), so how can you claim to be patriot?
Arky Bald Knobber (3 months ago)
I'm not kidding...he looks just like Moochelle Obama
Fender (3 months ago)
"freedom of speech" went out the window when you commited your crimes and violated others freedoms, loser. He was already found guilty and barely now is claiming that he bumped his head after fleeing and had some mental damage? LMAO should've done that before you were convicted.
Rose Brown (3 months ago)
What an A**hole! Are they trying to say he doesn't remember the kidnapping? This is bull****! I understand the judge about the tape. The real victims probably had flashbacks when this happened, so I really respect the judge, but this guy should have been given more time. Three victims and eight years for each?
Nah Banana (3 months ago)
Its doesnt fucking matter the judge was completely unbecoming. He should be removed permanently. There are procedures in place for unruly defendants. This judge is a fucking dipshit and should be sued and fired. Absolutely not okay, and he has the nerve to try to defend it. What an absolute asshat. He should be ashamed of himself and barred from ever ruling over a courtroom again.
Mattie Burns (3 months ago)
Freedom of speech. No duct tape.
Mattie Burns (3 months ago)
Yes. Judge should have apologised, and recused himself.
Louisiana savage (3 months ago)
Fuck police and all law enforcement fuck that judge to On God give a white man some power and he feels like he is GOD. GTFOH, police as niggas.
markos824 (3 months ago)
They made a mistake they should taped his ears instead of his mouth because the reason why he wanted to talk it's because he was able to hear if he couldn't hear he wouldn't have the need to talk
Kathy McGirt (3 months ago)
Interesting that he doesn’t want that judge to go away now.
GVIGuitarist (3 months ago)
He'll be free to speak to his boyfriend/cellmate all he wants
Robert Kinslow (3 months ago)
Incompitant? No. Dumbass? Undecided until Drs report comes in.
Nate Myers (3 months ago)
Only thing that annoys me is how much money is wasted on a daily basis on cases like these
luci spraslin (3 months ago)
Ridiculous,,just lock him up!
A W (3 months ago)
He's ridiculous #STFU😂😂
walt spears (3 months ago)
Rommel s demise proves intervention of the western gov.s internal war with HITLER .by then the war was already over .
LordofDublin4 (3 months ago)
Why waste time and hard earned tax payer dollars to incarcerate this piece of manure. One fifty cent bullet to the head, and then cart him off to the town incinerator.
Tupeace Xerxes Eloheem (3 months ago)
That’s my nigga Frank Nitty from Cleveland Ohio They did him dirty, that’s why he mad... Cleveland Ohio court system weak ass fuck...
Ukieman Serg (3 months ago)
Now he’s a victim lol 😂
Devin Punish (3 months ago)
That is a sentimental judge...never seen anything like THIS
baileypooh1 (3 months ago)
This guys has no respect. He disrupt the judge, he kiknapp peoples and he has the balls to keep saying freedom of speech, what about the victims, the have right too.
Jimo (3 months ago)
Pepper spray.
Aforgomon (4 months ago)
So, did he get the 130 years sentencie?
kay Francis-Edwards (4 months ago)
134 years would have bee superly prefect!!!
Josh Brown (4 months ago)
And the dumbass wouldnt have got the duct tape if he would hqve talked when it was his turn. Instead he acted like a retard and wouldnt shut the fuck up. Uncivilized piece of shit.
Josh Brown (4 months ago)
That is how all these monkeys act they can do whatever the hell they want to you but when its time to pay the piper its unfair stupid motherfuckers.
He will add a Knight (4 months ago)
Judge doesn't need to apologize. Throw the book at him.
jlneon111 (4 months ago)
Judge's head looks like he has two skulls infused together
LIGO (4 months ago)
It needed its tongue cut out permanently. Thats my take.
Maurice Dunmore (4 months ago)
Judge is a asshole

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