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Best Zach King Vine Compilation Best Magic Tricks Reaction!!!

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In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Best Zach King Vine Compilation 2016 - Best Magic Tricks and this guy has like the best edits Jasmine's Twitch.........►https://www.twitch.tv/jazzyguns Submit Video Requests Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_uAxHtx3yxmQGvrWXaNJ6QLuVDGJTzvt_nfkIrjBS-kyDqA/viewform?c=0&w=1 Follow us on Instagram ..............►https://www.instagram.com/couplereacts/?hl=en Jasmine's Instagram.........►https://www.instagram.com/_jazzysings/ Dwayne's Instagram.......► https://www.instagram.com/_dwaynekyng/ Follow us on Twitter ................►https://twitter.com/couple_reacts Snap us on Snapchat ................►https://www.snapchat.com/add/jasminedwayne16 Like us on Facebook ................► https://www.facebook.com/Official-DJ-1026990210754142/ Couple Reacts , Dwayne and Jasmine SEND US STUFF!!! P.O. Box #6342 Largo MD 20792 Original Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4KqYaILNOs
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Text Comments (501)
Michael John (15 days ago)
zach is a faker
jungle master red (15 days ago)
I do believe he can bend reality
Antwan Wooten (17 days ago)
When u realize it's not magic it's careful editing and CGI
Xhelloxshane X (1 month ago)
3:30 Dwayne better watch it...Jazz is gonna get you
Taaima Labbe (1 month ago)
Jasmine look so mad. Dwane u do somthing?
Ilya Watson (2 months ago)
I like jasmine more. Srry
Zachary Tabz (2 months ago)
It's called "Adobe After Effects CC".
Asher Williams (2 months ago)
Who here has watched Zack too? Like If you have.... Also have a great day!😊
Monika (2 months ago)
Oh, wow. Nice
Rick Mc Clain (3 months ago)
He edit
Christopher Strickland (3 months ago)
I would 💘 2 c Jazz pregnant.
Coolcat Cat (3 months ago)
It's different video clips put together
Logan Thepanya (3 months ago)
Ah, the old days when vine was not forgotten entirely and thrown down into the garbage.
Jonathan Luck (3 months ago)
All this is, it’s just editing.
zhenping weng (4 months ago)
the one with the pumpkin throw was TELEKENESIS is a thing you can do in real life Tutorial:go to a peaceful place and meditate 20min to 30min you can move stuff now😀
Dominique Manning (5 months ago)
React to lucus and marcus vines!!!
XxAntonioLitayye Xx (5 months ago)
The part where he turned Twitter into a real bird,that one looks like mine
Anthony Esparza (5 months ago)
Dam that's that shit
Karen Scott (5 months ago)
My sister name is Jasmine
Kim_Taeyu _exe (5 months ago)
🎶 Do you believe in magic! 🎶
msmarymarie1 (5 months ago)
Do challenges
This guy is an video editing/special effects master.
msmarymarie1 (6 months ago)
That's a fresh hat😀
Maxi (6 months ago)
He edits his videos to do magic stuff ik how to do magic stuff like Zach by editing videos
Mikala Hudgins (6 months ago)
no he can actually really do magic he was on The Ellen Show
Ever Mj fan (6 months ago)
1:41 when thanos snaps his fingers
Zack:This is using force! Me:Divorced SORRY guys..... I have problems
Alex Ubaike (8 months ago)
rip mac
Elkan Quinones (8 months ago)
Terrence West (8 months ago)
At 1:29 I was dead
Heather Billy42 (8 months ago)
I saw a commercial on tv recently Zach king was in.
ti be (9 months ago)
Hey you too keep up the good reaction on like it if you don't know I like to react people
FBI (9 months ago)
Akshaj Sharma (9 months ago)
Pls react to the last guest 1 and 2(Roblox
Steffani Collins (9 months ago)
Btw Zack does magic
ClaireC_062705 (9 months ago)
Why is his hat positioned like that? I personally think it makes him look stupid.
DK (9 months ago)
Those are some really awesome editing skills
Zesanactor Over-5 (9 months ago)
He’s doing this in real life. It isn’t effect
Zesanactor Over-5 (9 months ago)
It isn’t edited
Eliii_ DaSteppa _ (9 months ago)
I don't know could be real
Flare Fair (9 months ago)
i dont mean to ruin it.. but he does stop motions
Mickela Morant (9 months ago)
I watch Zach king
Zurvan big bag toy store (10 months ago)
I love you guys thanks
Adrese White (10 months ago)
but what if it is real don don donnnnnnnnnnn
I'm 9,121 like
Arlo Kuhlmann (10 months ago)
Unbelievable 🙀
Legendary Leon (10 months ago)
I mean potion
Legendary Leon (10 months ago)
So when zack was 9 he got bitten by a snake and they couldn't what to do s they accidentally gave him a magic potian
Legendary Leon (10 months ago)
Alright u have to believe me ok
FOOTBALL PSYCHO (10 months ago)
How does he do those edits howww 😲😲😲😲
Derek Jackson (10 months ago)
He pause the video
Julkifley (10 months ago)
Popularmmos Will Surely Agree With ya Guys
Ashhhforever (10 months ago)
I need a Pizza Printer Please Zach! 😭😭😩
Izeen Grady (10 months ago)
Jazz look suprise af
Khalil Price (10 months ago)
its real magic
Micah Long (10 months ago)
It's funny cause I'm eating gummy worms
Poke Boss (11 months ago)
The last one 🤣🤣
Chase Childs (11 months ago)
Your videos are awesome
Myaunee Lee (11 months ago)
Plz react to dessy gambino complimation
Charles Raheem (11 months ago)
Super Dwayne and jazz
Fahad Awan (11 months ago)
Its just editing
TheChaoticShadowKnight (11 months ago)
I love Zach King. He is amazing at editing.
Jacob L (11 months ago)
I know how he does it it's called editing
You are the best
Ericka Walker (1 year ago)
That last one was funny😂😂😂
junjap japin (1 year ago)
please react to lazy town
lorenz bermudez (1 year ago)
I know it must be magic tricks like magic tricks magic tricks
Redd boxx (1 year ago)
Supreme editing.
Stella Laupau (1 year ago)
love you 😇
Peyton Laga'aia (1 year ago)
This is all called editing no offense Zach king but it is true
Grey.Wolfe (1 year ago)
7 out of 8 minutes of the video "I wish"
German Lopez (1 year ago)
I wanted to see you stand
foxy 2.o (1 year ago)
I know how he stays still like the balloon one. he pops the ballon stay still people change his shirt and replays it
Ronda harris (1 year ago)
Can you do the flash running music video
ham ham lover (1 year ago)
Tech deck
React to funny Quesadilla compilation
Aaron drummerboy15 (1 year ago)
I did see the one when he put his zipper on machine and open it I did see it
Robin Winston (1 year ago)
The party stuff came out of his butt I'm laughing so hard right now
Tennured beat (1 year ago)
Aneta Aiga (1 year ago)
You should go check out Marcus and Lucas
Animateddajon (1 year ago)
It looks like Jasmine is wearing my name on her hoodie
Gennie Gonzalez (1 year ago)
We Bare Elephant
Gennie Gonzalez (1 year ago)
No content (1 year ago)
he doesn't edit HE'S A REAL WIZARD as popularmmos said
Kylan McGee (1 year ago)
The Carbonaro effect versus Zach King
Your moms Kid (1 year ago)
You guys do know that the whole thing is photo shopped XD you guys actually thought it was real
Ruben Jimenez (1 year ago)
That das so cool
Aiden I l Smith (1 year ago)
I only know to do one is when he print it
Lil Rowboat (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thinks jazz is high
Lønë Gamez (1 year ago)
Jasmine that hair is like 👌👌👌👌
aniya sunny (1 year ago)
I didn't know u guys would react to this one day
OT5 hARMYnizer (1 year ago)
Radia H (1 year ago)
devin jackson (1 year ago)
I wish
Bobby does everything (1 year ago)
holloween costumes for you guys. clemitine and Lee
I farted when the pig oinked 🎥🐷💨
Zack -gay-wolf-emo (1 year ago)
Hello there,this is my first video of you guys and you guys ARE AWESOME you just earned a new sub❤
Noyan Westbrook (1 year ago)
Criss andgl is cooler
Alumina_ Gacha016 (1 year ago)
Daniel Eko Gunawan (1 year ago)
Zach is amazing

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