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BEFORE YALL ROAST ME IT’S A JOKE SOOOO PLS CHILLLLL & KNOW THAT NICOLE LOVES U :) :) Anyway I decided to channel my inner weirdness for the entire internet to see! Enjoy! Here’s a things volleyball players understand/ what they say and do:) Volleyball Training Gear: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B3XGMNL •Instagram: nicole.javitt •twitter: @nicolejavitt •snapchat: nicole.javitt If you're a company interested in working with me, feel free to email me: [email protected] FAQ Q- How old are you? A- I'm 16 Q- Where are you from? A- Miami, Florida I luuuuuuv uuuuuu :) FTC: this video is NOT sponsored
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Isaiah C (8 hours ago)
Bro I felt that rightside part so much, never get sets:(
Mollie Hedström (1 day ago)
I playing volleyball and I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chilling with Naya (1 day ago)
That was totally u why didn’t u get that Shelby
I_dont_ _even_know (3 days ago)
Dude, why for high school volleyball do we have to run the mile?? Like you get breaks, and it has to be under 8 mins for my school.
Ravenclaw & Proud (3 days ago)
Noneofyourbusiness (3 days ago)
Middle and sometimes I’m mistaken for like a 16 year old because of my height, I’m 14😬
k Destiny (3 days ago)
Liberos wya?!
Haylie (5 days ago)
My coach hates me because this is soooo me. “I can’t set that I suck at setting” ME. (I’m 5’3 middle)
Millie Susan (6 days ago)
this was literally so funny i cant-
Dolly & Izzy Vlogs (7 days ago)
2:31-2:41 is so true😂😂😂
Triniti Thomas (8 days ago)
Literally... all true
ocean blue (9 days ago)
imma trying to be a volleyball setter
Sabri Bri (10 days ago)
*when the setter only sets middle and NEVER sets outside* 😤
Marina Ruiz (10 days ago)
Omg why was this video sooo accurate😂😂💕💕💕💕🏐🏐🏐
Ella Stacey (10 days ago)
Lashia (10 days ago)
Any tips on how to keep my knees from turning white cause of knee pads
Yousra Kebayli (11 days ago)
this is so relatable tf
Lawson Sullivan (12 days ago)
Carlos Arce (12 days ago)
Teammate: I got your left seam Opposite team serves ball Teammate: you want me to get those ? 🙄 Me: 🖕🏼
Brianna Howe (13 days ago)
My friends literally twerk in front of me and make me mess up my serves sometimes
Mya Cucuta (13 days ago)
I just hate it when someone serves to you and you bump it so hard and your arms are hurting for weeks
Shelby is A bean (14 days ago)
My teammate was watching this a tournament and yelled at me "yeah Shelby what’s the big deal?" And I was really confused and she was crying she was laughing so hard and then she showed me the video and now we quote it all the time!
CT Slime (14 days ago)
Stinky knee pads, sore hair, wedgies, camel toes. You gotta deal with that if your wanting to be play volleyball trust me ❤️🏐
At a tournament my team got to the amount of points needed to win but they didn’t notice that the points difference from us and the other team was one. So the half of my team that was on were in a circle screaming because it meant we were going to the finals. BUT, one girl on the other team SERVED AND WE WERENT READY! Like, we were celebrating and the ref didn’t even call them out or redo it. Then we lost and went home -.-
Lindsay Stevens (16 days ago)
outside hitter
Wombey 12 (17 days ago)
this so relatable
Gabrielle Putu (18 days ago)
“social life OUT THE WINDOW” lmaooo
Blqnc Films (20 days ago)
Im not an actual volleyball player but i play for fun sometimes and i can honestly relate to this😂😂
Maya Hardy (21 days ago)
Im right side and the setter will never set it to mee😭 but luckily i got to hit alot in sectionals and i broke my finger before state but we wonnn
pjmxkk (21 days ago)
The worst thing is when you're left-handed and the setter passes the ball to the right side
Wild Gaming10 (22 days ago)
Hi, I am a volleyball player myself, and you know your shorts in this vid where did you get it? I’ve been looking and can’t find any. Hope you reply!❤️
PiccaLilly (23 days ago)
Lmao the right side one got to me. I’m a right side hitter and my setter doesn’t know how to back set. I think the only reason I’m there is to get second ball of setter is out!
Chanel Geary (24 days ago)
hahah this is so true “if i want to run i would have joined the track team”
Grace Fox (24 days ago)
middle blocker for liffeeee
alondraaa (28 days ago)
Funniest thing about this is that ... I relate to all of it ARGHH I miss volleyball
Ur mom Geiy (28 days ago)
I feel u 1:20 - 1:40
Mari .510 (28 days ago)
Logan0nPSN (29 days ago)
1:51 Smasssshhh
Bennett Drackett (30 days ago)
SOOO true
Morgan Hotz (1 month ago)
i am going to try out for volleyball in the fall- wish me luck
Domonyque Mitchell (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who screams when I dive? Yes okay..😐
TracyKate Bernsen (1 month ago)
i’ve never related to somthing more
Ognjen Jovanovic (1 month ago)
I like volleyball i play with Girls with some of my bros😉😉
Madison Brooke (1 month ago)
i play libero
Simone Piro (1 month ago)
This is so trueeeee omg I do all of these😂
Syd Syd (1 month ago)
Libero in the House y’all!!🏐🏐🥇
shelby j (1 month ago)
my name is shelby
Kristin Berry (1 month ago)
"Social life out the window" That's just me in general 😂
Makenzie Noland (1 month ago)
i’m middle back and i always call pipe and my setter never sets me the ball🙄
Olivia Fortuna (1 month ago)
4:30 That was so me lol
Elise Castro (1 month ago)
“why am I even here if you’re not even gonna set it to me?” as a hitter, I can say that is the most relatable thing ever.
I play volleyball as a middle so I'm always all over the place LOL. Spiking always be right there for me tho so Im always in there with it.
Daizy Baltazar (1 month ago)
Omg yes we had volleyball and track at the same time and we ran with them and I said the same thing as you did if I wanted to run I would have been on the track team it’s so true why do we run😭😭🤣🤣😂❤️
game girl (1 month ago)
This is a little offensive
Fairy Magic (1 month ago)
I hate it when the parents are a volunteer for line judge and they ALWAYS SCREW IT UP!!
Jazmin Films (1 month ago)
Fr like why do we run if we fricken have to stay in a box
Bella Rose (1 month ago)
i’m going to do volley ball this year and i’m actually kinda nervous
Moose Morales (1 month ago)
When you try to twerk
Moose Morales (1 month ago)
Nicole Javitt lol cutie
Nicole Javitt (1 month ago)
And succeed
Elli Yeager (1 month ago)
lmao,, this is literally so accurate😂
teck_yeh (1 month ago)
Sydney Strenger (1 month ago)
Austin Kathleen (1 month ago)
this is me
22nd Pilot (1 month ago)
I'm server😀😀😀🥳
Kylie Jean (1 month ago)
I'm dead brooo!!!
Unicorn Sparkles (1 month ago)
Relate to this so much!!!
💜🌴Bella🌴💜 (1 month ago)
When you take off your knee pads and there’s that mark.
💜🌴Bella🌴💜 (1 month ago)
**We start practice running. Why? What are we running from. ** “I would have tried out for the track team.” 😂😂😂
Willow Scott-Dallion (1 month ago)
I spin my ball before my serve 😅 idek why😂. I suuuck at setting so this is true😂
ᔕᗩᐯ • (1 month ago)
Duuude I have a rlly short setter on my team and she always tries to tip and she never makes it over and she HATES ME lol😂💀😂
Emma Grace (1 month ago)
No one is watching, Bc u guys don’t have any fans.... JKKKKKKKK😂😂
Beauty Geek (1 month ago)
i legit do the same thing when i serve 💀
Bree Treadway (1 month ago)
*ill beat my face anyways*
Brooke Yolooo (1 month ago)
Me and this girl are soulmates I relate soo much haha I love this video 😂
Nicole Javitt (1 month ago)
Brooke Yolooo thanks for watching !!
DJ MAGIC (1 month ago)
This girl low key fine asf
Curlygirlalyssa (1 month ago)
Outside hitter ☺️
Ella Logan (1 month ago)
can Anyone relate when they’re on their period in there playing volleyball you always look at your back 😂
Bee Forley (1 month ago)
Social life out the window 😂😂😂
rachelle Marie (1 month ago)
At 0:31 you only have a certain amount of time to serve
Ava LeeAnn (1 month ago)
“ oops sorry I wasn’t prepared for that coming!” THATS MEEE. OMG 😂
pjmxkk (21 days ago)
sarah riley (1 month ago)
i’m starting on my first actual team this week. any tips?
briley skates (1 month ago)
4:35 me everyday
Danielle Lc (1 month ago)
I don’t even play volleyball why is this on my recommended
rachel doing things (1 month ago)
cheerleaders do some of this toooo
Mia And strangers (1 month ago)
Nobody: Her:
Ayman TV 1342 (1 month ago)
1:05 god damn
hannahs gotta blast (1 month ago)
I would literally always say "I wasn't ready wait" when they set it to me 😂
Charlie Mcwoofer (1 month ago)
I play the serving position
Aspyn Reed (1 month ago)
This is not realistic at all
Sheena Oliveros (1 month ago)
....i literally do all of that
Stella Tarusha (1 month ago)
lol why am I watching this. i play tennis
Mirari Paredes Tinoco (1 month ago)
What about losing knee pads? 😂💫
Sarah Madeline (1 month ago)
I do middle school volleyball and I play the bench 💀
Olive (1 month ago)
1:29 hey girl omg I'm dead 😂
Kaigan Barker (1 month ago)
Fr me every time I go to volleyball practice 😂
All about Mich (1 month ago)
The blocking part is me since im 4’11 😭.
Bk Hill (1 month ago)
london orozco (1 month ago)
I’m a setter 🏐❤️
Brxken_ Rxses (1 month ago)
“OH MY GOSH SHELBY” (fact of the day my real name is Shelby not Skyler) ;-; ;) ❤️❤️ Omi gawsh jsbsownsjsvdidnwks thxs for the like
Brooke Balmer (1 month ago)
3:54 me at basketball when I get open 🏀
Brooke Balmer (1 month ago)
I am literally yelling and jumping and they don’t see me.
Gabrielle Bannett (1 month ago)
Brooke Balmer dude same
Maddie Emerick (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this I don’t even play volleyball I play soccer

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