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LINKS: ❤️ instagram: http://instagram.com/kaitlinemmax ❤️ snapchat: kaitlindobson ❤️ Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/keepingupwithkaitlin ❤️ twitter: https://twitter.com/kaitlinemmaxx FAQs: ❤️ Where do you live? Edinburgh, Scotland ❤️ How old are you? I am 19, my birthday is the 1st of November ❤️ What do you study? I study marketing at Edinburgh University What I use to film: Camera: http://amzn.to/2iIUH5o Lens: http://amzn.to/2jnPBxB Light: http://amzn.to/2j9drvL I use final cut pro to edit xx Thank you lots and lots for watching, love you all! xx If you are a company wishing to contact me, email me at: [email protected]
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Text Comments (2022)
Smitha Suresh (1 hour ago)
Corn rose
Slimelover123 (2 hours ago)
Ewwwey cringey..
Robert Talley (9 hours ago)
My name is Hannah Harvey I love you go check out my YouTube channel Robert talley love you Kaitlin
You look so good
Ana’s Angels (2 days ago)
If your gonna do an accent then maybe you should do it the whole time
Fatima Ehsan (3 days ago)
Her hairs are beautiful thumbs up if you agree👍👍👍👍
Desiree Veach (3 days ago)
How come her scalp is so red
gizem akbulut (3 days ago)
i loved you <3
Queen Cutie (3 days ago)
gurl how do u keep your hair so healthy.
Vinod Dubey (4 days ago)
Do more vidioes
kimfloora_ (4 days ago)
why do u guys not subscribe this perfect channel? i love it!
Shaina Naushad (4 days ago)
You are super cute😘
Jaani Kaur (4 days ago)
ac ena kujh kriye ta ui rode ho jie🙃🙃
Patakha ladkiyian (4 days ago)
Can uh post any video school hairstyles
Attiya Khaliq (4 days ago)
01:45 02:45 08:45
dsquare studios (4 days ago)
I don't understand how even all the small pieces of her hair are straight,my hair is not even close to that it's just dry and a bit frizzy i have perfectly straight hair though🤔
samantha buan (5 days ago)
please leave a comment if some of her fans are trying to this but in a less messy way (not bashing)
Phoebe sta123 (5 days ago)
i love the colour and highlights in ur hair🤩
Priyanka Yadav (5 days ago)
You’ve got beautiful hair !!!
Angie. Batista (6 days ago)
the ways she says "Around" 0:09
Rajni Sahany (6 days ago)
Most of those hairstyles are for silky hairs, what abt other type of hairs
Purvinder Singh (7 days ago)
These are perfect for summer
Dulce Hinojosa (7 days ago)
I love her accent
Iqra Mozaffar (7 days ago)
Kaitlin please tell me what's your hair care routine and which products you are using in your hair.. I like your hair. 😍😍😍
Amanda Stoddard (8 days ago)
I love to watch people doing hairstyles
Eni Official (8 days ago)
Love ittt🤗
shivangani 84asia (8 days ago)
U r so cute
Shaunak Pathak (9 days ago)
Yoy look so beautiful and cute in all hairstyles
Miss Lara (9 days ago)
When she does those hairstyle she looks Gorgeous, hot at Beautiful While when I do them I am like an ugly dukling.
Penny Yuuki (9 days ago)
imma like my own coment #im lonley
Penny Yuuki (9 days ago)
oof she looks cute
Emma Arteca (9 days ago)
Title: 10 cute and *easy* summer hairstyles Me: actually struggling with life
Ella’s Life (9 days ago)
Idk about you guys but this video is way better than the hair videos I’ve watched and tried to copy😂
Munazzah Anas (9 days ago)
Your voice is cute and beautiful Like if u agree
Allia 2006 (9 days ago)
You are so pretty
Sharmila Surana (10 days ago)
8:31 cutest smile ever
Sharmila Surana (10 days ago)
This is the video I have been looking for since long ago
kamli tharakan (10 days ago)
So beautiful 😍😍
Caroline Ricci (10 days ago)
I looovvveee her voice
Keerthi kushi (10 days ago)
Being Indian,,, I loved ur nospin dr,,,,,,, ur new subscriber here,,,,,, lov from India
kassie olsen (10 days ago)
Omg I love your accent 😂
Priyanka Sarkar (10 days ago)
Whats your haircut??
Ari and Jr Caravantes (10 days ago)
My favorite hairstyle is number two
Mano Mano (11 days ago)
Nice siso
Meral Sweet rose (11 days ago)
New here, I've just subbed, liked, turned on post notifications bell, shared!
Meral Sweet rose (11 days ago)
2019?? Me: 12/5/19
Meral Sweet rose (11 days ago)
4:02 and 5:07 u just made my life a whole lot easier
Meral Sweet rose (11 days ago)
2019? Me: 12/5/19 Like if that and if u think Kaitlin is soooooo beautiful ❤️ ☺️
Meral Sweet rose (6 days ago)
Miamia Queen oh y'a I am in the future 😂
Miamia Queen (6 days ago)
But we’re still in April? Unless you’re from the future.
Kelvia Oinam (13 days ago)
You look gorgeous
Guajardo Family (13 days ago)
Ur so pretty 😘
Yugali Gaonkar (14 days ago)
Please show hairstyles fr shorthair☺😊
Hannah Tindall (14 days ago)
I tried most of them they worked really well
Arista Turner (14 days ago)
OMG your accent is to die for!!! <3
Ankita pandey (14 days ago)
U look so pretty
fatima sakoor (14 days ago)
Loooove this easy video so much more simpler then those complicated braiding styles cant for the life of me get it !!!
Nida khan (14 days ago)
thanks u
Hairstyle Tutorials (15 days ago)
Look very beautiful
IAmAPotato (15 days ago)
When you have dark hair and none of this shows 🤦‍♀️
Lena Lai (7 hours ago)
Jasmitha Duraivel (1 day ago)
You are not alone
CrazyHeart (4 days ago)
Alisha Kamra (15 days ago)
Pretty girl
Imagine_XD 123 (15 days ago)
When you don’t have long hair😭
Isis Ng (16 days ago)
Finally something that is doable.
Socially Awkward (16 days ago)
Why am I watching his I have short hair...
carmina salcedo (17 days ago)
ur so beautiful gosh 😍😍😍😍😍
Anusheh Khan (17 days ago)
Love how easy you're making the whole process, def trying these <3
Anusheh Khan (17 days ago)
Omg I acc guessed she was a scorpio and she is! High five buddy me too. Anyone else?
Lala Waseem (17 days ago)
I just love these hair styles 😚😚😚😚😚😚
Sherifa Bipat (17 days ago)
Aastha Singh (18 days ago)
You are super cute😘
Srikumar Menon (19 days ago)
Ma'am love Ur hairstyles Also channel 💓 💕💕💕💕
Arlene Sanitago (19 days ago)
Complete fail maybe you can even do hairstyles you're really terrible at it work on it
Mara Quitain (20 days ago)
did she just say more easier?
Zahraa Akhtar (20 days ago)
omg my favourite hairstyle is the french braid but i can't do it so i always have to ask my mum nut the twisting way is so much easier thanks by the way your really pretty
Yashita 16 (21 days ago)
U r so so so pretty, cute& beautiful♥♥♥♥
Rosie The unicorn (21 days ago)
there not even easy
Kiyana Hammett (21 days ago)
Her: *Does these hairstyles and they look nice* Me: *tries and fails...* sometimes having brown hair sucks 😂
Renee Edwards (22 days ago)
The hair styles are so nice and I also like your accent alot it's really nice
Jessy Arun (23 days ago)
Hit like 4 her hairstyle
Sarah Jung (23 days ago)
its a good thing because im not really good at doing my hair
Bailey ellis (23 days ago)
I’m so untalented I can’t even do these
Daya Hayyim (23 days ago)
These are actually so cute
Savannah Pennington (23 days ago)
first off i love you hair and these really helped me out with new different hairstyles ☺️
horse gal (24 days ago)
I love your accent! Your from Scotland right? I visit Scotland 2 times a year I'm going in the Easter holidays!!
Anna Capewell (24 days ago)
I love u
vanaja nair (24 days ago)
Best hairstyles
Graziella Barretta (24 days ago)
ART Studio (24 days ago)
love your accent love these hairstyles😉
Brenda Rom (24 days ago)
5:55 :((( bad
Sadie VanderHeide (9 days ago)
A.B Life (25 days ago)
Are you Irish?You voice sounds very Irish
Alishba Uzair611 (25 days ago)
These styles looks amazing but only on you
Slime. 101 (25 days ago)
For some random reason I always watch hairstyle videos but don’t do them Anyone do the same ??
Amara Ahmed (2 days ago)
Bobbie Jo Brewster (26 days ago)
you are so good at doing hair
simran ashnur bhamra (26 days ago)
I love ur eye makeup
rashmii chib (27 days ago)
Very easy styles
Chaya Va (27 days ago)
This is so freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it so useful
Can u do more of these this helped me
YASSITSME _123 (27 days ago)
I love your Chanel so much lol
starlight equestria (27 days ago)
I wouldn’t do these hairstyles I would make my sister do it 🤣🤣in my hair
Tasha Cabansag de Guia (28 days ago)
the 2 one was easy. like if it was easy to

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