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STREET SCENTS Battle Of The Fragrances "War Of The ROSES" Rose 31,Lyric Man,Baie Rose 26

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STREET SCENTS Battle Of The Fragrances=BOTF Battle Of The Roses aka War Of The Roses....... 3 Niche Rose based Fragrances Battle it out you have Le Labo Rose 31 vs Amouage Lyric Man vs Le Labo Baie Rose 26 which Fragrance will be the winner. I want to Thank Derya for returning for a 4th time and will be back in the future.....RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE Check out the other STREET SCENTS Videos that Derya Appreared in I added the links below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2I_kvn9auM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcJvEB4O6Tc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26c1Y0Tb7YM I included Ata's Youtube Channel link http://www.youtube.com/user/fristpartisan I Included Tony's Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/codehorror Luis CityMessiah Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/CityMessiah
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Text Comments (175)
firefly3570 (14 days ago)
Beautiful Derya
Edison Gorn (3 months ago)
Bring her back Bro! She's so good abt fragrance Al. 👍
danial khan (3 years ago)
i like freshy and soapy scent.
MrNippon510 (3 years ago)
Try atlas mountain rose from bodyshop if u r a rose fan and money saver! It would not disappoint you in any way trust me...
Bimo (3 years ago)
Time to blind buy rose 26. I trust Derya.
manny44 (4 years ago)
Her nose is amazing. She looks like a young, petite Angelica Huston. Good vid.
SOLID (2 years ago)
blancindividuel (4 years ago)
I wonder which one she would have picked if the question was "Which one would you want to smell on a man?"  That's a very different question than Which Is The Best.
aphexacid (4 years ago)
All 3 are excellent. Although i'd have to pick Lyric out of them. Its just outstanding.
Johnny S4J (5 years ago)
She´s hot...! :D
CRR62 (5 years ago)
Derya is good. Great personality and presence. Great comments. She describes well the fragrances .
AperolSpritz W (5 years ago)
that's what I gathered. Based on the name Baie Rose, it should be a frag inspired by pink pepper but people's comment on this frag mostly surrounds the flower rose. But, from what I know, Le Labo has been known for using complex ingredients in creating its perfumes, making it hard to pinpoint a specific scent. For example, according to many reviewers on YT, Rose 31 does not live up to its name, which indicates it should be a rose scent.
Amin C Ali (5 years ago)
In french, ROSE has two meanings; pink and flower! just search for UNE ROSE in google's images and u'll see
lion03heart (5 years ago)
no coffee beans, over laps
wagsbass (6 years ago)
Please get Derya back. What a nose vow!
SuppressorBN (6 years ago)
We need more Street Scents episodes with Derya!
GentlemensCorner1914 (6 years ago)
NIce Video Al, I haven't really smelled too many rose fragrances, I may have to do more research and get my nose on some. However I would have also like to see how these would have stood against Clive Christian's No.1 fragrance its pretty heavy in rose, also Darkman says what up! lol
Jeff Grubb (6 years ago)
Whats up AL!!! Man you got me hooked on getting all kinds of cologne just started watching your videos about 1 week ago mo money spent since.By the the way Darkman $ays whats up
valvulado (6 years ago)
Great video, lovely girl! By the way, thanks for the swap thread Al!!! Darkman says hi!
sehoxpirth (6 years ago)
How's it going Al, watched a few of your videos now, you're really taking a unique approach to the youtube fragrance game. Anyway, thanks for doing the swap thread and Darkman says hi, keep doing what youre doing!
Surfbeachpunk (6 years ago)
Hi Al !! Great job with all your videos ! Especially the battle of the scents ! Thanks for the Swap thread as well !! Great job there ! Darkman says hello as well !! Keep doing a great job !!
Haider Lakhani (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread AL! Darkman says Hi!
Mustafa A (6 years ago)
Gambit (6 years ago)
Derya is so beautiful and does such a great job describing the scents with precision and clarity. I like how you did the drydown finally. It always bothers me to see people describe the opening because that only lasts minutes and at most, an hour. The real impressions should come from the drydown.
J. Kim Frances (6 years ago)
cool video . Darkmanzdecantz says hi
subbieee (6 years ago)
What's up Al! Thanks for doing the Street Scents series and the Swap Thread and all the other cool things! Darkman says hi!
Caleb Brackett (6 years ago)
Great video! I love the Street Scents series! DarkmanzDecantz says hey!
Yo Al, love your swap threads. That is what's so awesome about the frag comm, we're all this in together, each with different tastes, and after we try frags out or grow out of it we can help each other out and swap them and let someone else enjoy the fragrance. We all have our opinions and we have all now learnt not to rub it in :P Darkman says Hello and I am sure he will say 'I respect that' ;)
Dr.Khaled AlMuraydhi (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread.Darkman says hi
Lola Sjah (6 years ago)
Thanks for doing the swap thread Al! DarkMan says Hello. :)
MegaFragster (6 years ago)
Darkman says hi.
Luis Torres (6 years ago)
thanks for the swap thread (i respect that) XD. thanks for all your work al and mr darkman says hi
TooNatty (6 years ago)
Me and darkman say thanks for everything! these swap threads are amazing, thanks for the hardwork.
Bdoten (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread al! Darkman says hi!
Derek B (6 years ago)
Darkman says high, for sure!
xTemo (6 years ago)
wassuuuup Al thanks for the swapthread, Darkman says hi LOL
CoachRob619 (6 years ago)
Hi Al thanks for doing the swap thread, Darkman says Hi! Now give me some free decants ! lol On a serious note fellas I bought a Decant of Aventus from @DarkmanzDecantz and it was a great transaction and that stuff smells good! So even if you don't win the giveaway pick up a 5ML from him of Aventus, you wont regret it!
kyb15TV (6 years ago)
Hi, Al. Thanks for doing the swap thread. DarkmanzDecantz says hi!
leozito2004 (6 years ago)
Hi partner, thanks for doing the swap thread. Darkman says hello ;)
Rego0912 (6 years ago)
Hi Al, thanks for doing the swap thread. Darkman says hi!
Ashley N (6 years ago)
Al i love the scent battles!..you should do Original Santal vs Monte Black vs Joop..genius idea...and btw.. DARKMAN SAYS HI! @DarkmanzDecantz
BadinageBandito36 (6 years ago)
Hey Al, how do you always find such attractive women with excellent noses? Nice work! P.S.- DarkmanzDecantz says "Aloha".
joseph sagona (6 years ago)
Hey Al thanks for the great swap thread video darkman says Hello
ratzskinakie (6 years ago)
Hi Al, thank you for all the information you provide us, I enjoy your enthusiasm for fragrances, and thank you for doing the swap threads! Darkman says Hi.
Thomas Oldenbeuving (6 years ago)
Hey al, thanks for the swap threat. Darkmanzdecantz says hi
KingPharroh (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread. Darkman says Hi.
Hello Al, as always nice work bud. Thank you very much for the swap thread. The Darkman says HI!!
choppacity02 (6 years ago)
DARKMAN says hi Al.. y'all keep up the great reviews!
Orlando Calderon (6 years ago)
Hi Al! Thanks for the swap thread!! Darkman says hi!! Much love!
MrBjp001 (6 years ago)
Great video , keep it up!!!!!
Thahead Bussa (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread AL.... Darkman says Whatsup!!!
tombarber21 (6 years ago)
Hi Al, thanks for doing the swap thread. Darkman says hi.
Matthew Calise (6 years ago)
Hi al thanks for doing the swap thread. Darkman says hi
massive951 (6 years ago)
Hi Al, Thanks for the swap thread and everything else. DarkmanzDecantz says hi!
silentrich11 (6 years ago)
A "hello" from Darkman and as always excellent job Al on the swaps.
gibsonlr1 (6 years ago)
Hi Al, thanks for doing the swap thread, Darkman said hi.
Craig Karoses (6 years ago)
You are awesome for doing the Swap Threads. Thanks so much. DarkMan says Hello!
naldypaca (6 years ago)
Hi Al thanks for doing the swap thread, Darkman says Hi!!!
Nick Ferrara (6 years ago)
thank you for doing all the swap threads and vids darkman says hi
konradallan (6 years ago)
Darkman says hi and thanks for the swap thread
v213ix (6 years ago)
thanks for the swap thread, Al....Darkman says hi
1xraydoc (6 years ago)
Thanks Al! Darkman sez what's up?
Cheeng Wong (6 years ago)
Sup Al! Darkman says hi!
Korupt0r (6 years ago)
What's going on Al? Sending you a "hello" from Darkman. Love you both, thanks for the swap thread. Thanks Darkman for giving back to the community, we need more of you guys.
Oscar53955 (6 years ago)
derya is more amazing than these 3 fragrances...Combined! :) thanks for the Swap Thread Al. Darkman says hey whats up
Fight Business (6 years ago)
Hey Al, thanks for the swap thread. Darkman says Hi
MrMathieuq (6 years ago)
Amenpm (6 years ago)
Thanks For doing the swap Thread Al. Darkman Says Hello There and Thank For The Street Scents Wocka! Wocka!
sumit punjabi (6 years ago)
"Thanks for doing the swap thread Al. Darkman says hi"
ChaoticSpeed (6 years ago)
Al is a big boss appreciate all his work with streets scents gotta have some big guts to do that, anyways darkman says hi and I appreciate his swap thread :)
SmellingPimp80 (6 years ago)
"THANKS FOR THE SWAP THREAD AL! DARKMAN SAYS HI!" Great video Derya does a great job. I need to smell those fragrances to see if I agree with her too. Hey Al the one Derya picked is it a solid unisex fragrance or does it lean more feminine or masculine? Just curious since I have never smelled any of these fragrance. Thanks Al your awesome.
MysticMon13 (6 years ago)
AL IS the man, and I've said it before. Thanks for your contributions to the fragrance community. Its refreshing to see that so many people share a similar passion as mine....oh yea, DARKMAN says "HI" haha CREED BABY!
MrKoctail (6 years ago)
Al is da MAN! Darkman says hi!
gytnau (6 years ago)
Hi, thank you for doing swap threads! Darkman says hi. Derya is wonderful!
fujin jr (6 years ago)
Great BotF Al, thanks for doing the swap thread Darkman says hi : ) Yaaay
disasnguy (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread Al. Darkman says Hi! Also don't stop doing street scents!
mridul chopra (6 years ago)
I LOVE THIS LADY,,,, thanks al for bringing up these videos and doing swap videos.......a big HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FROM DarkmanzDecantz
JOSH JENNINGS (6 years ago)
Thanks for everything you do for us AL!! Really do appreciate the heck out of you man. Your definately a fragrance role model of mine :) Its because of people like you and Darkman and the rest of the good down to earth guys around here that make this community fun and exciting and just a cool internet hangout place type thing lol. Anyways thanks for the hard work. O and Darkman says what it do!
Viktor Vratchev (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread Al, you're the best. Darkman says hi!
E-Fergie1 (6 years ago)
Always enjoy your vids Al. Thanks for keeping the swap thread going so far. Darkman says hi.
wagsbass (6 years ago)
Thanks for the swap thread. Darkman says hi.
zscellardoor (6 years ago)
Awesome guest + awesome host = awesome show! Thanks so much for the swap thread and Darkmanz says hello!
brian tobolski (6 years ago)
Hi Al, great job as always.. And thanks for the swap thread Darkmanz say Hi !! Peace
attuso20 (6 years ago)
hey al, great job with swap thread and all the hard work you put into the fragrance community. DarkManzDecantz is doing a video with a big shoutout to you, you should check it out. p.s. darkmanz says hi
natky2 (6 years ago)
as always, Al is doing a great job! p.s. DARKMAN says HI!
bengalas87 (6 years ago)
ur the man AL... thanks for the swap thread! DARKMAN says HI!
Aquahobby (6 years ago)
how does she spell her name? tell her to hit me on facebook ;)
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
Do you review I guess vintage colognes such as gucci ? For example I have an small Gush Rush for men that was discountinued in 1998 and an old gucci pour Homme
Nick K (6 years ago)
Respect that I changed my mind too? :D I got a bottle of New York Oud today and I'm changing my vote; this is the ultimate rose fragrance for me. No Oud in it, but that's OK :) The rose is stunning. I still have to try Baie Rose 26 though. Hard to get that's for sure.
Derek B (6 years ago)
I happen to be in Chicago while watching this video, but sadly I am leaving tomorrow and Barney's closes soooooo early here. Derya really nailed these scents too. Great video Al!
Stu Pidazo (6 years ago)
Al is she Latina, or what?
Hey Al, how about a war of the vetiver's in the next episode of battle of the fragrances Featuring both Yvette or Evette (not sure how she spells her name) and Derya. That sure would be a really interesting episode!
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
That's my daughter she wanted to jump in the video
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Yes thats my daughter in the background
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
I believe so she loves Brooklyn
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thank You BR26 is amazing juice
miss85sweetie (6 years ago)
Yes Bae Rose 26 is pretty amazing, i have really come to find this out.;) I agree a real true rose in a bottle, but i will add more of a "magical" type of smell.. something so soothing that i could definitely smell everyday! lol But far out of my range to be my signature scent (in my dreams, yeah i know!) lol ha Great video Al!
miss85sweetie (6 years ago)
AGREE!! :) lol
CoachRob619 (6 years ago)
She decribes the scents great! I like Rose 31 though.
DoorsFan91 (6 years ago)
Did she ever buy a bottle of Brooklyn from Bond No. 9?

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