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father vs. daughter beatboxing

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Text Comments (48353)
LIFE AINT NOTHIN (1 hour ago)
What The Fuck Did I Just Watch 😆 💯
r8ed Rm (1 hour ago)
Daughter is better!
Moses (3 hours ago)
For God I live! For God I die! She won just off that claim.💯
Feilex 91 (4 hours ago)
For me the first part of the daughter is WAY MORE impressive than the second round
JamariThe 7th (4 hours ago)
Who else just tried doing this and just started spitting everywhere 😂
garlick junior (5 hours ago)
Lo único que veo es mi pantalla llena de saliva :v
GamerFelipe omg (5 hours ago)
Daughter wins
Its Shariahhh (5 hours ago)
She snapped 🥰💙
Moneybagyo4321 (5 hours ago)
Like he come hard but she come 10 times harder
Jaylen Stayhorn (6 hours ago)
Shellyann Young (6 hours ago)
the daughter
Honestly_raider YT (7 hours ago)
I thought they’d be bad I under estimated they
Daniel Ramirez (7 hours ago)
BLADE (9 hours ago)
Man she devastated your big ass
Amy Nguyen (10 hours ago)
Wow amzing
ChaseTug13 (11 hours ago)
“What in the cottage cheese?!” Lmao
Marie Maes (11 hours ago)
Cringe i geuss?
franco cabello (12 hours ago)
Deberian llevarla a la fms de argentina a god level red bull y todas la competencias
DenlazZ (14 hours ago)
¿Alguien que vea esto en 2019?
Mohd Hussain (15 hours ago)
I was searching for the guy beat boxing in the yellow background but had to visit this one while am at it.
Merle ‘s (17 hours ago)
she is a whole damn show omg
Ukz (18 hours ago)
lohann laurence (18 hours ago)
C lohann de l'école de Andy
seven troubel (21 hours ago)
Daughter rap + beat box
Tobias TV (21 hours ago)
The daughter is better then dad my fart is ready
Brenae Smith (1 day ago)
3 years ago 2019 people watching it now aka challenge dubsmash
CallM3SamMaybe (1 day ago)
Son : Mum wats for breakfast Mum : 0:51 Dad:⊙^⊙ tf
Fat Giraffe (1 day ago)
the daughter was just spitting and saying they she forgot that she lives and dies..? the dad won
Mr MacGuffin (1 day ago)
That's a grade A Dad right there
Muhammad Sadiq (1 day ago)
If I was sitting opposite them I would take a saliva shower
Jaxten Heinbach (1 day ago)
Sorry dad but daughter won
LeayahChristine (1 day ago)
Mason Long (1 day ago)
Meeee I'm watching this this in 2019
CION XYZ (1 day ago)
2019? Why, Ur Late... Say nah... Me toO
Crimson (1 day ago)
Anyone else thinking the shit ton of spit on their table like omfg
Bruce Wayne (1 day ago)
I had to clean my glasses like 5 times
Genesis Price (1 day ago)
Ayyyyyyy both of y'all did good but....... she won
Adrianna Taylor (1 day ago)
Daughter won
Shouldvebuilt-2 (1 day ago)
Ahhh i messed up ....
Mister Riffs (1 day ago)
I can feel the spit *Discustang!!!!*
Asmr Akasuki (1 day ago)
Your both really great
Asmr Akasuki (1 day ago)
Wow 24 million views
LP-TV (1 day ago)
The doighter is much better
Jaime Sanchez (1 day ago)
Daugther win
Random YT (1 day ago)
The father was really good
Richard Williams (1 day ago)
She won go girl go
Muhammet Enes Deniz (1 day ago)
Ekranım full tükürük oldu amk
kya kads (1 day ago)
Bro she came back hard asf ,she snapped period 💯
vcs podiam ser dj's kkk mt loko
Yuoness Bowargan (1 day ago)
Germanganzo (1 day ago)
Black people be like
Un KnOwN (1 day ago)
Plaar ye sakh mala mata de
Dark Phoenix173 (1 day ago)
She kicked his ass, this video will never die
Dat FastCar (2 days ago)
2:28 Smash that
Tiana Mckneely (2 days ago)
The Daughter takes the the W x1000
Ashly Diaz (2 days ago)
I’m here after watching that beatboxing meme
The Best of Friends (2 days ago)
Brenda Stevens (2 days ago)
daughter holy shit
Jeremy guerrero (2 days ago)
Gooooooooooodddd daammmmm holy shit
Angjelo Jano (2 days ago)
that beatbox so fire that the house was shaking
emma wright (2 days ago)
Sandra Alhorainy (2 days ago)
Daughter won the whole thing
Sandra Alhorainy (2 days ago)
Sandra Alhorainy (2 days ago)
UnKnown Antonio (2 days ago)
She fye asf 😂😂💯
TRACY MORALES (2 days ago)
thegamingwaffle (2 days ago)
she does need to work on her throat bass then its gooooooddddd
Armel Lora (2 days ago)
Daughter won
Neveah Monje Cabrera (2 days ago)
They are both good
Mia DiBiase-Ugalde (2 days ago)
The girl is bad
this is what got me into beatboxing
Sandhya Sampathkumar (2 days ago)
My wig flew to pluto
Chim38 _shj (2 days ago)
1:02 is my favorite part😍
wesley fernando (2 days ago)
Muito boaaaaaaa
Chase McPherson (2 days ago)
Your baby girl won
Marsha Mentoor (2 days ago)
The girl won
Shajath sherrif shaja (2 days ago)
Whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaa what is this the girl is human are a speaker
Pyro Bbx (2 days ago)
Best beatboxers in the world https://youtu.be/F5ueZ1UTscI
Harlem Watson (2 days ago)
LOl she still won but yeah it was tough
Nathan Castaneda (3 days ago)
His daughter marked him
nouhayla babou (3 days ago)
The way he smiles while she was beat boxing is priceless #proud_father
pradeep zuzu (3 days ago)
Sir you should watch this https://youtu.be/g-8evtRyyNA your Daughter need Justice 🙏
Nelly Pacheco (3 days ago)
I have to give it to father the way he dropped that beat in the first place
Annie Kaysa (3 days ago)
"what in the cottage cheese????"
sweetie pie (3 days ago)
To the daughter: go watch on youtube one note samba scatting with ella fitzgerald...go watch it and you will aee what i mean....Watch it all and you will get it
Sebastian Enqvist (3 days ago)
SIMOX TV (3 days ago)
Zachary Billings (3 days ago)
Daughter one
FainTz Light (3 days ago)
She sounds like a sound track
Jonathan ValGREEN (3 days ago)
She made a whole ass song just to whoop her dad ass that much more
It's Himanshi (3 days ago)
Just think of the condition of that table 😂😂😂
Amine Echtioui (2 days ago)
March,2019 .. anyone still watching
KIM NÖÖR (18 hours ago)
blendies animations (2 days ago)
Journilove McKinley (3 days ago)
Daughter:let me take these glasses off and flame this nigga Dad:oh nooo
Jaiden Lewis (3 days ago)
the daughter so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bro when she kinda talk noices so good
Peter Haider (3 days ago)
That insane girl in GBB pls!!!
Jaiden Lewis (3 days ago)
the daughter better
ivey bohn (3 days ago)
Dad 5 piont daughter 1000000 piont
Fupiena Paba (3 days ago)
You guys are awesome at beat boxing
kayy 2xXx_ (3 days ago)
Nicole won

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