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Batman and Superman Team Up

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Text Comments (7402)
Émile Mégré (9 hours ago)
dont bring that up superman oh sorry
Average Players (1 day ago)
1:50 best part
CadetDesert 4722 (2 days ago)
Amazing I can die happy I should have found this earlier
I died when batman started crying
Luke Cage (4 days ago)
Hilarious! Finally someone did Batman right!
MSRA (4 days ago)
Its a platypus! Oh! It's Perry the Platypus! (after Perry wore the hat).
Trish Thompson (8 days ago)
Gordon looks more like Harvey Bullock lol
debkamal mullick (9 days ago)
1:55 😂😂😂😂
Henry Yarbrough (10 days ago)
A direct quote from Batman: Dark Knight Returns, and then everything goes ridiculously insane
M3m3L0rd (11 days ago)
1:56 im dying
N. Shadow (12 days ago)
Why would I wanna buy Dawn Of Justice for $18 on YouTube? IT'S NOT EVEN WORTH IT!
lucas utsch (13 days ago)
Go Mo (13 days ago)
Is that soup to cold madam? :)
Ninja Thorn (15 days ago)
Ajay Judge (15 days ago)
Better than BVS
Barrin Von Grizzly (16 days ago)
Bats: Get over your dead parents! Soops: Didn’t your parents die? Bats: Eaee
Pillow (16 days ago)
Came from Carson
Abdelrhman Araby (16 days ago)
Dante DiFederico (17 days ago)
"Rich and Nuts!" 😂 I love this Batman and he's too funny! Wish they would've made more of these Batman spoofs.
Hossein Mousavi (18 days ago)
n1ko (19 days ago)
@2:53 “Feels good!” 😂
Faruq /#_#/ (19 days ago)
He attakkk He prottecc But most importantly He fkn shit talk
Furrys cause Cancer (20 days ago)
2:26 when my teacher judges my sense of humor
Baba Semka (20 days ago)
Damn, I can't get over the fact that that fake tool Pete Holmes is doing the Batman in these. He is brilliant here and so fake and plastic in his show. How? HOW?!?!?!
NCHarristudios 66 (20 days ago)
The Amazing Zoroark (21 days ago)
LMFAO 1:25
Nuul tv (21 days ago)
Fuckin whitebread
GhostRider12 (22 days ago)
I would like to watch this instead of the Batman VS Superman movie
BushidoThug 760 (22 days ago)
2019 still hilarious
James Anthony (22 days ago)
Never knew Batman was secretly Donald Trump
Knightling Nagakaze (25 days ago)
i fucking love this
DJ Smash (26 days ago)
Still waiting for college humor batfleck
Bilal Ahmad (27 days ago)
we want more plzzz
Swagat Rout (29 days ago)
More of a Bat baby than bat man
Aden Xiong (30 days ago)
I’m laughing my ass off because of 1:50
Neolinal (30 days ago)
1:50 your welcome
Fisher Theo (1 month ago)
Scene is contradictory, at 0:34 BatMan is ready to fight One on One but at 0:58 He won't team up cuz SuperMan has powers.
Sigit Kei (1 month ago)
Is that mark zuckerberg?
Dumm Myth (1 month ago)
😂😂😂this shit is classic
Scotty Cameron (1 month ago)
It predicted Martha.
Batman didn't have power but his fight skill is beyond Mortal people and he beat Superman he even can fight , Aquaman with his Power Suit Batman fight skills wasn't a Joke he even beat Bane and have a huge history with Deathstorke . So how could some of those video on Youtube aways joking about Batman power gosh .
SkyrimDevil007 YT (1 month ago)
He sounds like Krusty the clown lol!
Liam Tolentino (1 month ago)
Why is this actually better than the plot to Batman V Superman Lmao
Jetsfool27 (1 month ago)
"Superman you saw him"💀💀💀💀
Arc 1105 (1 month ago)
Erril Syahputra (1 month ago)
I dying alredy hahahahaha
Batman 2066 (1 month ago)
DAMMIT CLARK, You always ruin everything with Your....pure white bread boy scout ways.
Julia Cortez (1 month ago)
It's too beautiful, I can't handle this anymore😂😆
Kyle Weiss (1 month ago)
Five years later ... still fucking hilarious.
The Accidental Genius (1 month ago)
1:40 - 1:58
adallas181 (1 month ago)
george gordan (1 month ago)
sniperkittykat (1 month ago)
Batman: "Your Dad's dead. Get over your dead parents already!" Superman: "Didn't your parents die?" Batman: *squeaks* Batman: DON'T BRING IT UP! Batman: I WAS A BOY! Batman: NOW I'M A BAT! Superman: I'm sorry... Batman: MY SUIT IS COOL!
Eelyi Hankinson (1 month ago)
Sooooo funny!!! But I hate the way they portray batman
Rogue Legend (1 month ago)
Nate W (1 month ago)
3:11 Like Batman is one to talk. Christian Bale played Jack Kelly in Newsies back in 1992.
Sol (1 month ago)
That's the joke my man!
Earth Is A Donut (1 month ago)
Pete Holmes is the best at playing Batman
Jacob Henry (1 month ago)
That was freaking good
Phoebe Rittensbacher (1 month ago)
batman: GET OVER YOUR DEAD PARENTS ALREADY! superman: didnt your parents..die? batman: EH
Yash Gadoya (2 months ago)
Superjerk 😆😆😆
Dragon Man (2 months ago)
1:47 By far my favorite bit.
Stellia Stars (2 months ago)
GET OVER YOUR DEAD PARENTS BUB art your parents dead? Waaaaaa
G.I. Geno (2 months ago)
Get over ur dead parents already!! Its fuckin white bread, its fuckin lame!
Test Test (2 months ago)
I’m the first few seconds Superman looked like mark zuckerberg
JaDversary (2 months ago)
You can see the actor playing Superman cracking up at 1:56 heh
ShadowFox Channel (2 months ago)
batman main menesis is joker wee
J D (2 months ago)
coolemmanuel12534 g (2 months ago)
Jon Davidson (2 months ago)
Superman is a much better hero simply because he restrained himself from frying this brainless dweeb.....
harshad reddy (2 months ago)
The dark Knight returns dialogues, huh? Nice
Feisal Ismail (2 months ago)
Harvey dent can he trusted?..!!!
Samantha Styer (2 months ago)
This......this is a masterpiece how am I only watching it now??!!! 😂😂
The Survivor (2 months ago)
2:26 died! 😂
Michael Oberlander (2 months ago)
Look at you and your stupid outfit lmao
Dante Epic (2 months ago)
Why is Badman so mean?!?
limptera13 (2 months ago)
rich, and nuts
Geeb Studios (2 months ago)
"Get over your stupid dead parents already" "Didn't your parents die?" "*SQUEAKS*. I WAS A BOY, NOW I'M A BAT" "Man. I'm sorry" "MY SUIT IS COOL BECAUSE I MADE IT MYSELF"
Pucking Pie (2 months ago)
Batman: Get over your dead parents already Superman: Didnt your parents die? Batman: *whines* Dont bring it up!, I was a BOY!, now Im a BAT!
Darian Hughes (2 months ago)
MORTAL KOMBAT PS2 FAN (2 months ago)
Who's the guy who plays Batman in these
Gypsy Danger (2 months ago)
Batman (2 months ago)
I didn't have to go easy on him, a stronger dose or mentioning superman 4, i want him to remember that, I wanted to remind him to stay out of my way, in all the years to come in his most private moments, I want him to remember the one man who beat him
Batman (2 months ago)
Despite our differences, I've nothing but respect you, I hope you knew- you know that, you showed me that justice doesn't always have to come from the darkness, I'll miss *BOOM* what was it you always called it Clark? The never ending battle
Alec Jones (2 months ago)
"'Is that soup too cold madam?' Zzzzz!"
Why Is Jason here ? (2 months ago)
“What’s this mean on Krypton, Gratitude?” “OUCH!!!”
kittycrazy 29 (2 months ago)
Does batman have mental issues or something?
Imagin0s (2 months ago)
How could I have missed this ? That’s gold 😂
Gohan SSJ (2 months ago)
*this video is so funny hahahaha* 🤣
Vain Himiko (2 months ago)
1:52 Get over your dead parents already.
burgnut (2 months ago)
This is the funniest skit I’ve ever seen.
DamieN M (2 months ago)
Hope starts with an "H" stupid
Lil 5ive 9nine (2 months ago)
Dah dah dah Super JERK!!😂😂
Debbie Nandalall (2 months ago)
Hope starts with a H stupid.I mande my suit by myself which means I'm cool daddy's boy best lines
Adam Skead (2 months ago)
This video is just spitting facts
Abhay Rathore (2 months ago)
You are fucking white bread, you are BORING! Lol 😂
Diane Richards (2 months ago)
wow that was savage probably more so then his beat down by doomsday. no death in this video but now he has to let that s**t sink in lol 😏
Daniel (2 months ago)
I WAS A BOY!!......NOW I'M A BAT!.... :'( I laughed my ass off
phillip Garcia (2 months ago)
Hope stars with an H stupid
Will 2139 (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t complain if this was all of Batman v. Superman.
MORTAL KOMBAT PS2 FAN (2 months ago)
Its far better
Sage Markham (3 months ago)

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