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Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme "STREET SCENTS" The Series. This is a Classic Fragrance can be worn all year long lasts and projects. RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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The Scenturion (7 months ago)
That fragrance is a legend. What you doing with that angels hat? Burn it.
Garry Hall (1 year ago)
I blind bought this from Walmart. 35 dollars in clearance aisle. Ha!! It's one of my most unique scents. It's probly my favorite. It's right up. I have many and have smelled many and this is right up there with all the major players. It's a masterpiece in my opinion
James Smith (1 year ago)
Coped myself a bottle of this, A*men Pure Malt, 24 Gold and hands down outta the 3, D&G Pour Homme smelled the best...the only qualm I have is it doesn't last for shit....can't even get it to last half his time
jose batista (1 year ago)
Does anyone else get a slight Pineapple note ?...as i do .
Black7od (1 year ago)
My favorite cologne
Frag Clown LV (2 years ago)
I love D&G pour homme just doesn't last long
Igotoeleven (2 years ago)
FYI......the opening smells like Honey!....not that it's a bad thing
SKANDERBEG (2 years ago)
too soapy
Robert Armstrong (2 years ago)
Have the UK version. Dont like it.
BlackPhoenix623 (2 years ago)
Got two bottles baby
Mohamed Shehab (2 years ago)
what does the non reform one look like? someone help lol
iooi (2 years ago)
The older edition has a silver sticker label on the bottle rather than printed text.
Sog babbet (2 years ago)
Sexy Puerto Rican girl, New York is full of them.
raidernationcali (3 years ago)
I bet shes good in da sack.
DCD (3 years ago)
Imagine if it was the Italian version, she would have an orgasm right there LOL.
Rajiv Adhav (9 months ago)
how to know which version I have?
Robert Armstrong (2 years ago)
+Mac Lumen Figured so. Thanks for ur input. Doubted the vintage and Germany versions could get such raves if they really smell like the UK version.
DCD (2 years ago)
I smelled both, the UK version has terrible opening, the first hour or so its totaly synthetic, the italian version is smoother has more musk and its thicker.
Robert Armstrong (2 years ago)
I have the UK version...smells like a synthetic sweet detergent/soap to me. Not impressed at all. Performance not great either. Can anyone who has both UK and Italian vintage versions describe the difference? If the vintage smells anything like the UK version I will be greatly disappointed.
DCD (2 years ago)
not dated at all :)
Just Me (3 years ago)
I love your videos.....straight from Africa.....getting into seriously collecting fragrances....... Is it just me?? or this fragrance smells really feminine?? I completely hate it.. Not my thing
Just Me (2 years ago)
+hodgekin I'll give it another try.....
Morbus H. (2 years ago)
+Just Me You have no clue what you are talking about, it is so manly!
Summer Breeze (3 years ago)
Hey Al! Is it Made in UK or Germany version?
Sean r (3 years ago)
Hi Al. Can Evette smell 3 Tom Ford fragrances?
Louis-Philippe Noel (3 years ago)
Girls and woman love 2 types of fragrances: sweet & fresh...many love both but love more fresh scent IMO
Juri Wallenberg (3 years ago)
Hey you make some great fragrance takes/unique video! Keep up the great videos. Haven't you done a episode of D&G the one street scents style yet?
Albert Ferro (3 years ago)
GiantBlackPenis (3 years ago)
They fucked like champions after the video ended
Gilbert Hernandez (3 years ago)
how long does it last
F. Scott Fitzgerald (4 years ago)
Yo, let me tell you, women love this fragrance to the max. It does things to them you can't imagine. One of the best male parfums ever formulated, especially for a designer fragrance. 
Shelley Jo V. Shuford (4 years ago)
Miss _______ opinion matters more than yours and that was rude saying her name into the sound of a garbage truck rolling past, give her full credits or i won't subscribe.
DCD (2 years ago)
+Shelley Jo V. Shuford LOL
natalie duby (4 years ago)
I'm a woman, and LOVE this cologne to wear personally. It's great. I've always enjoyed wearing more unisex scents, and I know this isn't meant to be, but I don't care haha
tpietropaolo01 (2 years ago)
I wear female scents all the time nothing in a heart shaped bottle or anything too girly but ive dabbled in many unisex especially oils... :)
Scott Granger (4 years ago)
Al - do you know whether the newer reformulations, such as the German & UK ones without the sticker (I believe you have the German one here), are decent?  There are many that abhore the newest version, but I'm not sure...
Aidan Shaw (6 months ago)
and now we have a made in france version:)
DCD (3 years ago)
+Scott Granger German is somewhat ok, do NOT buy the UK! Italian is like 1000/10. German is 7/10, UK is 5/10...
Mohannesburg (4 years ago)
I heard the German version is the 2nd formulation and the UK version is more recent. Get a vintage bottle if you can.
MrPointblank34 (4 years ago)
This has become my signature scent. My father wore an array of colognes as I grew up but I always remember when he wore this. I started wearing it as a comfort scent when I missed my father and never recieved more compliments with any other cologne.
dolphinsattack (5 years ago)
Does this scent really get compliments from women? I'm thinking of buying this or Angel Men.
Clyde Tuitt (5 years ago)
New York Looks So Dirty in the Background Lol
ZONBI (5 years ago)
This is my favorite, I've really only owned 3 different colognes. Burberry For Men Eau De Toilette, DKNY, and Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme and D&G is by far my favorite, anything you would put right above this? I love the versatility on this.
Ronnie Johnson (5 years ago)
hey where can I get the original italy version of the scent with the silver sticker on the bottle please let me know thanks
Malcolm Lang (5 years ago)
Yes this scent does command attention, but in a good way. It really does depend on how you wear this fragrance. Less is more with D&G Pour Homme, so 2-3 sprays, and then see how this baby works.
dolphinsattack (5 years ago)
Cologne's often time don't last long in cold weather. They respond better in hotter weather when your body heats up. I can only get 2 to 3 hours out of Curve in cold weather buy it lasts in the summer.
izzy jr (5 years ago)
I bought a bottle 2 days ago,how could tell from a fake bottle,this cologne does not last on my skin no more than 3 hours .
SkylineExports (6 years ago)
noel brathwaite (6 years ago)
My signature scent, always has, always will be... The absolutely the best IMO ! Chick magnet, walking compliment in that bottle.
whatever52h (6 years ago)
She likes the strong and hard stuff.
Slime Peso (2 months ago)
whatever52h most of em do thats why u cant be soft with them
Eturnal 718 (6 years ago)
That's 1 of my favorite fragrances too man...lasts very long!!!
Jon Day (6 years ago)
I have this and not to offend anyone but I think it's too strong. A lot of citrus in my opinion and I am not a cologne enthusiast. It's not good for an office environment. I have made a lot of people sneeze with this cologne and people have opened their windows when in a car with them. It's just too offensive. It's good at night and going out because it's a commanding scent.
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
It's good
Michael Anthony (6 years ago)
Man cool as idea with the street scents clips! As a recommendation coming from a fan not a pro at all, perhaps you can do a bit of video editing and add some graphics and sound because I think these clips should be getting more hits, cool as theme. best of luck
chronomax1 (6 years ago)
My all time favorite.. D&G PH
SouldjahFromTheNorth (6 years ago)
yes! this is a classic! thx for bringing back memories!
edimessenger (6 years ago)
good fragance :)
coolzaamirroks (6 years ago)
Can u get battle of the fragrances back please...!!!!!! With paco rabanne
ProspectNY11211 (6 years ago)
Are you dating this girl? lol She's in every video.Hot
SpectacoL (6 years ago)
Hey AL it lookany like she loves any fragrance you give her to smell, i think you should do an episode with Yvette with Secretion Magnifique or Grey Flannel and see her opinion :))
CoreyNitro (6 years ago)
Good stuff. One of my all time favorites that will always be in my collection. Smells like a lime pie to me.
dean2663 (6 years ago)
You should always say what street you are on!
DoorsFan91 (6 years ago)
Another great video AL. I agree on bringing her back often. Gotta try this on my next trip to Sephora.
realmexthug08 (6 years ago)
the girl is very nice By the way
realmexthug08 (6 years ago)
this is one of the Best scents for the high heat, imo it doesn't get the Best out of it at fall or winter, try it 36c plus, the shit is awsome.
ernie alonso (6 years ago)
AL have you noticed the difference between this new bottle and the 90's bottle people in fragrantica say its reformulated..
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
Yay Yvette!
gibsonlr1 (6 years ago)
This is truly a classic from 1994, with excellent longetivity. I will always have this in my collection as well, and it is priced very reasonable. I have only been wearing this fragrance for the last six or seven years, so I have missed out on some good years that I could have been rocking this one.
atothetapi (6 years ago)
You need to have her back once a week..
Nammo300win (6 years ago)
dean2663 (6 years ago)
Mamita es muy rico. Viva le Bronx
RedLustDragon (6 years ago)
Al great video! Can you do Nasamatto's Duro next? Could be fun ;)
wagsbass (6 years ago)
shes a clean and fresh type girl
mes7iahcomplex (6 years ago)
ny always dirty
razscott (6 years ago)
She's really good Al, i wish i got 10hrs with this, i'd be happy with 6 but only get about 4!!
razscott (6 years ago)
@Guinea54 Yo Pauli!! The man, right here, right now.
Bruno MG Melo (6 years ago)
One of my babies right here... you're starting 2012 like a boss Al, looking foward to the great upcoming vids, cumps
Guinea54 (6 years ago)
damn straight.. that stuff used to be my signature for a couple of years..
Dil1995 (6 years ago)
Hey Al can you do a video about burberry london or just give your opinion on this fragrance Greetings from Holland!

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