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London Bridge - Nursery Rhymes | BabyTV

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Sing a long to the lyrics of the classic nursery rhyme London Bridge, and enjoy BabyTV's fun animation for kids and toddlers. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/BabyTV?sub_confirmation=1&feature=iv&src_vid=KxzHO17LbCg&annotation_id=annotation_1999752671 LYRICS: London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down... London Bridge is falling down my fair lady. London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down London Bridge is falling down my fair lady. Build it up with iron bars, iron bars, iron bars Build it up with iron bars, my fair lady. Iron bars will bend and break, bend and break, bend and break, Iron bars will bend and break, my fair lady. Build it up with gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and silver, Build it up with gold and silver my fair lady. London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down London Bridge is falling down my fair lady. For more popular BabyTV nursery rhymes, see the following links: Top Hits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wizTRHZc-uM&list=PLakLrQJOovvneB91lg4XW4L09T4fVTpVV BabyTV's All Time Favorite Nursery Rhymes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8UtGzf6QYs&index=1&list=PLakLrQJOovvlSv8zXxj4akY_yT9lFUYI2 Wheels on the Bus http://youtu.be/wizTRHZc-uM Old MacDonald Had a Farm http://youtu.be/N4k9MWdeSX8 Five Little Monkeys http://youtu.be/7d91afld15I Twinkle Twinkle http://youtu.be/jYfHqoAn_eQ For more nursery rhymes visit the App store https://itunes.apple.com/app/babytv-mobile-hd/id428267291?mt=8&ls=1 Get BabyTV Nursery Rhymes on DVD at Amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&me=A2NLHDZQDCMMAT Visit us: https://www.babytv.com https://twitter.com/BabyTVChannel https://www.facebook.com/BabyTVChannel
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Text Comments (151)
Malek Hashem (1 month ago)
I love baby tv
Anold Mukarati (3 months ago)
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Chris Foster (9 months ago)
Mariyam Sana (9 months ago)
Amalia Cira Amalia (10 months ago)
Rodolfo Arispe (10 months ago)
Carlos A. Villegas O. (4 months ago)
Rodolfo cerca. Forro frac. Raro re. Refx rfrc f re
Buds Toon (11 months ago)
great animation work...
Naiim Naiim (1 year ago)
I always watch baby tv
Pankaj Agarwal (1 year ago)
KeenPlays (1 year ago)
Debs Kelly (1 year ago)
Produced by Pil Animation
Cristina Abascal (1 year ago)
Cristina Abascal (1 year ago)
Arancha Escribano (1 year ago)
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Ayad Lalo (1 year ago)
Vijaya Letchumi (4 months ago)
Ayad Lalo x
Carlos A. Villegas O. (1 year ago)
Rifat Dagcevizi (1 year ago)
Aleksander Kuljaj (1 year ago)
egavas savage (1 year ago)
nn. bvbhgggng.
Jordi Escardo (9 months ago)
atul sharma (1 year ago)
y on
Mohamed Lyouzbachi (1 year ago)
Sharina Akter (1 year ago)
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Tosiek Fabiszewski (1 year ago)
ikiiyhjjjhhjiij ; ;;; &&&&&&&€& )^)^)_€€
Qefajet Beluli (11 months ago)
Tosiek Fabiszewski muzikmeda
gwoon sminkey (1 year ago)
Tosiek Fabiszewski kp
Carolina Nuñez (2 years ago)
🎉s b
Ariel Carva (9 months ago)
Carolina Nuñez u
Jasmina Žnidaršič (1 year ago)
Carolina Nuñez n cbn lmip
Chela Cortés (1 year ago)
Rob Croft (1 year ago)
Carolina Nuñez to do
Chit Thet Phyu (2 years ago)
Carolina Nuñez
Florencia Bescos (2 years ago)
silvercy68 (7 months ago)
Florencia Bescos xx
Vasilena Kaqdjiiska (8 months ago)
Florencia Bescos Q
Maria Diana Rosal (9 months ago)
Florencia Bescos .
Janet Tsat (10 months ago)
Florencia Bescos b ffppihh
Ana Lorena Peralta (11 months ago)
rose gon ippp
Rahila Gill Sultan (2 years ago)
Z. J
Rahila Gill Sultan (2 years ago)
0:28 Snooty British accent ahead! Watch out!
Oscar Pelaez Quiñones (9 months ago)
Елена Дементьева ymnmmķqmalmmmmae
marta muñoz (1 year ago)
сaшо спиридонов
marta muñoz (1 year ago)
Ali Eyiol
Γιάννης Οικονόμου ex
Blue Bollenbach (2 years ago)
Mohammed Tauheed (2 years ago)
Hush little baby don't say a word
Harbhajan Singh (19 days ago)
Sarwat Ali (30 days ago)
Mohammed Tauheed .. L Ssssss
Georges Geagea (1 month ago)
Mohammed Tauheed 8
Mo Se (1 month ago)
Donald Divinagracia (2 years ago)
Z. B.
Edgar Castro (2 years ago)
antonio gollessi (2 years ago)
Bam bam
Kosta Radov (18 hours ago)
antonio gollessi m
Florian Gum gv (5 months ago)
antonio gollessi P
Stephanie Garcia (5 months ago)
Ruby Cracknell th I.9
Bilgen Kılıckay uma (8 months ago)
antonio gollessi bu ôq
SK96 (2 years ago)
If. A bridge was falling down would u jump on a flying dinosaur?
Swimming Geele (3 years ago)
London Bridge Is Falling Down
Mari Pantoja (2 years ago)
Zak Bomfod (3 years ago)
Maria Staszel (1 year ago)
Affan Sohail j
Maria Staszel (1 year ago)
Zak Bomfod pl
Zak Bomfod книжка приобрести и
Leonardo Jimenez (2 years ago)
kju93g 💝✌💓💞💟👆👆👆👆
giovanni kolo (3 years ago)
Aneta Anetele (3 years ago)
Gabriel Alcantar (4 years ago)
My baby cousin Gos crazy
kc likau (1 month ago)
Syuplmloop you! Lind the
hannate11 (5 years ago)
:-) :-) :-)
Cassy Lili (1 year ago)
hannate11 hé
Monica Bice (5 years ago)
build it up with golden silva golden silva golden silva
Vesna Jovic (1 year ago)
Monica Bice 878s8
nauaman iftikhar (6 years ago)
Ok whan I was a baby I loved this but I stil love it and I'm 6 yer old
Ana Sparica (6 months ago)
nauaman iftikhar 9ll..
St. Macarius (6 years ago)
do you know of any ad-free sites?
theophano (7 years ago)
@thezanester1 how old are you - 14?
Jalal Dirvi (7 years ago)
it is good
theophano (7 years ago)
I hate these ads - they ruin the mood of the song
cupcakexrider (7 years ago)
the video had nothing to do with the song
Christine Padodo (8 years ago)
im babysitting kids and this is the only was to calm them down
Blak Jewel (8 years ago)
yo this shit better than these rappers rhymes now dayz
mireglis garcia (7 months ago)
Jess Rachel (8 years ago)
soz! no we wrote this in the middle of the night so we were half asleep!
Indhira Nair (1 year ago)
Jess Rachel thank morning
Jess Rachel (8 years ago)
im so enjoying this, NOT

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