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Raymond Weil Tradition (KeepTheTime.com)

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George Grasser (3 years ago)
Funny thing.  Since receiving this watch, I have always felt it was "Better than me". So I have only worn it sparingly. It looks exactly the same today as it did four years ago.
TheLMMish (6 years ago)
what's the price for this piece?
KeepTheTime.com (8 years ago)
@georgegrasser Thank you for coming back to leave a comment! Glad you love your new watch!
George Grasser (8 years ago)
Very fast shipping! Thank you KTT! The watch is absolutely fantastic.
KeepTheTime.com (8 years ago)
@georgegrasser Thank you for the nice comment! It's still up for sale if you are interested... imagine having it on your wrist... the video doesn't come close to how beautiful it is in real life!
KeepTheTime.com (8 years ago)
@rousp1 thank you for the plug =P actually our site is KeepTheTime(dot)com
George Grasser (8 years ago)
I have had to have watched this video at least 10 times now. Wow. that is a nice watch!
rousp1 (8 years ago)
@chand36 1 sec ago He's a watch retailer. This way he get to show is merchandise in great detail. If you want fact about the watch you can always visit his website. =) keetthetime(dot)com

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