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Goodfellas "Funny Guy" Scene

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Timeless scene from the 1990 film, Goodfellas
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John Dough (3 days ago)
Home alone 1 and Goodfellas..2 very different movies and Characters. In both exceptional and BOTH FILMED IN THE SAME YEAR. I want him to be my father.
Drivenfast999 (4 days ago)
"You know sunny? Your a real mutt! the money we spend in here" ......7k tab run up
T Janes (5 days ago)
thats funny
Jerry Garcia (6 days ago)
Amazing scene
marty smith (6 days ago)
Mickey eyes. Tommy no nose. Frankie the Wap. Tony franchese . Jimmy two times.
PaulTurbo (13 days ago)
Its funny now, but it was a very tense scene watching it for the first time at the movies. Master storytelling.
Jorge Paul (13 days ago)
What do you mean dont be like that? Epic..😂😂😂
Robert Richter (15 days ago)
H.H. has got alot of balls w/ US(ie audience) cheesin'-off all the ladies here in this scene gettin' "funny"!
X P E R I O N (16 days ago)
nice one !!!!!
zeczam (17 days ago)
He's a big boy, he knows what he said
Nicholas S (18 days ago)
1:33 is my favourite bit
Jack Hammer (18 days ago)
I don't know what was funnier Joe Pesci's story or Ray Liotta's laughing
Bill B (19 days ago)
Sonny shoulda left after Tommy said "Of course put it on my tab".
Kenny skarekrow Beich (20 days ago)
Joe Pesci has same birthday as me. February 9th.nice epic 😄😄
Mark Perez (20 days ago)
gets me every time hahha
Martin Chapman (21 days ago)
7000 I charged him 😂
Nick Caverson (22 days ago)
Jeff Toll (22 days ago)
Is that Moe Greene there with the glasses ?
poetcomic1 (25 days ago)
Pesci wrote and acted out this ENTIRE scene for the director. It was never even meant to be in the film. Sometimes the actors achieve improve 'heaven' (Drop the gun, leave the cannoli' comes to mind).
Abhijeet Jogi (25 days ago)
This is funny😂
Kevin Bell (27 days ago)
"That's it henry!" 😂😂
Snoop Doge (27 days ago)
Rip Frank Adonis, he's the guy on the right of Ray Liotta
lohit kumar (1 month ago)
Joe Pesci at his best..😀
Sturm Bergi (1 month ago)
His high voice is annoying as heck.
Mark Pointer (1 month ago)
Seriously, seriously funny scene here. And seriously, seriously scary for an outsider, too..... 😂🤣😂👏👏
Ross Roberts (1 month ago)
Hilarious scene. Love Joe Pesci. I don't pray to God, I pray to Joe Pesci. He doesn't fuck around! 😂
Bryan Thomas (1 month ago)
joe pesci is a fucking legend
Blake Otey (1 month ago)
As funny as this scene is, when Tommy (Joe Pesci) randomly pulled out his revolver, wow...I remember the first time I watched this. That gun came out of nowhere. You would have never known he had it on him, and with the real Tommy's unpredictability, I would have shit myself if I was Henry Hill. Scary guy, and Pesci played him perfectly.
Amigo Invisible (1 month ago)
DJ JDB (1 month ago)
You really are a funny guy! This is hands down the best Mafia movie ever made!
Junior Gustavo (1 month ago)
Where was de nero at
Dat Way (1 month ago)
At first I tought Tommy was just messing with Henry but the more you watch the movie the more it looks like Tommy was honestly about to kill him
Ole Nielsen (1 month ago)
Best Kinda Mess (1 month ago)
Badda bing badda boom
ufo nut #1 (1 month ago)
Aww Forget about it he's a funny guy
Renlentless Tourist (1 month ago)
You know the money we spend in here? ............. the money you're not gonna get!?
Waldo Rojas (1 month ago)
Go fuck your mother.
ron elitzur (2 months ago)
the classic best scene from goodfellas.
King Leoric (2 months ago)
"Cof! You dont mean to be out of order?"
ultimatelv27 (2 months ago)
I remember watching this film and when this scene came and there was that long pause before Ray says "Get the fuck outta here", the tension was so thick that you can cut it with a knife.
h (2 months ago)
Pesci nailed it ,he is the only funny guy who can talk humor and make you chew nails in horror 🤣
draxcir (2 months ago)
To me this is the greatest scene in film history. Every time I see it (millions of times) it’s just better. Even the way the background actors and actresses react is amazing. Look at them getting engulfed in the story waiting to see what happens then reacting to Joe getting more and more “playfully” aggressive. It’s freaking beautiful
Asmir Sulejmanagič (2 months ago)
Amazing scene hehehe
Consorte Paolo (2 months ago)
Joe Garcia Jr (2 months ago)
“You may fold under questioning”. 😂
Gianluca Di Napoli (2 months ago)
"Was he shaking ?" What a stupid question. . . This guy could make a mountain shake just by the way he talks. . .
Cat 1990 (2 months ago)
'What the Fuck is so funny about me?' Classic
wayne742336 (2 months ago)
if everybody's laughing I would assume he's funny
Callum Robertson (2 months ago)
2:18 wonder if that line was included because of what Henry later became
Handsome Jack (2 months ago)
YOU MAY FOLD UNDER QUESTIONING!!! *He later folds under questioning*
brian odara (2 months ago)
I thought he was gonna shit😂😂😂
Side Shooter (2 months ago)
Get the fuck outta here
John The Gamer (2 months ago)
This movie will never get old. I watched this with my father as a kid.
Nicholas Kozak (2 months ago)
So adjusting for inflation $7000 in 1966 was roughly $55,000 today. Damn, that's quite a tab he had there.
czolgistta (2 months ago)
2:10 look at the owner waving himself with the note. Now that is acting and caring about details!
Helaman Gutierrez (2 months ago)
4Head into monkaGIGA into 4Head
Random (2 months ago)
I noticed the two people behind Tommy were looking at them right before Henry laughed it off as a joke.
Tony Zhou (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who prefers Goodfellas more than The Godfather?
ahceda09 (2 months ago)
This is a funny scene!!!!!
Here's Johnny (3 months ago)
7 thousand 😂😂😂
spartan blue team (3 months ago)
"you really are a funny guy. That's it"
MrPashee (3 months ago)
100% of improvisation in this scene
igor4246 (3 months ago)
I dont know if Liottas laugh after was meant to look fake or forced, if so, goddman that is good acting considering how the movie ended.
kevvome (3 months ago)
I don't suppose many people (if any) will agree with me on this one but here it is. I love the interviews with Pesci and Liotta and the rest.....with one exception. Fucking De Niro. He is a great actor but a fucking lousy person to ask questions. He never goes into detail and never laughs out loud at some of the things he describes just as Pesci and Liotta always do. Instead De Niro will have that little stupid grin on his face and cut the story down to the bones so that all the meat has gone and all that is left is a shell of what could have been a fascinating piece of cinema gossip. He is a lousy person is De Niro. IGNORANT AND FUCKING HUMOURLESS AND AS SOUR AS WEEK OLD PISS. He has had a huger charisma bypass and thinks he is better than every fucker around him. Try eating a little humble pie occasionally Bob. Who knows...it may make a human being outta you.
Ethan Chrzanowski (3 months ago)
Not gonna lie, the joke got me laughing too
AlphaDeltaXray (3 months ago)
It's in his mother's name...
AlphaDeltaXray (3 months ago)
People never mention anything about the funniest part about this scene: "What are you doing here? Thought i told you to go fuck your mother!"
kenneth nganga (3 months ago)
Ping pow ping pong! 🤣🤣
Al Pacino (3 months ago)
Check out Mafia tribute video on my channel! 🔞
scrapplepig (3 months ago)
Pesci's voice!
Peter Wright (3 months ago)
Imagine the atmosphere in there if this actually happened. That would be great.
Сергей Жук (3 months ago)
Джо Пеши получил оскар за эту роль.
Javen (3 months ago)
0:26 when ur drug dealer tells u a shitty joke but u rly need him to front you a gram until next paycheck
izzi go (3 months ago)
Aaaand thats how we got Pesto
TheGooners11 (3 months ago)
Tommy was a psycho but he was fucking funny this character
pegrathwol (3 months ago)
Ya stutterin' prick ya!
AndroiD Odyssey (3 months ago)
He got the hole restaurant laughing with him lmao 😂
Cia89 (3 months ago)
Funny how?
sundown220 (3 months ago)
one of the greatest movie scenes of all time.
ALIEN STUDIO TV (3 months ago)
1:42 Niki eyes detects that franky is being weak
D. Duna (3 months ago)
Great scene....only Joe...
Young Fast Scientific (3 months ago)
This is just brilliant. Some of the shit going on here is pure masterclass.
Blank oish (3 months ago)
that laugh
Samphors Ly (4 months ago)
Hey you wanna laugh? This guy asked me to Christen his kid. $7000 I CHARGE! LOOOL!
halouxy (4 months ago)
Get the fuck outta here
Gristle Grissom (4 months ago)
No wonder mobsters were concentrated in the cities and not in the country side (we would mark them from a mile away).
Anaywilly B (4 months ago)
don't you feel you watched this movie like 5 years ago and was actuall in 1990 .where did all this time go..;/
John Billings (4 months ago)
Oh to be a fly on the wall during the making of this film
THE BOSS MANUAL (4 months ago)
The irony of it all is that Henry actually did FOLD under questioning (LMAO).
Elfuelte (4 months ago)
THis is so fucking funny he is joking and he changes to anger so rapidly ajjajajjaa
draxcir (4 months ago)
The tension they create is amazing. One of best scenes in movie history. Every time I see it I find another perfect part “woah woah Anthony he”s a big boy he can talk for himself”
Dapper Wolf (4 months ago)
This is funny
Praetoriaan (4 months ago)
Best movie ever...
SOVA (5 months ago)
Fucking classic. This is cinema
wiisalute (5 months ago)
I just love how the whole bar laughs behind him
Pa Emër (5 months ago)
The way ray liota laughs is everything
Buck Weet (5 months ago)
I shat a little bit when I first saw that seen... fugetaboutit.🙄
Downton 654 (5 months ago)
Such a heartstopping moment.
We Are Monsoons (5 months ago)
If I was actually eating in this restaurant while this was happening I’d think “wow what a bunch of assholes”. I would never, ever say it out loud though lol.
Rodie Beats (5 months ago)
jtube411 (5 months ago)
Best scene ever

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