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Beijing Fake Market Spree!

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Today I am back in Beijing, China bargaining at the silk market for all the top brands! Brands such as Supreme, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Jordan, Moncler and much more! So come along and let's kill it! _ ♥Support the Hustle! ✔PATREON: Collin Abroadcast (Love you guys, thanks!) https://www.patreon.com/CollinAbroadcast ✔INSTAGRAM: collinabroadcast https://instagram.com/collinabroadcast/ ✔SNAPCHAT: rockafur https://snapchat.com/add/rockafur ✔TWITTER: @CollinSphere https://twitter.com/CollinSphere ✔FACEBOOK: Collin Abroadcast https://www.facebook.com/CollinAbroadcast/ __ ► Previous video: Vietnam Fake Market Bonanza! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wVdqAyQU1I Shanghai Bargain Market JACKPOT! https://youtu.be/x5R2xj0c_1o Shanghai Underground Market Haul! https://youtu.be/0ZvIWbTpeKc Shenzhen Knockoff Market Spree! https://youtu.be/4pqLP43mWZg Fake Yeezy Store in China! https://youtu.be/KK8pvptAA6Q Shenzhen Imitation Market Haul! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlDZR... Shenzhen Black Market Gold Mine! (Part 1) https://youtu.be/Qrc0kN7OCRE This Apartment is Only $500 in China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szGyy... Counterfeit Market Bargaining Challenge | US vs UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA0Nl... China Fake Night Market Adventure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRCdO... Shanghai Imitation Market Bonanza! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk8Hz... -Shanghai Fake Replica Market Spree! https://youtu.be/9EvoW4QjCzI -Why are Hostel World's Directions Such S***?|https://youtu.be/2eoUHlDYAxw -BREAKING INTO a London Ghost Town in China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WcPr... -China's Futuristic Malls Placed in Dystopian Looking Cities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWbKs... - $250 vs $500 Chinese Apartments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjqMR... - The TIME of our LIVES in Thailand's Hidden Backpacking Paradise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmjF5... - I Have a Score to Settle with Hong Kong https://youtu.be/FJpYnVyAFDo - Exploring Shanghai's TOP 4 Tourist Attractions https://youtu.be/-4jTxOdfMhQ -INSIDE China's Italian Ghost Town https://youtu.be/E8TbOPzpeKc - Shanghai Knockoff Market Adventure! https://youtu.be/I1FhSCKOfhg -Crazy Bargaining in Shanghai's Fake Markets https://youtu.be/XlLIPD6Ujdc - It's More Fun in the Philippines! | Manila's Daranak Falls https://youtu.be/hO2dyAGHxF4 - A DAY IN SHANGHAI https://youtu.be/lDuLjC6uT6o -LOST ON YELLOW MOUNTAIN- https://youtu.be/UJ0eqoZis9s -SHANGHAI'S COUNTERFEIT MARKET https://youtu.be/b85qNMhZz6Y -WHAT CHINESE STUDENTS THINK OF AMERICANS https://youtu.be/j3cwaad6-6s -TEACHER AND STUDENT RELATIONS https://youtu.be/QNbyodv4jls -EXPERIENCE MY CLASS! I take you through a typical day teaching English! https://youtu.be/oHArk6UTMhc
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Text Comments (56596)
Jacob Deplae (11 minutes ago)
Do u think u can give me fake yeezys
JPLAY (56 minutes ago)
Alexis Hernalexis (3 hours ago)
Quality not good, I only pay $1.00 top! Okay!!! Lol
Joe Rubio (4 hours ago)
You have inspired me to bargain haha
L.C. Dexterity (5 hours ago)
they're literally like mr.krabs here
Jake Fillups (5 hours ago)
Bruh ur dumb u can get a supreme shirt for like 32 dollars and ur like oh no what about 6 dollars ur so annoying
GamerModZ (6 hours ago)
bro they stutter alot, chinese people straight funny, im asian too but well idk yeah i guess
Addie (7 hours ago)
Not_ Issa (7 hours ago)
Cannnnnn yoooooooouuuuuu
Jenn Lo (8 hours ago)
So this stuff is fake ?
Jenn Lo (8 hours ago)
They aggy
Jordan Cama (9 hours ago)
How much are those?? 750.. Ok I can do 60!!! 👌😱
Emily Rose (9 hours ago)
They Chinese seem very reasonable and kind people 💘
Gina Bizzaro (9 hours ago)
Surprised I didn't see any fake Maverick merch in those stores.
Gina Bizzaro (9 hours ago)
Man those women pretty much jumped at you.."HI!!! BAGS!!!!!" ( mortgage overdue bro?)
Gina Bizzaro (9 hours ago)
I'm noticing how you dont let people walking by you distract you from doing your thing. That's a big one for me. I've held back quite a few things I've wanted to do because of people looking at me. I'm getting better as time gos by, but man that's a tough one. Great video!
TEAM_SOLID (11 hours ago)
Broke boy
K H A N (11 hours ago)
That’s ridiculous 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She came down from 800 to 300😂😂😂😂
Roxanne C (12 hours ago)
You are handsome though ☺️
ganaka tselmeg (12 hours ago)
Hahah where are you from ? Where you think i'm from? you want me guess? Yeah No country dhahha
x2 loqti (13 hours ago)
This guy is good
Juan Pedro (14 hours ago)
65 is still too much for a jacket
Kenneth Latz (14 hours ago)
André Fernandes (16 hours ago)
Best negotiation battle I ever seen ends in 4:52. Wow.
Xx_ItzMehNils_xX (16 hours ago)
That woman at 10:44 fully looked like she was ready to spank someone lol😂😅😂🤣
Cancer L (16 hours ago)
*China has the best stores in the world* *always remember that*
쯔엉즈엉 (16 hours ago)
Are Chinese sellers saying English well?
Johny Sarungbam (17 hours ago)
From $700 to $65😱. You are so cheap😆
nano gamer (18 hours ago)
the sallers were so kind and brave like australia in usa if you gonaa its lot cheeper they gona shoot you with gun 😁
TAURUS BOI (19 hours ago)
How the fuck you can deal with these money Thief's I would tell them to shut the fuck up
1wasser bitte (19 hours ago)
Jerry The Fucking Mouse (20 hours ago)
710 to 65 men chinese people alwasys try to sell it hard wtf
Deeznuts (21 hours ago)
Drip Ward (22 hours ago)
*salesperson pulls out calculator* Collin: ahhh shit, here we go again
Grief (23 hours ago)
how they sell fake things when everythings made in china
ocidy (1 day ago)
Man most of them are pretty desperate tbh
Jack Soley (1 day ago)
I imagine you buying a house... Seller: Asking price for this property is $400,000 Collin: I'll do $6,000.
Mistic AtBad (1 day ago)
Yeah those adidas slides are 20-30 usd
Plugboy Films (1 day ago)
oOcorridosOo TM (1 day ago)
3:01 I thought she said "baby mammoth" I was like woah I want a baby mammoth jacket lol
Mrrunituppp _ (1 day ago)
I want to go now just to talk them out of there product
FastExecutioner (1 day ago)
Kailee Chath (1 day ago)
Well I’m a little Cambodian girl who’s mad of the intro
Shark 0 (1 day ago)
The dog eaters can't understand the word *NO*
Michael Mercado (1 day ago)
Whats with the calculator? all they are doing is punching in the number they want you to pay.
Jvniorx Nymous (1 day ago)
Jvniorx Nymous (1 day ago)
Jvniorx Nymous (1 day ago)
Jvniorx Nymous (1 day ago)
Michael Mercado (1 day ago)
9:40 "i blocka dis!" *karate chops the camera with the might of the nine dragons*
Clyde Lee (1 day ago)
Why are there red yeezys??!!
Powdered Donut (1 day ago)
That’s how you negotiate folks
Ariston Fouch (1 day ago)
So all them know English?
AL Box (1 day ago)
Do people buy this things just for the brand or do they actually check the quality? You can print superdry logo on a hoodie that is really cheap and bad quality.
Red Harlow (1 day ago)
Subscribe to PewDiePie the faith of YouTube is in your hands now.
China is dumb
Victoria Obispo (1 day ago)
Choose your weapon: *BEST**PRICE*!!!!! Or *calculator*
Victoria Obispo (1 day ago)
“How much is it?” **pulls out calculator**
Sabriyya Harris (1 day ago)
Why would he do all that just to buy some FAKE iteims?
Jewelz (1 day ago)
And this is how they come to canada and launder money into houses and make the housing market rise. They sell you fakes and they buy real ones full price.
U mean
4DThe God (1 day ago)
you can get Chinese pussy
于新月 (1 day ago)
I'm shock at the English them speak so well...
Robert Reaser (1 day ago)
Dude u better be careful if you make China look badd they will arrest you
Collin Abroadcast (1 day ago)
saqib2760 (1 day ago)
come to Pakistan please
Nenad Pavicic (1 day ago)
Hi Colin, is there a web site to check and buy these stuff? Nenad from Croatia
叶伟鹤 (1 day ago)
you are SB
Totopholio W (1 day ago)
Dude, you're such a boss! Good work :)
l-Resentment-l (1 day ago)
Seller: Where from? Guy: Where do you think I’m from? Seller: You want me guess?......NO COUNTRY!!
l-Resentment-l (1 day ago)
They all had them big ass calculators 😂😂😂
eddysaidtht (1 day ago)
Omg they are aggressive
dresta hangars (1 day ago)
Blk people all other make money off you n ur name we need to keep our own dollars n our own community
Thixxry (1 day ago)
Chinese seller : let me show you the price * whips out the calculator
Pale Peach (1 day ago)
With designer items, the price tag you're paying for isn't really for the quality, it's for the label. However, in saying that, the quality should be good too. But these replica fakes aren't EVER the same quality, even though they say they are. I have some replica designer bags and I got top quality replicas. I paid lots of money for them. They are very good, convincing replicas, but if I compare my replica Gucci Marmont shoulder bag to my real Gucci Marmont camera bag, the real bag's quality is far superior.
The Baby Channel! (1 day ago)
Lol he just showed us why no one shops there.. very rude
Shady Fontaine (1 day ago)
They are sooo DESPERATE
tharbk01 (1 day ago)
they do this similar shit with hotdogs in ny. these fools think just cause im walking around with a camera that im a tourist so they double the price of a fucking hot dog. and i call them out and tell them im down the block like all the time.
Rizhwan Haja (1 day ago)
Chinese seller have to mark it up 1000% Why you ask? Seller: $30 Buyer: $3 Let’s rethink Seller:$300 Buyer:$30 Win win!
jiru piao (1 day ago)
We did the exact same thing back in Cambodia for branded stuff that didn't pass quality assurance. 😂 not a bad experience over all.
jiru piao (1 day ago)
We did the exact same thing back in Cambodia for branded stuff that didn't pass quality assurance. 😂 not a bad experience over all.
jiru piao (1 day ago)
We did the exact same thing back in Cambodia for branded stuff that didn't pass quality assurance. 😂 not a bad experience over all.
Happy Ending (1 day ago)
So scary. T.T
Maliyah Severson (1 day ago)
This dude knows how to barginnn I can’t do that I’m too shy
A J (2 days ago)
Do people ever let them know that they know it’s fake? If I ever went, I would legit say “I know it’s fake, I’m not paying that much. I’ll give you $30” and see what they’d say lmao
Ramen Noodles187 (2 days ago)
very younger
ihcee (2 days ago)
I was there for spring break and we went to that exact mall and I copped a supreme bag for 10 bucks they try to force the calculator on you everytime😭😭
Sebastian Molina (2 days ago)
Yo pensaba que en el centro de mi ciudad eran agresivos los vendedores, Hasta ahora
Luke Patteson (2 days ago)
You got nuts living in beijing
anonymously yours (2 days ago)
Crazy lady with calculator : Best price Him : 200 Crazy lady : noooo! BEST PRICE!!!
OmarDe Savage (2 days ago)
Ima do that too when I go to China little cheaters
Big Potato (2 days ago)
Why does everyone have a calculator on standby?
Jack Soley (1 day ago)
XxJasylxX (2 days ago)
This is the scariest thing I’ve ever watched at night
Aurélien Diaz (2 days ago)
if they need a provider of these , I know a chinese supplier on whatsapp +8615039061305
Ed Miller (2 days ago)
Don't buy those cheap shoes. They only lastima for a couple of weeks.
Wst Clique (2 days ago)
All these places get their stock directly from the factory.
Edgar Raya (2 days ago)
Wait!! Dont Y'all people feel ashamed trying to screw people over
Kaneki (2 days ago)
"I'm an alien"
VISHIS (2 days ago)
I dont like how speedy the chinese talk , it looks impolite for me
krisgrafili (1 day ago)
Worse when they talk in the phone, they say ha ha ha ha or hadde hadde to show that they listen all the time
Boogy Man (2 days ago)
Lol I was at the silk market and pearl market. Negotiating there is a nightmare. Good luck on your new job there
Erwin Novero (2 days ago)
Ok ok ok....

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