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Which Do Guys Prefer? Black Or White Girls | College Edition

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So I went around UAB's campus asking male students which do they prefer black or white girls. Watch to see what they chose and why! RATE ME 1-10 Public Interview Video: https://youtu.be/56SPcE1S6nA SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/meganmillions Previous Video: https://youtu.be/56SPcE1S6nA ------------------------------------------------------------ Follow & Connect With Me INSTAGRAM- @gabriellem_ https://www.instagram.com/gabriellem_/ SNAPCHAT || @gabriellem13 ------------------------------------------------------------ Frequently Asked Questions: Age: 21 Ethnicity: African American Height: 5'5 --------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------------- Shop My Closet- Poshmark - https://poshmark.com/closet/meganmillions --------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------------- COUPON CODES Whitening Kit: https://www.whitewithstyle.com (COUPON CODE: kink28 TO GET KIT FOR ONLY $28.00 90% OFF) http://www.fashionnova.com/ Code: XOGABM for 15% off! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------- BUSINESS INQUIRES ONLY If you are a business Contact Me at: [email protected] For Business inquires ONLY such as Product Reviews or Sponsorship
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Text Comments (4727)
Gabrielle Morris (7 months ago)
LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO 1K LIKES!!! Also follow me on Instagram: @GabrielleM_ https://www.instagram.com/gabriellem_/
Wanda Neal (1 month ago)
Because I care about that
Monique Pought (1 month ago)
Why do you care about that?
Wanda Neal (2 months ago)
I chose white girls
James Gray (5 months ago)
How about asking why do so many black people spend so much money supporting ALL THE SWIRLERS ENTERTAINERS like Tiffani Had dish, Jamie FOXX, Eddie Murphy , Kanye, all the Kardashian owned brothers , etc...
star fire (3 hours ago)
Am a black girl and most black guys would date a white girl to get mix children, an I heard most my friends say white girls are up for anything, where as black girls are not up to most things you see white girls do, but its up to the persons personality, as for me it doesn't matter but its a big deal for my mom an grandma who won't be so happy if am with a white guy, so I date black guys to keep them happy and bury my feelings for white guys
minkyu lee (6 hours ago)
I'm Asian I choose black girls. Idk I just don't like fuckin with my kind I want somethin totally opposite that is hot
Nidey Laborde (10 hours ago)
Black girls winning
Incognition (1 day ago)
I don't know why I click on these sorts of videos when they're inflammatory. I still have to ask though: does anyone else find what the guy at 9:03 said disturbing? Not only did he imply that due to being a bisexual that he's obsessed with sex, he also implied that all black women are sex machines that "know how to fuck" which is a long-held stereotype about black people and here, black women. It's cool this woman that asked the men these questions kept her composure when he uttered that ignorant comment, but I worry that she maybe didn't see an issue with his words. These types of videos tend to be full of people spouting off stereotypes about different groups but that part shocked me--especially since most of the video seemed clean and non-offensive. Also at 1:50 and 5:45 - 6:05 I find it interesting that he seems to believe that black women have anger and resentment over slavery embedded in their veins. Can't it also be said that white people have racism and superiority complexes created by slavery embedded in their veins? So to him it makes more sense to date the oppressor than his own oppressed race? That seems to be what he's saying. I'm not even claiming that interracial relationships are wrong either. I just think it's our duty as decent human beings to question mindsets like his and the other guy's. Stereotyping is harmful and can even be deadly. These videos often showcase some of the worst of people's thoughts.
Joseph Michael Ong (1 day ago)
This Video Is Racist, It Does Not Include "Arab, Latino, Aboriginal, Hispanic, Asian, Islander, or Desi" GIRLS!! So Racist!!!!!!!! Im Suing Thee Creators Of This Video For Defamation And Anti-Inclusion!! IM Calling FOX NEWS!!!!!
johnclark merilos (1 day ago)
I’m ASIAN GUY and I think black girls are BEAUTIFUL! 😋😘
Media by Chels (2 days ago)
Shoutout to Wesley, Shannon, and last but not least, REGGIE. Okay? PERIODT
Legacey Legacey (3 days ago)
“Y’all know how to fuck let’s be real.” 😂😂😂❤️.
Legacey Legacey (3 days ago)
Collin had me ROLLING 😭😭💀.
Melanin Afro (3 days ago)
I just love your intro
Zai S (3 days ago)
That man said white women are less mad acting like black women are always mad. I’m pretty sure white women get mad too
CheLee nash (3 days ago)
I'm genuinely shocked. Everyone who I have grown up around hands down picks white girls over anyone. Its nice to know that white people arent always winning.
gorgeous lyric (4 days ago)
2:20 had one of the best insights on us black queens 🙌🏽
Ayo DjBxsty (4 days ago)
How they do the interview with the phone like how 🤷🏽‍♀️
ariana spears (4 days ago)
why is almost everybody in the comments not talking about white women? yes, black women are beautiful but, damn, put some respect on the white girls. #WhiteIsBeautiful
hA-tK (5 days ago)
she so beautiful wtf😭
Victoria (5 days ago)
The real answer is *I don't discriminate*
Kaia A (6 days ago)
Shout out to all the black men who chose our black queens. doesn't fw white women ssj;ondfkljgpof;gl
Yoongi's Jams (6 days ago)
Im mixed eith black and italian and black women are so beautiful like they deserve so much more respect and attention😘😍❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜
Louis Woodard jr (6 hours ago)
Yoongi's Jams + I Heard That F*** Yea’👌🏾
Iamellao (7 days ago)
The second dude😭😭😭
Louis Woodard jr (6 hours ago)
Hadley James (7 days ago)
Finally one of these videos that aren’t trash! They were all so respectful 👸🏼👸🏻👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿
KPOP GURL (8 days ago)
Lmfao my guy said “i don’t fuck with white ppl”
QueenCoco Brown (8 days ago)
10:16 I respect his honesty. He kept it all the way 100%. I prefer this and someone who is at least trying to break the racist cycle by sharing truth than someone who is lying about what they are truly feeling and deep down, not trying to change.
Sabrina Bailey (9 days ago)
I’ve dated all kinds of colors and men from different countries and I ended up engaged to my own color and American . I felt like it was less of a struggle cuz we just understood each other off the bat. There’s nothing wrong with these people picking their own. The older you get the more you look for the same as you I feel like.
Darovi Mariana (10 days ago)
Why are you leaving latinas out? I feel discriminated 😑
Itz.robyn.young (10 days ago)
What about mix
chris codling (11 days ago)
Is everyone a rapper?
Taehyungie kim (12 days ago)
Jada John (12 days ago)
“i like indian girls” that wasn’t even the question homeboy😂😂😂
Ely S (12 days ago)
What about latinas
Sis no (14 days ago)
4:58 applause to this guy.
Bihbihxo MG (15 days ago)
“ I grow up around white folks” is not a fucking reason
Preye Fid (16 days ago)
this video needs to be played to all those white girls talking about jungle fever. they r in low demand
Alexis Grady (16 days ago)
The last guy gotta goooo!!😂
Jurrien Abraham (17 days ago)
Black girls winning 🤪
Kiszel Joseph (17 days ago)
I like Wesley vibes😊😊😘😘
Lora Cook (17 days ago)
the truth is ..black is ugly.u gonna accept dat niggas.jus saying black is beautiful 1000 times wont make u bootiful...
Boss Jj (17 days ago)
bad idea (18 days ago)
How my white self just lost all my confidence I’m a white girl and i like black guys 😭
Jordyne Adams (18 days ago)
i love how the third to last white boy on the end was so honest.
L xx (19 days ago)
yk tbh it‘s not our fault what our race (white) did to u black people in the past. i personally love black people but recently so many black people are shaming white people for a lot of things. Not every white human is racist.
Lena Duizend (19 days ago)
I may be the only one with this opinion and I do not want to offend anyone so please do give your opinions on this and be respectful:). I really dislike this video because I feel it's encouraging racial preferencing. To declare a specific race as your type is just morally questionable as you completely alienate multiple other races and it encourages discrimination somewhat. You are only supporting a stereotype rather than just being more accepting of everyone and who you are attracted to, regardless of what societal attachments to their race there is. Additionally, making a judgement on someone before you know or even seen them is just very closed minded. I personally just feel racial preferencing isn't really something to be encouraged and I hope in the future Gabrielle you can make more sensitive content rather than just "shocking" videos for views. This is just criticism and not hate, I usually like your videos and hope you keep making them :))
this is so funny, why do you choose white women? they never say what they like in white women, but proceed to say what they dont like in black women. That wasnt the question thou🤦🏽‍♀️
@ariana spears i have no problem with pple that choose white women, i personally date both white and black men and other races. But i wont bash mine. The question is why do you prefer white women not why you dont like black women !!
ariana spears (4 days ago)
are you saying you don't like that they chose white women?
Damin Mance (20 days ago)
White woman!😎💯
So ,what if you are a white girl and you like black men?
Animation Expert Geek (21 days ago)
I am brown. 😂
Queen_ Serena01 (21 days ago)
I love how most of these comments here are so mature .
chase wizz (22 days ago)
@5:55 HE NEVER JUST SAID THAT !! He Belong Where He Wants To Be . That Boy (Exclude The "Brother" Term) Is Already Deep In His Thoughts With That Twist Of Information and "Justification" smdh
Tressie Dorcelus (22 days ago)
The white boys have an excuse why they choose white woman Like a long as story lol THEY SCARED !!
DrippinMelaninKiki (22 days ago)
Let's be honest y'all like white woman because they obedient and we not finna set there and let no nigga "boss" us around like they personal dog. Shout out to my black kings that held it down, we don't see much of those in this generation.
lisa brown (23 days ago)
Alot of black girls ratchet ...
Le’Asia Holifield (23 days ago)
We blacks are not equal to white womans😂😂
Le’Asia Holifield (23 days ago)
Black Queens will always win 🖤😌
afro legacy 971 (23 days ago)
Prefer black Girls Queen 👸🏽 😍😍♥️
yeetness the greater (24 days ago)
Imma Have To Go White Girls even tho Im Black Idk Why But everytime I see an attractive White Girl my heart beats so damn fast
Janeil Pollidore (25 days ago)
Wesley kills me every video his answers always on point 👏🏽👏🏽
SKY Heynes (25 days ago)
What school is this?
loathe sol (25 days ago)
I’m Muslim, my skin is like tan, so I am I titled as mixed or white? #BlackAndWhiteIsBeautiful
Niaaa Biaaa (25 days ago)
Chelsea_ Sings (25 days ago)
“I don’t want to be a racist on camera” IM DONEE
Aniyah Taylor (26 days ago)
1:18 Tiger Woods has entered the chat
Deeana Anderson (26 days ago)
2:48 Lol he's everywhere😂
whipper snapper (26 days ago)
Black girls all day
Meek_The_Sneek 1 (26 days ago)
I'm a Hispanic male and i love black women
Kante Musima (26 days ago)
When they become rich, ask them the same question again
hello 10 (25 days ago)
They will distance themselves from their women and make whites rich. It's a lack of strategy, intelligence. Victim mentality at the same time.
We Are 01 (27 days ago)
Blue Tiger (27 days ago)
9:10 to9:20 was my favorite you black girls know how to fuck 😩🤣
Kayneisha Campbell (27 days ago)
Not gon lie I feel bad for the guy at @ 10:16, he looked like he wished he could change that himself but didn't know exactly how to go about changing the family pattern that was basically embedded in him. But salute to his honesty cause he could've just bash tf outta black women. His answer was fine with me👌🏾
BB (27 days ago)
"i am weak" *straight face*
Gaby (27 days ago)
I dont fu ** wit white ppl
Thai DIY (27 days ago)
It cool that black men are showing love to black women in this video. But why is everything black vs white. I want to marry someone who loves me and treats me with respect. Not based of the color of your skin. If I happen to marry a person outside of my race, I don’t want them to fetishize me over my skin color but actually love me for who I am as a person. I think humans limit ourselves way to much. And what does skin color have to do with dating??? But I do love the fact that the men in his video are uplifting black women💖
Mark Jones (27 days ago)
I love black queen 😍😍 😍❤️
Asher Blackwood (27 days ago)
Correction they prefer lighter skin black girls. Not BLACK COLOR skin girls.
WHAT'SNEW (20 days ago)
Black girls are black girls no matter the shade...Stop It
Remiyyah (24 days ago)
Asher Blackwood And yet, most dark skinned black women are with black men. So, you’re wrong buddy
Asher Blackwood (25 days ago)
@hello 10 not just mixed, remember there are different shades of black but all considered as black. Guys may take a milk chocolate instead of a Dark chocolate or a darker shade.
hello 10 (25 days ago)
You mean they like mixed women.
WTF is this accent it made me nerveous
Elvis Ameb (27 days ago)
Most guys want to sleep with white bitches but won't settle with them... White girls are not at the top anymore, Asians are... Personally hmm here goes Asian(Filipino), Latino, black then white... Black girls is kind of tricky you get the loud hood trash that's a no no, but there's a lot of gorgeous black ladies out there so to be honest, those black ladies have a certain attractiveness that can't be explained, but most of them prefer white dudes or rich dudes and I'm not either...
Leyinda Clauphelhs (27 days ago)
I definitly choose both
no one (27 days ago)
Why are black women called queens just because they are black? If your a queen why are you angry, queens are not angry 🤷
no one (6 hours ago)
@Remiyyah and only for black women.
Remiyyah (24 days ago)
Also, “Queen” is a term of endearment.
Remiyyah (24 days ago)
Anyone can be angry lol. It’s a human emotion
Twila Davidson (28 days ago)
9:04 my mans Alex kept it reeeeeooo!! 😂😂🤗💯💯💯
Brayhlon Cyrry (28 days ago)
Black Queens baby!
Stacey Avila (28 days ago)
I love how real and raw their answers are and how you are not judgmental or defensive about their real opinion. Def learned something from you ! You gained a subscriber girl these videos be funny and amusing af
BURTON WARD (28 days ago)
I prefer black and Asian girls with slim good booty's
Jack Iron (28 days ago)
White over negros anyday
DamondParis (29 days ago)
I’m weak.
1GoldRunner (29 days ago)
What garbage, if you want to know the truth, most black men would rather choose a lighter skinned black woman than a dark skinned skinned one point black. Not only that but "Caucasian" facial features are valued higher than traditional Negroid features. Its racist, its colorist, but its table talk that the black community doesn't want to acknowledge in the public. The same things happens in the gay community as well. I never even watched the video but after reading the comments, you obviously pressured the men to speak highly of black women because you're one. If a white women or any other minority race interviewed them, the truth would slowly come out. Statistics don't lie, theres a reason why black women the least married individuals.
Remiyyah (24 days ago)
Most dark skinned women are with black men. Stop spreading this false narrative.
riya (29 days ago)
ayyyyyyy! black girl magic
Louis Woodard jr (3 hours ago)
riya + BLK Girl’s Rock👸🏽✊🏾
Hey Sharon (29 days ago)
First of all All those black guys are Cute asf 😍😍
Elizabeth Tobias (30 days ago)
Liars...im a LATINA and im dating a Black man...but i really think black woman and Latinas have very strong attitudes.we dont deal with bullshit...we cook and we love family.we fight for what we want.
Imagine if a white guy raised his fist and said "white power".7:11
Pick A Shoe (30 days ago)
This man at 1:35 really was justifying himself by saying he LITERALLY HAS brothers and sisters 😂😂
Bob Fury (30 days ago)
Shout out to all my White Queens!!!
Bob Fury (30 days ago)
Well, if you only ask black people about their own preference, rumor has that they would usually choose their own race as a preference.
Shakira Jenkins (1 month ago)
I'm black and white, heh best of both worlds
Louis Woodard jr (6 hours ago)
Shakira Jenkins + Amen To That 👸🏽✊🏾
Lisa's World (1 month ago)
None is better than each other!
Rinda Dennis (1 month ago)
Are we gonna talk about that white dude who said he was born in a racist family, but he’s trying to do better and it’s not necessarily something you can just fix. Not gonna lie kinda respect that (even tho it’s kinda sad). I like that he was able to admit that. 💯
Madison Maturo (1 month ago)
Black girls all day sis! White girls pretty but Black women are magic 😭😍💕
Louis Woodard jr (6 hours ago)
Madison Maturo + Amen To That Sista 👸🏽✊🏾🗽🇺🇸
ikran Hersi (1 month ago)
“Well im actually gay” 💀🤣 her face expression was funny asf
Woman are made from man for man a helpermate, so meaning a meek, helper, best friend.meek meaning : quiet,gentle,easily imposed on;submissive.unprotesting,self-effacing,modest,head covered.the only way a woman can serve God is doing what he say for woman it is to submit to man and cover your glory. That is your hair,any woman with short hair is scorned by God.
Roberto Reyes (1 month ago)
White girls all the way for me

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