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Judge orders suspect to have mouth taped during sentencing

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It was an unusual sight in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday. Franklyn Williams, 32, is accused of three armed robberies in Richmond Heights and Euclid. During his sentencing hearing, Williams would not stop talking, despite more than a dozen warnings from Judge John Russo over the course of about 30 minutes. Williams even interrupted his own attorneys.
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Text Comments (17880)
I love how he just keeps talking clearly even after they taped his mouth
Skye (7 hours ago)
Chris Campbell (9 hours ago)
Ball Gag... Zed ain't using his any longer...
MBZ (9 hours ago)
Can we take a moment and talk about the officer's moose knuckles at 1:45 lmfao!!
Crista League (11 hours ago)
Zip it nope This dude is stupid as hell He’s still going SMH
iceman11849 (14 hours ago)
Rachel-Leah Doku (14 hours ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂he still spoke
FARRIN ASSANCE (18 hours ago)
all about Lee (19 hours ago)
Putting tape on his mouth not cool thou ..
Proud Veteran (1 day ago)
now dats how you keep a brothers mouth shut hahahahahahaha
AryanBloodmaster (1 day ago)
Dude reminds me of donkey from shrek
Monkey D doffy (1 day ago)
The bald guy by him couldn't hold his laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew (1 day ago)
needs more tape
terry bogey (1 day ago)
and fire, lots and lots of fire.
Daphne Smith (1 day ago)
DEFIANT= DESTRUCTION!!!!! He is LUCKY, I believe a Black Judge wud hv been MORE harsher. Very patient and gracious judge.
Joey Brooks (1 day ago)
This is the reason why you have an attorney. Shut up and let your attorney do the talking!!! Duct tape and facial hair does not work when you try to take the tape off-ouch!!!😂
Jockmon (2 days ago)
Fuck them we have freedom of speech.
Muamer Cipranic (2 days ago)
and USA cal democratical that is pruve on rasism and nazism fuck USA sick trash from Europe
sanda rezek (2 days ago)
Why do you all find it funny? It's unpleasant to see five man around one with hands tight being taped over mouth. He couldn't stop talking because he was stressed out.... Manymany stupid people in that court room!
GD Blackthorn (2 days ago)
You have to stuff the mouth first before you tape it!
Alex Prokhorov (2 days ago)
Uhmm, we're gonna need more duct tape
Michael O'Briain (3 days ago)
If you blacks can't follow simple rules in a court of law, why do you think you "PROUD BLACK PEOPLE" get clipped so often by cops. You blacks always have to have the last word, and it AMAZES me all you blacks become Constitutional attorneys. My only issue with the tape is it didn't cover his nose.
Michael Stroman (3 days ago)
Zip it nigga!!! Just zip [email protected]!!!
John Frasca (3 days ago)
Need better tape
I’d cut his 👅 off
Mark Lanton (4 days ago)
Just when you think these messed up folks couldn't act any dumber, they go and prove to you they sure CAN act a whole lot dumber,lol. It was funny hearing him go ugge gaa goo wha gu u gu. Hahahaaa
Darek Ali (4 days ago)
Lol mutha fucka still talkin!..
spot the difference? (4 days ago)
Recently had a field trip and we met that judge.
spot the difference? (2 days ago)
+sanda rezek he seemed like a nice man, but i guess i was wrong.
sanda rezek (2 days ago)
Truth Troll (4 days ago)
🤷🏾‍♂️The man was trying to use filibuster, but that strategy doesn’t fit the context. Unfortunately, the tape-mouth strategy doesn’t work on politicians either. It only works in Hollywood.✌🏾
Hi Jack (4 days ago)
It is, what it is... ^^
OMAR (4 days ago)
What is the point????
Lee Wardle (5 days ago)
When tape won't do use super-glue.
Sharon Jackson (5 days ago)
What a true slave...
Sharon Jackson (5 days ago)
He needs to shet it up!!!
buster 53546 (5 days ago)
That judge had some serious patience amazing
Qwerty 370 (5 days ago)
Fucking white cunt judge
ς αrr ι ε (6 days ago)
This is NOT how judges are supposed to act! This is exactly why there is such a racial segregation in America. Taping the mouth of a black man is done simply to humiliate him. It would have been more sensible to take him back into custody until he cooperates.
Dude really
Papa Frank (6 days ago)
What an ignorant DAN. He thinks his privilege gives him the right to disrupt the court. Most definately pathetic trash.
I Am Troll (6 days ago)
Can we do Maxine Waters next?
bill Johnson (6 days ago)
Hit the brain dead idiot in the mouth with a baseball bat.. sick of these idiots and ALL the breaks we give them.
Roger Daniels (6 days ago)
Why waste money on these animals. Do like most countries in the world. Once found guilty by over whelming evidence, take them to jail. Give them the night to pray, last meal, get affairs in order and next morning at 8 am, put in front of firing squad using victims families to pull the triggers. Crime would drop real quick!
bob v (6 days ago)
Hope you slammed the books too him judge
Carlo Briganti (6 days ago)
Is this legal in. Your country??
Black Jesus (6 days ago)
okay guys i'll try to stop playing this video it's just to fucking funny
Mando Suave (7 days ago)
Treat us like animals
Cody Bierhalter (7 days ago)
Fuck that
Bob Smith (7 days ago)
stupid thug
Lil Litlers (7 days ago)
Is this fucking real? 😂😂😂😂
Rich P (8 days ago)
"it is what it is". What a brilliant man
Rich P (8 days ago)
I wish we could do this to all african americans who just never know when to zip their big lips.
Alie K (8 days ago)
LMAO you can't fix stupid....🐵🤦‍♀️🐵🤦‍♀️🐵🤦‍♀️
zeeman a (8 days ago)
The white judge is correct. End of story. The moment you entered the court your life been over
Mark Messina (8 days ago)
Brian Miller (9 days ago)
Well done they should do that here in Australia for idiots who don't understand the word shut your pie hole especially our politicians they should be doing life just for opening their mouths
Anthony Astore (9 days ago)
Is that even legal to treat a man like a animale and tape his mouth shut?? What the fuck is going on?!?!?!,!
MrsConnie 2You (9 days ago)
Jet Stream (9 days ago)
That's what they should do to "Sovereign Citizens" when they babble their nonsense in the courtroom.
blackturkdog (9 days ago)
Give the brotherman a lil diginity, yall?????!###!
Saisha Thomas (10 days ago)
They don't play that down here in Dallas Texas this judge is way too nice
Koff (10 days ago)
And he still won't shut up
root loggins (10 days ago)
Should have used a bullet
Tyrone Jackson (10 days ago)
Another brotha jailed for being black in America. Considering the long history of systemic racial oppression in this country it’s only fair that this man be given a second chance. You know he was white he’d be walking free right now.
Jeff Spehar (10 days ago)
Break his jaw.
Mike Wilson (10 days ago)
sentince him to life he dont need to get ou t ever
Kelly You (10 days ago)
Ummmm Judge! Tape didn’t work!
Matthew Pullen (10 days ago)
It is what is it !!!! That JUDGE SHOULD BE SHOT for tyranny. Our fore fathers would of called that an abomination of FREEDOM Remove him from court. But tape. Wow !!!!!
Stephen Chin (11 days ago)
Cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church? Just after saying Sunday mass at Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathedral? Orally raping a 13 year young boy who sang during the mass he just said? While his friend the other 13 year young boy looked on? Is this the way a cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church says mass at a holy house of his God? With this cardinal example... all priests... of the Holy Roman Catholic Church... all over the world … can follow...Cardinal George Pell's masterclass in child abuse. It has taken more than two thousand 2000 years for this evil in the Holy Roman Catholic Church to be revealed to the world by a Prince of the Unholy Roman Catholic Church.
Truth Troll (11 days ago)
🙋🏾‍♂️I was suffering from depression and when he said, “It is what it is” with the tape on his mouth, I was instantly cured. No cap...you helped me on tonight.✌🏾😂
Andre Korbachenko (11 days ago)
That is so fucking illegal...you can't physically gag a person for talking. He's gonna sue the bullshit out of that court & the judge & deputies need to be put in prison for cruel & unusual punishment. Along with violating his rights as a human being. He wasn't spitting so there's no reason to gag him. I hope that judge ' deputies all choke to death slowly.
Jpr Xo (11 days ago)
Zip it.
strmynghts50 k (11 days ago)
Mr Williams.....please STFU 🤔😤
Marian Miker (11 days ago)
Omg wot happening to the world
john K (11 days ago)
Don't tape him just beat the fucking daylights out him.
Lindsay James (11 days ago)
Flex seal tape
Zahra Moridi (11 days ago)
Why don't you just put him in someone other room till it's his time to speak?! American courts are just a joke lol
Anxus O (12 days ago)
What world are we living in where such juvenile and degrading things are done to people who are non violent and trying to fight for their lives? I'd rather 10 guilty get away with it than 1 innocent person get imprisoned because I know exactly how humans with complete control act. Evil motherfuckers!!
Henry Chinaski (12 days ago)
LMAO @ the tape not doing shit
Stone Phelps (12 days ago)
AHAHHAHAHAH oh no the scarlet tape!!
The Eye (12 days ago)
If I were one of those deputies I would’ve kicked the criminal’s ass harder than the last person that kicked it. so hard he’d be crying to mama. & I would pound on him every time he’d speak to me because I wouldn’t like him I would totally despise him
Bob T (12 days ago)
I speak no evil...lol
Italian_ ice _ 23 (12 days ago)
press play (12 days ago)
Bblblabbabbaaabb im an IDIOT
MGTOW WOLF (12 days ago)
Society is a failure.
Thomas Casavana (12 days ago)
Lol hahhaahahahahhaha the negroid deserves it
greekphilosophy (13 days ago)
Throw the piece of shit out of the court room
Shayira Farmer (13 days ago)
Fucking pigs
Mark Kay (13 days ago)
Loius fraikan nation of islam.here you go blm blm blm
Joseph Carroll (13 days ago)
thats actually illegal..the judge broke the law by his actions...the judge should have held the defendant in contempt of court..but by binding and gagging him..the judge broke the law and should be upon review himself as acting outside the law.this is a horrible judge and no matter the crime..we as Americans follow the rule of law and he CLEARLY broke it.
Sasa Kay (13 days ago)
The disrespect on both sides
Dart Field (13 days ago)
Sounds unprofessional
Ibz John (13 days ago)
I am gonna gag you while I wear a white hood over my head
Goth Mog (13 days ago)
Knock his fuckin teeth out. What pisses me off is that we pay taxes for this shithead to keep talking in court. No mercy should be shown to these misfits. A 12 inch billy club with lead inside put up the side of his temple to kill this motherfucker. That goes for 3/4 of the trash in jail. Lined them up and shoot their fuckin head off with a 12 gauge. Show it on ESPN.
Khona (13 days ago)
Nigga kept talking with the tape on 🤣🤣🤣
r deep (13 days ago)
They need to put some concrete mix his mouth
Daniel Rodriguez (13 days ago)
DroopyCock Flock (14 days ago)
what do you expect from low life monkey??
Sheeit (14 days ago)
A plastic bag over his head would have been a better idea
ffm1987 (14 days ago)
Fail!!!! 😣 OMG!!!! Not for real?!?!?!
Fuck law and racist white judge

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