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Judge orders suspect to have mouth taped during sentencing

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It was an unusual sight in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday. Franklyn Williams, 32, is accused of three armed robberies in Richmond Heights and Euclid. During his sentencing hearing, Williams would not stop talking, despite more than a dozen warnings from Judge John Russo over the course of about 30 minutes. Williams even interrupted his own attorneys.
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Fer Lou (2 hours ago)
Gets mouth taped tightly. "It is what it is!"
Mattakusisgreatness (3 hours ago)
2:24 Curb your enthusiasm theme music
Xavier Alvarez (4 hours ago)
They needed t-Rex tape for this fools mouth..
f you that's right (7 hours ago)
Another stupid black man that cant shut up in court ,making his jail term longer by getting judge to hate him what a retard!
Abdala Nijim (9 hours ago)
kevin jones (11 hours ago)
It'll get over turned by the hippos in appeals court , they were in clear violation of the hippos laws
joemama1151 (11 hours ago)
Who cares if he can still talk. The best part is when they get to take it off. I wish we got to see that. I bet half that mustache came off with the tape.
kevin jones (11 hours ago)
That's what the loud mouthed fuck gets !!!!
Waimea Guyz (13 hours ago)
kid use to having his way, maybe. should tape his whole head.
Christopher Villiers (15 hours ago)
It OK it all on type.😎
M. Rees (16 hours ago)
A black thug who wont shut tf up..no surprise
a hack's progress (16 hours ago)
I can understand the judge's point of view. He needs this man to listen but, he ain't gonna let the judge talk...
Dan Lambert (19 hours ago)
I'm a CONSERVATIVE and even I know this is WRONG. The judge should have had him REMOVED from his courtroom instead. It's Decisions like this that makes the justice System look so bad. The Judge needs to LEARN some Disapline. If a person is being disruptive in the courtroom then you have him or her removed. I'm sure the JUDICIAL CONDUCT BOARD was happy as a pig in poop to see this Judges STUPIDITY.
Suzy Jones (19 hours ago)
Suzy Jones (19 hours ago)
What is wrong with u folks to THINK IT'S okay to treat someone like THAT. HE was guilty before HE even got there. It's sad we live I in a society that WE allow the justice system to treat us any kind of way. We NEED OUR own system in play.I say we get our OWN communities popping and police that ish ourselves. ..l I...smfh
B (20 hours ago)
It is what it is.. This gotta be a cartoon
B (20 hours ago)
Lol no it doesn't .. Judge should have jus said why do you have an attourney ? Ngl scary position to be in
zebatov (1 day ago)
News Now Baytown (1 day ago)
Judges are not gods which they believe they are. Judges need to be put in there place or we will all regret it. Judges are not above the constitution. Everyone of these motherraping whores should hang yesterday.
jazhane mcdougald (1 day ago)
they were so hesitant to tape his mouth shut like it was really a last resort and he was STILL talking 😂😂😂😂
jazhane mcdougald (1 day ago)
being your own worst enemy is a horrible disease. this nigga should be kissing the judges feet regardless of how he feel about it. that man can put you away for whatever for however long DEPENDING on your behavior and you behaving like you needa be in jail for this life and the next one
Trenton Ghorley (1 day ago)
What an idiot....Guilty for sure...Judge was hella cool too
Jsaiddi sir-E.D (1 day ago)
That 1extra lip..lol..
Remigio Ocasio (1 day ago)
So many people are here laughing at this shit when it's dead wrong. The proper way to handle that situation is to escort him out of the court room. Not tape his mouth like he's an animal. What if this guy has a mental health problem? This judge is the typical power tripping piece of shit. Then you wonder why our system is so fucked up. That judge is a racist white trash. All you people that condone that shit are the same people that get happy and excited about a cop killing a black or Hispanic person.
albert lopez (1 day ago)
This lil kid is a moron he deserves to be in jail for being stupid
Stefan Babylon (1 day ago)
This is criminal behavior oh well law can do whatever n idiots justify it remove him from the court room fine but this is criminal
Stonewall Strategy (1 day ago)
Oh damn, he actually did it!
The Godfather (1 day ago)
When your dealing with dumb ass people like duct tape man you got to set them straight quick. I would have put a bucket on his head..Let him hear his own voice echo back.
Loohnatik Simmer (1 day ago)
Heavy duty duct tape is needed..
Johnny Crum (1 day ago)
The younger generation has no respect for authority...this is why we must whip children . Is obvious he never was whipped as a child ....the judge should of held him in contempt of court .put him in jail untill he could set in court and keep his mouth shut ...no respect ...
JessiKat (1 day ago)
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johnmonk66 (1 day ago)
learn how to tape better
Jay Willz (1 day ago)
Michael Condon (1 day ago)
It's amazing how quickly this Judge allowed his intellectual conceit to get in the way of the very reason we empower our Judges' to administer our Laws. Once you allow yourself to become out of control the way this Judge did, his ignorance immediately undermined every reason we empowered him to administer our Laws. Sad.
Reid Caspary (5 hours ago)
Michael Condon what are you talking about dude
that tv looks like its about to sprout arms and legs and start shooting everyone
tabon carroll (1 day ago)
he was supposed to be charge with contemp of court. that's a violation of his rights. and we are not in the 1700 hundreds.
Justin Ethnostate (1 day ago)
Nigga shutcho bitch ass up
Todd Oetken (1 day ago)
No judge in Des Moines County, Iowa deserves any respect.
Neil (2 days ago)
James Wilson (2 days ago)
Did he really say “violation of hippo law”?
the jaywezee (2 days ago)
That judge is weak
the jaywezee (2 days ago)
Some good tape to stick to greasy ass lips
THE EXPERT (2 days ago)
Edison Le (2 days ago)
In court ? Stupid
RlapaR (2 days ago)
U Americans are a joke! It is legal to tape a defendant in court?!! Worse then a 3 world country disgrace to humanity A civilized country remove the defendant from the room that it but u Americans are just scum
AldoSchmedack (2 days ago)
He might get duck tape in the court room but back in the jail ... well ...
Charles Ratliff (2 days ago)
is he a ventriloquist?
ananda priyadarshan (2 days ago)
William William William.. your such a dumbass
Dom David (2 days ago)
Tape didn't work
Patrick Shenton (2 days ago)
Is there even a tape that would cover those big fat rubber lips?
SpaceKiD Productions (3 days ago)
OMG LoL!!!!😂👌
briguyg5 (3 days ago)
Does the comment quit talking make any sense? No? Well this is a Court Room not a Movie Theatre! Tape his mouth shut now! The black "Tapeface" has been born.
J Ketcham (3 days ago)
Shirley he should do this is privacy of own home as long as consenting partner
marciano315 (3 days ago)
They've been watching too many movies, you can't tape someone's mouth shut like that lol
Damien (3 days ago)
Oh hell no, I thoughts you said I was going to be "on tape" not taped up.
d davis (3 days ago)
well that worked
Reba Michelle (3 days ago)
😂 can still understand him with the tape on his mouth, that tape ain’t doing shit
A S (3 days ago)
This perfectly illustrates race relations. Whites give blacks every opportunity and they ruin themselves. They’re a low IQ subspecies.
Jon Irving (3 days ago)
dat be a violation a dahh hipoh law
Jon Irving (3 days ago)
Yo, judge, I be tryin' to talk to ya, judge, annn axe you sum questions.
Gianni Giumpup (3 days ago)
Not enough tape. Shoulda used a ball gag.
Kyle Smith (3 days ago)
Alfred Lundy (4 days ago)
Wtf how can this happen in a courtroom like the dude is ridiculous but dam ducktape his mouth
aAndriss Otim (5 days ago)
They sure do know how to use tape
Indiana freedom news (5 days ago)
dean woolston (5 days ago)
It's no wonder why the idiot is in prison. Does the term shut your pie hole, work for you?
ejones9924 (5 days ago)
Prisoners get better haircuts and shapeups than i could get at the barber shops
Spencer W (5 days ago)
Jean Payet (5 days ago)
Put a gag ball in his mouth.
TaggsR85 (5 days ago)
If I was the judge I would have taped his mouth shut a long time ago!
MrJimmytheweed (5 days ago)
What the hell is the hippo law plus why can't they buy proper duct tape?
Dennis Carroll (5 days ago)
Apparently this dude loves jail.
robert bailey (5 days ago)
You cant do that...Doesn't matter what He's done its not lawful
DREY4400 (5 days ago)
Thank you. Just remove him from the courtroom but this was wrong.
Erich Weiler (5 days ago)
They don't pay public defenders enough to deal with dipshits like this
pat 904 (5 days ago)
The justice system is joke u piggy cock sucker
Dr Arinzechukwu Awoh (5 days ago)
Hahahahahhah unstopable
Virginia Fry (5 days ago)
Surely that’s not legal!?!?!
John Doe (4 days ago)
Who cares, it was fucking funny, especially when he started talking right away.
hunterspride18 (5 days ago)
Judge: Mr. Williams, you'll get the chance to speak after your lawyer. Mr. Williams: But you're not giving me the chance to speak! Me: *facepalm*
Fernando Arroyo (6 days ago)
Sponge bob square pants shut up 🤐 😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂😅🤣
Deb parker (6 days ago)
Friday, Williams walked into court for sentencing, and while he didn’t disrupt the proceedings, he spoke for 12 minutes, and he kept referring to the duct tape. He said, "I want the world to know I am not an animal, contrary to what people may think. I am a man." And he added, “Saying no duct tape. Freedom of speech. Your honor, I ask today, your honor, that I receive the lightest sentence that you can give me." The mother of Williams also spoke up and said he deserved a break because of the duct tape. She told the judge, "My son has suffered enough." But consider, missing from this courtroom, the victims. Cuyahoga County prosecutors say the victims will never get over what happened including a 75-year-old man. And missing from what Franklyn Williams said at the podium, the victims. For all he said, he didn't talk about the victims.
Sonu Manhas (6 days ago)
Shot his head front of judge
Scott Baker (6 days ago)
Probably getting gagged tonight!
Scott Baker (6 days ago)
You're gonna need flex tape on those lips. Ya can get it at home depot!
Nobody J (6 days ago)
Figures Fox viewers would think this KKK shit is amusing, his lawyers should be disbarred!
D Wilson (6 days ago)
White ppl😑😑😑😑😑😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 guaranteed that judge n the rest of them white folks went home laughing like this nigger knew what we was up to. No surprise comment section Neanderthals just laughing it up n wonder why majority of black people in this country don't like or trust u Barbarians n our Ancestors built on the blood sweat n tears n backs of black men women n children "LAUGH NOW y'all know the rest death to white SUPREMACY is coming
ElFlorete TM (6 days ago)
Bitches be bitches...taping a mans mouth...I piss on your court judge!!!
Nobody J (6 days ago)
What the fuck is this shit? You people think this is ok and funny ? This is unconstitutional as hell. How would any of you feel?
chris zag (6 days ago)
how so? act like a dumb child get treated like a dumb child.. simple as that
Mapera Ako (6 days ago)
Clap clap clap...lowly nigga!
That Guy (6 days ago)
What a shocker: a loud mouth gang banger doesn't know when to shut the hell up.
Blessing Mhlanga (6 days ago)
The upper lip is useless when it comes to talking, hahaha
Stick ByMySide (6 days ago)
completely cruel and unusual
VonKerman (7 days ago)
A ball gag would have worked much better.
Alex N (7 days ago)
They shackled him to a bus for a whole week ? Any validity behind this ?
Sami Well (7 days ago)
Lol the tape didn't work
Andrew Bettencourt (7 days ago)
"It is what it is" ahahhaa cant stop laughing
john clark (7 days ago)
LMFAO apparently duck tape doesn't shut a nigga up
EUGENE SHOWTY (7 days ago)
Stupid ghetto boy
Jason Sullivan (7 days ago)
Typical j-cat
Luis Lopez (7 days ago)
No matter what he may have done. It's unconstitutional what the judge ordered
chris zag (6 days ago)
nowhere in the constitution does it say anything about how to deal with a degenerate thug with the mental capacity of a 5year old.
David K (7 days ago)
damn this guy does not know when to shut up....
Kevin Riese (7 days ago)
Too funny! Should have used a ball gag!

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