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Peter Parker Has Huge Crush On Silver Sable Silver lining DLC

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All the videos are 100% original and i have edited and recorded all the gameplay myself In this video we show you that peter parker has a huge crush on silver sable
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Text Comments (1697)
Jagyy (1 hour ago)
Best spider suit
MrNoodlesz (22 hours ago)
Spiderman: “No lethal force” *Proceeds to break every limb in the body*
CKenjie Plays (1 day ago)
Its time to beg
VnM ILLuZioNz (1 day ago)
I keep hearing “you got a death wish huh”
Andy Nguyen (1 day ago)
Stan lee
Forward Shadow (1 day ago)
Can you blame him??
kubeq kolegabezpracy (2 days ago)
10:50 and now miles morales die
Tim Sheppard (2 days ago)
In memory of Stan Lee Insomniac Games is awesome
sw4gr3bel (2 days ago)
Okay no, I swear you'll record the scene where Peter and MJ kiss and title it, "Mj gets her guts pumped by peter in diner".....
Ozy (3 days ago)
Short hair Thicc tomboy alike who doesn't like her lol
Kyoya Orori (3 days ago)
9:56 because that's what heroes do
Сталин (4 days ago)
Bruh i am shipping Peter- silver Peter- felicia
Emilio Aquino (4 days ago)
6:04 That is a awesome form between Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man and Silver Sablinova a.k.a Silver Sable
danatay (4 days ago)
*sable gives spiderman a high five* sAbLe aNd sPidErmaN hAve a cruSh on eAch oTher
SuemingXtr4 (5 days ago)
Oooooooo SPIDY HAS A CRUSH SPIDY And sliver sitting on a tree they are
Dexter (5 days ago)
Wait don’t Peter and MJ get back together at the end of the story, so Peter’s cheating
emil lazar (5 days ago)
Marie Jane left the chat
Plan D (6 days ago)
Really loving the Toby McGuire Spiderman costume
OhGawd (6 days ago)
Ok that’s not true. Than why is he always talking to mj and about her.
Max Little (6 days ago)
Maybe a better title would have been Silver Sable has a crush on Spider Man. It seemed more like that.
TGL Dirty (7 days ago)
Mj, Gwen Stacy ,Black cat , Silver sable.
AndyG PLAYZ (8 days ago)
asher boykin (4 days ago)
Idiot Just because people are in a relationship doesn’t mean they have to hug each other.Get out of here.
AndyG PLAYZ (4 days ago)
asher boykin well she said “ I DONT DO HUGS “ idiot
asher boykin (5 days ago)
Idiot no she has to help her people in her Homeland!
AndyG PLAYZ (8 days ago)
4:14 ITs show off time
youtubes purpose (8 days ago)
10:20 That was a strong hug
StealthNinjaPie (9 days ago)
Well Peter and Sable do go out in the comics so this ship isn’t implausible!
Phil The Logician (10 days ago)
*2:29** worst henchman in the world goes to: guy on the right*
Neel H Akash (10 days ago)
Silver Sable is thick 🖤
ii Twitch (10 days ago)
Sable time
Syntrinities 97 (11 days ago)
This guy cant play this game right 😂
vlmightyDerek (11 days ago)
Is this game about Spiderman’s girlfriends?
8-Bit Bug (11 days ago)
Since when Did she Got into Spidey List
Mart Start (12 days ago)
The high five scene made me cry of laughter
Fah2adA Ω (12 days ago)
I really don't know why I didn't like this game
Alvin Lee Chergui (12 days ago)
7:00 ow but ... YEAH
いきすちそ (12 days ago)
She looks like Sam from Until Dawn.
いきすちそ (12 days ago)
Isn’t he dating MJ tho?
Jaides Cumba (12 days ago)
Peter's so stupid XD try again to get a high five
Tidal 9 (13 days ago)
But isn’t she like way older than him
asher boykin (11 days ago)
Who cares?
your_ instincts (13 days ago)
I guess you can say, *PETER REALLY WANTS TO WEB HER UP* 😏
PrimeraEspada01 (13 days ago)
Peter likes a woman who can kick his ass
Tacitus Kilgore (14 days ago)
Maybe he doesn’t have a crush on every female character in the game? Maybe he’s just making friends? No, that would be preposterous. Also, it’s common to have dinner with friends. You all act like you don’t have female friends. Not trying to be offensive.
Licitt (14 days ago)
The dinner date proposal was cute af!!!
T R U T H (14 days ago)
She's so fat and ugly in this game wtf
Michael Abel (14 days ago)
Spiderman give that high five reminds me of hiccup toothless in HTTYD
grimmjow0106 (14 days ago)
This is the DUMBEST MISLEADING MANIPULATIVE OR IGNORANT thumbnail! Anyone with common sense played this game or knows anything bout the chars knows this WASNT flirting or crush related AT ALL! It’s simply sable being like the punisher and wanting to go solo in her vengeance and spidey being a good dude sarcastic joke poking hero type trying to break down her walls and get her to allow herself to depend on someone else to help her out. Her world is mistrust betrayal everyone is bad and will use u , and spidey ain’t that and she is struggling with that side of herself with being around him cause she sees that and knows that. But walls r walls and hard to come down . But spidey is continually trying to show her good and that that type exist , being her friend , a REAL friend. So he is trying to b (and is) her friend ...... so this thumbnail is to jus get attention and views for misguided reasons and channel self interest 🤦‍♂️👎
Oscar Clarke (14 days ago)
The Raimi suit is too fucking shiny.
John Blake (14 days ago)
Silver Sable is the most beautiful woman in the game.
ガルーダ (14 days ago)
Is this on ps4 pro?
Fuad Nebir (14 days ago)
Only if it was 18+ ..... I would be tapping her to next city !
Coco Bird Remastered (15 days ago)
Which dlc should i get
BlueTaco (15 days ago)
Damn they should have made Silver Sable and Spider-Man get into a relationship. Would be interesting. 9:41 AH SHE THOUGHT ABOUT IT.
tom's video hole (15 days ago)
god damn im gonna nut
killzone12 (15 days ago)
False spidey has no crush on silver he just want to be friends
Cynide Pill (15 days ago)
New game leak?
Phantom Penance (15 days ago)
9:56 Thor: Because that’s what heroes do
Mr Niko (15 days ago)
He has a huge crush? God damn it why is she not real I want her in my life!
Sathu (15 days ago)
shes so fine
Woody Coda (15 days ago)
He is going through puberty who doesn't he have a crush on.
Kenny Gudz (15 days ago)
5:18 "hey sabel, no lethal force" 2 seconds later electrocutes a guy
Lil Vicky (15 days ago)
Sable Was Ada Wong But Ini Spiderman
Stalin Gaming (15 days ago)
That tribute to Stan Lee at the end. My heart! Thanks for everything Stan, rest in peace
Awesome dude lol (15 days ago)
Come on who doesn't have a crush on sable.
GamingCube2000 (16 days ago)
How he a spider but making all that noise
Yousef Tube (16 days ago)
I hate that I hate these kinds of women who are hard to get n get treated like a celebrity they are the reason why ........................................... LOST CONNECTION
EseChava 22 (16 days ago)
Paid DLC and the devs were to lazy to even change her appearance. What a JOKE.
Asriel the Memer (16 days ago)
Chris DaKidd (16 days ago)
I mean they did make Silver Sable Fine as hell in this game 😍🤷🏾‍♂️
Jose Fzr (16 days ago)
Her eyes and her hair makes her so beauty
Rev (16 days ago)
Damn PS4 Killed it.
Projaysmith 26 (16 days ago)
Honestly my boy spider pulling the good girls mj black cat and sable look like snacks
Vinny Valenza (16 days ago)
Cant fight for shit
Ben (16 days ago)
“You got a death wish, huh?” *instantly dies*
Zero Arashi Uchiha (16 days ago)
Damn. Sable is kinda perfect for him.
-BeyondAir- (16 days ago)
4:11 Narrator: meanwhile in fighting Spiderman has to change his suit
Starkiller 007114 (15 days ago)
Wheres Bruce Campbell when we need him as a Narrator
Harvester Commander (16 days ago)
And you used the ULTIMATE spider suit. The Rami/Webbed suit.
G A R Y (16 days ago)
*_E X C E L S I O R_*
r011ing_thunder (16 days ago)
Your picture
G A R Y (16 days ago)
*That Tobey Maguire suit is making me have black spiderman suit dance flashbacks.*
Director George (17 days ago)
7:05 that’s what she said
Spider Comics (17 days ago)
Black cat would be so jealous even if I say it's a prank bro
Spider Comics (17 days ago)
MJ would kill me
Rook O7 (17 days ago)
Peter parker in game:i like mj peter parker in first dlc:i like catwoman qnd mj peter parker in silver linimg:i like mj catwoman and silver sable
The Irish Crusader (17 days ago)
Nice click bait thumbnail
Rahsaan Robinson (17 days ago)
6:46 remimds me of cartoons
Daniel Paul (18 days ago)
Here is how the totem pole of Parker's crashes go in order of being hot It goes black cat, silver Sable, men Mary Jane
Nohbdy (19 days ago)
7:01 is probably what you really wanna see
Phantom (23 days ago)
What do I do i have waiting so long i don't have eny main mission how did you get there I beaten dr octaviois
D4RK (24 days ago)
Why tf does everyone play this dlc with that suit
Hans Versoza (1 month ago)
damn I like peter's harem
Novigrad and ploughing (1 month ago)
I dont do hugs 🤗 OH COME ON! 🤣
Mary Mercado (1 month ago)
Hidden One (1 month ago)
You’re not very good at this game are you?
David DeGuenther (1 month ago)
silver sable is sexy she wants to hump spider-man
Poompesti Gold (1 month ago)
Spider man has 3 girlfriends. Mary Jane, Black cat and Silver Sable / Sablinova.........😱😱
Random good guy (1 month ago)
Spider man got rejected...
Gotenks - (1 month ago)
Danggg Sillver sable is like stircker r r r then vegeta XDDDDDDDDDD
Mark _Farnazo (1 month ago)
Her personality is like ada wong
Zephyr Sleet (1 month ago)
I wonder what she would think if she saw him without the mask
DogKeeperTube (1 month ago)
I ship. I need the fanart.
computernerd1101 (1 month ago)
6:42 "Carbon steel" is redundant. Steel is already an iron-carbon alloy.

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