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Very good all year signature fragrance. Great performance without being dated. https://youtu.be/swOnIowchd0 Music by: Chucki Beats - https://youtu.be/TWZjL0xTRGY
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I purchased a decant,, I gotta say this could be my signature Work Sent,,,For this winter,,, #Chef4life2
ShaveNontheDarkside (20 hours ago)
Hey Obie! Yeah, it is an easy wear. Bottle is huge with a small price tag👌
LuTia Jones (7 days ago)
I really enjoy your content. Your videos are some how smooth and relaxing. I bought issey miyake blue eau fraiche based on your recommendation and it was indeed enjoyable. I have been testing out cartier declaration. It's a very nice throw back. Take care and thanks.
ShaveNontheDarkside (7 days ago)
Thanks LuTia for your kind words.,🙏. Stay tuned; I have more to come✌️
Rillionaire Reviews (27 days ago)
Awesome review style! Just subbed (:
ShaveNontheDarkside (26 days ago)
Rillionaire Reviews thanks Jordan 🙏. My name is Chad
Jeremy Harris (1 month ago)
That's crazy! I was just randomly thinking about this channel this morrning..... Will definitely get my nose on this bottle of Issey.
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
Hey Jeremy! Thanks for sticking with the content. More to come 👍👌
Kingdom Athlete (1 month ago)
Been thinking about getting this one, how close to the original is it?
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching first👌. This is heavier than the original issey. Also, it is not as citusy. It is a ambergris heavy fragrance that is darkened up by the resin and inscense. It is not smoky or sticky though. It is heavy fresh fragrance. Only the yuzu opening is slightly reminiscent. In a nutshell, no. Hope that helped...✌️
Jim R (1 month ago)
Nice review and I have been meaning to check this one out. I'm a big fan of Miyake's Summer series, but I don't wear the original often these days because I find it too lemony. Enjoyed!
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
Jim, it's not bad!
Leon Duhaney (1 month ago)
Alright, so I should expect one review a month?
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
H2Ono (1 month ago)
This is my only Issey..Four words: citrus, smokey, dark, sophisticated..Perfect with your shirt and tie, Chad! Quality juice, not so playful, all business. Sexy. Great job!
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
You got it brother! such a good release by Jacques Cavallier💯
Johmathan .B. Swift (1 month ago)
This is a very well done production Shaves. Good for you , and us. I'll give it a sample see.
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for the continued support,🙏
Nice review as always
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
Hey Obie!! If you don't have this, I think you would like this one. 4.2 oz for about $30...
Fragrance Journey (1 month ago)
Dope review bro.
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
You will get there and past me bruh. You are very detailed in your reviews. I have been looking at velvet vanilla too🤔
Kingdom Athlete (1 month ago)
Just subbed
Fragrance Journey (1 month ago)
ShaveNontheDarkside Bet.Im trying to get on your level bro.
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
Thanks my friend. Subbed to your channel too 👍
ricky johnson (1 month ago)
Nice video.
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
Thanks ricky 🙏
marlonious76 (1 month ago)
This is a go too. Especially in an indoor setting.
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 month ago)
marlon, real talk. I like it 1st sniff👌

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