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Tom Ford Plum Japonais "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne/Perfume Feat Derya

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Tom Ford Private Blend Plum Japonais from the Atelier d'Orient collection. Released in 2013 a nice Plum over a bed of spice and wood with great Longevity and Projection for the Cooler weather. Watch this episode to see what kind of Rate Plum Japonais gets.....I want to Thank Derya for appearing on STREET SCENTS........RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE......
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Text Comments (76)
Kyle Stevens (4 months ago)
She's such an exotic pretty and intelligent
mmss (6 months ago)
Since my first smell on Plum Japonais, I fell in love. Ordered my 50ml, and can't wait to get it. It's a very unique smell.
robertgarciaize (7 months ago)
Consider spraying on yourself a few hours before then let the guest smell you.
Patrick bennett` (7 months ago)
10 seconds into it,,, my thoughts, id marry her... lol
Edison Gorn (10 months ago)
Always good to heard from Daria so Plz bring her and Alexandria back Bro!
Rosho Rochrates (1 year ago)
she is too reserved .
SOLID (2 years ago)
she kinda reminds me of Morticia lol
namo730 (2 years ago)
Great fragrance my favorite from the All Tom Ford line so far
Charles Martin (2 years ago)
Bigg AL you're the Man !! And the absolute beautiful young Lady. gorgeous. oh that's right the cologne is amazing I received a sample gave it to my Wife and she wouldn't wear it so guess what I'm wearing yeah buddy. I'm glad she agree it's for Men also.
Lazz the Wolf (3 years ago)
I have Tobacco Vanille, I want tuscan Leather and Plum Japonais. I was thinking Noir de Noir but I think this is getting my interest more than NdN
california 123 (3 years ago)
I expected a higher rating. Just bought a bottle. 1 out of 10, I give it 12.5. You can't find a better smoky berry scent than this.
FragranceView (2 years ago)
+zeiters20 lol
Sean r (3 years ago)
Hi Al. You do great work. Can Derya a video on Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de Parfum? Please
Tristan Carlson (4 years ago)
Bring her back definitely!
executive (4 years ago)
Always great videos Al. You need to upload more content sir. Cheers. . .
Pedro Sanchez (4 years ago)
Next time make her look something behind her.
It's Kyuu (3 months ago)
Pedro Sanchez haha we wanna see that booty!
Mike L (4 years ago)
Ask her to smell tom ford noir de noir
Sheppy99 (4 years ago)
Derya reminds me of the girl from anger management with charlie scheen..... only WAY hotter lol. and yes Al, more Derya the better :)  Great vid as always!
Wiseguys Cologne (5 years ago)
we will hire this beautiful young lady, she is great, and very easy for the eye. the fragrance is one of the best in the ford line of scents, GREAT JOB, AL. AS ALWAYS!!!! SPRAY IT ON...AND GET MOBBED!!!! WISEGUYSCOLOGNE LAS VEGAS
TheFashionbugs (5 years ago)
It's impossible for Derya to look bad. Always a beauty
River City (2 years ago)
deswank07 (5 years ago)
AL! I'm a Creed and Bond no 9 fan, but I liked the sound of this after watching this video. I've never tried a Tom Ford before. I just got the sample today. It's awesome! It makes me think of a Bond no 9 AW Silver Factory with less incense and without the cedar aspect. It has a bit of the Bond West Broadway sweetness, however. I would have a tough time choosing between this and Silver Factory.
Talgat (5 years ago)
plum japonais and cafe rose are the only two new tom fords that are bottleworthy
leo8780 (1 year ago)
Tal layer the two for an 11/10 scent for the spring into winter and all the guys will be jealous 😉
Sharkbite82 (5 years ago)
I'm interested in trying a frag from the Tom Ford line. I remember Al saying one of his fav's is the Tobacco Vanilla. Always a pleasure seeing Derya on the channel!
VirginiaMist (5 years ago)
Thank You for the video.
VirginiaMist (5 years ago)
I liked your comment, LOL.
9hoursaway (5 years ago)
Great vid Al.....Would love to see you do a Street Scents with Andy Tauer's Orange Star.
Ciscokid KC (5 years ago)
I'm curious how she would rate the Montale line.
lionofgod9 (5 years ago)
IntotheFire (5 years ago)
Gorgeous sexy girl!!!! Great reviewer as well. Derya you rock!
my2003nsx (5 years ago)
Hey Al thanks for the great reviews. I just got in on a split and cant wait to get my nose on it.
Trey Porter (5 years ago)
Damn she bad..
o2xb (5 years ago)
Im not denying that, just asking why their is such a need to comment on it when the point of the video is to get her opinion on the fragrance and not our opinion on her body.
Kaws Troop (5 years ago)
damn she is good at this
VICTOR CRIALES (5 years ago)
Derya! Love her. Gotta get my nose on Plum Japonais
The Dumb Reach (5 years ago)
Street Scents is the best.
silentrich11 (5 years ago)
Japonais? That's the name of a restaurant.
vrstovsek (5 years ago)
Are you high? LOOK AT HER!!!
malrats (5 years ago)
So gorgeous
MeatEater96 (5 years ago)
She is gorgeous!!
o2xb (5 years ago)
Why are all the comments mentioning her physical appearance.She was brought it for her nose not how beautiful she is.Stop treating women as sexual objects!!
Felipe Ramone (5 years ago)
Beautiful lady!
Fernando J.S (5 years ago)
Very Beautiful girl!!
gerardo plancarte (5 years ago)
She is beautiful
Jay Ford (5 years ago)
Beautiful Lady. Great vid.
Wiseguys Cologne (5 years ago)
fifafreak619 (5 years ago)
If by excited you mean TOUCHING MYSELF listening to this girl talk then yeah... I'm excited!! Lmao jk
Tim Knobloch (5 years ago)
This was a disappointment for me. Smells great just not what I was looking for/expecting. Plum for the first 15mins, then disappears til the dry down. Spicy/woody for sure just was looking for something sweeter.
Alex NGO (5 years ago)
She's great!
hacker2005xp (5 years ago)
She has a great nose and she picks up different notes very well. Not even mentioning that she is a gorgeous looking lady. We want her back for sure. Great episode AL.
Tom Hines (5 years ago)
freddiefragz (5 years ago)
Good Stuff bro.. Amazing juice.. amazing guest.. and as always amazing host... Keep doing your thing!! Nuff respect
QWERTYOP80 (5 years ago)
Mystified as to why Plum Japonais has become the poster boy of the Atelier d'Orient line. Rive d'Amber shits on this.
Mrzayas81 (5 years ago)
Al i really enjoy everytime you bring Deria on street Scents,she is always on point,knows what she is smelling and not only that but her personality is amazing,she is very humble and refined,Im really glad that you both get a similaritie to Interlude man,that was my first impression when i smelled Plum Japonais a few Months back,a great fragrance indeed but I dont know if it will be worth for me since I own a 100ml of the killer that is Interlude,great video hermano
Derek B (5 years ago)
I feel like my heart smiles every time she's on the show.
yamuiemata (5 years ago)
OMG she is HOT!!! Great pick Al
Kaws Troop (5 years ago)
i'm in love with her.
EmilKing (5 years ago)
she looks hotter ;o
UFG8tersKJ317 (5 years ago)
she's baaaaaaack!
Dunamis (5 years ago)
Sexy girl!
cyber6sapien (5 years ago)
She has a sexy body!
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
I wonder what she does for a living, she is always so well spoken?
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
There she goesssss
MeterminatorX (5 years ago)
Yup I agrree too, she is cute!!! Hey Al you gotta get The Fragrance Guy Charles back too.
saeidhakimi (5 years ago)
Thank you Al for bringing this new perfume to us first!
MrMathieuq (5 years ago)
deria you look great!
MrMathieuq (5 years ago)
allll did you gain some weight brother???
MrMathieuq (5 years ago)
there you go!!
Keety (5 years ago)
Looks like she has done her Street Scents homework, she sounds more knowing about perfumery each episode.
wagsbass (5 years ago)
million dollar nose
Anil Chawla (5 years ago)
She is pretty
ziggy8757 (5 years ago)
derya is a street scents star!!! she must be back for sure Al... she has good taste in fragrances also
Joe Anthony (5 years ago)
YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!!! glad to see her, Glad to see a vid from you bro...Glad to see this scent....I'll buy this bottle.the minute I sprayed I knew it. Thanks for the vid bro
Bankai (5 years ago)
Nice one!

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