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Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls More Than Anything - BAILEY | The Dodo

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Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls More Than Anything | This woman rescued a cat when she was in college, but had no idea her future daughters would love him SO much ❤️ For more of Bailey and Abby, you can check them out on Instagram: https://thedo.do/baileycat, and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoOrdinaryCat. Introducing Dodo swag! https://thedo.do/2N3zRSb Love Animals? Subscribe: http://thedo.do/2tv6Ocd ¿Hablas español?: https://thedo.do/2BsuN4o Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on Twitter: https://thedo.do/2Jast1M Howl with us on Musical.ly: https://thedo.do/2qFkbGT Take a peek at our Snapchat: http://thedo.do/2gkVhsz Love our Instagram: http://thedo.do/2agAEce Like us on Facebook: http://thedo.do/1dJ9lmn Read more on our site: http://thedo.do/KWDoNt For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #animals #cat #cat #kitten #puppy
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beautyfool (11 hours ago)
He was a good cat. My cat was like “hell no” when I tried dressing her up. Lol! Amazing that he lived so long. I love it. I lost my cat after 13 years. It hurt but I knew she was ready to go. Miss her 🐈
RV Gypsy (20 hours ago)
He is amazing!!!♡♡♡ sweet kitty
The cat of my dad haf the same relashionship with the neighbourkids. The only exception was he hated anything ells then humans and regulary beat up dogs and other animals
Max Seven (1 day ago)
It's a male that's why he let's them do all those things. Male cats are chill beings! I have a male too .. He's awesome.
Vern (1 day ago)
We don't deserve cats
michelle longo (1 day ago)
I thought my orange kitty was the best (he still is in my eyes obviously) Moto acts like no act I have ever had! I’m 40 now, so I have had a few in my lifetime. This baby boy is the absolute sweetest! And bath time! I just can’t!! You some like a great kitty and small human mama! Your little family makes my heart melt! And congratulations on #3!! Curious to know, does Bailey like your partner too?? Have a great holiday weekend!💕
lorsange 1 (1 day ago)
R.I.P. Bailey.🐈💙🙏😭
Vini Joshii (1 day ago)
I just love this cat.
Martin Giangkabozidis (2 days ago)
2:13 damn that mustaang 🤭🤣😂
Es Can Or (2 days ago)
omg... how did you do that ? i really wish my cat could behave like bailey
He passed away already?
Rusli Dharmawan (2 days ago)
wait!!!!!! he let the kids to bath him. and he's so chill with that. Gonna show my cat this video so he can learn.
Madison Ortiz (2 days ago)
Stay with me bailey I almost cried I hope the kids are not sad love you bailey
Ganesh Karhale (2 days ago)
Dodo, why you make a good video crap by reducing the frame rate when people are talking?
Grecia Sanchez (2 days ago)
I want more
Zenrage (2 days ago)
This made me Remember of the Kitten we saw near the building near our House, She was Shivering Cold and She was on the verge of Death. We then Comforted her and given her something to eat... Sadly we couldn't keep her so we gave her to the Neighbors. She Lived 2 Yrs. and She Died of Poisoning, we were shocked as we heard she died... Up to this day little Miming, We Miss You😭
Nina L (3 days ago)
what a great cat! He was so lucky to have you and you were so lucky to have him! He is a cat angel-no doubt!
Deborah Olcot (3 days ago)
That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Cats know when they are needed x rip Bailey
a hiatus (3 days ago)
i love dogs and cats but if i'll have a baby someday i will definitely not allow my pets to go near my baby. maybe if s/he will turn 3 years old that the time the pets can go near him/her but under my watch.
zombi fire (3 days ago)
I don't now but in the pics were they dress them it looks like he is being turteurd
24 nugs (3 days ago)
Tanke Royale (4 days ago)
Please stop with the bathtub photos!.... My heart can only take so much cuteness!😍 I have a Bailey of my own that I fought to keep as a kitten. He's 8 years old going on 9 and I love him dearly!
Tanke Royale (4 days ago)
Awww what he's dead?!!! 😥💔
Pradeep Menon (4 days ago)
This cat got more love each day than we get our whole lives! RIP Bailey
Eriena Zho Channel (4 days ago)
Jeffrey T (4 days ago)
That’s adorable. I love cats.
Sultan Agha (4 days ago)
So sorry to hear Bailey left us. I can only imagine the pain and I feel bad for you, your Lovely Adorable Princesses and everyone who cared for Bailey. I have 42 stray cats that I feed or deliver food to in 4 separate locations and it's above and beyond my comprehension level that some of the so-called humans are trying to hurt those homeless cats by leaving antifreeze for them. My heart is bleeding for you and your esteemed family and may God Almighty Bless and Reward you Immensely in Shaa Allah for adopting him despite many hurdles. 😫😫😫😫
lorsange 1 (1 day ago)
You are truly an angel!! Thank you for taking care of so many stray cats🐈🐈🐈🐈💙🙏🙌
Venemous Syrin (4 days ago)
this is so damn cute
Jhoan Garcia Nava (4 days ago)
Damn it how I love watching all these videos. They get me right in the feels everytime.
colleen donovan (4 days ago)
rip Bailey. Do orange tabbies make the best cat pets? So calm & loving❤
michelle longo (1 day ago)
colleen donovan, YES!! Why is this? I’m in my 40’s, so I have had my fair share of cats (starting with a cat my mom got when I was a toddler that turned into MY cat (he was all black, but would let my dress him, put him in my cradle...but never a bath! That was so precious!) I just recently rescued a 1 week old orange tabby with his siblings, the day after a hurricane hit my area and let me tell you, this boy is amazing. I’m dealing with some major health issues, and there are weeks in bed ridden for days! This boy gives me all the love and support I need!! I told my husband, if anything ever happens to this sweet boy, I will be broken! My husband, who is not even a cat person, loves this little guy! Although I’m definitely his favorite, he greets my husband at the front door every afternoon when he gets home from work for kisses! He gets kisses before I do, then he crawls on his lap for a little daddy attention before coming back to me!! 💕
Tú Vũ (4 days ago)
its a great cat when you saw it have a bath tub with you :)
lem encabo (4 days ago)
HVawesome 26 (5 days ago)
That’s a adorable cat
Janet Chambers (5 days ago)
man thats one frendly cat
Nordic Hebrew (5 days ago)
Swati Patil (5 days ago)
Love ur 🐈...this video seeing ur kids and 🐈 play made my day
Reba Heintzelman (5 days ago)
they'll never be another cat like bailey. such a lovely beautiful kitty. rest in peace. god bless the family and all he touched
Swedish Vivvo (5 days ago)
Perfect cat
Jennifer Valentine (5 days ago)
I love this
Eye Manifest (6 days ago)
I’m literally welled up right now... brb gunna go watch this again and again and again
DapperJazer (6 days ago)
I had a ginger Tom cat called bailey too but he died valentine's Day 2018
esrarengiztayfa (6 days ago)
i've never seen such a genial cat. brilliant.
White Pelt Cat (6 days ago)
I don’t like my birthday anymore. This cat died on my birthday :( R.I.P. Bailey. He was a sweet little baby
Hope Catron (6 days ago)
my cat trixiebell is the same she’s incredibly loving, follows us on every dog walk and even waited 8 hours in the rain on the bus stop when my car broke down 😇
MiaMore (6 days ago)
This cat is definitely special. A kind loving soul. Such gentle loving eyes. God bless him
Bim M (6 days ago)
What 1.5k miserable soulless beast disliked this video?!?!? AT ME!!
Black Death 1347 (6 days ago)
Bailey was quite the photo-bomber! RIP angel.
James Quinn (6 days ago)
Uh, do the girls have a dad? Cat replacement dad is fine I guess.
RL Fitness (6 days ago)
I can’t deal. ❤️👌🏻
Saurabh Ghosh (6 days ago)
Cat stimulates antigens in body which is not good for human pregnancy.
Alex Glavascu (7 days ago)
Just saw the comments, R.I.P Bailey
G McLeod (7 days ago)
1:47 This cat is clearly a transgender cat...Actually...I just assumed it's species...actually...I just assumed it's validation of wanting to be recognised as an existing entity on this planet. Ok, I'm done taking the piss now lol. Cute cat.
Beautiful heart of the loving boy cat, I love him too😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lilly Despina (7 days ago)
They must miss him so much xx
Ariel Fiddler (7 days ago)
Poor bailey I will miss him so much and I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Liv Solomon (7 days ago)
Wow!! A beautiful story! I’m happy for your family, and Bailey is such a sweet sensitive cat- in the bath, nap time, on the back of the girls little car. I always feel bad for animals when they can’t have puppies or kittens- like an adventure they missed out in; am glad you all get to experience this together; and super neat to see the university student grown to be a lovely woman and mother! We all have to become vegetarians folks- animals have spirit. We can’t eat spirits! They’re made with people!!!
Olav Langli (7 days ago)
He's just too old to fight anymore
Wafaa Darwish (7 days ago)
الله يحفظه ليكم يارب وما يحرمكم من بعض ياااارب ❤️
Dodo te amo,estas guapísimo mi lindo gatito.
Hay ese guerejo tan hermoso Gatito Bb,@mmmoooooo a los gatitos
Arenla Longchar (7 days ago)
Awww bailey was such a lovely godfather to ur daughters!
Chewy Mizukii (7 days ago)
Tamora P (7 days ago)
Ginger cats are so lovely.
Christine Boisvert (8 days ago)
Is she pregnant?
Thank you for 13 years of joy to this family Bailey!
Me_dog Hehe (8 days ago)
RIP bailey
Chris L (8 days ago)
The kitty was in the frickin bathtub!! I just died of cuteness overload 🐈
Kyūseishu (8 days ago)
Remove cat from the title 👌
melissaisonair (8 days ago)
That is THE CUTEST EVERRRRR....Love your video of the babiesss...
Sonia Jaisingh (8 days ago)
Some animals never forget that you rescued them at a difficult time in their lives and they are forever grateful for that. I felt that Bailey was returning your love and kindness in kind and that's such a sweet thing. Another beautiful thing I noticed was that the children have been taught to be nice and gentle with the kitty. They'll turn out to be beautiful adults who treat others with respect.
Adrianna Chavez (8 days ago)
I snuck a cat I found at a gas station after work into my dorm too. I named her Oco (the gas station was named Sunoco). She was so sweet. The first night we made her a little bed on the floor and I woke up late at night with her in my bed purring so loud. I don’t even know how she got up there cause our beds are really tall. She was so comfortable around people. I gave her to a friend, I wish I coulda kept her but I’m happy she’s got a home
ella yang (8 days ago)
Rip bailey she was a good cat and I. Hope she’s with her fam Protecting them
mail mail (9 days ago)
MythologyNut01 (9 days ago)
Rest in peace Bailey, such a sweet and gentle soul, always missed :(.
Muse Mose (9 days ago)
Where is the husband .. babies come popping out of nowhere ..
Amit Kumar (9 days ago)
Wow! Thank you for sharing that
VICTOR FERRARI (9 days ago)
If there is a heaven for cats, Bailey is there right now!!! R.I.P. Sweet Kitty : (
Im crying after I learned that Bailey just past away....he is the most gentle loving cat everybody wants to have...thanks for sharing his wonderful life journey to us...
Sonia R (9 days ago)
RIP you gorgeous gorgeous furbaby 😚
Alvaro Valdovinos (9 days ago)
Omg....I melted
chloe (9 days ago)
This is like my childhood 😭 I had a cat named ginger that my cousins and I always used to dress up when we were kids. Sadly he passed away last year but I always keep him in my prayers
surya teja (9 days ago)
you got 2 cute cats :P
Adam Bailey (9 days ago)
Such love.......
Muhammad Othman (10 days ago)
I'm sure anyone who dislike this video have no soul, their heart must be empty!
WhiteBleedingHeart (10 days ago)
I want a dozen pets like Bailey!
ILL Sean (10 days ago)
The Ancient people of Kemet made cats very sacred animals. I think it's their quality of independence...because cats don't need people...if one likes you...cherish that.
All Will Be Well (10 days ago)
Orange cats are special. All cats are special come to think of it, but I have an orange cat who is unique. RIP Bailey, great cat, thanks for all the love you gave your family.
Bendak Starkiller (10 days ago)
Tragedy. In moments like these, I always hope stem-cell research gets to the lvl of reversing aging in our life time. Enough corpses fill cemeteries. Instead of wasting money on bureaucracy and welfare we should pour it onto science!
Jim ofPalmSprings (10 days ago)
How old was Bailey when he passed?
Adrianna Michalski (10 days ago)
the sweetest little boi
Sierra Fanny (10 days ago)
Rip bailey. Ur an angel.
Cat (10 days ago)
the mother looks like barbie
theJinny Channel (11 days ago)
Awwwww I died a lil inside when they took a bath together and played house.. Its to cute
R Dudley (11 days ago)
R i p Bailey you were the coolest now you are the coolest cat up there :-)
R Dudley (11 days ago)
Bailey is undoubtedly the coolest cat I've ever seen :-) :-)
Adam Watson (11 days ago)
Amazing how much love that cat had to give, so much more to animals that you can discover than you think... Rip sweet kitty 🐈 💗
Yolanda Ding (11 days ago)
1:12 "what do you think, Bailey? do u approve" at least she knows who the man of the house is
ippsy pippsy (11 days ago)
She sounds like elastase girl
Hope Ryan (11 days ago)
RIP bailey you are forever remembered 😭😢😢😭😭
Rasha Alhrout (11 days ago)
• m e x x a l i • (11 days ago)
Aww, it’s so sad,that Bailey passed away.. but he was so cute!

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