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How to Edit GoPro Footage

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My work flow of how I edit GoPro footage using Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and Cinema Tools. This is the best method I have found to make GoPro footage look it's best. Final Cut Pro Torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5787688/Final_Cut_Pro_7_with_serial_number Magic Bullet Torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6452323/Magic_Bullet_Suite_10_-_Mac
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Aztec Arts (2 years ago)
How do you fit original GoPro footage, into the "screen" for playback ... because min is smaller, and does not reach te borders of the frame ... :( Is it something i need to change IN the GoPro, or in FC ???? Thanks ....
LAschmoove Productions (3 years ago)
I have a question... I'm having trouble with my resolution when I try to use a go pro clip in Final Cut Pro. I use the 720 Super View Wide on my go pro a lot. Once I get it into final cut pro the resolution is really bad! I would like to be able to edit clips from my go pro and my mini DV camera in the same edit. Do you have any suggestions?
Matt Flood (3 years ago)
+JUSTaVagueMeMoRe it could be because of the size of the screen in final cut. Expand the preview screen. That screen is generically compressed to help fit all of the other gui elements of final cut pro on our screen. Also if thats not the problem try using go pros file converter. This video was shot with a gopro 2.
Ross Hinrichs (3 years ago)
mad screen saver
Dbest1a’s Ride (5 years ago)
no u dont . my iMac 27 runs it good
Silas Gramaglia (5 years ago)
imovie is pretty good its what i use cuz i dont want to pay if you look up some imovie tips and tricks or something like that you can find some things to help you and make it look better without final cut and sony
Duarte Carvalhosa (5 years ago)
lwc242 (5 years ago)
So how do I know if my go pro is filming in r3 or r6 etc?
James Goldstein (5 years ago)
Would you recomend imovie for beginners?
James Goldstein (5 years ago)
Do I need a powerful computer to use Final Cut Pro?
GoLeePro427 (6 years ago)
are r6 and r3 files only used with the hero 1? I've got the 2 and never heard of that before.
JØRGST3R (6 years ago)
dude, ur wallpaper rocks! love her!
Matt Flood (6 years ago)
mp4 is not supported by final cut pro
ioanniva (6 years ago)
why do you convert .mp4 to .mov?
Matt Rissell (6 years ago)
pop shove it, whatever
Matt Flood (6 years ago)
If you look I just export the whole file and don't change any export settings. Once that is finished I go onto compressor and change the file to youtube format. I don't mess with any sizes when exporting from final cut.
Matt Flood (6 years ago)
It explains how I export in this. You might be missing a step.
pierredevers (7 years ago)
nice Cloud9 wallpaper
Matt Flood (7 years ago)
When converting R6 clips to 23.98 fps use 130 % to speed it up back to normal speed
soll87 (7 years ago)
hehe yaay alana blanchard:D
Leo S (7 years ago)
where can i find that wallpaper? nice video btw!
Matt Flood (7 years ago)
R3 is originally shot in 60fps. Final cut does take 60fps but when the clip is slowed down within final cut its a choppier slow motion. Using 23.98fps you can get the maximum quality on your slow motions.
Daniel Patrinellis (7 years ago)
Hey man, great tutorial. I shoot in r3 as well but I'm curious; why do you convert it to 23.98fps? Why not 30 or 60fps?
Y R (7 years ago)
thanks... im going to try this tomorrow at school. ill let you know if it works.

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