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Top 60 Vine Magic || BestVine

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Text Comments (1034)
Damien L (14 days ago)
What channel what’s that called at 4:25
Nice editing bro it seems to be just like my editing
Ian Haenggi (1 month ago)
1:27 i see the candy crush color bomb
It's me Jassi (1 month ago)
2:42 brain fuck
BlueRoseHilbert (2 months ago)
0:51 South Park! XD
Krishna Krishna Nagarchi (2 months ago)
Zach king 2 (2 months ago)
Cool videos
Escape The Night (4 months ago)
nick smith (5 months ago)
Wais Abdelaziz (6 months ago)
ورووو ر.
Rosa Monzon (6 months ago)
PJ 🎭 Masks
Andantek Wyatt (6 months ago)
4:00 These people are Jesus
Nilda Serrano (7 months ago)
Recetas naturalez
James Gruber (8 months ago)
come to my house and teach me how to do that!
Galaxy ROBLOX GAMER (9 months ago)
0:51 THE VOICE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
دبهبوثحور2حيوحرلمثوبمولثينبةزظيميومقيولمميومبخثوونمنوروثنرزيىنيمز نو بنباقملنقمق
Loan Nguyen (11 months ago)
Ao vai
Hortencia Hernandez (11 months ago)
it is
محمد محمد (11 months ago)
Enseñame tu truco bestvine
nick smith (1 year ago)
nick smith (1 year ago)
nick smith (1 year ago)
2:54 magic juice
nick smith (1 year ago)
nick smith (1 year ago)
Nikhil Khadgi (1 year ago)
this is nothing but editing tricks
Under Brovke (1 year ago)
clumsy banana (1 year ago)
they're witches burn em imma go take a shit
Kamil Skupin (1 year ago)
rannash (1 year ago)
ALESYA NAZRI (1 year ago)
Bettie Holt (1 year ago)
Rômulo Lazaro (1 year ago)
como isso
U J (1 year ago)
C u b x D u T y huH
Keith (1 year ago)
3:14 I died
LUCIJA PAVIC (1 year ago)
Rosca Claudiu (1 year ago)
people who have not yet k
Shane Colbeth (1 year ago)
can't watch stuck on ad
Linda Wennersten (1 year ago)
{olwaysanks} (1 year ago)
1000th comment
Amina Osman (1 year ago)
RobloxBeauty m
{olwaysanks} (1 year ago)
+KawaiiMSP hiiiii
{olwaysanks} (1 year ago)
Peter Lacsina (1 year ago)
Ankit Dabas eA
Baby Venus (1 year ago)
Ankit Dabas
Mitz Padalia (1 year ago)
its all edited guys..plz do understand.
sherwin ditan (1 year ago)
do it in public....
sherwin ditan (1 year ago)
you are fake...
matej steinhauser (1 year ago)
I doubt it
Nga Quynh (1 year ago)
Nga Quynh (1 year ago)
阿瑜 (1 year ago)
agnes Tiamzon (2 years ago)
In the 4:23 that's a youtuber Jen her channel is GamingWithJen
guava duece (2 years ago)
I subbed script
Tony Bradley (2 years ago)
Rui Gabriel Socuage (2 years ago)
WOW amazing
Its Alexandria (2 years ago)
I think this is fake
This was awesome! ;)
Yui Elaine (2 years ago)
3:57, on vacation watching the sun reflect on the water, and then outta nowhere.... XD
Majed Shaibi (2 years ago)
I need this program is it on iPhone or mac ??????
Abigail Villarreal (2 years ago)
😕😂😂😂😂 what the heck is he doing at the end of the video
Abigail Villarreal (2 years ago)
مسلم عقيل (2 years ago)
Jace Ryo Arangel (2 years ago)
Magic is fake
ninom e op rafael (2 years ago)
dis is FAKE
Temoc Sarabia (2 years ago)
Temoc Sarabia (2 years ago)
stupid video
Renato Henrique (2 years ago)
Sandra Levis (2 years ago)
Is the magic real or fake
marius bidilica (2 years ago)
ArtMG (2 years ago)
You are so good ma bro zach kin g 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽
Hevelin Hevelin Santos (2 years ago)
who is this youtuber or guy, and what software is he using?
Glen Balongcas (2 years ago)
wow magic
Royal Noob (2 years ago)
he is copying zack
Free Runnerz (2 years ago)
Jesus is the only one who can walk on water
the flower one was cute
lascha 2nd (2 years ago)
Like Naruto
Official Firey BFB (2 years ago)
Skiddaddle Skiddoodle (2 years ago)
Well jesus can walk on water, but chuck norris can swim on ground
GamerGirl AWESOMENESS (2 years ago)
spot the difference👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👦👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨👨
Wiko Pawlo (2 years ago)
St St St ruttar😎😜😭😎😜😎😜😎🙌
Kylin Crumpton (2 years ago)
I Cant Stop
i love you v
Tineke de jong (2 years ago)
TutorialsBy_CatLovers (2 years ago)
Don't forget to check out my YouTube video and give it a like! Just search Luna Yoder here on YouTube.
TutorialsBy_CatLovers (2 years ago)
Oh. Well I guess stuff like that.
bouchra lina (2 years ago)
kamel kamel (2 years ago)
pedro clash BR (2 years ago)
solaiman sarip (2 years ago)
Salon Todman (2 years ago)
😱 so 😎 but not real like this 🐉
Nicola Di Crescenzo (2 years ago)
mustafa labib (2 years ago)
2:30 is so funny
mustafa labib (2 years ago)
2:30 is so funny
Rainbow Unicorn (2 years ago)
The last one was funny
Rainbow Unicorn (2 years ago)
Grizx Martinez (2 years ago)
How you do that
Pepe Gasper (2 years ago)
Leo Leo Leo
uriel fantilanan (2 years ago)
I like the giant fork
uriel fantilanan (2 years ago)
it's funny
antofaidate 1 (2 years ago)
Dương Trần (2 years ago)
2:42 just freak the heck of me out
Tomas McGovern (2 years ago)
ok Mr.candyman
redsar gamer (2 years ago)
this IS not real
Mariana Ambrotius (2 years ago)
cool haaha🌞
I like fart ballons
megon grossmiller (2 years ago)
last one was fack
TutorialsBy_CatLovers (2 years ago)
I loved everything. I really don't know ANYONE who can do those amazing tricks.👍
Free Candy (2 years ago)
all ya need is computer smartz

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