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Electric Automatic Braid Hairstyle Device Smart Hair Braider Tools Women

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Join My Facebook Page ---- http://on.fb.me/21alGsS Buy it from Aliexpress ---- http://ali.pub/fxpbt Buy it from Ebay --- http://ebay.to/1NL6Kxn Description: Twist secret is a completely new completely new hairstyle tool that is very useful for twisting hair quickly and easily. In a few easy steps, create your own stylish curls, which can be held in place later on with jewelry or bands. With the twist secret,you’re free to try out new ideas in styling: twist and curl all your hair or just a few locks, let your imagination run wild. Application: 1.You can compile the numerous pigtail, to participate in the activities you can save time, you can also put your dress more Beautiful. 2.You can also edit the ribbon on the inside of the machine with the hair, the better prepared apron with a fixed object,you can make up your hair becomes beautiful. 3.Super adorable&Handy hair braid 4.Fancy Gift option for your Girlfriend Specification: Size: 215*75*40mm Net Weight: 132g Color: Black Battery: 2*AA(Not included)
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Text Comments (6)
Chrissy Got The Coils (12 days ago)
this is a twist not a braid
Wasi Ahmad (9 months ago)
Not braide
Wasi Ahmad (9 months ago)
HoneyLatina Rox (2 years ago)
Do you know wtf a braid is?!
Shiny (2 years ago)
Every single "braid" that machine made was not a braid, it was a twist. I hate these machines that claim to do braids when they just do twists.

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