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Creed Jardin D'Amalfi "STREET SCENTS" The Series Featuring robes08

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Creed Jardin D'Amalfi "STREET SCENTS" The Series Featuring Marc aka robes08. Released in 2011 from The Royal Exclusives Line.This is a real nice Fresh/Citrus scent great for the warm weather. Comes in a Beautiful hand blown glass bottle. RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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International Harvester (5 months ago)
Brought to you by shake-o-vision!
Shaf Serious (8 months ago)
Best part of this video- *'whats going on every body? AL here!!! Street scents'*
Morgan Bayeto (1 year ago)
how To know a fake creed jardin d amalfi when you have the bottle in you hands
912alldaylong (3 years ago)
Creed should offer all their fragrances in this bottle with the sprayer even if it cost $500-$700, it would be another option.
Steeltowner (3 years ago)
2 masters of the scent game!
Moonn (1 year ago)
what about hiro and tim swetcoff ?
Josiah Stringer (2 years ago)
oh right. I gotchya
Steeltowner (2 years ago)
+Josiah Stringer I used to, I've scaled back to about 40 frags from about 80. I just don't want to shell out the cash that I once used to on frags.
Josiah Stringer (2 years ago)
Just curious do you collect fragrances. I have been collecting for bout 3 years now, and Dracdoc was definitely one of the reasons why I started.
Steeltowner (2 years ago)
+Josiah Stringer very true!
netweed09 (4 years ago)
that Leather jacket tho =]
netweed09 (4 years ago)
They have released a new line now , the one featuring Jasmine Green Tea and others, the notes look pretty interesting,,,
Hassan Abdul Hadi (5 years ago)
They both are the best on utube
Philip Yomtov (5 years ago)
Marc is the scientist, the guru, while Al is The Street King of fragrances
Yeyo Zub (5 years ago)
The Avengers... fragrance edition. Keep working together you guys. You're awesome.
Bigfoot (5 years ago)
Robes08 was cool till he blocked me for some reason, Still got Al and Dracdoc which are top notch man.
1969klink (5 years ago)
This is my next bottle of Creed.
imran zakaria (5 years ago)
marc robes08 and al fragrantic1 are together unsung heroes in fragrances world.Best to saw them work together.....rocks!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!
Rafick Bdaro (5 years ago)
Creed is such an overhyped brand! Not worth the money and it mostly a citrus and bergamot blends, done well but not worth it nothing unique
Arapaima Gold (3 hours ago)
Jardin D’Amalfi might be the only one Creed that i’m happily trade my money with. The opening scream luxury, unlike any other Creed creations.
Jermel Kidd (5 years ago)
Al. If you are going to do a review with another fragrance giant like yourself, call it Super hero edition. Too much energy in one room.
Amin C Ali (5 years ago)
Oh my god! I mean when I wanna know anything about any fragrance I search for AL,and for MARC... but seeing both of them at the same time in the same room on the same screen? Took me a while to believe it haha ! I love you both! AL; your creativity is wonderful I love you man keep on.
Jeff Yulo (5 years ago)
Marc is the beast! The best reviewe in youtube
Andrew Bryan (6 years ago)
Marc is the Nose Father of the fragrance world.
Longy (6 years ago)
Marcs Chuckle is Gold
Tangoury (6 years ago)
I subd to al of them
Shantanu Kaushish (6 years ago)
Personally,Marc got a golden nose! Man this guy should be called d father nose when it comes to fragrances
Fernando Lozano (6 years ago)
The best! cheers Al :)
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thanks that means alot
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thank You
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
Thanks for the support
Dunamis (6 years ago)
Love it two of the best together.
Nerve Salad (6 years ago)
These two noses together. At the same time. In the same room. Very cool.
Damon En Crypto (6 years ago)
my favorite guys for fragrance!!! seriously!!!
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
At the Store?
mike cano (6 years ago)
Tooo much fukin money fuk that
curtflirt2 (6 years ago)
Expensive but Creeds are worth it for the most part.
KingArthur (6 years ago)
Alot of juice ae? Far to many ineundos lol.
Wladimir Blanc (6 years ago)
Great job! The gurus of fragrances uniting.
MIngalls (6 years ago)
$575.00?? um no thanks....
MIngalls (6 years ago)
Do these fools get paid to do this shit? Seems like this is all they do lol
Unclenastynuttz 856 (6 years ago)
Great vid Al ..
eternity90s (6 years ago)
this is the sexiest mark has ever looked.
Leo B (6 years ago)
Man, can't believe you did a Street Scents with Andy Tauer. Can't wait for that one.
manicprime (6 years ago)
gave this a sniff today. didnt love it. wayyyyy to feminine for me personally.
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
@siner9598 they both giants!
Dick69Hurtz (6 years ago)
This episode was so great, it gave me shivers.
Frunk inator (6 years ago)
Awesome :-}
SmellingPimp80 (6 years ago)
Marc on street scents now this is epic! Nice job and glad to see creed was cool and let you guys shoot inside.
sf2explus (6 years ago)
great vid al and marc thats one cool jacket brother.
raidernationcali (6 years ago)
chinezyxx (6 years ago)
You will get a billion views !!
Guinea54 (6 years ago)
Really cool to see the guru on street scents. Your really doing a great job with your channel Al. you really have some epic stuff on your page. Everyone who met Marc had nothing but good things to say. Comments like "what a nice down to earth guy" etc. were said by everyone.
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
I respect this video!
Tal Gray (6 years ago)
Marc and Al at the Creed boutique epic episode! Thanks for the great vid Al!
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@QandAaren Thanks alot
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@rhaybans Tauer Street Scents this weekend
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@dapurpman The Tauer SS will be up this weekend
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@mrjoestrikesagain Yes this is a amzing Fragrance for sure
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@AvocadoBaby1212 I will bring him back soon
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@xcross20 Thank You buddy
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@alexpink7 Thank You
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@HeadscissorLuver We love u back in germany
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@DustyFuhfuhfingers Thanks that means alot to me I had a great time hangin with Marc at Creed a bunch of laughs.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@superped2 I know you will like this one
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@Johnnyboybravo Yes robes08 is awesome
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@YourFragranceGuru I will upload it soon
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@henkreuvers Bond is not as cool as Creed. I will do Bond Street Scents soon possibly Chez Bond look out for that
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@irulemuch Thank You That means alot
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@kirill19902 Thank You brother
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@silverpunk2427 Yes Andy Tauer Street Scents will be up soon he is a great guy
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@leozito2004 Thanks Partner
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@QWERTYOP80 Yes hangin with Marc was fun he is a great guy
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@Kruemel952 Dont be surprised if you see another video with us soon.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@ironman2000b Thanks alot
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@bmmelo2oo7 Thank You
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@notreveh Yes I will upload it soon Andy Tauer is a great guy.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@razscott Thank You my good friend that means alot.
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@Atmosphereification lol
STREET SCENTS (6 years ago)
@TheFashionbugs WOW Thanks buddy I had a great time hangin with Marc at Creed I'm sure he Respects your comment as well
TheFashionbugs (6 years ago)
I watched 4 times in a row! WOW this is the most important Frag comm vid next to Dan's vid about getting sent home for Aventus!
StrangeDays (6 years ago)
575? Take two!
Irishflanker00 (6 years ago)
razscott (6 years ago)
Holy mother mary of god, what a vid, AL you are a total legend my man!!
Heverton Dutra (6 years ago)
Street Scents video with Andy Tauer?!?! AWESOME! Can't wait!
Dough Haitian (6 years ago)
"I can respect that!"
Bruno MG Melo (6 years ago)
ironman2000b (6 years ago)
wow Mark and Al, great video guys...
Joe Waldow (6 years ago)
A Street scents with the guru! Epic!!! You gotta bring him back!!! :D
Stu Pidazo (6 years ago)
well done...Marc was great on this...
QWERTYOP80 (6 years ago)
The long awaited street scents with the guru! Epicness!
leozito2004 (6 years ago)
Holly Jesus, another Epic one ;)
Silver Punk (6 years ago)
Whoa! Andy tauer street scents? That's gonna be amazing to see. Can't wait
Kirill Arzhanikov (6 years ago)
Stepping it up guys. Good stuff for sure.
Óscar Ramos (6 years ago)
YourFragranceGuru (6 years ago)
Can't wait for the Andy street scents video. Great video once again.
Husse Lisboa (6 years ago)
I want that shirt!!!
GSFallDay (6 years ago)
finally!!!! great review btw
superped2 (6 years ago)
Classic episode with Marc I can't wait try this fragrance out as she may be a must buy since I am i Cali lol
elusivehigh (6 years ago)
i need a shirt man!
8o8 RagE (6 years ago)
You 2 make a good couple (no homo)
Sindri (6 years ago)
lol how tall is marc he looks like a giant compared to al :p
diesel1872008 (6 years ago)
i love it!
Tom Night (6 years ago)
I love this fragrance!! I can't wait to use it this summer!! Great video btw Al! Can't wait to see the one with Andy!!
one can't help but wonder how much dosh Marc dropped in creed? ;)
MyMickers (6 years ago)
Awesome shit! :-)

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