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Novak Djokovic: Hilarious Moments II

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http://www.tennisnow.com/ He's one of the best players in the world, but he's also one of the most entertaining. In fact, Novak Djokovic has so many amusing highlights that we couldn't fit them all into one video. Here's our second compilation of laugh-worthy moments from our favorite Serbian tennis star. They don't call him the Djoker for nothing! Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tennisnow Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tennis_now
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Text Comments (2019)
Satya Boddeti (2 days ago)
I loved it😃😃😄😄
Mr inquisitive (3 days ago)
Djokovic got me in tears..6 geese are geese-ing lolol..
TheSunnybunny2000 (6 days ago)
lela Tube (8 days ago)
acting like Maria sharapova
Daniel Falca (13 days ago)
Respect Novak.
mauro perpeti (13 days ago)
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ......bored
Martin S. (15 days ago)
Somebody wants to knock Ana
Glue Huffing (19 days ago)
I used to be a huge Novak Djokovic fan until I met him. I saw him in Serbia at a Jelena Karleusa concert, I went up to him and told him that I'm a fan blah blah (I didn't ask him for pictures or anything). And he told me: "I won't talk to you because I'm afraid I might get aids. You're clearly a disgusting transvestite [email protected] bitch. You ain't fooling anyone with that pretty face, your Adam's apple is sticking out." And he punched me in the face. All of the people around us started to laugh and I ran home crying. I was so ashame. Now I have PTSD and anorexia. 😢
Love his humor like if you agree
Victor Cv (27 days ago)
mierda de video
Qwer Rewq (30 days ago)
2:38 самый забавнй момент
Vincent Gallagher (30 days ago)
Quite the dufus.
Kaal Bhairav (30 days ago)
Djokovic doing the Neymar Roll is something I want to see.
p rajashakarreddy (1 month ago)
Top player and also a good entertainer..!!
Levon Avetisian (1 month ago)
Shit, I didn't know he's Serbian... blesses brother
Mattes Cog (1 month ago)
Anyone remember Ilie Nastase? A "nastier" version of Novak. ; )
Mangpithang Haokip (1 month ago)
I'm really2 madly fan of him😀😀😀😀
B S (1 month ago)
JR team (1 month ago)
Number one Rafa Nadal
Naresh Kumar (1 month ago)
I enjoyed...
Ante 000 (1 month ago)
Đoković je polu -Hrvat polu- Crnogorac..(mama iz Vinkovaca a tata mu je Crnogorac)Đoković nema krvne veze sa Srbijom..Čak je trebao igrati za nas ali naš savez nije znao prepoznao talent u njemu(tko ne vjeruje neka googla)..ali svejedno Hrvatska je to krv zato i je najbolji!
Mitko Ivkov (1 month ago)
Новак Джокович конечно живе далги години
Mitko Ivkov (1 month ago)
Новак Джокович супер
Mitko Ivkov (1 month ago)
Новак Джокович интелигентен
belle Cantú (2 months ago)
Grande mi Nole!!!!
Emie Mendezabal (2 months ago)
crushing them hahahahahaha
Жека (2 months ago)
I did not expect that Djokovic will be motivated by Nadal, I do not know what to even say!
digi bau (2 months ago)
5:45 I can’t breathe! 😂
leo djinga (2 months ago)
novak volim te poz
Milica Martinović (2 months ago)
He is not only a good player, first of all, he is a GREAT man, person.
Caawiye Imaam (2 months ago)
i like
Red Game (2 months ago)
Nicolas Branzea (2 months ago)
All respect for Djokovic😊😊😊😊 The Best player in my opinion,i am from România and i like Simona Halep and Djokovic
Cist Govne (2 months ago)
he is one of the best tennis player in game but also one of the biggest piece off shit of tennis how much energy he spend just to people love him what a piece of shit
Francis Castiglione (2 months ago)
Marco Sella (2 months ago)
È un grande!!!!!
drug tito (2 months ago)
Made in serbia
King savic (2 months ago)
بنوته فيكة (2 months ago)
Arman M (3 months ago)
pretty cool dude
Biagio Salvatore Baldari (3 months ago)
Sei un grande
Jack's Funny Videos (3 months ago)
Omg, why haven’t I seen this before? LIKE if you are 2018 too! I’m also trying to make some compilations. I hope you guys like them!
Ali Dervishalitovic (3 months ago)
Ooo brate
Lance Rooplall (3 months ago)
What a fantastic human being. We love you.
Pero Perovic (3 months ago)
Super si Bravo
Bruce Fake (3 months ago)
at 3:28 what has surprised me was not Nole dancing with Serena, but the tennis line judge
Shika Das (3 months ago)
Qra dj dy capryo lima (3 months ago)
Que boyolagem e essa
mohan murmu (3 months ago)
Amazing personality...
Linox (3 months ago)
Akshay Mestry (3 months ago)
We damn enjoy! This vdo
Rukiyati Kuebler (3 months ago)
Carme Verdú (3 months ago)
fitotito69 (3 months ago)
Showman its big person in the world, he beyond to the others players Good for Novac
golfilloz golfilloz (3 months ago)
¡Serena, qué gorda me caes! Mala persona, feminazi.
Gurwinder Kaur (3 months ago)
Alejandro Ambrocio (4 months ago)
I never saw a tennis game, but this make that game funny.
William Emmanuel (4 months ago)
Novak and Messi definitely are the best sportman on the planet
soul Serg (4 months ago)
Dim Lian (4 months ago)
Đoković.... ❤️ Serbia... ❤️
Eme Ele bsas (4 months ago)
Jessica Lovewell (4 months ago)
Anyone gonna mention matthew Morrison???
Peps Haven (4 months ago)
He doesn't just serve up a great game of tennis, he also gives the audience something extra to make their time there memorable. How can you not like him?
bigearedmouse17 (4 months ago)
Although mildly entertaining, None of this was Hilarious !
13R Why (4 months ago)
Chinwendu Samuel (4 months ago)
Just looked like Eden Hazard
cica maca (4 months ago)
Svako bi da izmisli toplu vodu...zloupotreba radnog mesta koja se svakako granici sa petetikom
Swagg Cosby (4 months ago)
Y a pas deux comme Djokovic !
Carlos M (4 months ago)
I wonder if him and ana ivanovic ever did it 🤔
Ahmid Siad (4 months ago)
Fabrizio Brogna (4 months ago)
Number one.
Tracey (4 months ago)
Love him..great tennis player and he has fun with it love it
Muhammad Shabbir Hassan (4 months ago)
Kindly remove females, not allowed in islam Read Quran. ALLAH your creator is talking with you Follow Islam, because no salvation without Islam
NIPUN PUROHIT (4 months ago)
The only sportsman I stan !! 😍😘😘 .. So sarcastic and full of life !!
Waleed Said (4 months ago)
Novak has been always an inspiration for all tennis lovers
BlackWidow2_2 (4 months ago)
What was the bit in chinese @7:40?
Endro San (4 months ago)
He is a humoris player, I love him
Ivan Vuksanovic (4 months ago)
The fact how many people liked (disliked) the video tell about the proportion of those who find him stunning and those who simply hate him.
GN GRAPHICS (4 months ago)
"Joke" a vich!
Hooman Sabeti (4 months ago)
ass wh
sriram murthy vankara (4 months ago)
My favourite tennis player in the world Novak djokovic
arktana (4 months ago)
さかひろ (4 months ago)
Ja Bat (4 months ago)
Naomi Osaka Beautiful, smart and strong. Bravo
Umesh Chandra (4 months ago)
the most loved and hillerious person in tennis word.....
Nigel Farage (4 months ago)
He is mocking Sharapova!
Vikas Krishna (4 months ago)
Croatian legend 😎
sila xaheer (4 months ago)
i love himmm
Mustafa Shafique (4 months ago)
I only Watched his Games..First time Watching This Video..Makes me Even Bigger Fan!!You are Fantabulous Bro :-)..A true Sports Guy!!It makes Tennis Even More Entertaining!!
Ham AlA (4 months ago)
Next level
Ms D (4 months ago)
To cute!!!
old pump (4 months ago)
Legend ❤
Lala Vezirova (4 months ago)
He is copying Sharapova
Esrale Asffa (4 months ago)
William Chao (4 months ago)
Really? The Cantonese reporter has to annotate Novak's voice while Navak is talking. Really?
Jemimah M (4 months ago)
manuel lopez (4 months ago)
Jasminka Milic (4 months ago)
Ноле је диванчик човек и тенисер.

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