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Anything You Want: Inside World's Top Men's Store

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The advent of online shopping has put all sorts of pressures on classic retail. Some stores are fighting back by improving services and keeping shoppers in store for as long as possible. Bloomberg's Tom Gibson looks inside Dunhill's Bourdon House - where male shoppers can consider purchases while having a suit tailored, a barber's shave, a spa treatment, smoking a cigar or even watching a film.
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Google User (1 year ago)
Now WHO IN THE BLOODY, BLOODY HELL would prefer to shop online than COME AND SHOP AT THAT STUNNING STORE?!?! You'd have to be as STUPID as the inbred, psychotic, malignant tumor in the white house if you did!
luomio (6 years ago)
Good story
EZE V (6 years ago)

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