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College Girls on How Long Should a Guy Last in Bed? | IDT

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College Girls on How Long Should a Guy Last in Bed? | IDT
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Yuvraj snehal (3 days ago)
Ohh bhen_chod अपनी bhen से पूछ ओर मै देता ussko satisfaction 🤗🤗
Sanjib Nandi (4 days ago)
If you are a girl then you get better answer because they will become more comfortable....
Gaurav G. (6 days ago)
45 मिनट से 1 घण्टे... साली तेरी चूत का चित्तौड़गढ़ बन जायेगा इतने टाइम में 😂😂😂😂
Royal Shapshifter (7 days ago)
It's full of virgins lol
Raashadz World (11 days ago)
27 seconds 😂😂😂
Dheeraj Pal (12 days ago)
1:44 sabse pehle ladke me kya dekhti ho, MOTI : Height Achaa, hum ladko k liye weight 😄
RYAN SREVASTAV (15 days ago)
RIP for short man
Rakesh Mehra (15 days ago)
0:39 "Last means!?" 😂😂😂
chand q (20 days ago)
1:22 👁️👄👅💋💥👘✌🏿🖕
emily walton (22 days ago)
What's that stupidity!!!!!😡
kamal singh (26 days ago)
That girl 45min to one hour..😏 Her ass will just Swell like a balloon she is just so dumbo she can't bare if a guy will fuck her for half hour also .🖕
Sunil kumar (1 month ago)
E bsdk mere smne hota na..pkka hukata...bina Hooke nhi chorte.😏hh
waqas bari (1 month ago)
Apni maa or behan se bhe ye sawal kar ja k
Tere maa ko to Mera lund chaiye
srinjoy das (1 month ago)
Bhosdiwale sabko 30 munites chaiye sale sex hai ya fir t20 ka match
The girl said 45 minutes khud ke halat 15 min mey kharab ho jati dard se inki
GOD LEVEL (1 month ago)
30 ....min ...WTF....BOY will die.....no no no ..they all want joni sen
abhi tabhi (1 month ago)
Yaar kuch boys to jaise hi muh me lo 2 min me jhad jate, phr kuch maja hi nahi ata ji
Rocky Dahiya (1 month ago)
Kyu energy waste kar har hai mere Bhai. Apne jaise do char bhaiya ne pakad ke Pakistan chala ja un Te puch ke chave hai we meri sasu k
Vivek Bhoj (1 month ago)
2 gold digger spotted
Sai Katukuri (1 month ago)
Seeing this video I was exhausted 😑
Protraderstation (1 month ago)
Aare maderchod ..kabhi sex nahi kiya bss Porn hi Delkhi hai ky ?? Sex = 20 min forplay First 2-5 min sex then stop and again start foreplay for 5 min . Then , 5 min more sex . Then you will definitely reach the heaven 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 Sex = 35 to 40 min maximum.
Harithulasidalam Appo (1 month ago)
30 minutes will be the answer if you have too much study material of Johny sins
Shamshad Alam (2 months ago)
40 mins? Omg we've to have sex or play cricket game.
amazing science (2 months ago)
Village Health Tips (2 months ago)
Ikkkk tha wata mora seta
Baneet Yadav (2 months ago)
Middle Class People : "Lasting longer" Upper Class People : "Rich boY" Lasting longer of a rich man can be improved but money cant be bought by a man with longer lasticity.
sarfraz khan (2 months ago)
Bhancho 10 min mei jaan nikal jaegii tumhari.. Salliyo
Second Arijit (2 months ago)
Girls only need f*** and money nthing else.....stay away from girls....caution😂😂
A true Indian 3 (3 months ago)
We have the largest population of young mass between 20-28 years of age..But most of them are wasting time in sex,rich-oriented greedy,tinder,multiple dating,pub,booze,bear,party ,Facebook,masturbation and these kind of nonsense QnA...I can bet most of them must not have a simple knowledge about their constitution ,economical stand of the country, the reality of education system,development of HR ,New scientific research and many more effective things .I am just 24 and I feel guilty to see this ..Waste of an advantage we have .
225M views (3 months ago)
bhai log suggestion h jo logo ko 45 min se 1 hour krna h.. bs condom lgana or lgaate time forskin ko pichhe mt krna 👍👍
rama chema (3 months ago)
fuckin hell u gotta have that booty and tits wtf these dumbwhores
sahil virat (3 months ago)
India mai esa kon bhosdi wala hai jo itni der s** kar leta hai bina Viagra, spry , gel ke
Tathagata Choudhury (3 months ago)
45-an hour. Man I really like that they think men are bulls. I would love to last 45 minutes
Sr Silolia (3 months ago)
that's why I hate Indians those speak in English
Rakesh (4 months ago)
2:38.. tu bahoot aage jayegi.
Hat saali randiya
Samirkhan Pathan (4 months ago)
30 40 min bolne waliyo ne kabhi kiya nahi shayad. Chhoot k chilke nikal jayenge utni der me. Nonstop 5 min me Choot dard ho jayegi randiyo
Sarita V (4 months ago)
agli baar tumaara ise video dekhinaa tumaareko aur sabse gandi gandi coments miltaare faltoo
Sarita V (4 months ago)
video banaane keliye kuch subject nahi milaaa tumaareko BOSEDK
Sarita V (4 months ago)
2-3 baap waare ise videos banaate , kuch kaam nahi hey , society ko gandaa karne ko paidaa hotaa hei ise battebaaj ....
Sarita V (4 months ago)
first you go and ask your mother and sister, they will give you correct answer saale....
CHOUDHARY_SAHAB (4 months ago)
Min 03:00 to 9:00 max is the time for sex above 9:00 minutes sex goes abnormal.
abhishek pednekar (4 months ago)
1 hr? She probably got trickled with didlo by someone
SOMETHING FOR YOU (5 months ago)
Height doesn't matter..how deep and strong he dig does matter stupid girls
Second Arijit (2 months ago)
ya stupid girls....all just need f*** and money nthing else
Simone Contucci (5 months ago)
This premature ejaculation treatment “fetching jonto site” (Google it) is definitely genius, I can`t thank you enough. My past relationships had never worked out because of this problem. I would last probably 3-4 minutes at the most. I tried almost everything in this plan with my present partner, I had been able to go for just under 1 hour on my try..
Shanaya (5 months ago)
Jo 45-50 min bolri he behno foreplay and sex alag hota he
Abdul Shaikh (5 months ago)
Ask these all question to ur sis and mom
baba ji (6 months ago)
India ka average sex 3 minute hai girls jyada khwab mat dekhna
Mritunjay kumar (6 months ago)
now whoever guy want to have sex with them then they should buy all the viagra and other stuff present and swallow it and then start to run half marathon
Am I Loser ? (6 months ago)
Arey yeh video main chutiyapa hai. Koi bataayega ki Kitna Der hona Chahiye ???
Desi Gaming World (6 months ago)
I'm 18 and still virgin, but when i musterbate i just last about 1 to 2 minute i do not know what is going to happen when I will get married 😯
Crazy Ghost (6 months ago)
Why only in bed ? Why not on floor 😕?
Jawad khan (6 months ago)
hahha very funny talking about smell i swear them all cunt smell lika rotten fish
life hack (6 months ago)
Idiot girls do u know 20 to 30 minutes continue pussing penis in vagina...you will cry then....you will have volvodynia for that...don't do excess ...cz excess is bad for penis and vagina...prolong sex is cause of pudendal neuralgia and chronic pelvic pain syndrome...10 minutes is enough for both.
PROUD CHECHEN (7 months ago)
45 mins to 1 hr Itna chudne ke baad laundiya 1 din tak chal bhi nhi payegi Porn dekh kar hi itni unrealistic expectations hoti hai ladkiyon ki
VICTORY 12 (7 months ago)
Lori ko....45 min se 1hr tk chahiye... Uska baap kitna der tak uska ma ka liya ki wo nikli... Ghora se chodwa ja k
Roshan Menezes (7 months ago)
Everyone is lying Coz you had Way to much experience in A short span of life.
Anirban Kar (7 months ago)
Behenchod 45min to 1 hour pehla jawab ? Poore 24 ghnte hi bol deti.. poora din chodta firta
Mrinal Gaurav (7 months ago)
Are you same guy who comes in champions league extra live?
Abdul Baki (8 months ago)
I THINK VERGINITY MATTERS if he is having for 1st time than it can be of 5 min but an experience one like me can have for 15 min or more including 4play part
Rikth Dcruze (8 months ago)
These girls have no clue!! All got their experience from porn... 45minutes and 1hours!! Holy shit!!
Makarand Pawar (8 months ago)
In today's world woman mins girls only app Sal. An khan or 2 more ok4hero but MInd kalyug don't see but belive in it??? Ans 6sens
mohammed sameer (8 months ago)
Teri behn ku puchlena jake
its For u (8 months ago)
In main see kesi ko bhi sex pata nai Ajkal k boys 10 ment muskil see Kar letty hy
Nivtesh Kumar (10 months ago)
क्यों ये बेवकूफ ब्रिटिश दास अंग्रेजी बोल रहे हैं?
Ayesha Obroi (10 months ago)
I want long sex
ram le (10 months ago)
Avinash Singh (1 year ago)
when they say 30m they mean from the start of foreplay to end until both of them come...
Mimansa (1 year ago)
Nice anchoring keep entertaining 👏😎
RIM MEHRA (1 year ago)
Jab tak lund keele se kishmish na ban jaye jab
Harsh Verma (1 year ago)
45 minute mere se study nahi hoti sex tattu hoga
I m 20, and I have fucked 4 girls untill now, in the back seat of my(dad's) merc. GLS
Satyajit Shill (1 year ago)
indian larki bakwas no hot girl
MUSIC 4 U (1 year ago)
40-45min kara to mera lund kabhi khada nhi hoga😭💧💧
Shivam Yadav (1 year ago)
Bc 1 hour matlab movie k interval tak lmao😂😂
Dark master (1 year ago)
I don't know why everybody is getting emotional on hearing 30-45 mins. I think they meant including foreplay.😐
Hack thetruthspy (1 year ago)
Circumcised cock best😊👍
Hack thetruthspy (1 year ago)
Circumcised Cock good sex half and One hours too good👍👍i have👍👍😂😂😂
Joward Peralta (1 year ago)
I fucked my girl friend 4 hours .
Samirkhan Pathan (1 year ago)
10 min me koi b ladki thak jayegi yaar
mak jelq (10 months ago)
Samirkhan Pathan abey pagal ladki ka sex to 15 min ke baad shuru hota hai... karke to deakh
Jagadeesh Baskaran (1 year ago)
God shud invent a new man to fuk u girls for 40 mins😈
Hot Munda (1 year ago)
I am hot boy & this is my no 9805021025
Zarvis Pattionson (1 year ago)
all are virgin child!!!!..
simran singh (1 year ago)
Ye gandu apna culture chor k angreez ban rye BC endian saklin tu vsy hi rahin GI bc
Bhavuk Jain (1 year ago)
who the fuck lasts for 45 min. to 1hr. ???? Even johnny sins can't satisfy that bitch. LOL
Hack thetruthspy (1 year ago)
Circumcised cock 45/1 hours can👍
visanth vijayan (1 year ago)
Bhavuk Jain They watch too much porn and doesn't have real life experience
vakum (1 year ago)
30 to 40 minutes ..madar chod...
YouTube Lover Tv (1 year ago)
Ending to acche se kr deta bhai... thoda apne aap ko dikha kr... baki sab mast tha....
Gurjot singh sandhu (1 year ago)
lambi race da ghoda punjabi jatt 7986220193
Jase Mc (1 year ago)
Wow, 45 minutes is a long time! I am able to last a lot longer than I used to now that I am using Promescent. It works really well and is available online. My girl is happy now too. ;)
Matthew James (1 year ago)
You are soooo right my friend! Love Promescent, saved my marriage!
seekandestroy77 (2 years ago)
I dated an Indian chick named Maya, and she fucked me like no other girl ever did. sometimes the guy wants to be fucked, it's hard find.
Ntox advice (2 years ago)
gold diggers
Pushkal Nath Tripathi (2 years ago)
where are we heading towards ? Indians have emerged more like dhobi. ka kutta , na western culture ka na Indian culture ka . Really feel petty for all these loosers & suckers .
utubelover H (2 years ago)
okkk he is cuttttteeee
Uzair Khalil (2 years ago)
kanjra log ho
himanshu rai (2 years ago)
10 min kae lea tum sab apnee jindagee barbaad karoo gee
Jignesh Solanki (2 years ago)
Lol all girls seems to be or are virgin and have no experiance or knowledge about the topic man so no point asking them about this
Clavers Odhiambo (2 years ago)
Love the accent
i last 2 hours..yo heavens is here waiting..
tony besta (2 years ago)

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