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Peter Man Of The Hour - Funny cartoon series by STV

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Peter Man Of The Hour! Funny cartoon series by STV #Sunnytv #STV Cartoons SUBSCRIBE MORE FUNNY CLIP!!! Subscribe channel: https://goo.gl/9XSvmN
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Text Comments (478)
Malikah Khan (1 day ago)
I love 💗 whoever made the griffins 💗📲💝💜💝💜
No NaMe Fortnite (3 days ago)
Press
Dr.T Inc (3 days ago)
I’m a guy and 95% of my friends are women (and no I’m not gay) So I can honestly say that’s pretty accurate 😂😂😂
fk u professor comedy hahaahah lmao
V0LT4G3 Codpro (4 days ago)
Peo-people think I'm fat
Keagan M (4 days ago)
You have gay
kabeer jaffri (5 days ago)
Alexa Kim (5 days ago)
V sPaNKeyBoaRd (5 days ago)
How come did this guy have 1 mil subs to 15 k
Kamron Chepps (5 days ago)
This is the animated version of timthetatmans roast
V8cko plays Games (5 days ago)
Kamron Chepps this was made first.
TheyCallMe JL (6 days ago)
Lmao I lost it with Mort 😂🤣
Christian Kuechler (6 days ago)
Just like Michael Scott
Devon Groves (7 days ago)
"Great now there all going to picture my wiener "
Glitch Eyes (7 days ago)
It’s was wired
The Strangler (7 days ago)
Why do white people love to get roasted???
Angelo Martin (7 days ago)
america wanted socially conscious shit
Martin Páleník (7 days ago)
Women suck! (no pun intended)
Anastasiya Peters (7 days ago)
no kow
Alice Angel (8 days ago)
This aint your stuff-
CHIQUIZO (8 days ago)
The wolf part fucking killed me hahaha
Daunte uflay (8 days ago)
this is just like the roast of michael scott am i right
Peter Griffin, *_The softest character in Family Guy_*
Kyler (8 days ago)
We are going to ruin so many people’s evenings
Robin (8 days ago)
Can someone ban this Channel please. Ist embarassing how he cuts ihr all the funny scenes.
faiz Yoda (9 days ago)
Don’t press read more Now your are cursed for all of 2019, Please press the like button to undo the curse
Mohit Modi (1 day ago)
I hope you get cancer
Lil Level (2 days ago)
Didnt press read more just pressed comments and it said it for me
pfpu dyujm (2 days ago)
i pressed dislike for goodluck
xxDrain (2 days ago)
If you're reading this, you're cursed and gotta send me money. Do it, you gotta!
Jennifer Vlogs (3 days ago)
faiz Yoda ok I liked. Then I unliked cuz u never said we couldn’t do that🙄
Shamylah Washington (9 days ago)
Punk Rock100 (9 days ago)
Why is RATT playing at 10:58??
Peyton Thomason (8 days ago)
Punk Rock100 omg
Lil DULA (9 days ago)
Lois: Peter are you sure you didn't cut your own breaks? Peter: that's ridiculous why would I cut my own... KIDS GET OUT OF THE WAY I CANT STOP!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Dystopic (9 days ago)
0:13 did that guy just do the orange justice dance
11:37 The Griffins send their regards
swedish dude (9 days ago)
People think im fat
YoungWavy (10 days ago)
Thisss niggaa gayyyy
Jerell Perry (10 days ago)
Was those two waitresses Peter's neices??
marquise Washington (10 days ago)
You're about a mailbox
Lawrence Ah-Weng (10 days ago)
“All our toothbrushes were in that one woman’s glass this morning.”😂😂
Edgar Avila-Armas (10 days ago)
there is so many n's in the "Sunny TV" on the screen
Roseann Cook (10 days ago)
The wolf shooting other wolves made me cry alot
Amjust Fab (10 days ago)
I feel like premature volcano
Family Guy (10 days ago)
Peter Fitzpatrick (10 days ago)
FINN THE HUMAN (10 days ago)
Girls are mean :(
Zachary Gaballa (10 days ago)
Didn’t American Dad have an episode exactly like this.
Kyler (8 days ago)
Zachary Gaballa they were created by the same people so
Koriander Yander (11 days ago)
I can attest that being friends with women is stressful. Even working with them, and trying to avoid them, they still pull you into Drama. Drama you didn't even know you were in. "Where did this Drama come from? How did I get in it? Where was my invitation to this Drama Ive been dragged in against my will?" Yep... That's why I have guy friends.
Leonie Peters (8 days ago)
I also have more guy friends than girls but you can't generalize all girls only on your experiences, there are still many girls who aren't that way. Maybe you just met the wrong persons :/ (Sorry for my Bad english, i I'm still learning)
Koriander Yander (11 days ago)
They recycled the same concept for American Dad. Roger wanted a Roast, then didn't like the outcome of the Roast.
jkmakeupmaster143 (11 days ago)
What’s the name of the episode?
Jason Springer (11 days ago)
About a mailbox. Ha
Jalil Woolf (11 days ago)
Jalil Thanks for letting me
Jalil Woolf (11 days ago)
Jalil Woolf (11 days ago)
juicy _juice (11 days ago)
thebigs (11 days ago)
I'm a little concerned of what would happen if I had my friends Roast Me. 😆🤣😆
fiof (11 days ago)
except when they are gay, then they are even more catty than women
The Brick Tester (11 days ago)
Why are you copying family guy and calling it yours
Lil Beef Ayo (11 days ago)
Wolf pack
Lisa Petillo (11 days ago)
Why do they skip the cutaways???
Anonymuz 1 (12 days ago)
*The SUNNYTV logo is unnecessary* why are your branding family guy episode's with the Logo 🤣🤣are you trying to stop other people from uploading family guy episodes, you don't own them my guy.
Hellwyck (4 days ago)
...and you don't need to put an apostrophe where nothing is owned. It's "episodes".
Niscuss Biscuss (9 days ago)
big facts
leonard barlow (12 days ago)
I like when Stewy just points out suit
Angie * (12 days ago)
The wolf joke was really sad actually...
Spasoje Kulasevic (13 days ago)
Peter is bisexual, hahaha
cosmic hype (4 days ago)
hmm always wondered how too take a mammagram thanks peter's lady friends hmm wait i did see that episode of good vibes the breast cancer shock so yeah
Squeek Tate (14 days ago)
How many people could get the mayor to show up to their roast?
Ainz Ooal Gown (14 days ago)
This is why we should not try to understand women, women understand women and they hate each other
6:20 GrEaT THeIr AlL PiCTuReiNg My WeiNEr
Gamer Ruffout (14 days ago)
TheBoyDanny (14 days ago)
January 10th anyone
Jordan Smith (14 days ago)
One like one smile Lee face
blake boi (15 days ago)
Orange justice???? 0:14
Kai Inkorporated (2 days ago)
blake boi smh. Trashnite needs to die.
blake boi (9 days ago)
+RainOOGames I know why does family guy predict everything
RainOOGames (9 days ago)
Kyle McClure (15 days ago)
Women do a lot more than gossip! They lie, they cheat! I'm sure everybody knows this!
Some dudes do that to
Lauren Mungaray (15 days ago)
4:34 they look like pigs.
Camille Nugent (15 days ago)
I just came here for the thumbnail....
Blockmastermax (15 days ago)
P I R A C Y A T I T ‘ S F I N E S T
connor anderson (15 days ago)
Tristan (15 days ago)
5:52 what you all came here for....
Michaela Cudjoe (15 days ago)
I want the deets like yesterday.
Grt124 Z (15 days ago)
Italian children XD
matty sandy (15 days ago)
American dad did it first
Symbol Guy (15 days ago)
9:48 The old Lois from the first three seasons wouldn’t do that. She’s become such a horrible person.
Symbol Guy (15 days ago)
This episode basically took the same roast idea American Dad did
TheLoser1shereVEVO (16 days ago)
Did this channel claim this show as their own
Road King (16 days ago)
Even our cycles have match up.... mind is from wiping to hard......lmao 😁
GOKU VEGITA (16 days ago)
Family guy Is Hilarious As F**K
Bleach (16 days ago)
i have some boy friends. it’s better when somebody tells u everything in front of you instead behind ur back...but it’s only to make jokes and they’re very good friends!
SK (16 days ago)
This is actually true. Men are better than women.
Laith Aljumayli (16 days ago)
Laith Aljumayli (16 days ago)
Laith Aljumayli (16 days ago)
EpcotWolfy Allie (17 days ago)
Is Joe the guy from Soarin'?
9:29 not enough fingers
June Adams (17 days ago)
Didn’t we already do this with American dad? Who cares it’s still funny:)
Dee Brown (17 days ago)
Brian is crazy and stupid
Abdellah Adim (17 days ago)
Kake kodoroooooodo
Dee Brown (17 days ago)
Peter is crazy
Mike signs (17 days ago)
I love that Ida was there
Head & Shoulders (17 days ago)
I hope the video is not Going to have different Shots every 10 seconds
DaRk AkaCaTfish (17 days ago)
4:20 Look at his chin ... that looks wrong
You didn't make it, don't watermark it
Wifey Ally (17 days ago)
2:47 "No! Boooooooo."
Mini Man Gum lum (17 days ago)
Mariah Tarness (18 days ago)
Not fat fluffy lol
LiLMARSLI (18 days ago)
This is Episode 16 from Season 13
AnimeXtremex (18 days ago)
It's is pretty true half the time. That being friends with guys at least they say things to your face but you know they still accept you. But if you're being an asshole they'll at least let you know. I should know, a lot of my friends growing up with guys, only a few were girls. I mostly liked hanging with the guys cause there was no drama. There was nothing to worry about and they told it how it was and even if we made plans they never ditched me like my other friends that were girls. The minute a girl get's a date it's all over and the forget you exist. Girls can be so damn vicious to each other, especially ones like that. If you're laid back kind of girl and you know friends come first and know that sometimes things have to be said, then you're actually a good friend to have. but if you're just going to talk behind each others back, why be friends? If anything for all the guys I was friends with we made fun of each other to our faces because we thought it was funny! That only friends can really say shit to each other without worry because we know we still accept each other. But it's like girls like them have to be completely different about it. That some girls just love to hate on others. That's why I always found it easier to be friends with a guy, I never had much of a problem with them.
Nicole T (18 days ago)

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