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White Girl (Funny Google Images)

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Text Comments (743)
serena is stupid (5 months ago)
0:19 i rewatched this part a lot bc its funny and adorable
sakura_rain (1 year ago)
1:28 he sounds like Fred
Rebekah Vollbracht (1 year ago)
the fire in hell is what the angels use as a disinfectant
Micah Jean (1 year ago)
2:10 omfg the voice goddamnit
Micah Jean (1 year ago)
1:28 dead.
ME (2 years ago)
this is going to blow everyones mind, but I am a withe girl and have never had Starbucks… mostly cause we don’t have it here in Sweden…
Mordin Solus (2 years ago)
You are beautiful
Albert Riley (2 years ago)
I would fuck that misty
Donna Robinson (2 years ago)
Cameron. Dallas. Is bad for life
Donna Robinson (2 years ago)
Good pictures. I like it
brandy adams (2 years ago)
Poor thing, still waiting for senpai to notice him :P
Idkman (2 years ago)
He met Andy and was in a video with him, if you meant Andy...
Mu5ical_Tim3_TWwin5 (2 years ago)
Sunga Ngwirr (2 years ago)
That dance.......that beautiful dance.
Emily Victoria Tudor (2 years ago)
youre hot as fuck at the begining and you know it
Touqa Ackerman (2 years ago)
Ayushman Sharma (3 years ago)
she's cute
Isaac TV (3 years ago)
Farmers Only.com
Pink Panther (3 years ago)
1:30 he sounds like Fred.
Kendall Rose (3 years ago)
glad I'm not the only one who thought that 😂
Christen Turner (3 years ago)
if you had to choose 1)Greg Onision 2)Andy Biersack
peaches (3 years ago)
this has nothing two do with this video but i was working on my shipping wall and the paper got stuck to the wall. no tape or anything.
peaches (3 years ago)
+??? magic. haha jk probs static electricity from my arm rubbing against the wall while taping other pics
??? (3 years ago)
+Sophia Kehl how?
Zoey Mello (3 years ago)
im hot😏
Madison O claire (3 years ago)
am I the only one who got excited when Cameron showed up... 😰
Catly Can (2 years ago)
+Madison O claire hahah it happens lol
Madison O claire (2 years ago)
That was a long time ago now I don't really like him so much, it was probably just a phase I went through
Catly Can (2 years ago)
I didn't so......so far....yeah!
Taliyah Gabrielle (3 years ago)
Madison Livesay (3 years ago)
.......u look more like hurler than Andy Beirsack......
XXX REY (3 years ago)
dam boy u so raises
ZakTheCthulhu (3 years ago)
I love your emo hat vids
Cat Hoffmann (3 years ago)
"Mama, when can we eat food?" "SHUT THE FUCK UP BILLY, MOMMY'S TAKING A SEXY PICTURE!!!!" X'''''D
mikeywave (3 years ago)
At 0:38 is it just me or is something wrong with her arm?
+GothicGamerz yes the arm is shorter then the left one
Camillina (3 years ago)
," Uhhh Therapy......," Laughed my ass off :3 I have no ass now D'X No more miss bubble butt.
Quinta YouTube (3 years ago)
https://www.musical.ly/v/MzY4NjE0NTA0ODM4NTA5ODU1MTI5Ng.html (I'm white girl)
Quinta YouTube (3 years ago)
Copy and paste the link
Themasterslayer44 (3 years ago)
at 2:14 i lost it xD
joshua collins (3 years ago)
well if andy goes back to heaven then i geuss we have greg
ALDAVLOGS (3 years ago)
Melodyrush (3 years ago)
uknow (3 years ago)
He  kinda sounded like Chibi lol xD
Generic Internetter (3 years ago)
2:21 Greatest 3 seconds on Youtube.
TylerIsTrax (3 years ago)
when did Fred get on this show
Prince (3 years ago)
and I take what he says seriously cause I'm a ducking dumb shit!
Eric Herrera (3 years ago)
why do you look like hitler
liamame (3 years ago)
"Mommy, when can we eat food?" I died.
DRTY D (3 years ago)
now search black girl. if you don't then youre racist for just picking on white girls. :-)
Mu5ical_Tim3_TWwin5 (2 years ago)
Okay seriously,get the hell over your fictional bulls**t. He's not picking on white girls. And he's not racist. Look up the term DIPWAD.
DRTY D (2 years ago)
truth hurts a! :-)
Jessica Williams-Daley (2 years ago)
Oh shut up
Jordan Robinson (3 years ago)
that beep at 0:11 scared the crap out of me, damn surround sound boom box...
Ecchi Predatoes Beware (3 years ago)
One thing, if this is a comedy channel and not to be taken srsly why do you get so upset about..veganism kind of shit and feminism? lol you are so pandering to assholes..feminists..and liberal kids who barely know enough about the world to live correct.
Rillis The Creator (3 years ago)
+Dylan Gawron ha ha he totally is that exact person
Rillis The Creator (3 years ago)
+Ecchi Version Of Liquid he is a comedy channel so yes he is just trying to waste time
Rillis The Creator (3 years ago)
+Ecchi Version Of Liquid hay if you don't like him don't watch his vid or are you just some dumb fan with no life
Siren18 (3 years ago)
Actually I was referring to what he said, being along the lines of  "this is a comedy channel and if you're taking it seriously you have other issues"
Siren18 (3 years ago)
+Ecchi Version Of Liquid 1:27
Akarra (3 years ago)
Made my day xD
2011killjoy (3 years ago)
"*sigh* therapy."
Cliché Depressed Girl (3 years ago)
I thought the breasts on the woman at 2:23 were her babies...
Aleks (3 years ago)
Aleks (2 years ago)
Dont invade my layers
Infernal Blaze (2 years ago)
Shrek is love, Shrek is life. That guy sure loves it up his ass.
Napraznicul Elias (3 years ago)
Who's the fucktarded girl on the begining of the video? Cause this haircute was EXTREMLY popular in Europe before he used it. I were it myself, i prefer long hairs cause i (Look like a girl? YEAH A HAIRY AND MUSCULAR BOY-GRIL) can do the "helicopter" or the head banger ya know
Raye Taye (3 years ago)
You've got 666,687 views holy shit man.
brooklyn (3 years ago)
0:49 I'm obsessed with Instagram, I go on Tumblr to fangirl, and I flat iron my hair (because it's curly and painful)... White girl alert.
benis (3 years ago)
onision is the only person who makes me fell sane
lilly frost (3 years ago)
And now I know where the term holy shit comes from you're so educational Greg ^.^
Keke Grant-Floyd (3 years ago)
Seriously, what is that thing in the background.
MissyMarie Moon (3 years ago)
Heaven Reasner (3 years ago)
pretty sure cameron dallas isn't your ex
rhi (3 years ago)
at  1;20 she kinda looks like charlie
Caleb Ballard (3 years ago)
+rhi adeline Hello! :)
rhi (3 years ago)
+rhi adeline 1:30 oops
gage oliver (3 years ago)
Tronald Dump (3 years ago)
Onision looks like Hitler with that hair cut and mustache.
Louise Maxwell (3 years ago)
That "Hi Andy" though 😂😂
bella medina (3 years ago)
"oh isn't that precious- she drew on her face" HAHAHA
Lørd Particle (3 years ago)
This is one of his funniest videos in my opinion
John Banks (3 years ago)
"I should have ABORTED YOU!!" XD
TheReject001 (3 years ago)
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
Onision looked so badass with that haircut.
Mordin Solus (2 years ago)
Just read this whole arguement. Sounds like john Lorenzo is just another triggered 10 year old
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
+Bonnie Bunny Bitch, I'm immortal!
Foksi Hamada (3 years ago)
I thought you died but I guess I was wrong
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
+Glen Blacksmith So true
jaxmine (3 years ago)
He said he had had a wife so can we see your wife and he is really nice looking
Cristal Reynaga (3 years ago)
Not camoron dallas
Nightcore Char (3 years ago)
I loved that high pitched voice omg XD
sarah buttneck (3 years ago)
Once I was in a school group with a boy and my friend (a girl). My friend pulled out a black and white flash drive. I said that it looked like a storm trooper. The boy said that I didn't even know what storm troopers were, and I accidentaly said they were black people in white suits. He completely died of laughter, and I did too XD. I meant to say the people in black and white suits.
ExplorerMike99 (3 years ago)
Is onision gay?
Holley Martinez (3 years ago)
+crazymustang99​ Yea, I found out that he likes pots and pans....
ExplorerMike99 (3 years ago)
he likes pots and pans?
Dino Dragon (3 years ago)
He's pansexual
YL on the beat (3 years ago)
He has said he is not gay, but that he thinks love is love and that Andy Biersack is an amazing person.
ExplorerMike99 (3 years ago)
but he says he loves andy nutsack
Kottoro (3 years ago)
Did he call all Drag queens prostitutes?
sr. wart (3 years ago)
0:38 That Would Be My life if you replaced it with the following Things:\ ~Pizza ~XBOX ~Soda ~Videogames ~My Labradoodle Maisy ~ <Insert Gamer things here>
Tobias Darwin (3 years ago)
I luv ur vids!!
cshocc (3 years ago)
꓄ꃅꍟ ꃅꍏꌗꃅ ꌃꋪꂦꅏꈤ ꂦꎭꁅ
Fellow Commenter (3 years ago)
I dont understand the stero typical of white girl. Yeah im white. Im a girl. So wat? I like nutella, i like to look pretty. I like to wear cute clothes. SO?! Tf is wrong with being white?! I looks cute on the outside i can be a demon on the inside
Fellow Commenter (3 years ago)
+mike hunt not sure if you are being sarcastic or not
Siren18 (3 years ago)
What are you talking about
Siren18 (3 years ago)
+Fellow Commenter 1:27
TheBlackCat Gamer (3 years ago)
Lolz the fun part is that you said that girls don't look good with out make up but really if you think about it, there pretty ouch putting shit on tgere eyes, don't get me wrong I'm not saying it does anything bad or that it looks bad but...your litroly putting SHIT like poop on your face, look it up, ask your mom...cause for reals XD it's funny
phume 2000 (3 years ago)
That is solo fuckin mean wat ppl said any ur hair its your hair u can do wat ever u want to it and 0le that sed that can go die in a hole Love you so much +UhOhBro amdI also love Andy Biersack to bits and so wat you love him too its called being a fan
Prisms Edits (3 years ago)
L Lawliet (3 years ago)
Maybe the girl at 2:05 has bad glasses and though it said "30 cups" instead of "3 cups"...
Nicholas Faustas (3 years ago)
+L Lawliet -coughcough- mey-rin-coughcough
AnimeAddict (3 years ago)
Onision is so handsome :o)
Emily Lyn (3 years ago)
cameron dallas omg
Fez (4 years ago)
What he said in his high pitch voice is so true
roadlimoster (4 years ago)
Vaginas R gross! BUT the Penis is Like A North pole Magnet and the Vagina Is Like a South pole Magnet. That Last Vagina was hot, she was a west Coast Mexican Asian Mix.
TheFreeViper (4 years ago)
Wut??? :{]
EnderGaming YTY (4 years ago)
You copycat im him
LimegreendolphinTDM (4 years ago)
oh wait this is UhOhBro now i sound like an idiot. Whateves!
Nasra Ali (4 years ago)
*magcon fandom comes out the cuts*
riyad salh (4 years ago)
Remek H. Fifer (4 years ago)
U r poor.
RageDrakax (4 years ago)
So what Onision said at the end I'd like to add That hell is a diarrhea wasteland
RageDrakax (3 years ago)
+Aspen Lillyflow I know right?
Aspen Lillyflow (3 years ago)
v legit hax (4 years ago)
idunno but with the beard you kinda look like a nazi...
The tsum tsum gals (4 years ago)
Who fucking cares??Its a haircut.
Brooke Trotter (4 years ago)
Omg..Cameron 😂😂😂😂😂
baby sweet tea (4 years ago)
in almost every video he say whats up guys .. any body notice that 
tae's gucci slides (4 years ago)
;3바나나진 (6 months ago)
Cute Dinosaur (9 months ago)
I know sounds like a cartoon baby 😂
Lemon (1 year ago)
manly eyeliner It makes me want to slit someone else’s wrists.
Hayden Secord (4 years ago)
kittygal11 (4 years ago)
Dave Strider (4 years ago)
Ahh i love that super high pitched voice of the tumblr blitch.
Kitty Gaming (4 years ago)
0:59 the picture is Cameron Dallas srry if i spelled it wrong
bbyHun ✿ (4 years ago)
bbyHun ✿ (3 years ago)
+MortalMinecrafter GamingVids So what even if he was? Is being gay wrong?
KillKhrissy (3 years ago)
Is gay
bbyHun ✿ (3 years ago)
Harlei Stewart (3 years ago)
Yaaasss bishhhhh
julie peanut (4 years ago)
Destiny Vasrani (4 years ago)
Cameron Dallas
Stewie Griffin (4 years ago)
what da fuck is this UHOHBRO guy Obsessed about some Emo fuck face.... and your Homo.... and Gay !
Stewie Griffin (4 years ago)
ofcourse im better than him....and your the same Homo like him because you back him up.....homo
The tsum tsum gals (4 years ago)
As if your any better than him
Articulate Fox (4 years ago)
But angel $#!* is snow
irene Eacmen (4 years ago)
Sara Piniewski (4 years ago)
Is he gay cause I thought he had a wife

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