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Top 10 Most Complimented Best Mens Fragrances of all Time

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Best Colognes for Men, Best Fragrances to get Girls 2:25 Bleu De Chanel EDP 2:41 Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo 3:02 Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 3:31 Jean Paul Gaultier Ultramale #10 4:24 http://geni.us/Rmkx #9 5:06 http://geni.us/BMKkMP #8 6:11 http://geni.us/ywaXrER #7 7:21 http://geni.us/GpD6aBM #6 7:52 http://geni.us/HOAWLB #5 9:12 http://geni.us/9TdI #4 11:30 http://geni.us/wxo8F #3 13:00 http://geni.us/lvfk #2 15:08 http://geni.us/oYGhaA #1 15:57 http://geni.us/ke9HxJ Top 5 Fragrances for Men: http://amzn.to/2yBNsWk Top 5 Fragrances for Women: http://amzn.to/2zCqcYA My Camera Equipment: http://amzn.to/2yANy27 Must Have Products (that I 100% use): http://amzn.to/2l2Wl8z Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeremyFragrance Instagram: https://instagram.com/jeremyfragrance/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeremyfragrance Web: http://www.jeremyfragrance.com Jeremy Fragrance is a participant in the Amazon Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon Affiliate Links.
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Text Comments (3944)
mikixP (10 hours ago)
You forgot Clive Christian no1 ;)
Martin Shorty (14 hours ago)
I have Eau de Savage by Christian Dior and I can tell you that I love it...I boughted when I saw Johnny Depp😁😁in the commercial on tv...
Bilal !! (17 hours ago)
Heyy jimmy lanester😂😂😂
LastSecond23 (20 hours ago)
Kiton Men didnt make the list - best Cologne Out There.
Gift Oyisama (21 hours ago)
Hi Jeremy, what do think about Narciso Rodriguez blue noir eau de toilette for men
rapturedpassage (23 hours ago)
But you still prefer La Nuit D Lhomme over Creed Aventus?
Lytning (1 day ago)
5:48 😂🤣🤣dead
EB (1 day ago)
Jeremy, a little of topic question. What watch do you wear, is it any of Breitling?
ZAX DC (1 day ago)
Is there something girls don't like?
Ash Jackson (2 days ago)
Creed Aventus is not only the greatest, it's one of the only ones in that list that actually gets better the hotter you get, and you can still smell it on your clothes long after that have been washed. Yes, it is expensive, but considering it's the same price as every one of the Top Ford Exclusive range, of which most are crap, it's definitely a must have. That said, you can also have a similar smell, but without the durability in The Orchid Man by P Frappin & Cie.
Bryan Stoutz (2 days ago)
What a douche....
Jose Pedro Costa (2 days ago)
As I answer in other channel, here I am. I believe now is time to refresh my options and your channel seem me a good one to restart. I like this list and i hope to find another wise advises. I think now I will start to see your playlist.
LogicPak (2 days ago)
Guys don’t buy these fragrances blindly! I came across this channel last week and just took delivery of the YSL Nuit De L'Homme and the Dior Sauvage, Based on this guys review, and I can honestly say I’m disappointed. I wouldn’t even compliment myself wearing the Nuit De L'Homme let alone get one from others. Always test these scents in person before buying!!
Sumirosa (1 hour ago)
I agree. I bought a women's fragrance because he recommended it. I hated it! but at least I bought a sample only.
max larsen (2 days ago)
Dior savage is like, Avicii - Levels 😀
greentea (3 days ago)
This is how to sell folks
Slotrainco 1 (3 days ago)
jean paul gaultier to the power of two....,perry ellis m
Slotrainco 1 (3 days ago)
ysl m7 fraiche
Kailani Mccaffrey (3 days ago)
Very helpful...thanks for sharing!
Sean Yeates (3 days ago)
Name one person who doesn't like the ChaCha Slide ... Still waiting...
Pablo Brunetto (3 days ago)
Pelase dont use the name of god....
Shuki Hammy (3 days ago)
Bought every Men’s cologne recommended by not only Jeremy but other respected reviewers too. I work in the airport where I walk past hundreds of lovely women daily. NOT ONE COMPLIMENT EVER....EVER. Unless I’ve missed it here’s what Jeremy is not telling us ... Jeremy is a friggin good looking beast!! Women around the world want him in their pants and Jeremy can pretty much get any woman anywhere! He’s tall, gorgeous, well dressed, and now he’s even rich!! He has everything a woman wants!! Most of us don’t!! So from noticing how friggin amazing Jeremy looks I’ve determined I must do 2 things 1-Lose lots of weight to look fabulous 2-Dress amazingly sharp to look fabulous I’m sure after this I will start to get compliments Tell them Jeremy!!
Reno2324 (4 days ago)
I'm watching the video.. I'm at the spot that you are about to say your number one. You said expensive bla bla bla.... if I were to guess right now... it's AVENTUS!!!
Cailou has Ligma (4 days ago)
which fragrence will give you ligma
Keon Phillips (4 days ago)
Man I love your reviews . You're the picasso of fragrance reviews .
racinglill (4 days ago)
I have a lot of fragrances as well and get several compliments on Sauvage, Kouros, and Invictus but my new favorite and most complimented is Y by YvesSaintLaurent . I have Creed as well and surprising I don't get that many commits on it for the price you would expect you would though I have had some. There is not to many fragrances that not leaning into the more unisex sent, they are becoming all sweet with weak top notes. I had a ton of compliments on a cheap bottle call Driven Warm CedarWood by Derek Jeter but has been discontinued but there are few bottles on ebay at a huge mark up.
M F (4 days ago)
Damn this guy is beta af seeking validation in girls compliments
No No (2 days ago)
Time for you to go back to 2017. No one gives a fuck anymore.
Jouz_Drummer_ FeL (4 days ago)
Spinderella boom
Jason Geldmacher (4 days ago)
A&F??? Really? Lost all credibility with that one. Major fail. That's a kids fragrance, not for men.
devan fields (5 days ago)
Bought a sample of creed aventus. Pure headturner. Dior sauvage is my go to right now
No No (2 days ago)
How long does Sauvage last on you?
LogicPak (5 days ago)
Dude I don’t buy this whole “most complimented fragrance” malarkey, I always smell good and have over 200 different fragrances, and rarely does anyone give any compliments. And you probably only get the compliments because you’re quite good looking and the ladies are chatting you up. Or maybe it’s because I live in England where people generally keep themselves to themselves, I don’t know :/
No No (2 days ago)
William Mayer (2 days ago)
I'm in London and not especially good looking but I do regularly get compliments on the fragrances I wear, including today when I was complimented twice, both by women. This was L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer. Le Labo fragrances also get me a lot of compliments, while a friend of mine gets the same from his Tom Ford mini-collection. Interestingly though I don't own any of the fragrances mentioned in the video, despite having a collection of around 100 bottles. I do have a sample of Aventus, but never wear it because it's FAR too popular - it seems like there's always someone wearing it wherever I go.
Jona than (5 days ago)
Absulutely hurensohn amk
Reve14twelve (5 days ago)
I'm an outdoor salesman, which cologne should I wear?
No No (2 days ago)
What do you sell?
Arnel Garcia (5 days ago)
Seriously without wearing colongne I can see why girls are complementing you. Just watching your video looks like your seducing women lol. But I can also see that you might have your own line of cologne in the future and modeling it. I need my cut on this idea lol.
Only One God as None has a right to ne Worshipped except Allaah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.
rofland (6 days ago)
Hey Jeremy, thanks for your great videos, i love the passion you have and appreciate your tips. I just bought Creed Aventus 2 weeks ago at a Pieper Store in Germany. The woman there sprayed with a tester on my hand and the smell was amazing and lasted really long. Now i had to find out, that the 100ml that i bought just havent got that great boom smell, and not seem to last nearly that long, and no one noticed it btw when i was wearing it. Do you think i just catched some bad batch? It's A4218B01.
Ti Co (6 days ago)
Lol are you coked up?
Mehnaz Begum (6 days ago)
tom cruse???
Michael Madsen (7 days ago)
Does allure homme sport eau extreme smell much better than the normal allure homme sport?
No No (1 day ago)
Because colognes smell different on different people. Your skin has a lot of bacteria... that will interact with it. For me? Eau extreme is better.
Michael Madsen (2 days ago)
No No why cant u say yes or no?
No No (2 days ago)
Go to the store and ask for a smell.
Aryan Zarei (7 days ago)
Hey man, great video! Only had a question, do you know by any chance where or how can I get the Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme Eau de Toilette Spray 2009 or 2011 series or batch from? thank you!
Lee Faulkner (7 days ago)
Man dat smell awesome I want to wear dat 🤣🤣
Salim Musah (7 days ago)
You look like a narrow shouldered douche
Andréas (8 days ago)
Been using #5 YSL La Nuit De L'Homme since 2014 and I've been the go to hugger guy since...whether I like it or not, everybody comes in for a hug and sometimes even a kiss on the cheek. It truly is a panty dropper.
ZebreI10I (8 days ago)
at one point he says you can't please everyone with one scent then most reviews are about how all girls like those perfumes
Ivaylo Manasiev (8 days ago)
Michael Jackson and Michael Schumacher - my favourites 🤩
Anderson Araujo (9 days ago)
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷bleu de CHANNEL..very good
King Abdow (9 days ago)
16:23 that Parfum name Pls 🙏🏾!?
TheChosenOne (10 days ago)
I actually believe this. Really good brother. I'm looking at Sauvage and Aventus.
No No (2 days ago)
Versace Eros is another good one.
Affilistuff (10 days ago)
These are above average scents - not the best in the eyes of women. But this guys knows his stuff for the fact that he has no big data pool to analyse. Also, these are most complimented, most women like them, don't love them. There is a BIG difference.
Dr. Andy Walmsley (10 days ago)
It's worth remembering, you can spend 30k on a watch, 500 on shoes and 300 on a fragrance - but if you have a personality of a _________ (insert pejorative term) they will only get you so far (even with strippers and diamond diggers) Being polite and respectful, will get you more compliments. That said, who doesn't like to smell good.
Michael Enns (10 days ago)
Chanel allure homme sport eau extreme is my number one spot
ZIPPY TAKIN OVER (11 days ago)
Thoughts on sauvage?
5m4llk1ng (11 days ago)
use no fragrance and u still gonna get lots of compliments :D
Felipe Lobos (12 days ago)
I'm on a budget so which would be the cheapest best smelling perfume for a 18 year old.
The caballero (13 days ago)
Hey......whats up with 1 million??
Kamal Boss (13 days ago)
Hey Jeremy kannst du mir deinen Schneider empfehlen? Deine Anzüge sehen top aus!
Jose Luis (13 days ago)
What is your take on Green Irish Tweed vs Aventus vs Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace? I only own about 50 fragrances but my number one is Green Irish Tweed followed by Scent of Peace followed by V by Valentino (discontinued and EPIC)
Pardon Me (13 days ago)
DHI has my vote over Valentino Uomo Intense.
CassieAfricanQueen (13 days ago)
U would get compliment regardless of your cologne, even sleeping in a cardboard box. Wow 💋💋💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽
CassieAfricanQueen (13 days ago)
New subbie here. Do you also review women fragrances?
AlexGW (13 days ago)
Sauvage, and CK IN2U. My personal favourites.
KNGPIN GANGSTA (13 days ago)
I'm over buying super high priced cologne!....been there done that!......I buy the oil...it lasts so much longer and is a fraction of the price!
Kleit Olldashi (14 days ago)
why isn't any tom ford fragrance in your list?
Juny Evo (15 days ago)
My respects to you Jeremy you're the guy of fragrance damn always watching you're videos keep doing it bro love from Puerto Rico.
beast mode muscle (15 days ago)
This video is only for players lol
Akash kittu (15 days ago)
Your opinion on brut by Faberge and Jovan musk orange?
TeZ Zap (15 days ago)
Knob head
G NUNES (15 days ago)
Wonderful Man
salman yasien (16 days ago)
Have used almost all of them other than 3 4 spot.. they are all good.. but tomford tobacco oud and creeds are on an other levels.. if anyone who cant afford creeds then he should try to search for afnan supremacy.. very close to creeds and really cheap nd last few hours easily..
amoredfist (16 days ago)
i own bulgari men in black, viktor & rolf spicebomb, ysl la nuit de lhomme, nikos sculture, diesel only the brave, black xs, ck be etc. but girls just love, LOVE 1 million. so many compliments when wearing this.
Nicholas Martin (17 days ago)
Bvlgari man extreme?
Blake Hamilton (17 days ago)
I have the Dylan blue it’s amazing
david hz (17 days ago)
Hahaha...tankyou Jeremy; you are fastastic !!
Toronto3 77 (17 days ago)
Jeremy! Video about CH privé for men, want your opinion on this one
Claudia Yanira Rojas (18 days ago)
Shopping time for my hubby! Thanks Jeremy 😊
Mr.Guyton (18 days ago)
You know I've watched a few of your videos and its crazy you dont have any of the Bond No. 9 colognes. Nor did a video on any of them. 🤔 Have you ever tryed any of them?
tony Tony (18 days ago)
i bought la nuit after this and agree its sexual as fuck
No No (2 days ago)
Yeah, it is.
boofgaude (19 days ago)
They sell Acqua do gio at Walmart
Munsif Khan (19 days ago)
This is epic presentation
Please Review the new fragrance of Carolina Herrera 2018, CH Men Insignia.
Amarildo Kuka (20 days ago)
Respect, Jeremy, can you make ch man prive review please!?
Tony Griffith (20 days ago)
~ Good looks, grooming, grammar, and confidence , along with a great fragrance spells success!. Well done Jeremy. It;s nice to see a man passionate about something, many others may find to be a female thing.
Livudenflaeskesteg (20 days ago)
Is he Danish ? His accent is very Danish
No No (2 days ago)
Alexander Kennedy (20 days ago)
How much they will cost all
Alexander Kennedy (20 days ago)
Hey kguysssss
Alexander Kennedy (20 days ago)
Oh sorry he's British (I think)
Luthfur 84 (21 days ago)
Thanks Tommy wiseu....
Deadstock Gaming (22 days ago)
Jeremy puts off a real American Psycho vibe. Subscribed.
Adriana Patricia (22 days ago)
Todos sexy amoooo
Adriana Patricia (22 days ago)
Reece Thomas (22 days ago)
I really gotta talk to my dad he still wears Brut 33
No No (2 days ago)
If he's still with your Mom, that's why.
Chuckerz (22 days ago)
hey do you know anything about pheromone concentrates?i actually bought one,and poured it in a fragrance,tried to make my own super scent..fail..unless i did it wrong,but the pheromones smell like ball sweat,on purpose its suposed to smell strong but bad
No No (2 days ago)
Human pheromones in concentration smell like shit. You create your own, no need to buy more....
Scott patton (22 days ago)
I just bought creed aventus and Chanel and versace
No No (2 days ago)
Good man. Now, if you're new to using them... watch videos on how to apply. Too much ... and it's worse than a clean shower.
Food For Thought (23 days ago)
When he twirled I thought he was going to morph into Wonder Woman!
mati261000 (23 days ago)
Creed is the most expensive. Good commercial. Most of these fragrances are for gays. If you are a man and want a fragrance that most women love.......Terre by Hermes. Unforgettable!
Reggie Jones (23 days ago)
I like his fake quasi American accent. I wonder what his first language is? 😊
remus goldii (18 days ago)
Reggie Jones german
Sambuccashake (23 days ago)
Dior Sauvage was extremely average on my skin. Aventus leaps and bounds beyond it. So... try before you buy!
9:46 the funny thing is that i smash my hea in the wall
MusTaif S (23 days ago)
Thanks for your efforts you puT out love you!
SilentKnight1000 (24 days ago)
Does anyone know which is the 1 where he talks about Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum?
No No (2 days ago)
It's pretty new. However, I have tried that... smells really nice.
MrAntWaters (24 days ago)
So happy Valentino uomo made it. Best fragrance ever made
SB Hunter (25 days ago)
Armani attitude?

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