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Download Torrent files Using IDM new 2012

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songs 1 - The way i see the world 2 - Dj next - hit summer 2010 dj fastbass remix 3 - Afrojack STEREOSONIC 2011 aftermovie Internet Download Manger[IDM] download link http://jumbofiles.com/zad9fjnqim16 IDM crack Download Link http://jumbofiles.com/x3n3b72cm6dj
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Text Comments (20)
SK (5 years ago)
maan i tired of downloading low size torrents. is there any way to download more than 1GB of torrent size
Glinson AJ (5 years ago)
.kings of Stupids will not understand if nythng goes fast.
Tintu Mon (5 years ago)
how we an understand if you are going fastly stupid..
Glinson AJ (5 years ago)
after ur caching and ziping has done and your download started ...u have to remove it from the zbigz by clicking that trash button thn ur problem will be solved
Mayank Yadav (5 years ago)
But its saying error that u dont have preium membership so anythig upto 1gb can be downloaded not more than that
mario Belnavis (5 years ago)
what theme is that?
Mrfux 97 (5 years ago)
the link say file not found
lokesh krishnan (5 years ago)
dude.. but how to download some torrents in which .torrent file itself not downloading.... it asks me to download using magnetic link.... how to download this types of torrents using idm....?
Glinson AJ (5 years ago)
remove and try again.... perfectly works with a speed of min 50kbps
Mrfux 97 (5 years ago)
the download say.file not found
Glinson AJ (6 years ago)
try clearing your history / delete the previous cached torrent in zbigz.com ...
TARUN YADAV (6 years ago)
sir after zipping completed a new window is opening in which error is occured oops google chrome did not find this linl...........like this plz help me
Glinson AJ (6 years ago)
did u enable ur browser with idm check tat out....
Glinson AJ (6 years ago)
ur welcome ...... mrpochz....
Glinson AJ (6 years ago)
roman plz subscribe if it has helped u...
Sensai Roman (6 years ago)
i now use only IDM thanx man ....keep it up
Glinson AJ (6 years ago)
plz subscribe and keep updated wid new tut's tanx for the comment u guys r awesom
Vijay kumar.k (6 years ago)
Very Helpful i have broadband BSNL now i get 250kbps in IDM tanx.......
Drex aey (6 years ago)
awesome gud job
Glinson AJ (6 years ago)
tanx jackie "Subscribe" and "like"

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