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Counting with Charlie & The Numbers - Charlie Meets Number 2 | BabyTV

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Learning numbers and counting turns into a fun adventure with Charlie! Charlie gets a ride to the Number's party with Number Two. On the way, they meet two dragons blocking their way -- will they make it to the party on time? Join Charlie and his number friends and enjoy learning all about the numbers 1-10. Subscribe now: https://www.youtube.com/c/BabyTV?sub_confirmation=1&feature=iv&src_vid=KxzHO17LbCg&annotation_id=annotation_199975267 To see more of Charlie visit the App Store or Google Play here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/babytv-mobile-hd/id428267291?mt=8&ls=1 See more of Charlie and the Numbers on his fun DVD! Visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005F4P77W/ref=sc_pgp__m_A2NLHDZQDCMMAT_7?ie=UTF8&m=A2NLHDZQDCMMAT&n=&s=&v=glance BabyTV is the world's leading baby and toddler network from FOX, airing 24 hours a day and completely commercial-free. BabyTV features top quality shows that are created by child development experts and are designed for child & parent to enjoy together. Each hour on BabyTV is an enriching journey full of stories, songs, rhymes & loveable characters. Visit Us: BabyTV's Website http://www.babytv.com BabyTV on Facebook http://facebook.com/BabyTVChannel BabyTV on Twitter http://twitter.com/BabyTVChannel
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Text Comments (272)
2 should become 1's girlfriend. Because they good.
avneet Kaur (28 days ago)
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Rainbow Unicorn (2 months ago)
This was made in 2010 and the letter one 2017 BUT HE HAS NOT AGED AT ALL Does he have dwarfism
Longprachnha Hem (2 months ago)
InnocentVideos (5 months ago)
Two is cute
InnocentVideos nlp
Zymeth Koril (5 months ago)
wondering why Charlie has 8 fingers only instead of 10.
trish Dañez (2 months ago)
Zymeth Koril y a
Saira Kundi (6 months ago)
Dancing Rose (7 months ago)
The good old childhood
Buyanaa Buyanaa (7 months ago)
Love you Charlie
Lourdes Solis (7 months ago)
Alvaro Beltran (8 months ago)
Dlom 24 (8 months ago)
Nailon nn
Shalini Vats (9 days ago)
Dlom 24 deeelul
2:07 That's what she said. I'm terribly sorry.
Maria Rebolledo (3 months ago)
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Tiraje Akseki (3 months ago)
Bianca Martinas (4 months ago)
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Ruth Ramos (7 months ago)
MahaerHD - Memes and Youtube Poops! P
Blake Hughes (9 months ago)
-30minutes later
Laurentiu Lazarescu (9 months ago)
Cccc z
Aisha Iqbal (9 months ago)
Vanessa Safatle (11 months ago)
number 2 is my favorite number!!!!
Jurre Van Maaren (1 year ago)
Macier L (11 months ago)
Macier L (11 months ago)
Jurre Van Maaren ñpwufh
mario pro (1 year ago)
This makes no sense
Telfort Nl (11 days ago)
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Diana Parra (18 days ago)
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Nurul Hidayah (1 month ago)
Mr. Tong (1 month ago)
Abdenbi Benammour (1 month ago)
mario pro q
Chingun Zolsaikhan (1 year ago)
藤木友紀子 (1 year ago)
The video game was not even
Nhet Sd (1 year ago)
藤木友紀子 (1 year ago)
The best 10 minutes
Charlotte Cottey (1 year ago)
Gae Santos (1 year ago)
oyt...ngh7tt p.3
Tayyba Khan (1 year ago)
My brother love this
Dremek 11 (1 year ago)
Carmen Sanchez (1 year ago)
amaiyah Thomas (1 year ago)
Irma Puno (1 year ago)
Enass Irfan (1 year ago)
is it weird that I watch it ? :P
IOSPL4YER 010 (1 year ago)
A B la Q
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Dimitar popov (1 year ago)
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Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
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Aderbal Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Kristina Bosco (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro B.B. bjhgghgvvbihhi
Jocel Chavez (1 year ago)
Aderbal Ribeiro hghi
Prashant G (1 year ago)
Sana Asad (9 months ago)
Prashant G kkkkkkkkkk
Francisco Penticoste (1 year ago)
annamaiB (1 year ago)
Prashant G ty
Eve Yang (1 year ago)
mccoy lichauco (1 year ago)
Larisa Paula (1 year ago)
Siti Nurfatin (2 years ago)
k p00000000l
Jairo Sanchez (2 years ago)
Baby tv
Runa Basbas (2 years ago)
Erick Garcia (2 years ago)
I hebeeeieheeuueeh
ducu galeanu (2 years ago)
V x v c
Seokjinieee (2 years ago)
My brother like this 😊
Turan Williams (11 months ago)
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Turan Williams (11 months ago)
Carina Webster m
Turan Williams (11 months ago)
PrncssJin KSJ
Marina Grbić (11 months ago)
BabyTV Lol
liliana vibeke (1 year ago)
PrncssJin KSJ Luis Luis un abrazo fui ji uy uy ni en un abrazo fui de popo
Florencia Rojas (2 years ago)
Peps pig
Attiya Rizvi (2 years ago)
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AssassinSteve YT (2 years ago)
your bunso ko gusto nyo to
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Amir SholllamsttlpphR (11 months ago)
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Charles Maddox (1 year ago)
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Jesee Kihiko (2 years ago)
Dead Director Gaming D.C. Quite
Popa I (2 years ago)
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Norma Zuniga (2 years ago)
man jacob sure looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this 😄
Anin7 (11 months ago)
Norma Zuniga ammlpea
Yulimal Cruz (1 year ago)
Norma Zuniga n bb jej
Aya Avila (2 years ago)
Abu Muntaha gaga
Abu Muntaha (2 years ago)
Carlos A. Villegas O. (2 years ago)
Suba Lukács (2 years ago)
nagyon jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo♡
htwe htwe (2 years ago)
yes thank
Charlie is so cute
Saira Kundi (6 months ago)
John Bellisario ooooooo
Saira Kundi (6 months ago)
John Bellisario y
Saira Kundi (6 months ago)
Nuzhat Fatima Bakhtiari u
Carmen Santi (6 months ago)
Nuzhat Fatima Bakhtiari a n4 4Ay8 ¥(♢♢[0
CNCG (6 months ago)
Nuriye L. L. M. L.njk. , ,m. Kl! N. J k. , ‘
Kyle Anaka (2 years ago)
My kids love this
Carlos Hernández (9 months ago)
Kyle Anaka
Lisbeth Merlos (10 months ago)
caricaturas para bebé caricaturas para bebé
Xen Mendelsohn Aderka (1 year ago)
Kyle Anaka I
Rhein Mosel (1 year ago)
Kyle Anaka jl
Vanessa Oliveira (1 year ago)
Kyle Anaka -
olisykes_eyelash (2 years ago)
Pretty nice
Colesha Kerr (25 days ago)
Up top
Clemens Lugo León (6 months ago)
chillitsjustni P
J. Mangal (9 months ago)
Nisa S. Khan s
Lorence Pjo (9 months ago)
Nisa S. Khan jhsjvshhshjdhvehvdjgd☺☺☺😃
Ani Balcheva (11 months ago)
Nisa S. Khan Aaawwr
Ratna Ramautar (2 years ago)
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J. Mangal (9 months ago)
Ratna Ramautar pp
J. Mangal (9 months ago)
Ratna Ramautar voir
Berna dincer (11 months ago)
Ratna Ramautar N
Jasmine Aquino (1 year ago)
GintautasR Reklys fugffgg
Nathan Brown (2 years ago)
bebo avi (3 years ago)
にいぬまゆうこ (3 years ago)
にいぬまゆうこ (3 years ago)
a a (2 months ago)
Alexia Hostiuc (2 years ago)
fortărețe 2
MyPuppyLove 101 (3 years ago)
陳曇槿 (2 years ago)
Kasparas Ulcinas (3 years ago)
Kasparas Ulcinas (3 years ago)
laura dominguez (3 years ago)
Shakeel Hill (3 years ago)
Hab Hb (11 months ago)
Wasantha Rama h
Jade Gladney (1 year ago)
Jade Gladney (1 year ago)
Shakeel Hill Ok hip Jim mol mom lOo
Eve Yang (1 year ago)
Terri McNeal ;:卜
Terri McNeal (2 years ago)
+Nenad Jeremić 9ooteeerrrq
Brittany Nicole (3 years ago)
dreezy franklin (3 years ago)
Calina State (3 years ago)
afsar imam (3 years ago)
Regine Lamprea (3 years ago)
Great good i love bb tv
Esilja (30 days ago)
Regine Lamprea z 🖕🏼🚗🎸🎼🚍🇪🇬🇬🇷🇦🇩
Melissa Apodaca (3 months ago)
Regine Lamprea fbmh. Gh
stefan tyulev (3 years ago)
Aleyna Yilmaz (3 years ago)
C,jjhh. ..
Lesly Valdez (3 years ago)
Smiley Herrera (3 years ago)
Maria d Velasco (3 years ago)
NBAFCC fd cccdd fry tt. by by by used in my name and then the new Jersey city of your email and we know
jhon asbalt (3 years ago)
It's all right but lame
Migdalia Otero (3 years ago)
El favorito de Violeta,mi biznieta..
zooti games (3 years ago)
ese video e chato muuuuito de criancinha
Samr Al-malki (2 years ago)
Keisha Llewellyn (4 years ago)
Elba Martinez (4 years ago)
jemar asence (4 years ago)
Dj Rony (4 years ago)
David Carla (4 years ago)
mark labilles (4 years ago)
sumaiya asif asif (4 years ago)
Oh a
Abid Aslam (4 years ago)
jeslin samanta (4 years ago)
Arly Mejia (4 years ago)
my baby love's  this show very much
D A (4 years ago)
renessa krasniqi (4 years ago)
Jimenez Jr (4 years ago)
Bibiana Olvera (4 years ago)
Carlos Cao (4 years ago)
Ivanina Paraskova (4 years ago)

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