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Review of -Samba Natural by Perfumer's Workshop for Women-ScentedMonkey.com

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Review of -Samba Natural by Perfumer's Workshop for Women-ScentedMonkey.com
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Teve Tensen (5 months ago)
do not order from this immigrants, they have cancel 5 orders on us becasue we used coupons that they had listed on their site, no other explaination ever given but for any company to refuse buyer business is unprofessional so now i will just keep leaving negative feedback
er e (10 months ago)
Do not ever buy from this company. They send you faulty sprayers and will question you and ask for pictures of your cologne when you tell them the problem, and won't refund you
Rozzjd (1 year ago)
Fucking wankers 😂👌
WHOLESALE HARRY (6 years ago)
Roar (6 years ago)
So, you are guys. What perfumes do you enjoy the most? Like, if you took someone on a date, (male or female) what scent would you give them to wear?
Leonel Luiz (6 years ago)
Cool! Must be delicious as the way you speak it! Love you guys.
crunchyxcookie (6 years ago)
You guys deserve more views!! I actually accidentally just found you guys through google because I just got the ange ou demon perfume and was finding reviews on it!
MelvinMoviez (6 years ago)
You guys should advertise more, youre not getting your well deserved views! Good review tho.

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