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Rain Rain Go Away | Nursery Rhymes For Kids by All Babies Channel

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Watch and Learn with Our Fun Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs With Elphie, Tim, Leo and Pego; Click here to Watch our 3D Rhymes: https://goo.gl/8TMw6T Click Here for more Kids Songs: http://goo.gl/1vNw7d For More Nursery Rhymes SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/tq2TIV About Our Channel: AllBabiesChannel is a cheerful destination with colorful animation for all the happy babies of the world! Specially designed for kids as they explore the World of the Classic English songs, Phonics Songs, Lullabies and more! Come join us and meet, Elphie the Elephant, Tim the Monkey, Leo the Lion and Pego the Pig from All Babies Channel!
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Pratima prasad (2 days ago)
Dadi amma dadi amma ma jao
Lynn Graham (4 days ago)
Karriza Dawn Palo (10 days ago)
Max Kids TV (16 days ago)
Lovely amazing characters (Y)
Yuvaraj Parameswaran (20 days ago)
Kids Channel (27 days ago)
Great animation for kids
CarToons Stories (1 month ago)
Nice animation and cute animals
Vampire Nosferatu (1 month ago)
Like the animation
ABCD TV (1 month ago)
Air ci video kaise banaye
ABCD TV (1 month ago)
Kaise banaye video chainnal ke leia
Giant Gamer 321 (1 month ago)
2 i menat
Giant Gamer 321 (1 month ago)
sike 1uty.lfcei902
Giant Gamer 321 (1 month ago)
this is nice calming and i am 23
Wow! Great video for kids
Timmy the Sheep (1 month ago)
Yfcuc cajaajanashsnsahauniggahdjdjsjsjsnenensjsjsnsnsnakkkkJj$n!!!/ a aanakjaakjajajajaakjajan a. !bv? !🤧🙄🥙🥙🤧’’mNn. Nn. amalalapwmjebsw
heyhey (1 month ago)
C. C. C. C c. C. C t. For a.j r gvbbb
Henry Traugott V (1 month ago)
no thank you.
MrDoodle (1 month ago)
Am i on the weird side of youtube?
Rebecca Studwood (1 month ago)
this video is cancerous
Cars Fun Tv for Kids (2 months ago)
Great effort.!
naheed shoukat (2 months ago)
You speak like a DOG
Nichole Dalida (2 months ago)
Ghffdsesdfhjjthi K N yyju
Kids Pogo (2 months ago)
3 Years Baby Count Money Fastly .......Very Intresting Video- Must Watch..................
سراج SIRADJE 4K (2 months ago)
Wonderful channel continued Can you support channel and encourage to continue
KidsArt Corner TV (2 months ago)
I need more subscribers! Newbie here!😘
Mohammed Alnuaimi (2 months ago)
You’re videos made my kids sleep well😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
Manisha Munmauji NZ (2 months ago)
nice video .pls. check my latest upload !! :-) stay conntd.
Toddler TV Channel (2 months ago)
Hey kids !!
severino, jr Ambros (3 months ago)
Dftf. Yttrium
EmiliS (3 months ago)
Great video ! Emili watched it and love it! Please support our channel too.
Ymarie Surla (17 days ago)
EmiliS & P! C mn fn. c
Cesar Pichardo (17 days ago)
EmiliS .pl
林雪玲 (26 days ago)
EmiliS - 1 杂志咋啊在ZZ在Z在ZZZQ在ZQ自作主张自作主张%%%在这种%在%在这种%%这种%%。在这种。在:;,在看ZZ在这种自作主张%%^_^zZZze
im a giraffe (4 months ago)
My nightmares have come true
Cydrick Balios (4 months ago)
Simsim Salon (4 months ago)
さんはなこ (4 months ago)
Смешные зверюшки.В бейсбол резаться совершенно не могут.Кто умеет резаться в бейсбол?
Mako Duka (5 months ago)
Minu Shrestha (5 months ago)
GoGo GoGo (5 months ago)
ع .-
Radu Iosip (5 months ago)
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Xtreme Xtreme (6 months ago)
Leslie Pena (6 months ago)
Mathias Fagerström (6 months ago)
Andrei Lava (6 months ago)
nice video
Andrei Lava (6 months ago)
tae ko malake
Alivia Rose (6 months ago)
Mewq, loljjjj
Heiress Denice (6 months ago)
magic tricks and stuff (6 months ago)
My baby liked it
Buds Toon (6 months ago)
Great video.
Sphere Man (6 months ago)
Nice video 😍 Try to visit my channel and check my content 😊
Very cute video
Bat of Gotham (6 months ago)
Superb Kids TV (6 months ago)
Nice animation
C. Lin (15 days ago)
Superb Kids TV q
Sofia de brito Batista (1 month ago)
Favor verificar
Mike Benoit (6 months ago)
Namia Sulaiman (6 months ago)
Hi honey
Louise Chou (6 months ago)
April P (6 months ago)
Rajni Massey (6 months ago)
So nice my grandson Love's it
marilou villoso (6 months ago)
Buds Toon (7 months ago)
nice video.
gay macaron cream :v (7 months ago)
So much cringe :^)
max frfr (7 months ago)
Lidia Wattimena (7 months ago)
,, ,
Ari Renee’ (7 months ago)
Everything Ronza ALkhass (7 months ago)
Vichka Y (7 months ago)
Ayushi Boodhonee (7 months ago)
janjira kraichom (7 months ago)
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Tee L (7 months ago)
LEARNING WITH JAMMY (7 months ago)
Awesome! We make songs fors kids too
gay macaron cream :v (7 months ago)
This video is weird and this channel is dead memes :^D
Jason Pan (7 months ago)
Marija Dimovski (7 months ago)
Nino Daryll Aranas (7 months ago)
I( you popp
Sushila Sapkota (7 months ago)
QsES e. W.
SwqqqErerrree e e
Thor can Miller (8 months ago)
kids galaxy (8 months ago)
very good
kids galaxy (8 months ago)
Angel Caballero (16 days ago)
kids galaxy l mnznznkiob
Najdi UNIC (8 months ago)
Yunikon Fairy slime (8 months ago)
Nustrat Olabiyi (8 months ago)
Great edit and great show for little kids and babies.👍👍👏
Raymond Catolico (8 months ago)
! 18 days intensive training and we offer employment assistance after.
April Pascual (8 months ago)
€§ weśSZže -
Anne Yango (3 hours ago)
April Pascual i
Ali Al-Bakhit (8 months ago)
Shelf and take 00
Bal Tamang (8 months ago)
Azizi Haikal (8 months ago)
Payasita Sonrisas (8 months ago)
man i watchd this vid like 5 times all the wya through and i know the abc song now lol
Payasita Sonrisas (8 months ago)
n for net n n n nnnet
Payasita Sonrisas (8 months ago)
hedk yueah
Miss Caroline (8 months ago)
Nice! 💖
Nitin Kolekar (8 months ago)
4%=&@@ tea rrererrerrrrrrrgqhvaaaadsaar NDTVHD dis r. V. He a r
FILMANDGAMES (8 months ago)
Simon Says Smile (8 months ago)
13 millions wow
Stephen Greg ABC Review (8 months ago)
*Yolialena * (8 months ago)
Gloria Lubwimi (9 months ago)
Any small YouTubers that wants to support is shudder ❤❤🔥
Rajanna Jayakka (5 months ago)
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JustLeafy (6 months ago)
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The Double Act (8 months ago)
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NQT vlog (8 months ago)
Glow Queen done

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