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The Best Tips & Apps To Save Money Online Shopping | Men's Lifestyle Tips For Shopping Sales Online

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Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: @teachingmensfashion Email: [email protected] Facebook: teaching men's fashion
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Jullian Kirby (2 years ago)
if you really wanna save money when shopping online shop here https://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=6yv699rgMzAsxglQro2yVQ%3D%3D&eeid=35022
akira kazmi (3 years ago)
I didn't realise there were 3 brothers. This clean shaven guy looks like a less handsome version of Juan. Hope he and his fixed beard are well.
BenGenio (3 years ago)
Great video guys as always, keep it up. I have already installed the apps to test them out!
TheMightyWill (3 years ago)
This channel's seriously gone down the drain lately, it's all just them doing videos about their sponsors
TheMightyWill (3 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion What about your other videos then? The fact that a company will stop sponsoring you if they read my comment doesn't mean it's not sponsored, just that that specific company hasn't read any comments like that yet. A constructive criticism? In the future videos, instead of highlighting the perks of specific companies, talk about something more generic. Or at the very least, spend more time talking about the things the viewer can do by themselves and less about what a specific company can do for them. 
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
+King Jester Productions Exactly, this was honestly what we use on our computers and we wanted to showcase to others in case they were interested.
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
+TheMightyWill You are way off, none of these companies sponsored this video. And you know its true because if any of them did sponsor us and read this comment when reviewing our work we would most likely loose our "sponsorship". Maybe do a little more research before you go around posting non sense. If you don't like the channel, post constructive criticism that will help us improve. Cheers
TheMightyWill (3 years ago)
+King Jester Productions Unless the other companies were also sponsoring. A lot of the older videos are more obvious about it
Apex Clips (3 years ago)
+TheMightyWill Honestly, I doubt this is a sponsor video, because if it was, I don't think the sponsors would like TMF to showcase competitors and reveal that they are getting paid by all 3 of the sponsors.
Leo Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Better without the beard bruh
JD (3 years ago)
could you possibly list everything mentioned in the description? thanks
blakwan1 (3 years ago)
Oligg (3 years ago)
So much better without the beard!
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
I know I hate not having it
Malaquias Alfaro (3 years ago)
What happened to the beard??? It was awesome!
Asad Naqvi (3 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion Looks like you put on a few pounds as well my man, get in shape. Good luck and as always, good video :)
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
I dont want to talk about it😒😒😒
ally (3 years ago)
U look sexier with bear and moustache honey
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Thanks, but I had too unfortunately
justinchao (3 years ago)
Why'd you shave?
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Long story, I'll probably explain it in an upcoming video
Cederick (3 years ago)
check out "camel camel camel" to track an item price.
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Ill check it out!
SomeHooligan (3 years ago)
+iIMovErRaTeD that's the website, the extension is the camelizer. i love it
Tito Swing (3 years ago)
I was like who is this bro grow that beard back
Tito Swing (3 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion cant listen to them they hate on us because they dont have the freedom to grow their own beards you had a freedom beard no matter if its patchy or full just wear as best as possible and rock the beard God gave you lol
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Lol it's funny how 4 months ago everyone was telling me to shave it instead
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Lol it's funny how 4 months ago everyone was telling me to shave it instead
Adrian Garcia (3 years ago)
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
+Adrian Garcia thanks! I liked it too, I hate that it's gone
Adrian Garcia (3 years ago)
At first, it looked great one the, "How to fix a patchy beard" video
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
lol weren't you against it when I grew it out though?
XxAKIL3SxX (3 years ago)
is it secure?
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
it doesn't ask for any personal information
Servant of YHWH (3 years ago)
your face
Malaquias Alfaro (3 years ago)
servant of Yahweh awesome!
Ayman Jumma (3 years ago)
hah you finally gave up. good job!
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
I didn't give up, I had too
Idris (3 years ago)
Awesome video will give it a check
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
+Idris Mandhu Thanks!

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