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2016 Women's Volleyball Olympic Qualifier

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Relive the magical moment that the U.S. women's volleyball team qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Team USA: http://www.TeamUSA.org/ Subscribe to Team USA: http://YouTube.com/TeamUSA Follow Team USA: https://Twitter.com/TeamUSA Like Team USA: http://Facebook.com/TeamUSA Add us to your circle on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TeamUSA Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, the United States Olympic Committee serves as both the National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee for the United States. As such, the USOC is responsible for the training, entering and funding of U.S. teams for the Olympic, Paralympic, Youth Olympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games, while serving as a steward of the Olympic Movement throughout the country. For more information on the USOC and learn more about our athletes, log on to the official website at www.TeamUSA.org.
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Text Comments (872)
Ron Reg (6 days ago)
USA never won Gold in Olympic Volleyball history
volley ball (6 days ago)
nice usa
That tall girl Amanda (7 days ago)
No ones talking about how the Dominicans shorts are literally up all of their asses?? Like is it that hard to find shorts long enough? Who knows, maybe it’s a distraction from they’re horrible defence? 😂
Katherine Derrington (9 days ago)
Volleyball is life
Ashley Armstrong (12 days ago)
Once my vollyball coach said I had to hit the ball I quit and sued her. It’s a joke
Alexa Ho (14 days ago)
the Dominicans shorts are too small am I right?
Amelia Amelia (14 days ago)
number 1 in the USA team is the worst volleyball player in the world like omg her sets and spikes uuhhhhhhh
Brooke toomasson (16 days ago)
damn daniel (24 days ago)
i love foluke omg
Maanvi06 (28 days ago)
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Brianna S (1 month ago)
20:39 that save 🤩🤩
Abby Dudley (1 month ago)
they missed so many of their serves! on both teams
Jason (1 month ago)
Are volleyball players SOOO insecure that they need to hug win or loose on every point? It's a real stupid thing to do.
Brianna S (1 month ago)
No it's not a stupid thing to do, it's just showing support to your teammates...
Lydia Neikirk (2 months ago)
I wish i had #16 spikes for United States!
Sophie Oly (2 months ago)
omg 14 on the Dominican republic was annoying me so much with both her serving and attitude... she literally missed 3 serves in a row!! that’s ridiculous for that high of a level of volleyball! and her attitude was just constantly mad or disappointed or something which was completely affecting her playing and he teams playing!
Vicky Contreras (2 months ago)
I love how they say all these good things about DR but they end up being like “ They need to be back in the game” “ serves outta bound”.
Ocean Eyes (2 months ago)
These girls are powerhouses!!!!
JAEHEE BAE (3 months ago)
Rivera needs to control her anger
Coen Scheffer (3 months ago)
The commentators talk about the USA team like they're some kind of gods. The first 6 points were all because they were out of bounds. They really aren't good
Alexis Talbert (3 months ago)
This was soo boring and I love volleyball Wtff
Not so Average human (4 months ago)
I kept on waiting for a ball to hit one of those guys at the beginning😂
Olivia Harmon (4 months ago)
this inspires me sm
lowwe ki (4 months ago)
Dixon looks like Iggy Azalea
skye moana (4 months ago)
how was Rivera DR's team captain ?? 😂
Yoselin O. (4 months ago)
There good😃
Ola B (4 months ago)
am i the only basketball player👀
Christina Was Here (4 months ago)
Why does the Dominican Republic team wear their spandex showing half their asses? At least #19 does it.
That's Tuff (5 months ago)
🖤 Go USA 🖤
dodoboy66 (5 months ago)
Surprised Nicole Fawcett didn't make the 2016 Olympic team =(
Julia LaRe (5 months ago)
i was at this game omg
C Bosma (5 months ago)
i play vollyball too at my school my team is really good in all but not as good
Gracie R. (5 months ago)
Is #16 trans
Gracie R. (5 months ago)
The game starts at 5:14
Anita Mlem (5 months ago)
This game felt so slow !!
Aleyda Villarreal (5 months ago)
Aleyda Villarreal (5 months ago)
39:19 damn she did the splits
Paige Pearcy (5 months ago)
I find it astonishing that people can still play in their 30’s and 40’s! So much respect for them
Sobnom Mostary (5 months ago)
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Mackenzie Ryan (5 months ago)
17 for the Dominican Republic needs some bigger shorts
Mia Isabela (6 months ago)
Dominican needs some longer shorts
Cripple kid 090 (6 months ago)
Damn, really wish my school had a men’s volleyball league, or co-ed. I love volleyball
elizabeth boyle (6 months ago)
Maybe if DM pulled their spandex out of their asses they could win. I swear none of them have normal length shorts 🤨
Valentina G (6 months ago)
Doesn’t Courtney Thompson remind you of Matt Damon from his movie good will hunting
Spyros Kyriakoudis (6 months ago)
Am I the only one that enjoys/loves playing volleyball, but dislikes/hates watching volleyball?
GachaRose (6 months ago)
I play volleyball and my coach told me to watch the pros do it so here I am, and wow a lot of spikes!!! dang!!!!
Cat Pham (7 months ago)
Yes Nebraska represent❤️❤️‼️‼️
Monse De la cruz (7 months ago)
Siempre están en el piso las dominicanas jaja wtf, el 1 de usa es una inutil
cliquenic21 • (7 months ago)
Am I the only one who watches professional vball in my free time? Like I’ve made it a hobby I feel like it makes me want to get better to be that good.. Or maybe that tall
* Nox * (7 months ago)
I’m good at volleyball with overhand serve and everything but I just need to work on moving more on the court because my hitting is good too
LIFE SUCKS. (7 months ago)
Spoiler alert U.S.A wins
Wilfren Torres (7 months ago)
Bri Bri (7 months ago)
This was lazy
Audrey Cobos (8 months ago)
Is the us 6-2?
Camille Gill (8 months ago)
#16 is a beast 😂
Figo Ferdi (8 months ago)
Maisha Small (9 months ago)
good to see this team play
Wurds AJ (9 months ago)
S H O O K I T H (9 months ago)
21:15 that was probably one of the best saves I’ve seen in my life
Arcticfloof (9 months ago)
I like how a good amount of the comments in here are either people talking about Rivera on the Dominican Republicans or people saying that they came from Haikyuu!! If you’re reading this who’s your favorite Haikyuu character or player on either the USA or DR? Mine are Tsukki & Suga for Haikyuu and Nicole for the USA, she was amazing! :D
Lexie Gunter (10 months ago)
This makes me really ready for middle school volleyball get to play middle!! 8th grade here I come
Noelle Smith (10 months ago)
Dominican Republic attitude needs to get better
Summer Simmons (10 months ago)
When your club season ends so now instead of playing you spend all your time watching volleyball
BNROEC (10 months ago)
Logan Tom ------> Larson -------->Robinson/Hill
Truc Nguyen (11 months ago)
Positivity is the key to have fun
GamerGirl (8 months ago)
Truc Nguyen yes indeed
Slimer _nyc (11 months ago)
Do they say U-S-A when the US hits the ball
Alondra Auto Sales Inc (11 months ago)
Wow they are amazing😂👍
Tanya Butke (1 year ago)
Who loves "Nicole Fawcett" she's my favorite she inspires me when I play volleyball at my school
oof emma (1 year ago)
I hate how they are so obsessed with Larson because all of them are as good as her but they don’t talk about them
qinnixer. (1 year ago)
Dylann Beretz (1 year ago)
I aspire to be just one half as good as these girls aghhh
OnyxRising (1 year ago)
Volleyball at school brought me here
burnt tomatoes (1 year ago)
I am devoted to volleyball i sleep with my volleyball
Cierha Rasasanen (1 year ago)
I love volly ball
Clara Rondeau (1 year ago)
The USA girls are all blond except one girl
livvy edee (1 year ago)
i have a tournament tomorrow but its 1:15 am and im having a fun time
Ramanpreet Kaur (1 year ago)
I love volleyball❤️❤️
Maggie Dykes (1 year ago)
I literally came here because of Haikyuu
Luck Is My Talent (1 year ago)
1:08, where are his eyebrows?
Amirah k. (1 year ago)
ur mom (1 year ago)
Anybody else watching this because of Haikyuu?😂😂
Hunter Miles (1 year ago)
Usa has very good spikes and that leads to a nice spike
Arzugul Wupur (1 year ago)
I love volleyball! volley4life!
ImThatGuy12234 (1 year ago)
Alright guys, let's be honest we all didn't come here for the volleyball...
I MXNARCH (1 year ago)
Irewole Victoria (1 year ago)
I love volleyball but i need a serious training
Karrah Roberts (1 year ago)
J1W0 (1 year ago)
why aren't they jumping when spiking?
Rachel Sheffield (1 year ago)
sick so i️ has to miss practice, i️ guess i’ll just watch this.
Im Cool (1 year ago)
Why am I watching this I play basketball
John Doek (1 year ago)
The visibility and recognizability of this ball is much better as the official FIVB yellow/b/g balls... Nevertheless it is worst as the Penalty ball used in Brasil see YT - Taubaté x Corinthians - Final - Paulista de Vôlei Masculino 2017. Only with the perfect recognizible balls, without negative opticall illusions, volleyball will have a chance to penetrate more into TVs...
Celia Delvecchio (1 year ago)
57:30 so strong, but cmon 👎🏼
Osindi Vincent (1 year ago)
unbelievable USA team i like the spirit
Norma Cornish (1 year ago)
im waching this because today im going to see if i made the Volleyball team at school!
Norma Cornish (1 year ago)
good luck!!
Aiden Sage (1 year ago)
The score was so close to being perfect😬
Ελένη Ο. (1 year ago)
Can't wait till next Olympic games!!#JO2020
Carlos Ramos (1 year ago)
It is impossible for the Dominicans to win when they lose so many services.
John Laurens (1 year ago)
Is Julia Scoles in the US team ??
abigail 216666 (1 year ago)
I play for my school and it’s Sunday so there’s no Practice... this is how i spend my weekends
G P (1 year ago)
dominican republic players wore their spandex so short i could literally see half their butt lol haha #17 tho... 😂
Enrique T (1 year ago)
I only wanted to watch like 3 mins of this and I ended up watching the whole thing
Shokamoka (1 year ago)
@18:00 is that some coincidence? They scored and the camera zoomed onto EASY.
AHH! This is so good it inspired me to do better!!

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