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The BEST Streetwear/Urban Stores: "Shopping Downtown Toronto"

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VLOG #3. The MUST GO TO stores and boutiques downtown Toronto. Brought you guys to the "Reigning Champ" store, "Get Fresh Company", "NOMAD", and "Brimz Hat Boutique." You guys can guarantee these are the Best Stores downtown toronto. Definately fire pickups form any of these stores because of the quality of the pieces and the style! BE YOU!!! If you liked the video don't forget to give a thumbs up!!! ***Checkout The Equipment I Use*** DJI Osmo Mobile http://amzn.to/2jkVpuU Iphone 7 256 GB http://amzn.to/2jtKbPU [Reigning Champ] http://shop.reigningchamp.com/ [Get Fresh Company] https://shop.getfreshcompany.com/ [NOMAD] http://nomadshop.net/ [Brimz Hat Boutique] https://brimzofficial.com/ [CHECK ME OUT ON] -Instagram: @Trinh.Hendrix (https://www.instagram.com/trinh.hendrix/) and @OfficialTrinhHendrix (https://www.instagram.com/officialtri...) -Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trinh.Hendrix/ -Twitter: @Trinh_Hendrix (https://twitter.com/Trinh_Hendrix) -Snapchat: Trinhsanity (Snapcode) SHOUTOUT to ECHO for the beat: https://soundcloud.com/echo-300
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Text Comments (23)
Harjeev Bains (9 days ago)
Nomad closed
brimzofficial (25 days ago)
Keep it up - #StayHungry
Great Video Check us out as well for some collabo. I like your work https://youtu.be/VTuZhLsMVW8
brimzofficial (1 month ago)
Great! Thank you! Check Us Out - New Arrivals https://brimzofficial.com/collections 311A Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A4
debatingaftershock (4 months ago)
Thank you for your opinions and tips.
Anudari Chingis (8 months ago)
first store was aesthetically pleasingg af
Rayan bro (9 months ago)
Sud to my channel Rayan bro I'm rayan
hs (11 months ago)
Alex Arriagada (11 months ago)
100% with local shopping!! Big up to GFC and Brimz family and the people that make this video!! Thanks for sharing
Get Fresh Company (1 year ago)
DOPE! Thanks for dropping by!
kingjul_ (1 year ago)
Hey nice video,just wondering how much do you think is the cheapest price I could get a bape shirt at one of those stores
Shifty (1 year ago)
Lol I live in edmonton
Aaron Lago (1 year ago)
where at toronto is this?
Trinh Hendrix (1 year ago)
All these stores were downtown. Most on queen street
Habz Boula (1 year ago)
Yeeee my nigga !!! Ur an inspiration do ur thing ur killing it ...Can't wait for the give away I dream about those yeezys
usvlogged (1 year ago)
Awesome to find another canadian creator, great video. subbed!
Trinh Hendrix (1 year ago)
Thanks bro i gotcha back!
LAVAcf (1 year ago)
Great video!! Love all the shopping options
Trinh Hendrix (1 year ago)
definitely need to check them out if you're in the area!
Krazy Baloo (1 year ago)
Aye those stores hella fresh I wish I could go to those stores but I don't live in Toronto 😞
Krazy Baloo (1 year ago)
Trinh Hendrix Fasho man ima check them out
Trinh Hendrix (1 year ago)
they have online shops too! so you can grab most of the things they have in store there too!

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