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Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight In Paris "STREET SCENTS" The Series Fragrance/Cologne

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Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight In Paris Released in 2010 a combonation of Leather,Tea and some Florals nice Powder like scent great for the cooler weather. Watch this episode of STREET SCENTS to see how Midnight In Paris does.......RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (197)
I AM (8 months ago)
Sexy cool chick! And that reaction!!
namo730 (1 year ago)
She is not into fragrances you can tell
Nick S (1 year ago)
Classy lady, a discerning woman. Spot on about male and female body chemistry emphasising different notes!
Skyler A (1 year ago)
where can I buy it from its discontinued????
Mak3yourownluckAlex (1 year ago)
HADK777 ebay
From Australia (1 year ago)
filler: 0:00 - 1:06
avgrim77 (2 years ago)
If it's so popular and amazing why did they discontinue it?
Jose Ochoa (2 years ago)
I get 10hrs plus on this
Neal Francis (2 years ago)
Stunning woman
Jorge Torres (2 years ago)
Darek (2 years ago)
Hey, does EdP smells exactly the same as EdT?
Neal Francis (2 years ago)
Edt smells better its fresher and lighter edp version is musky
Tha Bone Zone (2 years ago)
she's fine!
Zeeangelofdeath (2 years ago)
They both have the same name jacket
EMPIRE (1 year ago)
Zeeangelofdeath North Face is pretty popular.
jammasterj13 (2 years ago)
North Face buddies lol
jammasterj13 (2 years ago)
I love her, she's a classy, sensual lady, a real woman!!! Parfum is pretty good too, lol
Mike Jim (2 years ago)
Kyle Farmer (2 years ago)
She had me at "sexually assault"
tritondriver1 (2 years ago)
Just got it and just get the Bvlgari Black
theroblou56 (2 years ago)
Cutie pie
astroboirap (2 years ago)
why is he so fucing hyper with his hands
4incase (2 years ago)
SOLD! Ok I'll buy it. 3 words... BRING HER BACK!
ebubekir binici (2 years ago)
If you wanna smell like a 75 year old church lady then go ahead and buy this . This is disgusting.
dsqu4red (2 years ago)
I think we all blind-bought this based on this video! I love her for this! I just got it and I'm in love!
Martin Benek (2 years ago)
Lots of people say this fragrance has been discontinued but I can still see it at most shops in my country. Was is really discontinued???
Martin Benek (2 years ago)
+Jon R thanks for info man :-)
Jon R (2 years ago)
+Martin Benek yes it was just recently discontinued. Since it was literally just discontinued the stores will still have a decent amount of stock. Once it sells out though it is gone. Fragrancenet.com has the 2.5oz EDT version for like $18 after 30% discount and Amazon has the EDP as low as $36 for a 2.5oz. Great deal on these right now so buy them while you can. I bought 3 2.5oz bottles of each so that I have it. I may buy more!
what a cool lady :-)
Ken Lower (2 years ago)
Those to Van Cleef & apparel ?? Lower middle class trash -- both of them to be more comfortable in a perfume and cologne from Walgreens
omri K (2 years ago)
Epic perfume!! Women love it, I love it!! Freaking bleu de chanel level ladies pleaser!
sr lomax (2 years ago)
that fragance is a crap
Kenneth Rose (2 years ago)
Just brought this and I'm highly disappointed, this is waaaaaaaayyyyyy to feminine it is very linear to me as well. Glad I'm only 23$ in the hole. Guess my wife can have it.
mookeychase0907 (2 years ago)
+Kenneth Rose Me too it smells like chocolate first then powdery then it mellows out it's kool but not a hit...
man this dude has improoved a lot on his reviews, anybody remember the "i respect that" answer i used yo use? he is lees scary than before and slightly less weird lol
Marco Correia (2 years ago)
I was thinking on blind buying this.. I have to say, I'm sold after this reaction :') Awesome as always, you should bring her back!
Abhi K. (3 years ago)
Ahaha I'm surprised he didn't spray it on himself right when she said she wants to sexually assault her arm. I like how she's actually into it though and how she has comments on the actual fragrance. Probably one of the people that doesn't seem to awkward when talking
astroboirap (2 years ago)
+Abhi K. he sprayed it on his dick
Jeff Denham (3 years ago)
Hulk smash
J Kellan (3 years ago)
edp or edt
VelocipedeAppreciation (3 years ago)
+J Kellan he says edp repeatedly in the video.
FalconsZone6 (3 years ago)
So I think it's safe to say that this right here is a panty dropper. Thanks Jeanine!!!!!
G9 DaGoddess (3 years ago)
Check out. My Twitter page Jenene G9 (@g9dagoddess): https://twitter.com/g9dagoddess?s=09
G9 DaGoddess (1 year ago)
it smells so good
G9 DaGoddess (1 year ago)
halloween fan send me the link
halloween fan (1 year ago)
g9 sup bruh lol ima get this cologne now the edt is 16 bucks on amazon
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
+Antonio Jackson thank you so much that was very sweet it made my day
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
+Antonio Jackson thank you so much that was very sweet it made my day
J Smoke Grillin' (3 years ago)
I see beauty recognized the beauty in a bottle very good presentation thank you ma'am and honesty😋
astroboirap (2 years ago)
+Jizzoe 78 she looks like a crack head
dale3858 (3 years ago)
Hope you run into this lady again!
ryan james (3 years ago)
I wana know..did she buy a bottle? I counted she sniffed 91 times in that video :)
Jimmy Stole (3 years ago)
Real talk I bought it because of this video and when I came to bed my wife had the same reaction as this lady.She just wanted lay up on me and oh boy. I will say you have to be confident man to wear this and you don't have to over spray.
G9 DaGoddess (3 years ago)
Thank you very much to everyone who had nothing but kind words to say about my video on street scents with AL..... I'm blown away with all of the reactions I truly appreciate it! I'm Starting my own string of web cast and I would really like for everyone to show me a little support I could really use it ....so with that being said please subscribe to my channel.... and thanks for the love ❤️ 💋G9
The Scentral Point (1 year ago)
ive subbed to you
The Scentral Point (1 year ago)
G9 DaGoddess Your reaction meant i want this scent!!
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
+Samrat Patil 👍
Samrat Patil (2 years ago)
already did
David Torres (3 years ago)
+G9 DaGoddess You are a cutie. I was on the fence with this scent profile. I really like a women's opinion when it comes to scents and how they would like their significant others to smell. I am picking up this bottle ASAP. I know everybody has different taste I hope my wife reacts to this scent like you did =) Take Care hope to see you on another street scent vid.
AYEYORICO .TV (3 years ago)
I love street scents the n this women rite here lord Jesus .God took his time
The TaylorMade Man 100 (3 years ago)
+G9 DaGoddess okay. I enjoyed your review and proud I ordered Midnight in Paris yesterday. G9 Do you think I can pull this fragrance off for salsa dancing Saturday night. G9 I will check out your channel and subscribe. The fragrance community will want you back for another review so please do.
G9 DaGoddess (3 years ago)
Thank you very much for your kind words and please subscribe to my channel I'm starting my own String of web casts please subscribe to show support 😜 😁 thanks 💋G9
DreDay16 (3 years ago)
Bring her back!
Tom Foolery (3 years ago)
I literally bought because of her reaction 
Markus Andersen (7 months ago)
Me too lol. Well also because of how awesome the bottle looks.
dsqu4red (2 years ago)
Everybody did! Lmfao
Vincent of Dreamhouse (3 years ago)
+G9 DaGoddess I've heard 4 different reviews on this.  I myself just ordered it based on your initial response...!
DCD (3 years ago)
+G9 DaGoddess Just to inform you, now its available for around 25$ go and buy it :))
G9 DaGoddess (3 years ago)
I hope u like it
Guinea54 (3 years ago)
great video.. Pretty lady with good taste.. maybe ill pick this one up
skione n (4 years ago)
lol.... Nice!! review Al
A C (4 years ago)
Something really hot about her. Yup.
steezy.k (4 years ago)
beautiful scent and cool chick bring her back!
G9 DaGoddess (3 years ago)
Thank u 😜
Albert Ferro (4 years ago)
The reason she get to exciter fragance is because guys this fragance is 100% for woman that it !!!! This people make this fragance completely wrong that's why they dropped the price so low ... For me as a man I rating this fragance 0/5 the reason why is because it's not for man
Cuervo ARG (4 years ago)
5:22 . I can't remember if I sniffed on myself the EDT or EDP, EDT probably, and, as long as It's not so floral or something like that, It depends on who's wearing.
Fernando Mera (4 years ago)
Please which is her twitter account??? DDD: 
Adien Perez (1 year ago)
Leon Avalos (4 years ago)
looooooooool she was basically having an orgasm. I want to give this fragrance a try, definitely!
Yeezy Trump (4 years ago)
damn sexy ass just made me buy this shit, she made this street scent so sexual, and entertaining!
Yeezy Trump (4 years ago)
she look like she taste good, no disrespect!
archiee em (4 years ago)
she wanted to rub it into her punani at the beginning x)
Hugh D (4 years ago)
laxm0nkey (4 years ago)
I just bought this frag after watching and reading some more reviews. This vid just put the final push on me blind buying it. Hopefully i get the same reaction from my girlfriend. You could see it in her face. She got super turned in just a single whiff. Hoping my girl likes it haha
REVALG (1 year ago)
G9 DaGoddess This is a good scent. Stocked up cause it's going to be gone soon. I'll looking on ig for you. I'm revalg same as here. Thanks again! Rev. Al G.
laxm0nkey (3 years ago)
she wasnt a fan haha
G9 DaGoddess (3 years ago)
Glad to be of some assistance 😁 and yes I did ....laugh out loud ......I hope your girlfriends reaction was similar to mine for your sake 😜
tamsmooth00 (4 years ago)
Best Street Cents video by far.. Al bring this hottie back :)
LoftOfTheUniverse (4 years ago)
Look how happy she is 
Junior Cobblah (4 years ago)
Bring her back!
Paul Hunter (4 years ago)
sessy ladie
Jose Vancouver (4 years ago)
Big Al - I have owned the EDP version of Midnight in Paris for over 6 months and have barely worn it. I thought it was a bit too feminine for me...but I wore this and I kept sniffing my wrist. This stuff is nice.
RayRay PooteyTang (4 years ago)
Just got the edt version...and I am in AWE!! Very sexy good!! Kudos...Van Clef!
DreDay16 (4 years ago)
I just brought this yesterday. Thanks to her.
manny44 (5 years ago)
Lovely girl.
Tamago (5 years ago)
hi! i love your review! is this EDT version or EDP ?
Brooklyn Levo (5 years ago)
FirstName LastName (5 years ago)
she wants the big D......
silverss onyoutube (5 years ago)
what did you get the edp or edt ?
silverss onyoutube (5 years ago)
im a give you some samples of it , now gimme the bottle back ya biatch lol
Jay Ford (5 years ago)
Best frag I have ever smelled.
CeddieCed (8 months ago)
Jay Ford only for you
Brooklyn Levo (5 years ago)
Thanks to her reaction,I blindbought this shit......the powder is damn gooooddd....can´t wait to use it at the club 2night.Thanks,AL
3981supersonic (5 years ago)
I just just this frag in from fragrance net and real talk from watching reviews about this awesome frag I just had to add this in my collection and it smells amazing , it's gonna be my new club frag .
oodoo79 (5 years ago)
I definitely expected him to say "I respect that" when she said she wanted to sexually assault her arm
nelson67 (5 years ago)
After hearing her talking that way about this parfum, i gonna buy it.
MrSchovit (5 years ago)
i would love to smash her backdoors in
RichiLew1 (5 years ago)
Got the EDT mini from eBay and I'm not to thrilled with it. It's too feminine for me...to powdery
DownBoi2 (5 years ago)
I just got that EDT version I love it.
The War on Money (5 years ago)
I remember I smelled this at Neiman Marcus, never having heard of it before. I was blown away and took the scent strip home with me. It's quite powdery so it can be thought of as feminine, but apparently women love it from the fragrance blogs I've read, and now this video.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
I got a mini EDT version like a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that I like it.
cyber6sapien (5 years ago)
God you are gorgeous!! Definitely my type!
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
cyber6sapien .... thank u luv 😘💋💋💋💞
cyber6sapien (5 years ago)
I respect that!
BeastBrook (5 years ago)
dayum girl, wouldsmash/10
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
BloodAndSweatNoTears.... thanks luv 😘💋💋💋💞
slesperado (5 years ago)
Hey, Man. I just tried a sample of the EDP version of Midnight In Paris. It smells WAY better than the EDT, but it's still not worth the money. The problem is that the EDP smells a lot closer to Bvlgari Black and less like Dior Homme Intense, but it's a lot lighter. Bvlgari Black does a better job at a much lower price. Is the EDP good? Yes. Better than Bvlgari Black? No. Worth the money? No.
Gamescare (5 years ago)
I also get a solid 8 hours, and it's still bold at the 8 hour mark. The dry down is to die for. It's so soft and sweet, but not overly sweet.
Seungho Youm (5 years ago)
I love how she directly answered your questions, Al. Some street scent people just couldn't follow you haha. Oh, except the part where she had a smellgasm, and you were wrong to disturb her of that moment! Loved the video.
Pedro Hernandez (5 years ago)
She looks good. Al you should try her.
Solinvicti (5 years ago)
Damn, I need to try this again.
fujin jr (5 years ago)
Al is already doing Battle of Fragrances. Great streetscent episode though.
FragRevel (5 years ago)
Al 1 idea for street scents: one fragrance against another one, the girl has to pick.. thanks for your videos! From Argentina
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
This broad got good Hustla mentality to her. She got some good stuff going for her too, I like that in a woman.
Adien Perez (1 year ago)
Eagle Eye (1 year ago)
G9 DaGoddess what's your Twitter
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
curtflirt2 thanks luv 😘💋💋💋💞
VirginiaMist (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video. What do you think would be the age range for this fragrance ?
TheScentNose (5 years ago)
agal8193 (5 years ago)
Surely she is related to helenia? there initial reactions are almost identical ! haha
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
agal8193...nope dont know her
wagsbass (5 years ago)
I suspect MiP stock will be depleted all over North America because everybody will go buy it after watching this.
420Lovermusic (5 years ago)
are you the woman from this video??
G9 DaGoddess (2 years ago)
420Lovermusic yes luv its me 😘💋💋💋💞
420Lovermusic (5 years ago)
this guy is annoying he says the same shit to every person!!!!!!
The Dumb Reach (5 years ago)
The EDT is awesome as well, if anyone is concerned about buying it. Lasts me 8 hours, projects pretty damn well too.
Sheppy99 (5 years ago)
oh wow, that doesn't sound very appealing at all lol. Thanks for the advice. I wonder if the EDP is a big difference over the EDT. I don't think i'll waste my money on the EDT but the other is seemingly proving difficult to find.... I'm assuming they are probably the same except the EDT probably has a more alcoholic first smell and doesn't last as long but I could be wrong
slesperado (5 years ago)
Hey. I just noticed he used the Eau de Parfum version in this video. I'll have to try that one day because I've heard that it's a lot better than the Eau de Toilette.
slesperado (5 years ago)
I sampled the Eau De Toilette, and that's very true. Bvlgari Black is one of my favorite fragrances. MiP does smell very similar. MiP also smells very similar to Dior Homme Intense, which I also own and love. MiP is like a mixture of DHI and Bvlgari Black, but I think it's horribly balanced. I find it very repelling. It smells like the bathrooms in the Mom-and-Pop-owned gas stations in the middle of nowhere. It's a mixture of stale urine and air freshener. I haven't tried the EDP though.
Sheppy99 (5 years ago)
Really? I heard this is very similar to Bvlgeri Black, which I own, and it smells like a dirty vanilla and it's fantastic. I've never smelt midnight in paris though. Was it the EDP or EDT version?
Sheppy99 (5 years ago)
fantastic video! This has definitely shot up the list of must buys for me after watching this gal's reaction haha.
slesperado (5 years ago)
I tried Midnight In Paris, but I didn't like it. It smells like a bathroom in a gas station. That's something I don't want to smell like.

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