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Text Comments (4399)
Fat Boy (5 hours ago)
Alblum lol
Yusup Orazov (9 hours ago)
There no black people in Iran.
Simon Curtis (16 hours ago)
This kid got a lot to learn from vitaly
Tudor Tusha (1 day ago)
You need to change the boy Vitalic 9:10 😂😂😂
UDIT JOSHI (1 day ago)
Vitaly i love ya 😂😂😂😂😂
Thoughts of a Human (6 days ago)
DeAngelo Bradley (6 days ago)
daud khan (7 days ago)
He's like me ...😂
Fran Year (11 days ago)
9:22 😂😂😂😂
name (17 days ago)
Can I take a bite out of one of your guyses peaches? LOL
tlh1981 (18 days ago)
It’s so awkward. So fucking awkward. I love it.
Dexter Blues (19 days ago)
V puttin it this little kid lol slap his face
Yatin Kumar (20 days ago)
Vitaly is king of "pick ups"
ѕтαяѕ вσу (22 days ago)
I really don't understand, is that like his bro and he is trying to teach him?
you don't know beans (24 days ago)
Real Iranians don't say it like that
That last girl tho 🔥
Mayank Sharma (26 days ago)
Consistency is the key
Panty Dropper (27 days ago)
Meet_Finn (29 days ago)
you a legend. hey guys can y follow my insta i kinda need it it is meet_finn_fh
J•M •D (30 days ago)
watching this just makes me feel depressed.
zTerraEmpire (30 days ago)
Bro Vitaly just bullying him the whole time 😂😂
starchild (30 days ago)
i rather just see vitaly do the pranks not other people they boring
big daddy (30 days ago)
Lmfao did vitally pick up a random kid to do this, genius
Bearmaxe (1 month ago)
9:23 When your mom tells you not to be retarded in front of everyone
Bearmaxe (1 month ago)
7:36 “she’s probably used to riding the short bus” 😂😂
rey arjune (1 month ago)
Leo did freaking great indeed.
Freddy G (1 month ago)
Great job 👍👍👍
Christian Fleming (1 month ago)
3:52 can I seehis d***
David Godfrey (1 month ago)
How did you find Leo?
Pedro Neves (1 month ago)
This is actualy a great pick up lesson from vitality. Covering confidence, self amuzement and outcome independence and why it works more then beeing a nice guy or following social norms
Siar Faghirzada (1 month ago)
She looked back and you mind f'd her right there after he came back. Funniest thing ever
Michael Martinez (1 month ago)
That was awesome on both ends lol good job guys
RAMO 98 (1 month ago)
vitaly is a master mind
Vlad Ada (1 month ago)
9:22 😂
Hussy // (1 month ago)
leo is worst i have more confidence now because i am way better than him if vitaly was feeding me these lines i would have get all women interested common man so confused after spending time with such an ass hole
Davis Payne (1 month ago)
Not Dr. Vitaly it’s Coach Vitaly let’s go great work out there Leo let’s get it done 😂
hunk2humble (1 month ago)
Hey, Vitaly, dont insist your personality on someone else. You are you, he is him. Let him be.
Pramod Shinde (1 month ago)
Who's that fucking idiot jew doing there.
TheOzeanGorgon (1 month ago)
I'm hella proud of Leo honestly
TheOzeanGorgon (1 month ago)
after this much awkwardness IT CAN NOT get much worse he is ready for whatever comes at him now
M. Roberts (1 month ago)
This video was rocking & let's be honest I'm taking some of these lines because it's who I am, but a guy who uses odd lines lol thank you
ItsRazz (1 month ago)
I really couldn't watch this. It was really cringy.
Tahith Chong (10 days ago)
He's such a pussy
Dark Ranger Sylvenora (26 days ago)
Yeah that guy kept on stuttering and repeating
Alex Labelle (1 month ago)
fuck this is jokes man
Jorge Navarro (1 month ago)
Do part 3 bro 👌🤘🏻go rated R for this one 😅
Trendsetter Tarik (1 month ago)
16:35 "it's true that I am a bad bitch yeah I eat my rice and cabbage" Or am I trippin
Damaniator (1 month ago)
16:19 First black iranian I’ve ever seen. Good that there actually are some.
Dominic Duquette (1 month ago)
Ur savage broo
Jonathan Cruz (1 month ago)
That only works if the guy is good looking
Jefry Krisman (1 month ago)
It only works for vitally,not for us guys....😂🤣
Jimmy Velazquez (2 months ago)
Oscar Truest (2 months ago)
John Ace Medina (2 months ago)
Alex Vargas (2 months ago)
Leos a bitch
Zak Moon (2 months ago)
He said “Like” to many times
Xavier Williams (2 months ago)
this kid is retarded
nephlim (2 months ago)
hey lil bru be confidence is the key.
Hanan Alhaddad (2 months ago)
Alfredo Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Curved hella times
Mike Angeli (2 months ago)
This didn’t work
Logang4Life (2 months ago)
i miss this Vitaly
Peter Staker (3 months ago)
bruhhhh, VITALY... you set your fans up for failure. your lines don't work for normal people. You have an accent AND most people know who you are.
Peter Staker (3 months ago)
you say crude shit, and it doesn't work for everyone
Habib Habib (3 months ago)
Lool the first girl has an album full of dick picks of her boyfriend in her phone
mohnish vishal (3 months ago)
Noobie's making me cringe
VIRUS (3 months ago)
like like like I like I need like like like like, ummm you're like, like like like like like like like,,, damn it like damn it
Te Manawaora McLeod (3 months ago)
Usman Gondal (3 months ago)
Vitalyzd you are best man am big fan off you
Noman khan (3 months ago)
Hey vitaly?????? Why don’t you take a brown skin fan to do that. Do even know much hard it is for a brown guy to pick up a white girl??????? I get over it though. There are so many brown guys out there who are upset on their skin color. Help them out man.
TRIPPY UH (3 months ago)
Jonah Davison (3 months ago)
Lol I’m not saying it in a mean way like the guys not bad looking but his eyebrows are like this long _________ Btw I’m straight I can just tell if a guy is ok looking or not
Aboody Aboody (3 months ago)
WTF Vitaly u the Best Mafia
Mohamed Rashwan (3 months ago)
Vitaly give me some helpful tips cuz I’m single from 17 years since I was born I need your help 💔😌😂😂
Jacob Brown (3 months ago)
This kid needs help
You are amazing😎😎
Dr Zee Malik (3 months ago)
Как дила витали,поехали в России
soleus 22 (3 months ago)
I wish vitaly could help me pick up the ladies
Antonio Garcia (3 months ago)
Leo sucks ass 😂
Coverage Special (3 months ago)
Try, ' Are you a school? Cuz i wanna shoot some kids in you.'
James Collins (3 months ago)
uyetaran udongwo (3 months ago)
Guy let me tell you something about getting number so many girls will give you but when you text them or call them they won’t answer simple
Jeeroy Lenkins (3 months ago)
Has a boyfriend, still gives her number to random guy. Thot alert.
Jade Rockman (3 months ago)
His nerves
ian beyers (3 months ago)
He got 5 numbers the girl with the bag the girl in the dress those 2 girls with the butts and the girl who was on the phone
David Akinsanya (3 months ago)
Life of an Extrovert keep this shit up vitaly.
MyPist0l (3 months ago)
Thanks Leo, You were awesome....thumb up
Ardana Ketut (4 months ago)
My favorite guys 😊
MaFess ABR (4 months ago)
Is this serious, is that dude really been thought how to get a girl... this is a jock ! Can't you work on it on your own and deliver it ? Or vitaly has bachelor's degree in pick up lines ? Bro, it's all about controlling your self and avoiding been shy nothing more nothing less !!!!!!!
ernie bekker (4 months ago)
do it yourself its not funny if he do it.
sw da (4 months ago)
There is too many problems with Jewish first they r races
Best Primal (4 months ago)
100k likes for a series!
kaelan hutcherson (4 months ago)
18:55 that girl is a WHORE
Joey Sanchez (4 months ago)
Vitaly said he said it all quiet u being a fame digger LMFAOOOOOO
MrTruetoform (4 months ago)
I like that you mentor him. That’s pretty cool man.
SEP0 2 (4 months ago)
16:36 that was not the first time he "freestyled"that but it was pretty good
SEP0 2 (4 months ago)
Did Leo actually get a haircut it doesn't look like it tho
Hyacinth Watson (4 months ago)
Bring me on one of your shoots I’ll do these pick up no problem
Stark 167 (4 months ago)
Vitalys tough on his students
akabadnews (5 months ago)
Полное гавно..full shit...
jayesh gurung (5 months ago)
So Awkward like wtf bruh
Isaiah Ross (5 months ago)
"Start some putting in work?"
Ren (5 months ago)
13:41 😂😭

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