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Zach King's Best Magic Vine Compilation 2014

1424 ratings | 421872 views
Zach King's of Best Magic Vine Compilation 2014 Best Funny Vine Collection 2014 Best Collection of Funny Vine Videos all over Internet Subscribe for more funny videos! All Copyright Rights go to the Content Owners! **MESSAGE ME TO RESOLVE ANY COPYRIGHT OR CREDIT ISSUES** Best Vine Best Vine 2013 Best Vine 2014 Vine Videos Vine Videos 2013 Vine Videos 2014 Funny Vine Videos Awesome Vine Videos Vine Compilation People Are Awesome people Are Awesome 2014 Fail Compilation Awesome People Today Fail Compilation This Week People Are Awesome Long Amazing People Compilation Ultimate Funny Vine Collection
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Text Comments (108)
Angel S. (11 months ago)
its the coolest vedeo i have ever seen
What's wrong was 3:41
Ndeye Ndioba (1 year ago)
c est super
Pug Army (1 year ago)
1:41 cut pickachu
Keshawn Diggs (2 years ago)
I love your video it is to good for me
Ameer 123 (2 years ago)
هل هذا حقيقي
Patels tech (2 years ago)
who you can do it
azumah (2 years ago)
well it was fun but it just inclouded half the vid
Emma Burgess (2 years ago)
A. Prim (2 years ago)
Yurimar Griman (2 years ago)
Ciara Staines-Hurley (2 years ago)
why was it black
January Embers (2 years ago)
more like pikakitty XD
January Embers (2 years ago)
I like pikachu kitty
kae f (2 years ago)
Why was it black half way
Amateur Art (2 years ago)
why was the res black?????????
Enter Hasbin (2 years ago)
test your MAGIC
Mark Bevers (2 years ago)
the rest of the video was black
Kenyatta Jones (2 years ago)
Ben Harms ### ##
Kenyatta Jones (2 years ago)
rivacat1971 (2 years ago)
+ ernest hernandez I know right???
Tyjaheria Bennett (3 years ago)
me three
Kevin Felix (3 years ago)
you make awesome videos
Tiffany Coleman (3 years ago)
u did to crazy what happen
Helena Pantages (3 years ago)
me too
Whowants 2know (3 years ago)
I seen the superman one on musical.ly
Jessica Coombs (3 years ago)
my daughter calls you the magic man. she just loves your videos. it's inspired her to look into this. what is this called? where would we start? she is 5 by the way.
real mystery (2 years ago)
+Jessica Coombs lol how can you tell I'm not very good at discussion without even discussing with me ? I am magician and if she would like to get into MAGIC I could help. But I'm saying this is video editing, so you should look into someone who does video editing , not magic .
Jessica Coombs (2 years ago)
okay. You can stop answering questions. You are not very good at discussion.
real mystery (2 years ago)
This is video editing
Alyson Fisher (3 years ago)
you would always get hit by a cat😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Alyson Fisher (3 years ago)
you would always get hit by a cat😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
that program?
Jonathon Rushing (3 years ago)
did you win the amazeing race if not then ho did
ernest hernandez (3 years ago)
at the end it just froze for the rest of the video after the black part ended
nafisa Messado (3 years ago)
I know
ernest hernandez (3 years ago)
All I saw black on the half of the video
Pogo Stick (2 years ago)
Kenyatta Jones (2 years ago)
ernest hernandez right
Jamie Snow (2 years ago)
i know it's weird
ernest hernandez (2 years ago)
+Lovely Lina thank you for agreeing for me
Lina Tran25 (2 years ago)
I know
Dreamurr (3 years ago)
hey bro can you teach me the rice crispy trick money trick and the rubix cube trick so i can prove to my brother that i solved the rubix cube plz and the sock magic
real mystery (2 years ago)
This is video editing !
Kelly Phelps (3 years ago)
That is awsome
Sherri Baumert (3 years ago)
crimescene25 (3 years ago)
old and played out
han lieu (3 years ago)
why was it black
Naimath Ullah (3 years ago)
Doge MLG (3 years ago)
really really amaing
Plazma Oyuncu (3 years ago)
Plazma Oyuncu (3 years ago)
5:44 freeze the photo
Plazma Oyuncu (3 years ago)
03:41 what happens black
Death Wish (3 years ago)
gamw ta nekra soy
Zachary Jesenovec (3 years ago)
Who's screen wen't black at 4:31?
Jaqo Poon (3 years ago)
screw you at 5:48 , only sound and a freezed photo
Jennifer Bushman (3 years ago)
I want a cat like that NOWWW
Ryan And Rhys (3 years ago)
Cool a full video 😂
Ching Ching (3 years ago)
Lmao video The half of it
whats up with the video?
skuishy (3 years ago)
yea i only saw half the video like whoa?
Daisha Stacy (3 years ago)
i like the part with the two kittens
Marissa Arrojado (3 years ago)
What happend at the end totally screwed it up dam
Daisha Stacy (3 years ago)
this is so amazing how is u doing that??????????????????
Kristyna Kilgo (3 years ago)
Good job. :) I can't see the rest of the video anymore but that's ok. oh and for all those haters out there how about you all just stop, ok? hasn't your mother or father ever taught you if its not nice don't say it at all? because does hat make you any better? its not cool at all. what has he ever done to you? I don't know him but I'm pretty sure about 90 percent of you don't even know him either. Its just plain out rude for one thing. Why can't everyone just be nice to each other? why does everyone have to be so rude and everything now and days? Like seriously, why can't you all think about how it makes him feel? how would you feel if he went and made mean comments to all of you for no good reason? now that I think about it, is there really ANY good reason to hate on eachother? No, there isn't. so just stop people. its not cool nor is ot necceray. and yeah I know I probally spelt a few words, and you know what? I don't care at the momment! what are you going to do? Call the police on me? report me? mention or call it out in the comments? start hating on me? I honestly Dont care. and you know what, you don't have to listen to me but I hope you all make better decisions because this might catch up with you one day. And I hope it does, kinda, because I'm sick and tired of people being rude to everyone for absolutely NO reason at all. I hope you all are happy with yourselfs. Cuz I'm not. So just stop. be nice to eachother for once because being nice is cool. So yeah, I hope your all happy with yourselfs. >:<
Imp the Lucario (2 years ago)
Kristyna Kilgo (3 years ago)
+Kristyna Kilgo oh and also I bet some of you haters can't even make a video as cool as this. as for the ones who thought this was lame then oh well because I personally I thought it was cool. if you thought it was lame then I guess you don't have a sence of humer then. And I'm not trying to be rude to you all but I'm just exspresing how I feel. if you all hate me for it, then oh well, I don't care. I don't need everyone to like me. I'm not perfect and neither are all of you. No one is perfect so don't act like your all better than peoplr. beacuse in the end, does it really matter? in the end we are all the same.
Kristyna Kilgo (3 years ago)
I ment I probally spelt a few words wrong
Ellie K. (3 years ago)
Omg I loved the part when I saw nothing half the video
the Gamer121 (3 months ago)
Ellie K. Me too
Yahia Zurub (1 year ago)
Ellie K. L Oll
Emma Burgess (2 years ago)
Ellie K. ikr its very dull
ThatWeirdoWhoLovesTØP (3 years ago)
+philip gill yea like thet part lol
philip gill (3 years ago)
+Ellie K. (LotsOfLaughs) same it was so dull
Kerel Vang (4 years ago)
Do a one that when you throw a coin in the air and it falls on the ground it there's like so many coins coming out of your ear
Beth jimenez (4 years ago)
Do you have a snapchaat
xman 187 (4 years ago)
If you look closely at the chest bump the camera stopped so they switched shirts
jerry quebedeaux (4 years ago)
THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ON YOUTUBE DID YOUR MOTHER TURN ON SAFETY FOR YOU? Lesson 1: don't tell someone your young or that will happen. :3
xman 187 (4 years ago)
Hey dumbo as. You can see in my picture I'm a 9 year old jerk
jerry quebedeaux (4 years ago)
no shit sherlock
lui vell (4 years ago)
What the heck is that real!!!!!
Sebastian Woodard (4 years ago)
all u jerks gotta stop being so mean to zach king even he knows its not real magic he just wants to entertain people so all u negative people shut the fuck up >:(
real mystery (2 years ago)
But dumbasses think it's magic lol
jerry quebedeaux (4 years ago)
i liked it :3
brown hound0_0 (4 years ago)
what the! ?
What happened at 3:41?
Kewl Kidz (3 years ago)
Yeah why did it go so black
TGA Super Plays (4 years ago)
Jorge Parra (4 years ago)
Ummmmmmmm!!!you are going to pay that.:)
Shana Estaris (4 years ago)
dude u suck at recording the screen turned black at 3:46
random tuber (4 years ago)
Right it did OK me 2
jerry quebedeaux (4 years ago)
and your better?
mochidosebiatch (4 years ago)
He's so skinny!...
Razor gaming (4 years ago)
wissen (4 years ago)
+sophia rivera quit bitching, you turned off comments on your own comment. like, wtf?
ALAFIQ ROY (4 years ago)
what the fuck why have vanossgaming song
Zxro Riots (4 years ago)
Cracked me up
Zxro Riots (4 years ago)
Zxro Riots (4 years ago)
Money does grow on trees which one
Zxro Riots (4 years ago)
I just just want it LOL
Logan Grace (4 years ago)
Terror Shark (4 years ago)
nice record.... the fuck happend at 3:46?
Legendbro (4 years ago)
I have no clue
Lisa Simpson (4 years ago)
Nice recording :D
Memming Park (4 years ago)
You are a freebooter!

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