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Australian Lightning DOUBLE DEBUNK

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Please consider supporting my videos via: http://www.patreon.com/CaptainDisillusion For Vulcans: technical debunking starts at 4:28. Captain Disillusion pulls a double shift and deconstructs two similar hoax videos featuring close encounters with lightning.
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Max (1 day ago)
This is the location of the second video, might help with debunking :) https://goo.gl/maps/Xh3ForVT7BU2
naomi g (2 days ago)
Akhil Singh (3 days ago)
What if it is you who's behind all the "fake" viral videos . Because moreover that's the main fuel of your channel ! Love with your heart think with your brain.
JMPlayz and EBenjamin (3 days ago)
Your like a comidan mixed in with like a scientist or smarty
GachaMovies (3 days ago)
In the beach one its kinda obvious, WHO GOES ON THE BEACH IN A THUNDERSTORM?????
FED UPPERSON (3 days ago)
WILL YOU ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE CAPTAIN DISILLUSION? You see do to the recent revelations of Facebook's dishonesty, greed & incompetence, I refuse to use it in any way & have deleted my account. So I can't ask you thru there. And by the way, I think you should reconsider forcing people to have FB to recommend something! But anyways, there is a video that I believe, and so will you, is 100% false! Yet at the same, I think it will be your hardest video yet to debunk. I don't think you will be able to debunk. I can only find the video in the "The Thug Life 1 million subscribers special" at 21:25 seconds in. It's dashcam footage at night of a man running on an icy & snowy road, after a jeep in front of the dashcam car. You can make it out pretty well. They look to be going way to fast, especially in those conditions, for any man to run. But I don't see how you can debunk it. IS MY CHALLENGE ACCEPTED?
haòn sesom (6 days ago)
haòn sesom (6 days ago)
Logan Putman (7 days ago)
His wrist gadget is actually one of those handheld video game devices
Little Larvitar (8 days ago)
When I was little mum and I were driving around videoing the storm going on around us When all of a sudden BAM lightning strikes RIGHT NEXT TO OUR CAR I was amazed whilst mum was terrified and drove straight home
Little Larvitar (8 days ago)
Australia huh I like that place B-because I love there
Broddiccus (11 days ago)
Neither video makes sense scientificaly either. Electricity is gonna move through the fastest point of conductivity, thus it'll hit the tallest thing in the area that's closest to the point of origin (sky) and it'll hit the path of least resistance, aka the most electrical conductivity. Lightning almost never strikes cars because they are grounded only by 4 rubber tires, making them exceptionally non conductive, humans on the other hand are pretty electricity friendly, so the idea that it would strike 15 feet away from her on a completely flat beach is ridiculous, if it were coming down a mile out or whatever, then fine, but st that range of course she's the first target, same with the like 5 or 6 light and telephone poles around that car, there's absolutely no way the current would run through the car in that scenario.
Y my pp hard (12 days ago)
You need jesus
Crouton Boi (13 days ago)
This does have amazing amounts of detail I just have an issue with the Lightning striking close to the girl because if it was real it would strike there because it is the path of least resistance meaning it would short to ground before it got to the girl
SpudHead (13 days ago)
Why did someone make the car lightning video you ask? Well you already discovered that, to advertise a dash cam you fucking idiot.
TheMajorMosa (13 days ago)
Who’s Benny
Balancatraca (13 days ago)
so does qnyone know who Benny is or was?
alex cladovan (13 days ago)
you got cheesed by miss ping 2.0 whit a hammer
R3D5t0N3_ G4M3R (14 days ago)
You keep up da good work of debunking and make the creator of the videos mad
WonderfulNightowl (14 days ago)
What's the song at 4:00
Nate and Noah Try Life (15 days ago)
Just discovering you now, this channel is amazing.
mastergamingMc T-pose (16 days ago)
Just before this video started i got an ad about some kinda lightning preventing thing 😂😂😂
deathlineee24 (17 days ago)
Plot twist: the paint on his face is also made with visual effects
Alexander Taylor (17 days ago)
Who's benny?
Corrupted Guy (17 days ago)
*greetings, children*
Mychael Darklighter (19 days ago)
As an Aussie, I can tell you that guy is NOT Australian. He sounds like someone of questionable origin attempting a South African accent, lol. And while we are at it, nor are you Australian, Cap. Only we are allowed to wear those hats, you racist. Cultural appropriation is totally no joke.
Harrison Lai (19 days ago)
Australia’s pretty great you should come visit
Tasty Biscuits (19 days ago)
The person who made the car video didn’t even take into account that the tyre rubber wouldn’t conduct electricity to the ground
Y u salty tho (19 days ago)
Man I can't stand wogs I don't even care that the video's fake I just automatically hate the dude in the Sydney video
zvxcvxcz (19 days ago)
+CaptainDIsillusion Oh man, that hat is classic. I wonder how many people got that reference to Desertphile.
Nugget's Lego Guns (19 days ago)
CringyBoy (19 days ago)
Why are you allways wearing the same cloths
Rama Mishra (20 days ago)
"Love with your heart but use your head for everything else!" This is the best quote ever!
Zacharie Zacharie (21 days ago)
Imagine dissilusion debunking himself
Ben Minor (21 days ago)
Oh my gosh, I just realized that I have the same thing he has on his wrist, but in real life, it’s a video game
glados gaming (21 days ago)
Listen to the second lightning video sounds like he's saying chooses combat gear oh my God baby you alright
scary static (21 days ago)
Not Adam (21 days ago)
Arman Jay Perez (22 days ago)
Is this the modern Sherlock of viral videos?
BenJoe72 (23 days ago)
Yes. Bunnies and cats. That's what I want on my social feeds instead of fake videos too, Cap :D
College Cast (24 days ago)
Best video I have seen yet! Love the debunking
ExtremeGaming 9009 (24 days ago)
U are fantastic
SATAN (24 days ago)
I had lightning strike me in the tip of my penis
flip'n autistic (24 days ago)
Oh wow I was tricked by this. Thanks I'll stop showing that Australian video. Damnit I feel like a tool.
TheRealDot (24 days ago)
Rubles are Russian currency...
quicktime (25 days ago)
Thats the Napean highway!
Johns Junk (25 days ago)
3:55 XD fav part 3:58 JEESMISHME
SIMO VALTER (25 days ago)
Fern (25 days ago)
I’m late, but does anyone know who Benny is?
John Weber (27 days ago)
nice hat
jetso2000 (28 days ago)
Dhruv Anchan (28 days ago)
So underrated
Original Goose1 (28 days ago)
Look, I know it’s fake, but that voice thing was funny as hell anyways
SniperLego Guns (28 days ago)
"Take my rubles!" Wait
keep working hard captain
xXeaZyETXx (30 days ago)
I am Australian and i can translate the guy said oh my god babe the lightning just missed you
Ryan Keller (30 days ago)
Shit! YOU ARE GOOD. :)
Ultra Ultimator (30 days ago)
I shall complain to the makers of Youtube as I AM UNABLE TO SUBSCRIBE TWICE, NOR THRICE, ONLY ONCE! And once is most certainly not enough. This alien man needs a thousand.
How To Gaming (1 month ago)
Does anyone know what type of video editing software he has, I've been trying to get into that stuff but my Lightworks and OBS isn't really up to par 😅
Orashgle (1 month ago)
so is the face paint vfx?
Fern (25 days ago)
Orashgle i don’t think so- from video to video the black drips change
YummyAdamai (1 month ago)
I couldn’t give a frog about the ozzy getting hit by lightning. *Thunderclap* “CHOOSES COMBAT GEAR!”
Buffout Addict (1 month ago)
Can I just say everything on your channel is done really well but also done crappy on purpose and I love that
The Cheese Dragon (1 month ago)
Plenty of evidence the car one is fake
GAG 9 (1 month ago)
Video starts at 2:30
MrSmokyFly (1 month ago)
The fact you can recognise effects by name is amazing. My jaw dropped when you ID'd the dirt charges.
gizi cz (1 month ago)
Oh cool reverse lightning
RoyalDingbat (1 month ago)
"I like girls!"
PortalFan15 (1 month ago)
The second video was already easy to debunk, it was made by ppl who wanted to create fake viral videos.
GLaDOS (29 days ago)
You mean like most fake videos
SunflowerPRO (1 month ago)
for benny
456goo (1 month ago)
Wait- i live in Spartanburg??
Jake Thomas (1 month ago)
The subtitles on the boyfriend's reaction gets me every time. Classic.
John Latega Constancia (1 month ago)
Its like geostorm.
Fritz Doctor (1 month ago)
isnt the lightning supposed to go first and then the thunder?!?!
Patrick Carey (1 month ago)
why would the lightning struck the car as it is not the highest point unlike the telephone pole in the background of the video
cgreen339 (1 month ago)
Was gonna say the amount of effort you put into these videos are amazing like having an lcd panel that actually flickers in your animation, is awesome detail. Then I saw someone already posted every word I was about to say!
Jack Hughes (1 month ago)
Also, basic lightning info, it should have it the metal on the power line post, although maybe the car was a large enough hunk of metal to divert it from the path of least resistance.
Falcon Phoenix (1 month ago)
Who is Benny? 7:32
Maxwell Scully (1 month ago)
rubels? is he is Russia
Hedrick (1 month ago)
if bryan dechart and someone from taco putting on the ritz had a baby it'll look like capin' D
Clay Bradley (1 month ago)
Clay Bradley (1 month ago)
*I like girls!*
Mister McSquid (1 month ago)
Lightning in Australia is very rare as it mostly occurs along the east coast. I know this because i live in central NSW
Shimmo -jr (1 month ago)
That car one was shot in parkdale
DaChozenPoww (1 month ago)
The car's roof must be melted. Lightning's temperature can turn sand into glass under a millisecond. The glass of a car would be shattered or breaked by the force of lightning that was generated... Lightning force was enough to break or shatter the whole 5 meters wooden or concrete pole..
TakyToh (1 month ago)
" I like girls "
EyedIce YT (1 month ago)
3:55 I knew this was not the kind of date I wanted!
whitezombified (1 month ago)
You just need to debunk Now this in general ESPECIALLY the fake as fuck political rage videos of "racists caught in the act, in clear video with perfect audio"
Philip MAYNE (1 month ago)
Melbourne is pronounced Mel-bin not Mel-born
TRX VLOGGER (1 month ago)
I can't stand when I see friends share videos like this on Facebook and they sit there and get all excited and shit when I clearly can tell it's fake lol. I love this guys Channel
Ravenpotter (1 month ago)
This is why I don’t trust news...... I only trust reliable sources like sketchy online sites with no sources or actual scientific facts....
Kyle Craig (1 month ago)
"Real Journalism" you mean real jewism..
loot (1 month ago)
this is shit
Adamson pilotos (1 month ago)
EndGaming 1675 (1 month ago)
Oh yes Australia has lightning sometimes red lightning but also has storms derooting every tree almost those strikes aren’t real cuz lightning doesn’t usually hit water plus the car was struck and the person on there wouldn’t of been able to drive and the car would be fried and ripped apart
Tom Cast (1 month ago)
Wouldn’t the car be melted or damaged a lot? I mean, lightning is a form of plasma and plasma can reach 30,000 degrees Celsius, so shouldn’t the car be melted?
Nephealm (1 month ago)
nope the car one is obvsly fake. if lightning strikes a car, itll cause the engine to blow and the paint will burn. the windows will burst. physics. doesnt make any sense
Matthew Conway (1 month ago)
It literally started storming here in Australia while I was watching this.
PonyPrincessGames (1 month ago)
Ads, it's always an ad.
Rogue God (1 month ago)
The thing is this video was reccomended to me by youtubes feed algorithm
Jakey Bone (1 month ago)
3:54 no thats how people talk in australia i mean oooh neewww DATATST hoooooo DEEYAYYAY tork IIJNNNN DOWNN UNDUR AYY!!!

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