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Australian Lightning DOUBLE DEBUNK

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Please consider supporting my videos via: http://www.patreon.com/CaptainDisillusion For Vulcans: technical debunking starts at 4:28. Captain Disillusion pulls a double shift and deconstructs two similar hoax videos featuring close encounters with lightning.
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Botts King (1 day ago)
Ur lazer projecting that thing made me think i have tinitus
Botts King (1 day ago)
Is there ever gonna be a real debunk as soon as i see you have uploaded a debunk i know its fake lol
V Play’z (1 day ago)
I didn’t even share my answer about this vid because I knew you’d make a video on it 😅
Jenia Munteanu (1 day ago)
i once had a lightning strike near my house. I was near the balcony and i jumped so hard.
Reese Eugenio (2 days ago)
This is wrong everybody knows that Australia is not real
xGlitch Virus (5 days ago)
"I like girls"
chit cheung (5 days ago)
Brockvorhees - (6 days ago)
Say melborn one more time.
RAM T (10 days ago)
Amazing like everything else thumps up
Madhav Nair (10 days ago)
You're so good, that i have made it my mission to click on your videoes as much as possible!!!😂
Miles Williams-Lewis (10 days ago)
Therapeutic Touch? Oh my...
Trevinatot Gaming (10 days ago)
HEY I love the Independence Day movie
Taufiq Rahman (10 days ago)
Dynamitedog (12 days ago)
Yea I know that the video was fake but that's the way we azzies talk so I dont think what he was saying it was scripted (by the way azzies are awesome)
Russ Dahlberg (12 days ago)
The sad part is I don't think they made enough money in ad revenue to cover their funerals after the murdering that just took place in this video.
Lowkey (13 days ago)
I live about a 5 minute drive away from the clip on the intersection. Pretty cool seeing somewhere nearby in one of your videos
It should’ve been, double debunked lightning fast
Elisa Barbara Landi (14 days ago)
Oh... My... God... Italian subtitle... THANK YOU
Robert Sampson (15 days ago)
who's benny?
Thetexan Rhino (16 days ago)
Who is Benny
T Animations (16 days ago)
Not all lightning is primarily from the sky some come from the ground and sky in the middle
k. bekhouche (16 days ago)
at 5:39 there is a pink dot on the road
snake nolastname (17 days ago)
You know it is a fake yall know that australia doesnt exist The trap has been setted
GamerTime (18 days ago)
at the end it says for Benny, WHO THE HELK IS BENNY!
Yoobin Bush (18 days ago)
Once when my dad and I were stopped, what looked like ball lighting struck right in the middle of the intersection and we got it on the dashcam.
ContortionCat_ 10 (18 days ago)
Doesn’t lightning usually hit higher up objects? Which means for the car one, it would’ve made more sense if the lighting struck the wire. Sorry, but my brain just goes kinda “Scientific Logic” for things like this. 😐
Well i have skipped class played with my friend in the court while raining and since we cant go home cause its Raining. While we were waiting we played basketball and i was bored Standing near the corner And suddenly a lighning hit 7 meters near me i think twice? (In a diffirent position/place) and i touched the ground/floor the water was dry and a little hot so its my most EPIC moments in elementary
larson gregory (19 days ago)
Who Benny?
John Schlitter (19 days ago)
Who's Benny?
Zan Man Arts (19 days ago)
I know that “shut up and take my rubles” was a futurama reference
Ayden White (19 days ago)
I almost got hit by a mini lighting volt I’m not even lying everything felt warm and there was a huge flash
chau octavio (20 days ago)
no hablo italiano
Renee Roland (21 days ago)
I like girls -captian disillusion,2016
Cade Prutzman (21 days ago)
It is literally impossible for lighting to strike a car due to it being grounded by rubber (tires). And because there were things 20 times taller in the background and made of complete metal.
belverin01 (21 days ago)
Be honest, your secound channel is called CaptainIllusion and you have faked the videos yourself 🙈
Lynx (22 days ago)
this vid is soooo fake because when he gets the bunny from the tube the tub des a peycajtgf joke
Mewlax (22 days ago)
i LiKe giRLs
Tohru (23 days ago)
But... Aussies aren’t real!
wil bryant (23 days ago)
I like how clint blevins is my cousin i got shook
Epic Master (23 days ago)
Odbfhfjeujdndbcbfej fjjendncicje dncidjdjcb disinfect hhjjfjgbdkfjg is the boys speaking
Thwomp (26 days ago)
I recognize that stock lightning sound effect lol
FLAT EARTH (26 days ago)
The Platinum Goldfish (27 days ago)
1:03 you like girls? Hmmmmmm, bit dodgy
Vitor hugo (27 days ago)
that strike should overload the car eletric systen and those kept walking normaly wtf
Vitor hugo (27 days ago)
is that lightnin happened, they had to be striked on the grul, tips on thinks, like fingers, are the places where are more "eletrizided" there is no whay that lightnin do not strikes her (srry for my english, is not my main language)
Demopan Shakoe (27 days ago)
2:31 Nice killer exclusive. How much are you selling it for? i dont have many keys at the moment.
24- mago (27 days ago)
You are great! Keep it up!!!
B00k_em Dan-o (27 days ago)
I knew the car lightning one was fake but I didn't know the ocean one was
Kim-Jong Un (27 days ago)
Hi soviet, привет
Michael Gatewood (28 days ago)
3:29 6 years ago I was on my porch as a storm was coming in and all the hair on my arms and some of the hair on my head stood up like it does with a balloon that you rub on something then hold it to your head. Needless to say I ran indoors
The Trixter (29 days ago)
The video should have been two seconds just saying Australia dosn't exist
Sir Meliodas (29 days ago)
can you do, images of earth and moon landings please? Show how fake they are and CGI even the live stream of a fake satellite.
Sam Deacon (30 days ago)
The beach video was made by a University to show easy to make a viral video the boyfriend was Jay from tgf bro
Sam Deacon (30 days ago)
Tgf bro
Eugy7 (30 days ago)
QWERTY Uiop (30 days ago)
the one where she slips on the rocks is a meme i saw before
The end of Time (30 days ago)
Captain disaloshon:I like girls Me:me to(1 like=1 chance in saving my inside from death)
NictasaurPlayz (30 days ago)
You try and speak clearly without cursing and while your panicing
code_dredd (1 month ago)
If I tried this, I'd have to name myself _Commander Failure_ because I'd fail at this so hard, that the level of failure by itself is enough for me to get a higher ranking.
jostur3 (1 month ago)
2:34 I got flashbacks to Super Mario 64 with the music. Anyone else?
Melis Derveni (1 month ago)
Havent watched the video yet, but this is obviously fake as light travels faster than sound, but on the impact i heard the sound at the same time as i saw the light, so its fake
I know watch just for the FX breakdown. Since we are GIMP and Blender users. These are now hints on how to keep it realistic in movie making. Love with your heart and use your head for everything else. I love these end sequences. Thanks Cap-D and Allan. Awesome work at the Blender Institute! -ONO MY COMMENTS MY SPACE
i hate commenting coz no one wants to like. and im always liking my own haist
jeff coulter (1 month ago)
I use to be a believer now i am a skeptic on every thing i watch because of this channel
Daniel Smith (1 month ago)
The best part is, that the one on the Beach (The beach is located in Bondi btw) would have had multiple CCTV footage to back up the video, as there is multiple buildings nearby to the area. It just adds to how fake it is.
False-set (1 month ago)
People really do talk like that in Sydney.. seriously.
Keep Chrispy (1 month ago)
Even though I appreciate all of your videos & work and being a big fan of your content..... the "rolling shutter effect" is caused by the shutter itself (as the name says), rather than the sensor of the camera! (just my 2 cents, as an photographer)
Trent LaCompte (1 month ago)
I thought it was going to be upside lightning
NEASH NEASH (1 month ago)
They also don't sound australian too me, not that many people here actually have a very strong accent, so idk
NEASH NEASH (1 month ago)
No way a car could get struck by lightening, isn't it that since the wheels are made of rubber it cant strike it? Idk that's what always thought as a child XD
crollens (1 month ago)
Powerful... Love this channel ! Amazing job.
DoctorDoctor (1 month ago)
Your content is great! Found this channel from your collab with that engineer.
TwinGamersTV (1 month ago)
4:23 Smoking Phaser Evidence... Was that a reference to the homemade phaser debunk?
Waider Monginzin (1 month ago)
for benny? whos benny?
ADES bomb (1 month ago)
man i love this guy is the best :')
Tech Venture (1 month ago)
I Litterly Watched Every video In Your Channel ! It's Too Good !
Nothing (1 month ago)
JT (1 month ago)
Sorry for the questions. I'm new a new subscriber Why do you look the way you look? With that silver stuff in your face Sorry for the question
The Rising Star 91 (1 month ago)
You are awesome bro
James Ogilvie (1 month ago)
Apparently the second video was made by some university students to show how easy it was to make a viral video
Brycen Cheney (1 month ago)
K I’ve seen a bunch of this but I gotta ask... why the makeup?
Devin Wisniewski (1 month ago)
That was terrifying when that guys face came out
Groovy Games (1 month ago)
The Australian video with the girl debunk seems weak, I mean why would the camera have a glitch disappear? Why would the creator have added it? If he didn't how would it have disappeared, the glitch would stay, but I think maybe he flash actually corrected the glitch. Which sounds dumb and I probably am breaking the rules on how to always be right, as I am no expert on cameras, but, as an owner of the hero six I wouldn't be surprised if the flash fixed it. The newer gopros have very weird sensors and malfunction in odd ways. I have had many a glitch appear and disappear in my own filming. Just something I was curious on.
John Michael Rili (1 month ago)
Hahaaha, when he mentions the PRESETS! I love it.
Sean Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Who is Benny?
GuNzOnE (1 month ago)
While watching car getting hit by a lightning, I remembered how a car in a distance of about 2m in front of me got hit by a lightning and scared the shit out of me...
Darryl Learie (1 month ago)
I think you hinted on an important point, just because one can recreate the video of the phenomenon in question does not mean that the phenomenon itself is fake. But it does offer more plausible explanation for phenomenon that is less likely to be real.
Ebeneezer Iraffe (1 month ago)
Ey Spartanburg my buddy lives there
Everything On This (1 month ago)
Is this video fake or real 👉 https://www.facebook.com/100004308072660/posts/1242052102615047/
Glenn McGrew II (1 month ago)
Hey, that Australian "accent" was incredibl...y...BAD!
77gravity (1 month ago)
The boyfriend on the beach sounds more like a Kiwi (New Zealander) than an Aussie - an easy mistake to make for the American "ear". :)
skyoneasassin (1 month ago)
Dude you are so awesome you're like the Captain Planet of YouTube
Silvy (1 month ago)
Well the Australian with the "funny accent" is likely a wog, and thats how they speak, so be careful what you say
T0X1C-ReD (1 month ago)
I like girls Wait wait?
I TZ B E C K E H (1 month ago)
Raymo_2_u (1 month ago)
There are very few "real" journalists today...
Midgetking03 (1 month ago)
Hanging wires don’t you mean powerlines
Fluffy Duckerman (1 month ago)
No, that's just how us Aussies talk.

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