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Online shopping is better than Men.....10 Reasons Why

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Here are '10 Reasons Why...Online Shopping is better than Men', enjoy guys :) If you want to see more of the lovely Andy Shepherd, he can be found here: @andyjshep http://www.somethinelse.com/content/projects/andy-shepherd/ Please subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=emilyhart You can find me here: http://www.facebook.com/10ReasonsWhy and here: @emilyhartridge (don't be a twat on twitter) Check out some of my other videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrGamYcqfXY&feature=share&list=PL0WxnhKhacR7N3FQ9mT_vHKNVF180eIvn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MN0N-zP5VY&feature=share&list=PL0WxnhKhacR7N3FQ9mT_vHKNVF180eIvn My name is Emily Hartridge and I am an up-and-coming presenter from the UK who every week takes a wry look at the top 10 reasons why... a weekly vlogging show that proves that everything in the world can be explained with 10 reasons. Topics include anything from sex, relationships, love, gender, life and more. You might not agree with everything I say and that's fine, my only intention is to provide you all with some advice and much needed light entertainment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R0aGzF7PWs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmnVVzPRuXM Watch my most popular video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch? And here is why online shopping is better than men: http://youtu.be/zj3EGJjeMgg
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Text Comments (291)
da ne (7 days ago)
Emily drinking causes depression. Men are over rated . I just watched a girl speaking about her dildo collection just buy a dildo.
0nem1leh1gh (5 months ago)
Confessions of a gold-digger?
Brent M (8 months ago)
Funny video thx
zyepod (1 year ago)
Enjoy your videos Emily. I too come here for a laugh... Thanks for the laughs...
GO DRIVING (1 year ago)
life is a bad joke (1 year ago)
Your just another feminist men hater...
nobbynoris (1 year ago)
Emily, you're lovely.
David Owen (2 years ago)
you make each day a little brighter with your radiance, intelligence and humor; thank you
Jonathan Millar (2 years ago)
great videos emily and good looking to i would say you are a really chilled out babe
Sandeep Mehra (2 years ago)
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool hahahahahahahaha
umesh - (2 years ago)
are you guys staying away from parents
Jim Vaughn (2 years ago)
very funny and also entertaining. love your videos.
James Trenoweth (2 years ago)
ADRIAN SCOTT (2 years ago)
scathingly funny.......but still scathing!
Kirk Rogers (2 years ago)
Real? Good job. We are people too.... Right??? Emily!!!! What if my name was Amazon????
ToonandBBfan (3 years ago)
LMAO - Had me howling!Thanx
Jason Rogers (3 years ago)
You are smoking hot keep up the good work Emily
cholland67 (3 years ago)
'Online shopping sites treat you like your the most important person' - Oh the irony.......... lol - love watching these though - please keep making them
Not Iron Man (3 years ago)
massive laughs and you are cute....just another randy gentleman. ;) love your vids lmao
amynmike100 (3 years ago)
Your channel is so awesome Emily! Thank you for putting me in a great mood and I love waking up with a laugh because getting out of bed on little sleep is very hard but your fast and fun videos make my brain snap into awake mode and they kill the groggy, pity feelings I get over losing my beauty sleep. Thank you for the uplifts! <3
Kevin Johnston63 (3 years ago)
You are funny, keep up the great work.
Raymond Carter (3 years ago)
she just hates men because they don't want to waste their money on her
Brandon Hughes (3 years ago)
1. You're hung over...well, I can't help you with that one. 2. Your look lovely as usual 3. Your lipstick...well, don't apply when drinking 4. Your hair looks fine (and I'm really wondering what color hair would not look good on you)
Mysterious Squirrel (3 years ago)
Never worry about losing your gorgeous looks. I have some stuff you can rub into your face. It's kept my sister looking young.
Lotte Wright (3 years ago)
you cheer me up no matter what and i quote u all the time and my friends r sick of it but am just like HOLLARRRR
bobbi mke (3 years ago)
My complements to your dentist. And a tip-o-the-hat to mumsie-dearest, who obviously taught you to brush twice a day and floss all the teeth you want to keep. Who's to thank for the wry humor {usually | frequently | often | sometimes | occasionally} displayed by said choppers?
Ryan Ferrey (3 years ago)
let's procreate. I've got good genes. I need to be yours. I know I know You uber popular and you could have any guy, but think about Ryan Ferrey
GENERALTIM21 (3 years ago)
Come to Australia
Louis Hawkins Greene (3 years ago)
I think u look amazing and I'm a dude new has a. Girlfriend
GE PLAYER (4 years ago)
I always laugh at some of the mouth expressions you make, they crack me up lol. Thanks for the laughs MH.
topherh33 (4 years ago)
Your man hating is really getting rediculous, Please seek help
juntao11 (1 year ago)
topherh33 its jokes idiot seek a sense of humor dopey 😎
brad potts (4 years ago)
I love the way you connect with people
A Cabsalt (4 years ago)
I wouldn´t be a man if I said : I liked 4:29 :) and the rest of the video :)
John Williams (4 years ago)
Press 1 over and over again
shripud1234 (4 years ago)
I am glad that...i came across your videos...!!!. Youre Absolutely Hilarious and Beautiful !! Keep Smiling !! :)
Lara Mara (4 years ago)
^_^ Watached 90% of your videos!  you remind me of what I am like!  -in general, lots of laughs.. but im not that toned at the moment but yeap burning calories!!
jcannon52 (4 years ago)
Emily I love your videos they are very funny and always make me feel better. Thanks Jonathan
Ron Horne (4 years ago)
I just found you today and sent like a dozen of your videos to my girlfriend.  Wasted a whole afternoon.  Thank you!  Some of that shit was fucking hilarious!!!
Johnny Iles (4 years ago)
Jesus do you have a six pack? I've never seen a girl as hot as you with anything close to that, normally girls just have nothing
Spacemon Skywatcher (4 years ago)
You brighten my day...
ProductHuman (4 years ago)
dont cut/take off your brows, it makes you look uglier and mostely older.
Michael W. Bush (4 years ago)
*Saving your money is better than women... 100,000 Reasons Why*
jiefrog (5 years ago)
made me smile ty
Ricky Duron (5 years ago)
Mikko S. (5 years ago)
Andy looks a bit like Robbie Williams. Loved the laughs!
Gehan01 (5 years ago)
Just stopped by to say that it infuriates me that people like you can essentially buy views on youtube when clever/creative/original channels have to struggle to get attention. I'm sick of seeing your bullshit adds on other videos, and on my recommended videos. You dilute the whole point of YouTube as a user-submitted content aggregator and the sad thing is that the horny morons braying approval at your obvious beauty don't realise they're getting cheated. 
A Cabsalt (4 years ago)
whats the point here? Did emily had an ad for her channel?
Mathias Cederlund (4 years ago)
rrrrrrrrrr very angry
gold elmo (4 years ago)
Mohammed Jehad (5 years ago)
You are so buetiful
BJM Graphics (5 years ago)
That was funny but I think a video with 10 reasons why online shopping is better than women would be equally funny. What about 10 reasons why shopping with a woman online is better than shopping with a woman in a store?
BJM Graphics (4 years ago)
My 10 reasons why it's better for men to shop with a woman online than in a store. 1. men always have a seat to sit and wait 2. he can always make excusses to leave 3. at home he has his favorite sports magazines 4. he has a chance to browse what he wants when she's in the bathroom 5. he can trick her into clicking onto a site he likes 6. women tends to make up their minds a bit faster online 7. at home he is spared from looking at the ugly women trying on shoes 8. if shopping is too long he can kick the plug 9. no wait on the food court 10. He doesn't have to drive her store to store
Sean hennesy (5 years ago)
who would even compare men to online shopping?
Israfael D. (5 years ago)
Soo..hilarious, and entertaining. I'm your fan!
Mayra Moran (5 years ago)
hot Ass
Stephen Griffin (5 years ago)
How about ten reasons taking a shit. Is better than sex
TuckinHTK (5 years ago)
Lol these arr great
wayne chu (5 years ago)
stinky girl nice !!!!
wayne chu (5 years ago)
random youtube person I would go down on her anytime anywhere hahahahahah timeless
wayne chu (5 years ago)
insecure girly shit u look damn good !!!
Justin Byers (5 years ago)
id ride you any night!
Enigma (5 years ago)
some of these reasons contribute to somen becoming lesbians
Jakob Beck (5 years ago)
omg i wana love u
Alan hat (5 years ago)
Yep, you make me laugh. Or at least grin a lot :-D
Alan hat (5 years ago)
Yep, you make me laugh. Or at least grin a lot :-D
Nimisha Mistry (5 years ago)
You're hilarious!! I love your channel!
jBeastThink2ice (5 years ago)
you're funny, you remind me of Robin in how i met your mother
your freacken awesome it would b awesome to say hi to you
Katherine Rayl (5 years ago)
Dear Emily, BEST VIDEOS EVER! I absolutely adore the outtakes!                                                                Sincerely,                                                                         Your devoted fan from Ohio
TheGonzaPoker (5 years ago)
i wonder how many times your fake boyfriends have turned into one night stands or multiple night stands. Speaking from a male prespective most if not all of your 'fake boyfriends' have hidden motives with somebody as pretty as you, definatley, but also men arnt picky when you are almost naked doing sexy things :) so that doesnt really matter
Trancefifa (5 years ago)
anyone can shove chicken fillets down their bra. ur still a man in denial.
Sarbjit Singh (5 years ago)
LeUtubeAcc (5 years ago)
Emily wants a monstacock
Gabriel Corazza (5 years ago)
You are so fucking hot and so gut busting hilarious. I may watch for your face, which is amazing, but the comedy and the interesting viewpoints are great too
Polemicist (5 years ago)
Even more purile and totally unfunny, naff stuff from the girl with serious relationship commitment problems.
Aidan Woods (5 years ago)
all the [email protected]#k heads that try to get you down can [email protected]#k them selfs
Lim kong beng (5 years ago)
short hair like british air stewardness pl
Anon yMous (5 years ago)
I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself
jjhhkkful (5 years ago)
lol..no wonder you got dumped
Jamie Carter (5 years ago)
Your videos are awesome I maybe a guy but there still boss/great/excellent and just to say your videos are probably better than smosh nigahiga and Ray William Jonson put together
Bob Cap (5 years ago)
My older brother says he get' "hard" over you.. I don't know what this means, please tell me. By the way, i'm 7 years old and I am called Bobby Cap. You can call me Bob Emmy <3
Robert Leslie Jr. (5 years ago)
I guess its hard to find the right size...
David43515 (5 years ago)
I lose out to a credit card and a keyboard?That`s harsh.
Loviekinz (5 years ago)
I stumbled across your channel today, and i'm hooked =)
TheJerbol (5 years ago)
2 of the ten reasons are about size.
TheJerbol (5 years ago)
Bryan Perez (5 years ago)
dear:emily i wish i could be your panties
RomeoEditz (5 years ago)
got to say i just stumbled across your youtube this morning while clicking threw videos and your awesome love the whole top 10 idea etc and your very funny, so for these reasons i have subscribed and liked and even shared your stuff =) keep making these videos =D x
John Olson (5 years ago)
There SO many things are probably better than men it simply staggers the imagination. Mostly really love your vids (otherwise I wouldn't have subscribed) here in Wisconsin.
Jess Smalley (5 years ago)
You always make me laugh and smile I'm so glad I found ur videos they are really good don't stop them please
Callum Price (5 years ago)
aaaaaahhhhh that's what i call, good old british comedy!!!!!
lee sy (5 years ago)
andy is so fucking luky
Sarah Smith (5 years ago)
you always make me laugh on every Monday you are the best you tuber ever thank you soooo much xx
pacrii (5 years ago)
All those things you complained about the first 20 secs...i don't care. Why do you?
1337Turbogurke (5 years ago)
Em.. Don't like this episode, but still a Thumb up for done work
SoWhat (5 years ago)
i too would go down on her anytime, anywhere
Cradman (5 years ago)
Emily! i love your top 10 videos, they allways make me laugh! :) hope you will keep this going on and i hope your channel grows bigger :) you deserve it.
Rob (5 years ago)
Emily, you know a lot of stuff. This should help both of us pick up girls.
Cobie Warwick (5 years ago)
eddie bear (5 years ago)
Emily no-sold the motorboat @ 2:18.
karin schmidt (5 years ago)
oh gawd, you`re awesome and so funny and onest and you`re the first one i check when i go on youtube :)
aiden tennant (5 years ago)
Your videos are what get me through the day
Thomas Zawacki (5 years ago)
Great video, can't wait to see the reverse view. You know you are going to do it.
Jordan Waters (5 years ago)
You are the most awesome and amazing in the world,by far, when I watch your videos my day is a 1000times better!

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