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A Transgender Volleyball Players' Path to an NCAA Women's Team | Identify

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Follow volleyball athlete Chloe Anderson as she heads to UC-Santa Cruz and meets her new NCAA team-mates for the first time. The Identify series shows the inspiring journey of five transgender athletes and how sport helped them find their true identity. Meet the transgender athletes breaking taboos in sport: http://bit.ly/2u2lRuK Subscribe to the Olympic Channel here: http://bit.ly/1dn6AV5
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Text Comments (1021)
Wayne Renee (3 days ago)
Cheating women. Never a winner in my opinion, always a loser. Any monetary gains from this is fraud.
Adeum Deus (5 days ago)
"Can I have some juice with my Coke?" Mental illness. And it was encouraged by the parents! I didn't like the changes that happened to my body throughout puberty either, but it was what it was, and pretending to be anything else was/is childish and shows signs of deep mental issues.
Tony Hogan (9 days ago)
Fe Maiden (10 days ago)
Hopefully, the girls would feel the same way if it was track team.
Asshole (13 days ago)
Music at the beginning ?
Kingz_Xzavier 43 (13 days ago)
This is basically cheating
KrunchyJD (14 days ago)
There should be a separate sports category for trans women. Then it would be fair.
moparmon (16 days ago)
hahahaaa umm hahahaaa
WasteTimeOnline (19 days ago)
Trans "Women" are MEN so why can they play on WOMEN's Leagues?
Renata Barbosa (20 days ago)
Muito feliz por ela, e nem vou ler os comentários desse vídeo, temos que aprender a ver o lado humano das pessoas é deixar de lado esse ódio de lado...
Murilo Costa (20 days ago)
Omg so much love 💖
greenacresfan (28 days ago)
This is like making steroids legal - ruining sports
Gordon Cushman (1 month ago)
Perfect shave before practice. No testosterone here ? If any other women tested positive they would be disqualified. Ridiculous !
First Last (1 month ago)
Real women should fight and sue to get transexuals females banned from competing in women's sports. Chiloe Anderson is a selfish person who knows that he/she in sports dominates the real females. Fine he decided that he wants to be a female, but that does not give he/she a right to take away sports from real females. What Chiloe is doing is misogynist. The mother could careless that her child is destroying female sports.
dirty harry (1 month ago)
Yeah that's called mental illness people. Not normal. Stop pretending.
Douglas Nielsen (1 month ago)
Your a dude, you pathetic cheater..!!
I'm FtM, and I think it's fine for trans females to compete in certain sports, but in most sports, it is an unfair advantage for a bio male, regardless of how they identify, to compete with bio females. Unless they had been on estrogen since before puberty or blockers and then estrogen, it completely goes against the point of gendered events.
wayne pitty (1 month ago)
Yeh, doesn't matter, Let her live her life. Why mess with her? Worry about ones own life.. 😘
Joel (1 month ago)
shaving the beard lol
beastmode1980434 (1 month ago)
If you were born a man you should compete against men period.
read1986 (1 month ago)
Tallest 'girl' on the team
BrigidC123 (1 month ago)
“UCSC is a very liberal campus" says the UCSC Volleyball player. What's liberal about a biological Female losing her place on the team to a biological Male. This is twisted and not liberal at all.
Edmundo Murillo (1 month ago)
I guess this is a good way to make second or even third rate athletes feel important.
Molly Westmoreland (1 month ago)
Selfish. That’s the only word that comes to mind.
Starhunter Terra (1 month ago)
Good Luck, weirdo (sorry but with al respect for your dreams) you will always be a dude first.
Stephanie Black (1 month ago)
Even tho you said it in kind of a rude way, it is the sad truth. Even if she took as many hormone pills as she wanted and stitched as much stuff onto her body, she still has the physical body mass of a biological male. The talking about power and tallness in the video, it comes from her being biologically and genetically a male still despite what the outside shows.
Deplorable D (1 month ago)
Mark my words; one day the IOC and their media partner the Olympic Channel are going to regret hyping this unscientific cult madness. The Emperor's New Clothes writ large upon the public - except the public can see, and the IOC are the ones blinded by their cowardice.
MegaGolgo13 (1 month ago)
Not good enough to compete against men so you stuff a bra, grow long hair, shave, take a few pills and go bully girls. What a joke!!!
21elkaholic (2 months ago)
I definitely agree you shouldn't be playing competitive sports with other women!! genetically you're a man like it or not, you may feel like a women, you may act like a women but the truth is no matter how much hormones you take you can't fully 110% change your body
Niarra Mitchell (2 months ago)
No hate for the trans community but this is unfair
gutzduken Val (1 month ago)
No hate for you either but I think it really isn't fair for you to be stinking up our oxygen with your breath, peace and love , and brush those three chicklets you call teeth stinky
Kemuel Rapisora (2 months ago)
TallCoolDrink (2 months ago)
"We accept everyone....." but if you don't agree with us get out....lol
redleg13b Jay (3 months ago)
Mental illness
Supwe de Pon (3 months ago)
Trans female that began with hormones at pre-puberty don't have biological advantage over female borned female because almost all of the differences between men and women haven't even developped yet. Race is a bigger factor in a case like that in some sports like running.
B N (3 months ago)
Imagine just enough men did this to get all women out of sports... imagine the chaos... its fair and not fair
Jamie (3 months ago)
Say goodbye to womans sports
Barrack Obama (3 months ago)
“You aren’t welcome here because we include everyone”
Senor LLama (3 months ago)
This isn’t fair to female born athletes whatsoever. Training their asses off just to get beat by some guy who thinks he’s a girl smh what has this world come to 🤦🏻‍♂️. Keep this out of sports atleast. Or make trans only leagues
ParanormalScience (3 months ago)
If I was a coach, I'd make a whole team of trannies, and dominate the sport
josh langley (1 month ago)
ParanormalScience, maybe it has already been done just look back to the 70’s at the East German woman at the Olympics..
Mark Hogan (3 months ago)
I always feel bad for the fathers of these freaks. imagine your son turning out like this. So sad. Time machines and condoms would be nice for that parents
Chad Swans (3 months ago)
This will end in real women getting hurt.
Young Shrine (3 months ago)
This is the product of a single mother. No masculine energy breeds feminity
Young Shrine (3 months ago)
Where is the toxic masculinity at now feminist? Lmao
Joe Carmo (3 months ago)
The concept of a biological man competing with women is appalling. Want to transition, transition but competing with women is unfair to biological women. The other way around (women transitioning into men) is OK . I think that is selfish of "her."
digitalwatchwatch (3 months ago)
Psyical gender and Mental gender. Sports must go by psyical. Outside sports you can define yourself however you want.
3 KIDS (3 months ago)
😂😂😂 they’re a liberal and inclusive campus...... unless you don’t think a guy dressed as a girl is actually a girl. Then you can “GET OUT”. Brilliant
No Bozos (3 months ago)
DurdyClaude (3 months ago)
Transgendered athletes have made womens sports irrelevant. Thanks
Travis C (3 months ago)
Favorite line: “You either accept it or you get out, you’re not welcome here, because we include everyone”
Maurice W (3 months ago)
Chloe is an average player. What if Chloe was a top 5 male player on a women's team? What if Michael Phelps started competing on the women's team. He would probably break all the women's records.
Hope Springseternal (3 months ago)
It’s funny how marxists think they are open minded even as they say that you must like it or get out as they accept everyone. The mind virus truly breaks people.
Hope Springseternal (3 months ago)
I wanted to be a puppy
Pip Santos (3 months ago)
Women's sports, where the beast athletes are biological males.
Pip Santos (1 month ago)
+gutzduken Val yes, I'll be dead last.
gutzduken Val (1 month ago)
Yes Women's sports, where pip Santos would probably come in dead last in every event
Shane Maitland (3 months ago)
I love how they say there is no advantage then they immediately say that when they took hormones they started losing muscle mass. I mean imaging having that chemical makeup for your entire life instead of just a few months. Literally contradicted himself.
bisdakdiay (3 months ago)
Their hormones are not comparable. Trans testosterone will always be 3x higher than the female’s upper limit. They are still dudes in that respect Even though they are already taking estrogen hormones and that they are feeling more feminine. DNA never lies Chomosomes will never change. They are not women and it is not fair to women if they are to compete in same category. We must separate them Let transwomen fight transwomen I am not transphobic, i am realistic! Science will not lie!
BasicallySalty (3 months ago)
So, although yes her bone mass is different to biological females’, her position in volleyball also very much determines wether it is unfair or not. If she is a setter, all she’s doing is setting, and bumping to another team member, for them to attack. If she’s a libero, all she’s going to be doing is saving the ball, and being defensive. If she’s an attacker, then yes that’s where she’ll be at an advantage since as an attacker, you have to spike the ball as hard as you possibly can, so that the opposite team cannot hit it. If she’s a setter, her power really won’t matter, and she’ll be hitting the ball about 4-6 times every 3 mins. If she’s a libero, she’ll only be hitting the ball to other teammates and saving it, 7-9 hits every 3 mins. If she’s an attacker, she’ll be spiking the ball down, 8-10 times every 3 mins. I feel as if they should allow her to play, but put her on a more defensive role, such as libero. I’m a cis female, I’m on my school’s team and I’m an attacker, I wouldn’t mind if I went against a trans female, but that’s just my opinion.
Manolo Ghoul (3 months ago)
Save women's sport
Ri2nonerok (4 months ago)
Men do everything better.
Shaun Galvin-King (4 months ago)
His wish was always to be a girl, good luck to him. What about all the little girls who grew up with wishes of playing their chosen sport to the best of their ability against other woman just to have knacker bags decide he wants to play as well. Living your dream is one thing destroying other's dream is pathetic.
Dee (4 months ago)
A man and woman can weigh the same, have the same amount of muscle mass, bone structure, workout routine, eating habits, sleeping habits, and the man will always come out on top. Men hunted for a while the women gathered and managed the children for a reason(yeah some cultures it’s opposite), men are have denser bone structure, stronger endurance, less body fat, more muscle mass, etc. heck men recover and gain muscle faster vs women. Let’s be real America. Put this guy in the same category as men I can bet you he won’t be at the top
Your wish to be a girl has nothing to do with your inability to be one. I wish to be a dinosaur
SURIAEL (4 months ago)
satanic agenda full speed
SURIAEL (1 month ago)
+gutzduken Val transgenders are satanic entities
gutzduken Val (1 month ago)
I figure a little edgelord like you would like satanic agendas
Byron Thomas (4 months ago)
Not a female, just call it out,as it really is, a Femininized male! A fake female, as in a counterfeit!!
Brett T (4 months ago)
A soon as I seen California that was all I needed to see. What a way to pump up your confidence go dominate a female sport. There is a difference is physical ability which is why their is worse separate divisions . It's not because of white patriarchy. MOST of the time a male is more domating player. This world is losing its mind
Nabeel Dar (4 months ago)
Why are we prefacing half these comments saying sorry first. You have an advantage being born a biological man. Smh.
Gerard O' Shea (4 months ago)
Equal rights for all women baaahahahahahahahahahaha
Dee Dish (4 months ago)
All sports should be for whoever is the best! HeHe! That would put woman back to when there were no teams they could be on. Hilarious when leftism backfires against leftists. This is what every scumbag democrat wanted.
Bat Man (5 months ago)
OMG Makes me Vomit! This is the end of Female sports as we know it. ! The TG's will take over all sports and then it will be a mans world again! lol
Moms Spaghetti (5 months ago)
It's not even about hormones!! Men are born with more muscle mass, lung capacity, blood volume, and bone density. It doesn't matter if estrogen is levels are close to biological females, that can not reverse the cellular make up that has already been put in to place! This whole thing is completely insane, and is a low blow to women and girls in sports!
Moms Spaghetti (4 months ago)
ZinkOff maybe you have thirdwave feminism confused with secondwave. This is anything but equality are you kidding me!!
ZinkOff (4 months ago)
+Moms Spaghetti lol equality ?? HELLO ????? the goal of the feminist movement ???? ... Where are u from ?
Moms Spaghetti (4 months ago)
ZinkOff I never wanted that idk what you're talking about. How did I want that?
ZinkOff (4 months ago)
+Moms Spaghetti u feminist wanted this what do u want now ?? ..... smfh NOW it's a low blow ?? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
Moms Spaghetti (5 months ago)
The idea that estrogen alone can truly reverse biological reality is ridiculous, go and try to find quantitative scientific studies and then get back to me.
Richard Verdi (5 months ago)
Love how at 5:25 he says it's a myth transsexual men will outperform women - oh yeah, total myth....Lebron would be kept quiet in the WNBA
Chloe's Dad obviously failed as a father!!!
"Barely made it through High school by the skin of His teeth!"
This is as wrong as wrong could ever be, the world will never be the same!!!
Default (5 months ago)
HE should be in special Olympics.
S B (6 months ago)
Person with male body is playing against women... Cheater!!!
David Hess (6 months ago)
You're still a man no matter what and in the end you will never be anything else.
David Hess (6 months ago)
Gender is determined by biology and science, that liberals are always touting.
David Hess (6 months ago)
Darrell Rousu (6 months ago)
U better go see someone cause u have problems mental health problems
This is a username (6 months ago)
Idk what the problem is??? Shes a woman??? Yall are trying too hard to make it political 😂 Shes a girl thats what she identifies as. Its not some “oh well shes technichally a male so she has an advantage over other women who have trained for years” Okay but consider: theres more than one person in a volleyball team :O
This is a username (6 months ago)
Also: yall are hypocritical for saying you support the trans community and then turning around and spouting out that trans women shouldnt play in womens sports. Youre ignoring their identity because youre too butthurt about trans people playing sports
AnnaJuist (6 months ago)
Remember back in the 70's...when Russian & East German athletes were disqualified for this? So now it's Okay?? Just because of a different a "Label"? ? 😐
Bully Dully (7 months ago)
JunJun Camacho (7 months ago)
Chloe Anderson , 🌹💗💖💖
Arbie Eden (7 months ago)
We transgender did all we could and should just to fit in to our gender presentation. So why give rude comments.?? Dont you really know HRT?
Arbie Eden (7 months ago)
Nohings unfair. I think she does HRT so estrogen level was already higher than testoterone
Alexandra Chess (7 months ago)
tan modernos se creen que dejan participar a homosexuales como si fueran mujeres. tal aberración no debe existir ni permitir que gente les de el visto bueno para que puedan jugar con verdaderas mujeres. En esos paises cada vez se incrementa la degeneracion, mas adelante abra un presidente marica??......o quizas ya lo tienen?....... malditos degenerados, esa clase de gente no debe existir.
komentarista (7 months ago)
virginiabify (8 months ago)
Male. Poor girls.
Katy Kennefick (8 months ago)
these comments honestly made me sick. if you feel so threatened at the chance that this trans woman could be better at volleyball than you, do like you would do if she were a cis woman and work harder to improve yourself instead of complaining. chloe is taking hormones that literally take away the natural muscle cis men are born with. its very obvious a lot of people hating in the comments are transphobic. hate always steams from fear and selfishness. why cant you just be happy for chloe and her journey to success through endless amounts of struggles that cis people will truly never understand.
slawero (7 months ago)
And your comment made me cringe. She is not a cis woman so they don't need to pretend she is. The difference in muscle mass between men and women is observed after puberty not at birth. Do you even know what you're talking about? The hormones may make her weaker but you can't claim they will make her lose all the biological advantage that men have over women in sport. It hasn't been studied so you don't know that. If you find speaking out against potential injustice transphobic, then you misuse the words. Don't forget that thousands of female athletes who work as hard as Chloe. Your comment is so wrong on so many levels...
JJoy225 (8 months ago)
You do not have a right to trample on the accomplishments of hardworking women.
gutzduken Val (1 month ago)
Yeah that's the comment section of YouTube job
YA BOY O (8 months ago)
This Is BS He's A Man And Should Compete With Men IDC What Anybody Say Can Usain Bolt Run Against The Women Because He Thinks He's A Girl All Of A Sudden????
Eco Orbits (8 months ago)
"myth" that there's a difference ?!? bs. why is every male olympic athlete 5-15% better than their female counterpart?
Eco Orbits (8 months ago)
People can call themselves whatever they want but it should not be forced on everyone else, especially her opponents who dont have the genetic advantage of testosterone, higher muscle mass and leg and hip bone structure better for jumping. this is not fair and completely unsportsman like.
Pin 8 (8 months ago)
Madness. Stop promoting this insanity.
bimapringgo (9 months ago)
When you're not good enough to compete with the boys...
Mike Cziraky (9 months ago)
What a joke. Where are the feminists a man taking a spot designed for a women. Good grief. Selective outrage on display
CircaSriYak (9 months ago)
Stop shoving this down our throat. We're not automatons. We see what you're doing.
Luke Lopez (9 months ago)
Tranzwymmin are MEN, they have no place in women's sports, health care, or restrooms and changing facilities.
rivaldy haldianto (9 months ago)
Couldnt win as a men, change sexuality as women, easy win
French Bulldog 1 (9 months ago)
She's a fraud and a cheat . I don't believe the other girls accept her . It's a sham . All bullshit for an advantage .
Angelina Matthews (9 months ago)
She sounds like a he.....

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